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The Downside to Being One of the Bad Guys (Ch.6/6) (John/All) (X2)

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    The conclusion. I really hope you enjoyed reading this. Thanks for your time. Chapter 6 Natalya walked quickly down a hall. She’d been briefed; there was
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      The conclusion. I really hope you enjoyed reading
      this. Thanks for your time.

      Chapter 6

      Natalya walked quickly down a hall. She�d been
      briefed; there was an elevator downstairs around here.
      It was disguised as part of the wall. Maybe she
      shouldn�t have gotten rid of Jubilee so fast. Mulling
      over the thought of spending more time with that
      yammering teeny-bopper Glide was affirmed she�d make
      the right decision. Coming across a wood paneling
      square that didn�t quite match she tapped it. It slid
      away to reveal the elevator.

      Glide wondered around through the white sterile
      hallways looking for Pyro. She heard the clunk of
      boots on metal and ducked around a corner. A brown
      haired man with a visor walked but militarily. She
      knew him as Cyclops from her briefing session by
      Magneto. He was the leader, shot optic blasts from
      his eyes. She stayed pressed against the wall and
      held her breath. She was not going to actively make
      this any harder by getting caught and having to fight
      her way out.

      Cautiously peeking out she watched the man continue
      down the hall towards the elevator. He glanced into
      one of the rooms and waved. �Hi Hank� then he
      continued on. Natalya smiled broadly. Hank equaled
      Dr. Henry McCoy. Dr. McCoy was the doctor, John was
      hurt, made sense that her friend was with �Hank�.

      �Johnny!� John looked up at the sound of the voice.
      It had sounded like Natalya. He was pleasantly
      surprised to find the slim blonde leaning on the


      The woman smiled at him, �Good to see you alive and�
      sort of well�. Hank approached but felt a force
      firmly holding every muscle in place. He couldn�t
      move at all. The mystery woman�s hand was held up in
      his direction. It appeared she was telekinetic.

      �Pig tails?� John asked.

      �I�m almost 24, have a doctorate, and trying to pull
      off newbie mutant. Give me a little credit; they let
      me in after all.� She explained untying her hair and
      giving it a shake.

      �I suppose short and thin pays off sometimes�

      �The upside of childhood malnutrition�

      �You got a plan besides making small talk and holding
      the Doc in one place?�

      She set her backpack down, pulled out a pile of
      clothes and handed them to John. �Rooted through your
      room, I think they�re clean�

      �Thanks� he said

      �You know the fastest way out of here?� She asked
      while putting an arm around his waist and helping
      support him as he put his weight on the floor.

      �I did live here� John stepped into the pants and
      closed them with a button and zip.

      �Then I propose we put you in charge of the rest of
      this mission.�

      �What about him?� John asked as his head popped out
      of the top of the T-shirt. The Beast had begun
      struggling ineffectually. He couldn�t just let John
      walk out.

      �We�ll leave him in here.� He glanced around the
      infirmary and spotted the intercom.

      �Get the intercom� he pointed to the device on the
      wall near the door. Letting Pyro lean on the bed
      instead of her she held the one hand steady and
      flicked the other in a circle. The panel flew off the
      wall into her hand, leaving bare wires in the wall.
      He was already breathing a little heavy, it was a
      little soon for him to making a jail break. But, he
      had to take advantage. Xavier wasn�t the utter
      goody-goody that he�d thought. He couldn�t think that
      after what the man had tried. Pyro moved to pull out
      the IV lines but Glide stopped him.

      �He put them in for a reason Johnny.� She glanced at
      the pole the bags hung from. It was on wheels. �It�s
      on wheels, just bring it with us�

      He rolled his eyes, �Yes Mommy�. Leaning on the pole
      more than he would have liked, he hated looking weak,
      he and Glide left.

      Beast still couldn�t move. It was frustrating. He
      couldn�t move, but he heard the lighter open and shut
      then saw the weak orange glow around the door as Pyro
      melted the hinges solid, effectively sealing him
      inside the infirmary. Magneto must have taught him
      how to focus, to make the fire more intense, hot
      enough to melt metal. Then Beast regained control of
      his body in a rush. They were walking away so the
      girl had released her hold. Hank marveled just a
      little over the display of power. She seemed to focus
      almost no energy towards him, but had him completely
      immobilized. She was dangerous. �Charles� he
      mentally projected, �I require some assistance in the
      infirmary. Pyro has escaped with a young lady named
      Natalya and welded me in here.�

      �I�ll send Wolverine� came the mental response.

      �Natalya� groaned the professor. The girl they had
      just let into the school was Natalya. He scanned the
      compound for Jubilee and found her mind quiet. That
      clearly meant she was unconscious somewhere. He
      cursed himself for yet again underestimating Erik and
      his followers. They�d been infiltrated again. How
      could he have let that happened? He hadn�t pressed to
      read her. Her shields had been strong; he should have
      suspected they weren�t natural. Berating himself
      wasn�t going to resolve the situation; it would have
      to wait until later.

      Pyro grabbed Glide�s arm to stop her at the next
      intersection. �You have a car or something?�

      �The Corsica is outside the gate�

      �It still runs?�

      �Morty is a genius�

      �Alright, we just make this right, it connects to the
      garage and it�s a short sprint off the grounds.�

      �Except you can�t sprint�

      �I�ll make it� he assured her. Natalya glanced at her



      �You�re on the A team again.�

      �And the B team?�

      �Needs about 20 more minutes�

      �Alright then� John turned left. Natalya pulled on
      her coat and followed.

      �Cold?� John asked.

      �I assume Rogue is still around, and that means less

      �But I like skin� Glide rolled her eyes at him.

      �Sure you do little boy.� She picked up the IV bag,
      then the other, both were empty. �Want me to take
      this out, it�s empty now.�

      �Yeah� he held out his arm. �It�ll just get in the
      way in the fight.� She took out the lines. They were
      ready to see this out.

      �Which way to the fight?�

      They were back in the mansion. John
      looked around, any moment they�d be pounced upon.
      �Ready?� he asked his friend. She said nothing but
      nodded. Then the enemy appeared. Cyclops led the
      approaching group. Storm hovered above them, with
      Rogue and Iceman striding confidently behind Cyclops.
      They were on their home turf; they knew the objective
      and were sure it could be achieved.

      �Give it up Pyro�

      �Yeah right� He flicked his lighter and a
      fireball bloomed in his hand before flying towards the
      X-men. Xavier�s men (and women) scattered and moved
      to surround the Brotherhood members. Glide threw her
      hands out and all 4 stumbled backwards a few steps.
      Both she and Pyro wore cold glares.

      Despite being heavily outmatched the
      Brotherhood members put up a valiant fight. A part of
      Cyclops outside of the situation was disappointed his
      team was struggling against just two Brotherhood
      members. They were the two youngest Brotherhood
      members too. Well, maybe there were younger members,
      but that would be awful. When John had gone he was
      too young to be a terrorist. It was hard to imagine
      Magneto taking them any younger. A chair cracked
      Scott in the back of his head. Damn girl

      Fire burned in the hall, all ammunition
      for Pyro. Bobby stepped closer to the other boy; it
      was Iceman vs. Pyro, again. A ball of fire lobbed at
      him became ice and shattered into a shower of crystals
      when it hit the wall behind him. More fire emerged
      from the lighter and flew towards Bobby. Bobby tried
      to ice it and steam was the result. Iceman could feel
      the heat of fire that slipped past his defenses and
      whizzed by his head by only a few inches. The wall
      was scorched where it hit. Bobby charged forward and
      tried to tackle his former friend. But, Bobby felt
      himself hit an invisible wall and bounced back.

      Both Pyro and Glide looked like conductors
      as they moved their arms and hands to manipulate their
      powers. Iceman�s ice blast shattered the skylight.
      Glide jumped and hung in the air to avoid a lightening
      bolt directed at her feet. She dropped back down and
      flicked her wrists, turning her whole body with the
      movement, to point at Storm. The white haired woman
      flipped backwards, somersaulting. Rogue slipped up
      behind Pyro and grabbed his arm. But, she was unable
      to get find skin before he shook her off. Storm�s
      eyes went white as she recovered. Storm called for
      more wind in her storm. Glide pulled her arm back for
      another attack.

      �Glide� Pyro warned. Glide had been trained at
      Avendale to use her powers at an intensity level more
      than she could take. It was a dangerous habit because
      she could collapse from exhaustion and be useless.
      Looking at his friend Pyro could see she was draining
      her reserves fast. Luckily, she was very good at
      taking orders. Natalya pulled back. Storm blew her
      back with a directed gust of wind. The smaller woman
      stumbled back and hit the wall. Fire flew as a snake
      and twisted around Storm. She hissed and brought the
      rain down to put herself out.

      Pyro built up a wall of flame around them. �How

      Glide twisted her left wrist around, sending Bobby
      about 2 feet in the air and dropping him. It allowed
      her to look at her watch. �We�re cool.� As the words
      left her lips an optic blast disrupted the fire and
      slammed her into Pyro, sending them both to the

      �We�re cool?� Pyro whispered.

      �Mission completed, everyone should be
      back at the base.�

      �Then I�m just going to lay here.�

      �Good, me too�

      Cyclops held up a hand. �Enough� Pyro and
      Glide were both lying on the floor, not moving too
      much. The X-men surrounded the Brotherhood.

      �Are they OK?� Rogue asked

      �Yes� said Pyro from the floor. He rolled
      onto his feet and Glide joined him.

      �Hands up� ordered Cyclops. Both of
      Magneto�s minions complied, shoulder level, palms
      forward. �Cross them in front of you.� Again, they
      obeyed. Then he nodded at Bobby who iced them
      together, immobilizing them. They didn�t want any
      sudden outburst from their mutant powers. �We�re
      going to the professor�s office. I know you know the
      way John.� Pyro glared over his shoulder but trudged

      Xavier was in his office waiting for the
      new prisoners. He sat behind his grand desk and the
      enemy was led in and sat before him.

      �Are you going to break into my mind
      again?� Pyro sneered.

      �No Mr. Pyro, your mind is your own. I
      will simply ask what Erik is planning.� Bobby
      couldn�t believe what the professor had admitted. He
      had broken in and read John�s mind. It was completely
      against the ethics he taught to the telepathic
      students. You never invaded someone�s mind without
      permission. A mind is a personal and private thing.
      It was hard to believe the professor had done
      something like that; he was such a good man.

      Suddenly striding into the office Beast flipped on the
      TV. �There�s something on the TV I believe you should

      �The Inapole labs have been completely destroyed in
      what is being called a professionally planned
      terrorist attack. The 3 labs that made up the company
      were devastated. The homes of major executives were
      also ransacked. Inside sources say all research on
      Inapole�s top projects has been destroyed. No one was
      hurt in the incident but Inapole is seeking 2 million
      dollars in damages for the complete loss of findings
      and prototypes.�

      Glide and Pyro were smiling widely. �You knew about

      �Yeah, they tend to let you know about
      plans you are a part of.�

      �Why? Why destroy that lab?�

      �Power repression collars, they were on
      the verge of completing a collar that neutralized
      mutant powers. Our sources confirmed these collars
      were going to be used to control the mutant population
      after the next major mutant incident.� Pyro explained.

      �You cause those �mutant incidents� you
      know� Storm pointed out

      �Sometimes it�s not us. There are an
      awful lot of Strykers out there, not to mention any
      anti-mutant nut ball who decided to stage an incident
      to get us all collared.�

      �You just destroy; you people don�t care
      about making things better.�

      �Sure we do, we just want them better for
      people like us, mutants.� Then, Pyro started
      coughing. Beast approached quickly.

      �Your lungs are still weak Mr. Allerdyce.�

      Pyro leaned in close to Glide, covered by the
      coughing fit. In a whisper he ordered �I want a
      hostage.� She looked at her wrists and the ice on her
      wrists shattered. A wide sweeping movement followed
      and Rogue felt herself being yanked towards them,
      completely unable to resist. She hit Glide and was
      pushed into Pyro�s arms. She felt fire dangerously
      close to her skin. She could also feel John�s breath
      on her neck. He was struggling much more than he let
      on, his breath was ragged and she could feel him
      trembling ever so slightly. The coughing hadn�t been
      entirely fake.

      �We�re leaving now professor, you try and
      stop us and something serious will happen.�

      Xavier looked at the scene before him. His X-men,
      four of his best, on their feet ready to rain down on
      shaking, coughing kid and his pale, sweating companion
      in order to rescue one of their own and protect their
      home. The Brotherhood members had no chance; they
      were visibly weakening by the minute. Rogue looked
      petrified though. It was time to end this.

      �Stop� he ordered. Everyone did, though
      Pyro�s grip on Marie tightened. �Let them go.
      Release Marie and we�ll let you go back to Erik.�
      Pyro tilted his head a little.

      �We�ll leave her by the car.�

      �No, here, now� commanded Cyclops.

      �We let her go here; you pick us up again
      before we�re out of the mansion. We do this our way.�

      �Scott, just go with their demands. They
      are weak, and desperate. They won�t risk renewing the
      fight.� came Xavier�s voice in the leader�s head.

      �Fine, go� Still holding the fire close to
      Rogue the group slowly backed out of the office.

      �Are you going to hurt me John?� Marie
      asked once the door to Xavier�s office closed and the
      three were alone in the hall.

      �No� he sighed releasing her. Glide moved
      herself under his other arm. She sagged a bit under
      the added weight but they pressed forward, leaving
      Rogue alone in the hallway.

      �I could stop you, you know�

      �You won�t� Pyro called back.

      �Why not?�

      �You don�t think I�m a bad guy.� Rogue
      watched the Brotherhood members limp away. She just
      watched them make their way out of sight before going
      back to rejoin the X-men.

      THE END

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