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FIC: Need, 1/1, Logan/Mystique, NC-17, post X2

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  • Henrika
    Title: Need Rating: NC-17 Pairing: Wolverine/Mystique, with many other pairings implied. Fandom: X-men movieverse, post X2. Summary: An angry and emotionally
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 10, 2003
      Title: Need

      Rating: NC-17

      Pairing: Wolverine/Mystique, with many other pairings implied.

      Fandom: X-men movieverse, post X2.

      Summary: An angry and emotionally hurt Mystique leaves Magneto and
      the Brotherhood and hooks up with Logan.

      Disclaimer: Marvel owns them, not me. I'm not making any money.

      Archive: My site, http://www.geocities.com/henrika_amanda/Index.html
      and list archives. Others, please let me know first. My email is

      Feedback: *Very* appreciated. Constructive criticism preferred, but
      no flames, please. Ok?

      A/N and warning: Nothing really bad, I guess. Graphic m/f sex, some
      m/m references, some naughty language… I guess that's it.
      Since this
      story takes place after the second movie, you might expect some
      spoilers for X2. So if you haven't seen the movie, and don't
      want to
      get spoiled, I suggest you don't read this. Others, enjoy.

      Chapter 1

      Mystique opened the door to Erik's chamber without knocking, and
      something she had gotten royally sick of lately.

      Erik was lying on top of Pyro, or "St. John" as Erik himself
      to call him, fucking the boy's brains out, almost literally. They
      were so inside their animalistic fucking that they didn't notice
      entrance before she coughed as to let them know that they were being

      Erik finally lifted his head and brushed his sweat-slick hair back
      from his forehead, panting heavily. His pale blue eyes met her
      yellow ones when he looked in her direction, seeing her stand in the
      doorway as immobile as a statue. Then he smiled.

      "Mystique," Erik said. "Want to join in instead of

      She knew that the suggestion was meant to make fun of her by now.
      But instead of showing him her humiliation she smiled back sharply,
      saying, "I think I have better things to do. And honestly, Erik,
      thought you had too."

      It seemed like whenever she went to his private chamber (she only
      did it when she couldn't find him anywhere else) she found him
      fucking that boy, Pyro, their newest addition to the Brotherhood.
      The boy, however, seemed to enjoy it, and that made him no better
      than Erik.

      "I mean it, Erik," she said sharply. "Don't you
      really have more
      important things to do than fucking that underage kid? No, wait, I
      forgot – I do all the work here, and all you have to do is to
      that thing of yours up!"

      "Hey, I'm nineteen!" John objected.

      "In some countries you are definitely underage," Mystique

      Erik sighed and removed his spent penis from Pyro's rectum, and
      down on the bed edge. She noticed that his belly and chest were
      sticky with the boy's milky semen. Did they even clean up after
      doing that stuff? she wondered to herself.

      "What is the matter, Raven?" he asked. "Are you

      "No. Why would I be that? You just don't give a fuck about
      anymore. Except him, will say. Why do we even call ourselves "The
      Brotherhood of Mutants"? Have you completely forgotten what
      here for? What we should do for our people? You just…"

      In fact, she was jealous. Before that boy came along, *she* had been
      Erik's treasured love, child, and precious little pet. What was
      now? Something he simply used to keep things in order? His spy? His

      They hadn't had sex for several months, but that didn't
      bother her. She could always get sex in other places if that's
      she wanted. Her problem was that Erik didn't even seem to
      her anymore – he just took her for granted, trusted that
      she'd cook
      for him, clean his room, do his laundries, take his phone calls,

      And she hated it. Couldn't he see what he was doing to her? No,
      course he couldn't – he was too busy watching his teenage
      whore. It was just as simple as that.

      Mystique was sure that Pyro would give Erik a heart attack some day.
      That might serve him right, and teach him that he wasn't 25 years
      old anymore, and perhaps not suited for animalistic fucking with a

      Mystique had learned to hate Pyro, and many times thought of
      breaking his precious little neck when they were alone. The boy
      wouldn't stand a chance against her, she knew that. She could
      imagine how the sound of his neck breaking would sound in her ears,
      and how good she would feel afterwards.

      Of course she wouldn't. She couldn't kill anyone of her own
      not even a cheap little slutboy like St. John. But one of them had
      to go, either Pyro or she, otherwise everything would crash. It had
      to be her.

      That was when Mystique decided to leave. Simply leave. That would be
      best for everyone involved, she thought.

      "Raven, don't you have chores to do?" Erik said
      impatiently. "Go and
      do the cooking, if nothing else. I can imagine we'll be hungry

      Pyro started kneading Erik's shoulders and placed wet little
      along the line of his neck.

      "Come here, we're not done yet…" he murmured, nibbling
      the older
      man's earlobe.

      Erik just laughed, leaning back into Pyro's embrace. "Are you
      to get me hard again? You naughty boy…"

      "I suppose I'll deal with my chores, then," Mystique
      hissed coldly,
      leaving the two lovers alone. They didn't even seem to notice
      she left.

      Chapter 2

      She went straight to her room, pulled out a suitcase from her
      closet, and started throwing in things she might need.

      Mystique was leaving. Right now. If she didn't, she would surely
      explode and do something she'd later regret. She didn't pack
      much; just some clothes (she realized that even clothes could be
      good to have sometimes) some of her personal possessions, a
      toothbrush, shampoo, soap… What else? Money, of course. She
      have much cash, but brought what she had and hoped to get more
      somewhere. But how? By robbing a bank? Sure.

      She saw a framed photo of her and Erik, taken a few years ago, when
      things were still good between them. Mystique regarded the picture
      for a few seconds, thinking whether she should bring it along or
      break it. After some pondering she decided to bring it, and threw it
      carelessly into her suitcase.

      Oh, Erik! Of course she still loved him, but he didn't love or
      care for her, so their relationship – personal as well as
      professional – was over.

      She left her room carrying a single suitcase, heading straight for
      the front door. She had packed down her stuff – everything else
      was Erik's. The villa, the cars, the helicopter and the research
      compound underneath the mansion. Nothing belonged to her except what
      she had in her suitcase.

      She wasn't going to tell Erik that she was leaving. Probably
      just try to persuade her to stay, and make it very difficult for her
      to go through with her decision. She realized Magneto would have a
      hard time without his spy, cook, housekeeper and secretary, but what
      the hell – he had his little slutboy, and may they live happily

      Mystique left the building on foot. She didn't take any of the
      since they were all Erik's, and she didn't want to leave in
      something that belonged to him. That would just give him a reason to
      look for her, and perhaps accuse her of theft.

      She walked for a while, until she reached the highway, and decided
      to hitchhike. No one would even think of picking her up if she was
      in her normal shape, so she morphed into a pretty, brunette woman,
      as ordinary-looking as possible, and hoped she would have some luck.

      There was none for a while. Obviously people were afraid of picking
      up hitchhikers, since so many weirdoes were out on the roads
      nowadays. And mutants, too, of course. It was surely
      every "normie's" nightmare to pick up a mutant

      Was there something wrong with her appearance? Was that the reason
      no one would pick her up? She changed into a tall, lanky attractive
      blonde instead, hoping to have more luck in this shape.

      Soon a middle-aged driver in a white, dirty mini-van stopped,
      offering her a ride. She could see from the way he looked at her,
      that he was a horny fellow, perhaps hoping to get lucky tonight, but
      it didn't matter, because he offered to drive her, and she needed

      "Hop in, babe," he said, grinning. The man was about 45, with
      hair, grey eyes, looking quite big. Perhaps a few pounds overweight.

      "Thanks," Mystique muttered, crawling inside the car and
      settling on
      the passenger seat.

      "Hi, I'm Mark," the man introduced himself.

      "My name's…Missy."

      "Hi ya, Missy. Where are you headed?"

      "I don't know. Just somewhere."

      "I'm going to Montreal in Canada," Mark said. "You
      can come if you

      Mystique simply shrugged. Canada? Well, the farther away from Erik,
      the better. But she really didn't feel like spending many days in
      company with this man. He seemed to be thinking she was a hooker,
      and definitely counted on getting lucky tonight. How wrong he was.

      But he had something that Mystique wanted. She could see his wallet
      peeping out from his jacket pocket. Was there maybe a chance she
      might get it without alerting him? Mark seemed to be a blunt and
      stupid man, obviously not paying much attention to the world outside
      his own little sphere.

      She stayed in his van for a couple of hours, not trying to converse,
      and only gave short, almost snappish replies when he tried to start
      a conversation. What he had to say couldn't have mattered less to
      Mystique, and she wished he could just shut up.

      I can't go all the way to Canada with this guy, she thought.
      just take his wallet and ask him to drop me off.

      Very slowly and silently, she tried to move her left hand toward his
      coat, trying to keep her features unaffected. She was so close now;
      she could touch the fabric of his coat, sliding her hand down to his
      pocket, and…could touch the cool leather of his wallet. But
      she felt his hand brush hers, and she flinched, quickly withdrawing
      her hand.

      Silently Mark stopped the car by the roadside. "Get out," he
      gritting his teeth in anger, squeezing the wheel so that his
      knuckled turned white.

      "What?" Mystique said, pretending to be surprised.

      "You heard me, you stupid bitch! Don't you think I know what
      were doing?! I said get out!"

      "You can't just leave me in the middle of nowhere," she
      looking at the barren landscape outside.

      "Oh, yes, I can. And I will." Suddenly he reached under his
      seat and
      took out a gun, cocked it and pointed the muzzle at her. "So, you
      worthless hooker, if you don't get out, I'll shoot you. Now

      Mystique stared at the gun. It honestly surprised her. Mark
      seem like the kind of a man who carried a gun, but obviously she had
      been wrong.

      "Okay," she said flatly and opened the passenger door. Her
      option was to try knocking him out, but that was too risky, since
      the man was armed, after all, and she didn't want to end up
      shot. He was not worth such a risk.

      Silently and without objection she stepped out of his van and
      watched as he tore off, not turning to look back over his shoulder.

      So much for that, she thought. The road looked quite deserted, and
      it might take a while before another car drove by. Sighing, Mystique
      placed her suitcase on the asphalt and sat down on it, waiting.

      What the hell am I really doing? she thought. Is this really a good
      idea? I mean, Erik sure treated me like shit, but I still had food,
      a bed and a roof over my head. What have I here? I'm cold,
      and out of money. Really fucking great!

      Erik must have noticed she was gone by now. She hadn't even left
      a note. That served him right. But she couldn't come crawling
      to him now, tail between her legs, and apologize. No way.

      I'll cope, she thought. I've had worse. I can't give up
      after six

      Suddenly she heard the sound of a fast sports car approaching. She
      lifted her head and gazed in the direction of the sound, and saw a
      deep blue sports car advancing quickly. Mystique jumped to her feet
      and put her thumb up in a hopeful gesture.

      And the car actually stopped. That was more than she had hoped for,
      in fact. But she was even more surprised by seeing who the driver
      was. Jesus Christ on a bicycle! It was Wolverine!

      Mystique's chin almost dropped to the ground in surprise. Holy
      What was going to happen now?

      Logan was wearing blue jeans, a chequered shirt and a brown, worn
      out leather jacket, just as always. He grinned when he saw the
      attractive, blonde woman stand by the road with her thumb up, but
      the expression on her face puzzled him. She looked like she'd
      seen a ghost or something.

      "What's wrong, baby? Can I give ya a ride?" he asked.

      I can never fool him. He'll know it's me when he catches my
      she thought. And then I'm fucked.

      She leaned her elbows against the open window and peered into his
      car. Really dashing, she had to confess. How could Logan the
      Wolverine afford a car like this?

      "So, Wolverine, what brings you out here?" she asked straight

      Logan looked like a live question mark. "How did ya…?"

      Before he could finish his question she gave him the answer by
      morphing back into herself, smiling at him from the open window.

      Logan's bemused expression turned into a grimace. "Holy
      shit!" he
      exclaimed. "What the fuck… So it's you…!"

      "Yeah, it's me," she said. "Surprised to see me, or

      "Honestly – yeah!"

      "I can say the same about you. So, where are you going? And are
      gonna give me a ride, or simply leave me standing by the road? One
      stupid fuck already did that, so I really hope you won't do the

      Logan snorted. "How can I trust you?" he asked.

      "Because I'm kinda in a situation right now, and fighting
      exactly going to improve that. So yes, you can trust me."

      Logan chuckled. "Okay, sure. Get in. I suppose the company of a
      woman can never be wrong."

      "Thanks," she said and got inside his car. He started it and
      off again. "So, where are you headed?"

      "I dunno. Up north, I think. I'm not really sure. What about
      Logan asked.

      "I'm not sure either. But I want to get somewhere far

      "No, shit? What happened to you? Fight with your boss, or

      "Not really," she grimaced. "I'm just so sick of him,
      and that…stuck
      up little brat."

      "Pyro?" Logan grinned.


      "He was always one of a kind. So, what did he do to anger you so
      much to make you leave? I thought you had dedicated your life to
      aiding Mags in his cause."

      Mystique sighed. Was she really going to confide in Wolverine and
      tell him about her personal problems? He was an X-man, for
      sake! A fucking enemy! Never mind. The X-men weren't her enemies
      anymore. Just her fellow mutants.

      "Let's just say Erik doesn't care for me any longer.
      He's got his
      new little loverboy," she said contemptuously, gritting her teeth
      the thought of Erik and Pyro with their limbs entwined, engaged in a
      passionate act of sex.

      "Ah…" Logan said and nodded slowly. "So…he's
      dumped you for the
      preppy little firestarter, huh? Is that what you're trying to
      Mystique? That you're jealous?"

      "No!" she hissed. "Not jealous! But he doesn't care
      about anything
      anymore, except for banging the boy, and that just pissed me off.
      Can you imagine listening to that for over a year, like I've
      done? I
      did all the work, and he never gave me any credit, not even a shitty
      little "thank you"!"

      "Yeah, Magneto's an ass," Logan agreed. "I know how
      you feel."

      "You couldn't possibly. So, why aren't you at the
      Any reason?"

      Logan shrugged. "The usual. Cyke's being an asshole,
      Jean's dead,
      and I can't be around a lot of mutant teenagers who worship me as
      their new action hero. That's just not me. I told Charlie I'd
      but I didn't tell anyone I'd take Cyke's car, though. At
      least he
      got his bike back."

      "This car belongs to Cyclops?" Mystique wondered.

      "Yeah. I took it. So what?"

      "Will he miss it?"

      "Maybe. But I needed something to leave in, didn't I, and I
      this best. So why the hell not?"

      "I wasn't trying to preach," she said. "Do what you
      want. I'm not
      the one to judge you."

      "Damn right you aren't. You're hardly a saint, are ya,

      "No," she agreed. "Definitely not."

      "We'd make a good couple, wouldn't we? The two freaks,
      huh? Wouldn't
      that be something?"

      "Yeah, maybe…" she murmured. "As for being a freak, it
      feels good
      now, not having to pretend."

      Logan glanced at her, but he didn't say anything. He realized she
      always had to pretend when she was around "normal" people,
      and that
      must be hard for her.

      "Have you ever…I mean, have you ever met anyone non-mutant,
      wasn't afraid of you, or thought you were a freak in your real
      shape?" he asked her.

      "No, never," she replied. "Although I'm glad I have
      my ability. It
      must be a lot harder for someone like that Nightcrawler, for
      instance. I mean, he can never go out publicly without being stared
      at and feared."

      "Yeah…" Logan murmured. Nightcrawler had been staying at the
      for the past year, and it actually seemed like he and Storm had a
      thing for each other. It actually was kind of comical; a beauty like
      she, in love with a…demon like him.

      Okay, that was mean, Logan confessed. Nightcrawler had a good soul,
      and he was a nice guy. Okay, he did have a tail, fangs, blue skin
      and pointed ears, not to mention two-fingered hands and feet and a
      lot of weird tattoos all over his body, but he was just a mutant,
      like they all were. Anyway, that was Ororo's business, not his.

      Nightcrawler probably didn't get too many dates, so if they'd
      to get it on, he'd just be happy for them.

      Logan looked at his wristwatch and saw that it had gotten late. He
      was hungry now, and wouldn't mind stopping by somewhere to have a
      bite. And maybe a place to sleep as well. Although Scott's car
      dashing, it was hardly a place for a good night of sleep.

      "Hey, Mystique, do you want me to drop you off here somewhere, or
      are you coming to Canada with me?"

      "I might as well do that. I can't imagine I'll find
      anyone who'd
      give me that chance anywhere else."

      "Very well. But I'm staying somewhere over the night. Is that
      alright with you?"

      "Sure. Just don't take me to any place expensive, because
      I'm really
      short of cash."

      Logan smiled mischievously. "I say, you know… Maybe you
      should ask
      Magneto for alimony? He's kinda rich, isn't he?"

      "Believe me, his money is the last thing I want. I mean it."

      Chapter 3

      They stopped by a motel to spend the night at, and Mystique morphed
      back into the blonde she had been when Logan picked her up.

      They both knew no one would even consider giving them a room if they
      knew they were mutants, so unfortunately it was necessary.

      The motel looked shabby, but apparently it was cheap, and that was
      good, since neither of them were exactly made of money. They heard
      the tinkling of a bell when Logan opened the door, obviously to
      alert the owner of visitors.

      A man was sitting in the reception, reading a newspaper. He raised
      his eyes to look at them when he heard their approach, but he
      seem overjoyed to see them.

      "We'd like a room," Logan said.

      "I've only got one with a double bed left," the man
      grunted. "20
      bucks a night. Will you take it?"

      "Double bed, you say? Don't you have any with singles?"

      "Nah. Sorry. Just this one."

      Logan frowned. "So you say. Let's go Raven. We'll have to
      another place."

      "We'll take it," Mystique said much to Logan's


      "Yes," Mystique hissed and gave Logan reproachful look.
      "Or you can
      sleep in the car!"

      Logan gave in with an annoyed grunt. "Well, okay then…" he
      grumbled. "I guess we'll have it. How much is it?"

      "20 bucks a night," the man repeated sourly. "Pay in

      Oh, so he doesn't even trust us that much, Mystique thought
      sullenly. Very well, then. She wasn't going to start an argument.

      "Are we paying one half each?" Logan suggested.

      "Sure," she replied and started looking in her suitcase for
      money she'd brought with her. She found a creased ten-dollar bill
      and handed it to the man together with the one Logan dug up from his
      jacket pocket.

      He handed her a key with a number tag. "Room 34, upstairs to the
      left," he told them.

      The room they'd been given was plain but clean and tidy, with a
      large double bed, a couch, a bathroom and a coffee table with three

      "Neat," Mystique murmured. She hadn't expected anything
      better, but
      a warm bed and roof over her head did fine. "Are you sleepy,
      she asked her would-be roommate.

      "Nah, not yet," he replied. "I would have watched TV for
      a while, if
      we'd had one." He smiled to himself. "You know, I still
      believe I'm here with you. *You* of all people. What do you think
      brought us together? Fate?"

      "Or damn bad luck," Mystique suggested jokingly. "But
      anyone except
      Erik and his teenage slutboy is fine now."

      "Is there any chance you'll go back to him?" Logan asked.

      "I…don't think so. He's a finished chapter."

      "If what you say is true, if he really did treat you like that,
      he's an asshole. You've done anything for him, haven't
      you? You even
      got him out of that plastic prison, and he repays you like this?
      What a bastard!"

      "Yeah…" Mystique sighed. "It got worse after Toad and
      left, and when Pyro came. He's always kind of used me, I guess,
      now… I don't know, I just snapped."

      "Everyone at Xavier's was very good to me, except Cyke, of
      but I couldn't stay there. Jean… I'm better off alone. It
      just is."

      "Mystique nodded in silence. Yes, some people were just better
      alone. Unfortunately, she didn't think she was one of them.

      "I'm gonna have a shower," she told him and started
      digging for a
      towel in her suitcase.

      "Sure, I'll wait here," Logan said.

      When Mystique came out from the bathroom, she was in her normal
      blue, naked shape. The only difference was that her hair was wet and
      not so neatly slicked back as it usually was.

      Logan was sitting in the sofa, smoking one of his cigars.

      She looked at him with a frown. "Is smoking allowed in here?"

      He simply shrugged. "Who cares?"

      "The smoke might trigger the fire alarm, assuming there is

      "At this place?" Come on!" Logan sneered and continued to
      suck on
      his cigar, creating a large cloud of smoke around him. If he stood
      up now, he'd look like a pop star entering the stage through
      artificially created smoke.

      "Alright, maybe not," Mystique said with a simple shrug.
      "Aren't you
      gonna shower?"

      "Not now. Maybe in the morning."

      She nodded. Suddenly the whole situation felt awkward, since they
      both knew they were dancing around the question about the double
      bed. *She* wouldn't mind sleeping in the same bed with Logan
      – hell,
      she wouldn't even mind if he wanted to do more than just
      She hadn't been laid in several months, and she was sure Logan
      be the man to fix that. But she strongly suspected that Logan
      wouldn't want to come near her. At least not like that. It was

      "You can take the bed," he said. "I'll just sleep
      here on the couch."

      "You can sleep next to me. I wouldn't mind."

      Logan grinned wryly. "No, ya wouldn't, huh? Remember when you
      to my tent that night, pretending to be Jean? I would have bought
      it, if I hadn't felt your scars. My fault, I guess. I really
      I'll sleep on the couch, though."

      She still had those scars, caused by Logan's one-foot claws. They
      were fully visible, and would never go away, no matter who she
      changed into. She silently passed her hands over her belly, feeling
      the scar tissue beneath her fingertips. Three small puncture wounds,
      inflicting so much damage…

      "I thought I killed you that time," Logan said. "I
      can't be sorry,
      because you tried to kill my teammates. It was war. I hope you

      "Yes, I do," Mystique nodded. "I don't blame you,
      Logan. You don't
      have to be sorry."

      "Anyway, you take the bed. I'll be alright here."

      Mystique sighed. Perhaps there was no point hoping for something to
      happen between them?

      "Just remember, I can be anyone you want," she teased him
      going to the huge double bed, which had much more space than she
      needed and was used to. But if sleeping on the couch was Logan's
      choice, then so be it.

      She was quite tired, after all, and wouldn't have trouble
      sleeping. "Sleep tight," she told Logan before sliding her
      blue body
      in between the cool cotton sheets.

      "Yeah, you too…" Logan murmured. He thought about trying to
      sleep as
      well, but found out that he wasn't really sleepy. More
      He really had problems admitting it, but it was true. Mystique's
      teasing and suggestive attitude had left him horny. He almost
      regretted not accepting her offer to lie down with her in the bed.

      But instead he had chosen the couch. It was hard and lumpy, and not
      large enough for him. How dumb could he be?

      Logan removed his jeans and shirt – normally he slept naked –
      but he
      kept on his boxers and undershirt. Just in case. Mystique seemed to
      be the kind of woman who had seen weirder things than naked men in
      her days, but he didn't want her to believe he had anything in

      Logan lay down, rested his head on a lumpy cushion and drew the
      blanket over him. It would be a long night.

      Chapter 4

      Logan woke up with a twitch. His eyes fluttered open, and he found
      himself hyperventilating, covered with his own sweat. He had
      extracted his claws while sleeping, but retracted them reflexively
      when he woke up.

      Panting, he leaned back again. Another nightmare, but he couldn't
      remember anything. Only that it had been terrible. It always was,

      The room was dark, so it was still night. Logan knew he couldn't
      back to sleep after this, so he had to try focusing on something
      else. He glanced at the bed to see if Mystique was still sleeping.
      She was, and it sounded like she was sleeping soundly.

      He slowly got up from the couch, and started walking in her
      direction. Mystique was sleeping on her belly, with her blue face
      buried in the pillow, very much asleep, breathing slowly and
      soundly. The sheet that covered her body had slipped down to her
      waist, starting just above the curve of her buttocks.

      Logan just stood by the bed for a while, watching the sleeping
      woman, but then he reached out his hand, as to touch her, and left
      it a few inches above her back. Her skin looked soft, despite the
      scales, and he wanted to touch her, feel her body under his hands.
      He passed his hand upwards, until it hovered above her head. Her
      hair had to be dry now, but it was still muddled. She somehow
      appeared more human now, asleep with muddled hair, than otherwise.

      Of course she wasn't human – neither of them was, but they
      were both
      people with emotions and feelings, just like normal human beings,
      and Logan now felt he wanted to touch this strange, blue-skinned

      Very gently Logan let his fingertips brush Mystique's shoulder.
      skin felt warm and dry, not cold and slimy like a fish, like Logan
      had believed the first time he saw her. He grew bolder and rested
      his whole palm on her back. She wasn't likely to wake up, and
      passed his hand along her back, almost like a caress.

      Then Mystique suddenly woke up. Her reflexes were razor sharp when
      she threw around in the bed, bounced up into a sitting position and
      pressed the sheet against her chest, her yellow eyes wide and

      Logan backed one step, holding up his hands as to show her he meant
      no harm. "Hey, calm down," he tried. "I wasn't gonna
      hurt ya."

      "No, it's alright," Mystique said when she had overcome
      immediate shock from being touched in her sleep. Then she smiled.
      So, Logan had come to touch her? That could only mean he wanted
      something. Or one thing.

      "Come here," she suggested and patted the place next to her.

      "Nah, never mind…" Logan muttered. "I'm sorry if I
      frightened ya."

      "Why did you touch me?" she asked frankly.

      Logan had no answer to that question. He had touched her simply
      because he wanted to. Could he tell her that? No. He could feel
      himself blushing and tried to avert his eyes. Also, a familiar
      throbbing sensation had begun in his loins, and Logan, wearing only
      boxers, would have a hard time keeping it hidden from Mystique.

      Soon his erection was evident, of course. Mystique smiled when she
      saw his arousal, knowing it had to indicate he wanted her.

      "Are you attracted to me, Logan?" she asked knowingly, her
      riveted on the bulge in his boxers.

      "Ah, well… My cock does that whenever I see a naked chick in
      a bed…
      What can I say? Hell, yes…"

      "Then come here and let me fix it."

      She reached out her hand and wrapped it around his erection,
      squeezing it through the fabric. It felt hard and heated in her
      hand, and…

      "It's very big," Mystique said admiringly. "Good, I
      like that."

      Slowly she slid her hands inside the waistband of his boxers, and
      started to pull them down. Logan did nothing to stop her. If she
      wanted to play with his cock, then he wouldn't mind. No one
      himself had done it in quite a long time, so this was a nice change.

      Mystique sighed happily when Logan's underwear pooled around his
      ankles, and she could grab his bare shaft. She'd been right; it
      very big, even bigger than she thought. Uncut as he was, she closed
      her hand around it, and pulled back his foreskin, revealing the
      head, already glistering with pre-come.

      "Nice…" she murmured and flicked her tongue over the head,
      his juices. She could hear Logan moan, and a violent shiver passed
      through his massive frame.

      "Come here," she offered again and moved sideways to give

      Logan was slightly hesitant at first – this was Mystique, after
      The blue bitch that Logan almost killed on Liberty Island 3 years
      ago. Mystique, one of Magneto's former minions. But what the
      he was horny and she was a woman who could help it – he
      didn't ask
      for more right now.

      He pulled off his undershirt before crawling down to her, which left
      him completely naked. Logan knew that woman used to like his body,
      so he had nothing to be ashamed of there.

      He settled next to her, and started touching her blue body with his
      hands. It felt slightly awkward when he reached a scaled area, but
      her scales were soft and warm, and started to feel good under his
      hands. She wasn't ugly or disgusting, only unusual.

      Logan placed his hand on her right breast and squeezed. He felt her
      blue nipple erecting against his palm, and Mystique drew a sharp
      breath, sounding almost like a hiss.

      Enough exploration. Logan grabbed Mystique and threw her onto her
      back, and rolled on top of her. He pinned her slender wrists to the
      bed, pressing his own heavy body against hers, looking down at her
      face, now strangely beautiful when she was excited.

      "Ah, you're aggressive…" Mystique purred. "Good, I
      like that!"

      "Is this what you want?" Logan growled, his face only inches

      "Yeah, this is exactly what I want. Take me, Wolverine… Who
      do you
      want me to be? Maybe…her?"

      Mystique started to change, and suddenly Logan found Jean pinned
      under his weight. Her beautiful, red hair was spread over the
      pillow, large emerald eyes half-closed, full lips sensually parted,
      as though she was expecting a kiss.

      And Logan winced. Mystique – as Jean – was rubbing her body
      his, and his organ slid in between her hot thighs, making contact
      with her sex, already wet with her juices of arousal. Almost
      ferociously Logan grabbed her hair and slammed her head into the

      No. He couldn't do it. Not with this body. Mystique wasn't
      Jean, and
      he didn't fall for this illusion.

      "No, turn back," he said raucously.

      "Don't you want her?" Mystique asked in Jean's voice.
      "I thought
      this would please you."

      "No, it won't please me," Logan replied. "Turn back,
      or I'll leave."

      Mystique did what she was told, and morphed back into her real self.
      She couldn't understand Logan's response, but she was
      determined to keep his interest, so whoever he wanted her to be,
      she'd comply.

      "Just be yourself," he said. "I've never liked
      illusions much…"

      "You want me…like this?" she asked dubiously, not quite
      sure what he
      meant. No one – not even Erik – had ever wanted to have sex
      with her
      in her true shape. Erik had encouraged her to be herself as often as
      she could, but once they went to bed his courage always sank, and he
      asked her to change.

      "Yeah, it's fine," Logan murmured. "Ya don't have
      to change for me.
      You're good as you are."


      "Yeah, really. I've never done it with anyone blue before, so
      think this will be fun. You are…I mean, anatomically like others

      "Why don't you feel for yourself," she suggested coyly.

      Logan slid his hand down, until he reached the scaly area between
      her legs. No hair, only scales. Not that it mattered much, though.
      He found the warm wet cleft further down, and thought that she felt
      almost like any other woman. Why wouldn't she? Her strange
      mutation –
      blue skin and scales – was obviously just superficial. On the
      insides she was normal.

      "Yes, I have one too…" she whispered in his ear. Logan
      pushed his
      fingers past her folds to explore her insides. Her vaginal channel
      felt perfectly normal as well. Snug, warm and wonderfully damp. This
      would be a nice experience.

      Logan replaced his hand with his leaking member and started to enter
      her. Mystique placed her hands on his shoulders and tightened her
      grip when he filled her up, stretching her insides, like no one had
      done in a very long time. She could take all of his eight inches and
      it was welcome.

      He could feel Mystique's long, supple legs wrapping around his
      when he started thrusting, and the shapeshifter's inner muscles
      clamped down on his member, as trying to pull him even deeper

      He had not kissed her yet. They were fucking, but kissing was
      something much more intimate, somehow. Perhaps that should wait. Now
      he only wanted to focus on the wonderful sensation her body was
      giving his.

      Mystique wrapped her arms around Logan's neck and buries her
      fingertips in his shoulder-muscles when she felt her orgasm
      approaching. Logan was an amazingly good lover, and almost brought
      her over the edge several times before coming himself and shooting
      his release inside her.

      When they were both finished they collapsed into a heap with their
      limbs entangled, both panting heavily. Logan pressed his face
      against Mystique's neck and kissed her blue skin, not counting it
      a *real* kiss, but still…

      Logan's healing factor quickly restored his strength, and he
      himself off of Mystique, taking his weight onto his arms, as not to
      smother her.

      "That was good…" he murmured, still feeling a little shaky.

      "It sure was!" Mystique agreed, laughing weekly. Logan
      noticed how
      white her teeth were compared to her solid blue face. "You're
      a good
      fuck, Logan!"

      "Gee, thanks!" Logan muttered. "So are you, by the

      "I feel honoured."

      He rolled off of her, and pulled out his now flaccid member. It made
      a wet sound that sounded almost funny. Logan rolled over, chuckling,
      and pulled the sheet up to his waist. Mystique snuggled in against
      him, draping her arm over his hairy chest, and leaned her head
      against his broad shoulder. Erik sure had his flaws, but he had
      often liked to hold her after sleeping with her, and that made her
      feel loved.

      "It's still night," she said. "Wanna sleep some

      "Yeah…" Logan muttered. "There's no rush, is


      Logan was unsure of whether he could sleep, but he needed it
      nonetheless. Although not with her in his arms. There was a risk
      he'd gut her if he had another one of those awful nightmares, and
      could not let that happen.

      "Hey, gimme some space," he said and gently pushed her away.
      can't hold you if I go to sleep."

      Mystique looked back at him with a slightly hurt expression, as
      though she believed he was suddenly disgusted by her. "Okay,"
      said flatly and moved to her own side of the bed, giving Logan the
      room he'd asked for.

      "It has nothing to do with you," he tried to explain.
      "It's just
      that I'm afraid to hurt you. I can be dangerous if I have a
      nightmare, and I'd rather not stab you again."

      Mystique frowned. "You have nightmares? About what?"

      "Let's not get into it now, but don't believe it has
      anything to do
      with you. Because it hasn't. I've already had one accident
      Rogue, and that's enough."

      "Alright, I understand," she said.

      "Okay?" Logan asked and carefully placed his hand on her

      "Okay," she smiled. "Shall I wake you up if you start
      trashing in
      your sleep?"

      "No, that's dangerous. You'd better jump off the bed."

      "My reflexes are as good as yours. I really don't think
      there's any
      danger," she said.

      "Goodnight, Mystique."

      "Goodnight, Wolverine…Logan."

      After that they didn't say anything more, but lay down to sleep
      their backs against one another, at a safe distance from each other.

      Chapter 5

      When Logan woke up it was morning. He stretched, yawned, and then
      recalled where he was, who he was here with, and most importantly
      what had happened last night. Mystique was obviously still asleep.
      She was lying sideways, pressing the crumpled sheet against her
      chest. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was regular and deep.
      Mystique was very asleep.

      Logan brushed his finger over her full, blue lips, wanting to push
      his finger inside her mouth, but that would wake her up. Mystique
      stirred slightly, as though she was waking up, but then her body
      relaxed again, slipping back to sleep.

      Logan got out of bed, grabbed one of the motel towers, and headed
      for the bathroom to take a shower.


      Mystique woke up shortly after Logan, and was first shocked to
      discover that Logan's side of the bed was empty. He couldn't
      left, leaving her here, could he?

      But then she heard splashing sounds from the bathroom, and realized
      he was just showering. She thought about joining him, but decided
      not to, since they were still quite new with each other, and Logan
      might not appreciate if she was too intrusive.

      Suddenly she heard someone knocking at the door. What the hell was
      this? Who could that be? She hoped it wasn't the manager or
      who came to say they'd been too loud last night and disturbed the
      other guests.

      Slightly annoyed, she went to see who it was, and even forgot to
      morph into someone normal before opening the door.

      It was Erik. Mystique thought she'd have a fit and freak when she
      saw Erik, The Master of Magnetism, also known as Magneto, stand in
      the hallway outside their motel room.

      "What are you doing here?!" she exclaimed loudly enough to
      wake the
      whole building. "I mean…what…!"

      "I came to look for you, of course. What did you think?" Erik
      snapped back. "What exactly did you mean by leaving like that? It
      not like you're an immature teenager looking for attention!"

      "And you're not my father!" Mystique hissed, her yellow
      eyes glowing
      with fury. "How did you even find me?"

      Erik sighed. He was wearing an elegant greyish suit, and a black,
      long overcoat. He also wore a fedora.

      "I called my old friend Charles, and asked him to do me a favour.
      sought you out with Cerebro. What are you doing at a shitty place
      like this, Raven? Were you jealous? Do you want attention? Do you
      feel I have neglected you lately?"

      "I don't want attention, I want you to get the fuck out of my
      she snapped at him, hoping to make herself clear. Erik was a
      finished chapter. Period.

      "Raven…" Erik said pleadingly. "Don't act like a
      child. You are
      making it difficult for all of us. Come with me now, and let me take
      you home." He reached out his hand against her, meaning she
      take it and simply pretend everything was alright and all the
      problems forgotten. It was *so* like Erik. But it wouldn't work

      "I'm sorry, Erik, but I'm not going with you," she
      calmly. "We've over. In every way. You can leave now."

      She tried to close the door, but Erik grabbed it and forced it open
      again. "Raven, stop playing around!" he said, with anger
      evident in
      his voice now. Maybe he had started to realize she was serious,
      after all. The look in his pale blue eyes was hard, and his white
      distinguished face looked very stern.

      "I mean it, Erik!" Mystique said. "Go! I won't come
      with you. We've
      finished. Where is Pyro, by the way?" she added when she noticed
      that the little slut was nowhere to be seen.

      "He is at home," Erik replied.

      "I bet he's waiting for you to come home and fuck him through
      mattress, don't you think?" she sneered. "So go somewhere
      where your
      presence is welcome!"

      "Now you are being crude, Raven. I gave you *everything*. Always.
      You just had to mention something and I would get it to you. Is this
      how you repay me? I thought you loved me, Raven."

      "I did," she admitted. "*Did*. It's past tense. Our
      love ended a
      long time ago. Go now. I won't tell you this again."

      "What's all the shouting about?" Logan asked and appeared
      in the
      doorway, still wet with a towel tied around his waist. When he saw
      Erik it felt like someone had hit him in the stomach with a sledge.

      "Fuck! Mags, what are you doing here?!" he called reflexively.

      Erik's jaw almost dropped to the floor and his eyes nearly popped
      out of their sockets when he saw the other mutant appear behind
      Mystique. "Wolverine?" he asked, as if he didn't trust
      his eyesight.

      "It's alright Logan, I can handle this," Mystique said
      gesturing at Logan to go away.

      "Fuck me!" Logan muttered, regarding Magneto.

      It seemed to take Erik some time to realize. "You ran away with
      *him*?!" he exclaimed in a shrill, piercing voice, very different
      from his normally calm low-pitched voice. "Good grief!
      Raven…? Are
      you…are you completely out of your mind?"

      "Not as far as I know," Mystique said.

      "Yep, she's with me now," Logan stated and placed his arm
      Mystique's shoulders. "She's had enough of your shit, and
      someone who appreciates her."

      Erik was so flabbergasted that he couldn't utter any words. He
      simply stood there, eyes and mouth open wide, not knowing what to do
      or say. His Raven with Wolverine? No, impossible. This had to be
      some weird, fucked up dream, or something. He couldn't really be
      standing here, in a motel near the Canadian border, and watch while
      Wolverine claimed that Raven had left the Brotherhood for him?

      "I really suggest you leave now, Erik," Mystique said
      seriously. "Go
      home to your little toyboy, and leave us alone."

      "We're leaving. Now," Logan said and started to get
      dressed. He
      threw the wet towel onto the rumpled sheets, picked up his grey
      duffel bag and Mystique's suitcase, and grabbed Raven's hand.
      Mystique followed him without objections, leaving a dumbstruck Erik
      standing in the hallway.

      "Bye, Erik!" she called when she looked back over her
      shoulder. She
      received no answer. But she didn't care. Erik and she were
      with each other, and a new – and hopefully better – life
      her. With Logan.

      The End
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