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Logan's Return; X1; L/J; PG13-ish; (Part 1/?)

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  • Megan
    Title: Logan s Return Author: meganharrell76 (Megan Harrell) Rating: most is PG, some PG-13 Disclaimer: don t own them, never will Archive: please ask
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 9, 2003
      Title: Logan's Return
      Author: meganharrell76 (Megan Harrell)
      Rating: most is PG, some PG-13
      Disclaimer: don't own them, never will
      Archive: please ask
      Feedback: appreciated and requested, but not required. You can email
      me at meganharrell76@...
      Part (1/?)

      Timeline: Begins when Logan returns from his trip that he takes at
      the end of the first X-Men movie.

      Logan brought the motorcycle through the front gates at Xavier's
      mansion. He had more questions now than when he left and hoped the
      Professor would be able to help answer them. He also missed a
      certain red-head.

      Jean heard the bike pull in and the engine cut off. She knew that
      Logan was back. "He can come find me; afterall, he's the one who
      didn't say goodbye," she muttered. She grabbed a magazine off her
      dresser and went outside the back way, hiding her from Logan. She
      walked down the path to the small lake and sat down, leaning up
      again a tree. She began to flip through the magazine, not reading a

      "Storm said I might find you out here," Logan said, making her jump.
      SHe had been so caught up in thinking about him and trying to force
      herself to read the magazine--or at least pay some attention to it--
      that she hadn't heard him approaching.

      "You're back," she replied casually without looking up.

      "You're mad at me," he said sitting beside her, "and I want to know

      "That's ridiculous, Logan. I have no reason to be mad at you.
      Afterall, you don't owe me an explaination of where you were anymore
      than you owed me a goodbye before you left," she said looking at him
      for a brief second and turning back to her magazine.

      "So you're mad at me because I didn't say goodbye?" he questioned,
      beginning to get the picture.

      "Rogue's inside. I'm sure you want to get your dogtags back," she
      replied, changing the subject.

      "Is that why you're mad? That I gave her my dogtags to keep and not

      "I'm upset with you for a lot of reasons. One, you take off to parts
      unknown without the consideration to tell me you were leaving, and
      two, you give Rogue your dogtags--giving her false hope that your
      interested in her...not to mention you told her goodbye and not me,"
      she said with more jealousy and edge in her voice than she intended.

      "Oh I see; you're jealous. Well I was under the impression that you
      weren't interested," he replied. He would never understand women.

      She was trapped. She had said too much, and now there really was no
      way out. She tried to formulate a reply, but couldn't come up with a
      logical sounding one as to why she would be interested in him when
      she was engaged to Scott. "I'm simply concerned for her. You're a
      grown man, Logan; she's a teenager," she finally said.

      Surprisingly, Logan let her off the hook. "What would you have done
      if I had told you where I was going?" he asked.

      "What would you have done if I asked you not to leave?" she
      countered back.

      "I guess we'll never know," he replied. Inside he knew what he would
      do. He would've put up a good fight, but in the end he knew he'd
      stay if she asked him to.

      "I guess not," she replied, knowing she would've asked him not to

      "Good; well, now that that's settled, are you still mad at me?" he
      asked grinning at her.

      "Yes," she replied lookin back at her magazine.

      "Aw, Jean. You know I need answers to my past. That's where I
      was...Alkali Lake. The professor said there was a military base
      there," he said explaining.

      "So, there's no need to run off on your own," she replied.

      "What, would you have offered to go with me?" he asked, almost

      "No...yes...maybe," she replied, knowing full well that she would
      have. "You shouldn't have to search on your own. You have friends
      who want to help, Logan," she said gently.

      "This is something I have to do on my own. I hope you can understand
      that," he replied looking at her.

      "I do, but that doesn't mean I have to like it," she said back.

      "If I say I'm sorry, will you at least look at me?" he asked.

      "Well, it wouldn't hurt," she said looking at him.

      "Still mad?"

      "Yeah, but only a little," she said smiling at him.

      "Well, let's go back inside then, before Scott thinks I took his
      bike again and ran off with you," he joked.

      "Yeah, I think he's madder at you for taking his bike than I was at
      you for not saying goodbye. He doesn't even let me touch that bike,"
      she replied laughing. She took his hand and he helped her up.

      "Oh, I'm scared," he said smiling.

      "Don't worry; I won't let him hurt you," she replied.

      "Thanks," he said. They walked back to he mansion, holding hands.

      They arrived back at the mansion, still holding hands. Suddenly
      Logan turned to her. "Have dinner with me," he requested almost

      "Tonight?" she asked surprised.

      "Yeah. Look, I understand if you already have plans with Scott or
      something. I just missed you when I was gone," he said looking down.

      "I missed you too," she said hugging him. "I would love to have
      dinner with you. Fancy or casual?" she asked smiling.

      "Is what fancy or casual?" Scott asked walking in and destroying
      their moment.

      Logan pulled away from Jean, but kept his arm around her waist--
      which did not go unnoticed by Scott. "Dinner," Logan answered.

      Scott couldn't believe it; Jean was going out to dinner with this
      guy when she was already engaged to him. "Jean? Want to tell me
      what's going on?" he questioned.

      "Scott, I think you and I need to talk. I'll meet you upstairs in a
      few minutes," she said a little angry at him for thinking she had no
      business seeing Logan. Scott nodded and sulked off upstairs to their

      "Sorry, I didn't mean to get you in trouble with loverboy," Logan

      "You didn't get me in trouble with him; he just needs to understand
      that he doesn't control my life just because we're engaged. And
      that's exactly what I'm going to tell him; if he doesn't like it,
      then tough," she said sighing. "So, fancy or casual?" she asked

      "Casual. I'll meet you downstairs at 7?" he suggested.

      "Ok, I'll see you then," she replied softly kissing his cheek and
      heading upstairs to face Scott.

      "What the hell were you thinking, trying to control my life?" Jean
      asked angrily, walking through the door to their room.

      "What the hell am I thinking? What the hell are you thinking? I'm
      not the one who's going out to dinner with some jerk...besides, I
      didn't say anything down there," he said defensively.

      "You may not have vocalized it, but you were thinking it...you
      forget, I can read minds," she said still furious. "And for your
      information, Logan is not a jerk. You only think he's a jerk because
      you feel threatened by him."

      "Me? Threatened by that animal? I think not. There've been lots of
      guys that try to get you away from me," he said smugly.

      "Yeah, but Logan is the first man I've taken an interest in, and
      stop insulting him. Scott, this isn't the man I agreed to marry, the
      man I fell in love with. You've changed Scott," she replied.

      "I've just grown up. Maybe you should do the same and stop throwing
      yourself at every man who shows interest," he replied angrily.

      "No, Scott, you haven't grown up. You are the same little, insecure
      boy who doesn't want anyone else to play with your toys. Oh, and for
      you information, if I were throwing myself at Logan, we'd have been
      together before he left for Alkali Lake. He's repected my
      relationship with you, and didn't do anything to compromise it. You
      don't control my life, Scott, and if you think you do, maybe you
      should take this back," she said taking off the engagement ring and
      throwing it in his face.

      "That's it? One fight and you're breaking up with me?" he asked
      surprise overtaking his anger for the moment.

      She sighed and ran her hands through her hair. "Scott, I think maybe
      you and I need a break. I'm not going to be with a man who tries to
      control my every move, who doesn't trust me. I want a man who's
      sensitive, doesn't mind me spending time with my friends, and doen't
      try to tell me who I can and cannot see. And right now, Scott, you
      are being the man I don't want to be with. So until you change, the
      only relationship I want with you is a working relationship," she
      said turning to the door with tears in her eyes. "I'll be back later
      to get my things and move to another room. I think it would be
      better if you weren't here," she added slamming the door behind her.

      Logan was waiting downstairs on the sofa. He looked at his watch.
      7:10. "She must have changed her mind," he told himself. He was
      about to head back upstairs when she walked up behind him. "I was
      beginning to think you'd changed your mind about dinner," he said
      standing up.

      "Sorry I'm late. I was moving into a new room and lost track of
      time," she replied smiling. She was wearing a black skirt with a
      slit up her thigh and a tight black shirt, which stopped right above
      her belly button.

      "Wow..." he said breathlessly, handing her a long stemmed, red
      rose. "You look great," he added when he'd regained his voice.

      "Thanks," she replied taking the rose and softly kissing his
      cheek. "So where are you taking me?"

      "I thought we'd go to this new Italian place and then go to a movie
      around the corner; is that ok?" he asked offering her his arm.

      "That sounds great," she smiled, sliding her arm through his as they
      walked to the car.

      He opened the door for her and then went to the drivers side. He was
      the perfect gentleman all evening. On the way into the movie
      theater, Jean slipped her hand into his and laced their
      fingers. "Thank you, Logan. THis is exactly what I needed to take my
      mind off things."

      "I can't help but feel that it's my fault. I mean, if I hadn't asked
      you to dinner, you two never would've had the fight. Maybe you guys
      will make up when we get back," he suggested.

      "I don't think so. I don't want to be with a man who thinks he owns
      me. Scott isn't the same man I fell in love with, and that's exactly
      what I told him...right before I gave him back the ring," she said
      her eyes getting teary.

      "Do you want me to take you back home?" he asked.

      "No. I'm having a good time with you. Now I don't want to talk about
      Scott anymore. It's over and that's that. Scott's obviously not
      worth wasting tears or thoughts on," she said firmly.

      "I still feel responsible."

      "Please don't. If anything, I should thank you. You made me realize
      what a jerk Scott is before I married him. Now you...you're
      different," she said laying her head on his shoulder. With that, the
      movie started and Logan was left to ponder what her last comment

      When the movie was over, they were still holding hands as they made
      their way to the car. They rode back to the mansion in silence, each
      lost in their own thoughts.

      Logan walked Jean up the stairs and to her new room. "I really did
      have a good time tonight," she said turning to face him.

      "I'm glad," he said brushing a lock of hair behind her ear. He
      slowly leaned in, searching her eyes for permission to kiss her.
      Seeing what he needed, he softly kissed her. She quickly deepened
      this kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck. He gently placed his
      hands on her slim waist, sliding them under the edge of her
      shirt. "I think this is where I say goodnight," he said pulling
      away, trying to catch his breath.

      Jean slid her hand down his arm and took his hand. "Stay with me,"
      she said quietly as she reached back and opened the door, pulling
      him in with her.
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