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FIC: "Vacant Pryde" (Kitty/Bobby) PG

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  • kuriadalmatia
    TITLE: Vacant Pryde AUTHOR: Kuria Dalmatia (kuriadalmatia@yahoo.com) CODES: Post-X2, Kitty/Bobby SUMMARY: Everyone else mourns the loss of Dr. Grey.
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 5, 2003
      TITLE: Vacant Pryde
      AUTHOR: Kuria Dalmatia (kuriadalmatia@...)
      CODES: Post-X2, Kitty/Bobby
      Everyone else mourns the loss of Dr. Grey.
      Who mourns for John Allerdyce?

      RATING: PG, profanity

      Feedback and critiques always welcome. No beta reader, so
      please forgive mistakes.

      Thanks to "Challenge in a Can"
      http://www.dymphna.net/challenge for the following:
      "Kitty Pryde, Vacant, Painkillers"

      ARCHIVING: XMMFF. Everyone else, please ask.

      DISCLAIMER: Marvel owns the X-Men, 20th Century Fox
      owns the movie. I just took them out to play and I promise put
      them back when I'm done. I'm not making any profit just trying
      to get these images out of my head.


      ************(((((((((((((( )))))))))))))))))************

      He was gone.

      No forewarning. Not even a hint.

      No note. No explanation.

      No "Sorry, Kitty, I had to ditch the X-Geeks for someone who
      *understands* things."

      Just Rogue standing in front of me, gloved hands clasping mine
      as her pity-filled gaze fell upon me: "Sugar? Um... Pyro... he
      went with Magneto."

      I really hated it when she went all "Southern Belle", as if using
      that accent of hers would make things less painful or inspire
      instant forgiveness. To her, calling me "sugar" was probably her
      way of comforting me.

      I just wanted to kill the messenger.

      Everyone else mourned the loss of Dr. Grey. I did too. I mean,
      when first came to the School, it was Dr. Grey, Scott, Ororo,
      Peter, and Bobby. That was it. So of course, Dr. Grey and I were
      kinda close – I knew her better and longer than any of the other
      girls here – but I was closer to `Ro because Dr. Grey was always
      doing research and stuff and `Ro was just easier to talk to

      I wasn't there when Dr. Grey died. I should have been, but I
      wasn't. Scott and the professor told me how proud they were
      that I helped the younger kids escape, how I had managed to get
      them the safe-house in one piece as quickly as I did and meet up
      with Petey.

      All I could think was that I wished I had been with Bobby and

      Maybe John wouldn't have left with Magneto.

      But no one here gave a damned about John. They just wrote him
      off, as if he didn't exist. They cleared out his bedroom the
      second day after we were all back at the mansion.

      After that, everyone declared him a traitor.

      Okay, so the adults didn't. Not out loud, anyway. They were too
      busy grieving for Dr. Grey or trying to get the School back to
      normal. But my friends? His friends? They
      condemned John.


      Except for Bobby. He never said a word about it. At all.

      Rogue called him vicious and dangerous. When asked, she told
      everyone what had happened at Bobby's parents, drawling on
      with that stupid accent and always emphasizing that Logan had
      been *shot in the head* but still managed to make it. She told
      them how Pyro had told the cops, "You know all those
      dangerous mutants you hear about on the news? I'm the worst

      Rogue had *absorbed* Pyro so that she could control the fire he
      started; she hadn't even given Iceman a chance to do anything,
      even dropping the huge hint that Bobby had freaked out and was
      unable to cope with what happened. It was that "I may not have
      the most functional mutant ability, but at least I don't choke in
      battle" reasoning. That whole thing automatically made her an
      authority not only on Pyro, but what had happened afterwards.
      She was their center of attention.

      At that moment, I knew I hated that bitch. She pitied me and she
      treated Bobby like shit now.

      I knew she was waiting for me to ask the questions, "So how
      does John really feel about me? You would know, right? Does
      he love me?"

      No way was I going to play her game.

      The stupidest thing was that she hadn't even displayed any of
      John's personality, not like she had Logan's and Magneto's.
      That had been a scary two weeks. So how could she be a
      damned *authority* on John if she hadn't even echoed one of
      his mannerisms?

      It was supper time on Saturday. Since we were still cleaning up
      from what the commandos had done -- had that really been four
      weeks ago? -- we usually crowded into the rec room to have
      dinner "picnic" style. At least, that was the spin that `Ro put on

      I had picked up my covered plate from the kitchen; it was kept
      separate from everyone else's because it was kosher. I had
      almost pushed through the swinging doors from the kitchen to
      the rec room when I heard Jamie say, "They say we're gonna
      hafta revamp *everything* because of Pyro. Rules and all."

      Collective groans were followed by Tracy sniping, "That

      As if John were the reason the commandos had attacked the
      mansion and had known where everything was.

      I hated them.

      So I left.

      I didn't go to the main garden or to the gazebo. Those were the
      places you ran off to when you wanted to be found and wanted
      someone to talk to. I didn't go to the rose garden where they had
      set up a memorial to Dr. Grey. Scott was usually there when not
      working around the mansion. Sometimes Logan, `Ro, or the
      professor, but usually just Scott.

      Instead, I headed to the clearing in the woods, the one that took
      twenty minutes to get to. Bobby and I had discovered it the first
      month I was at the mansion. We'd only shared its location with
      Petey. I was almost positive Rogue had never been there; the
      three of us had a deal that we would ask each other before we'd
      bring someone there. Bobby had never asked.

      Halfway there, I started crying.

      If they weren't going to mourn for John, I certainly was.

      *Pyro* was a traitor, not John. John was just as screwed up as
      the rest of us but had the guts to admit that he was. He was the
      rule breaker, always pushing to see what he could get away
      with. He never quite told me about life before the School, but
      we all knew it was pretty bad. Why else would Bobby been so,
      well, protective of him that first week? Why else would Bobby
      have put up with John's constant insults? Bobby and John were
      best friends.

      But they didn't even acknowledge the difference between Pyro
      and John. They certainly had distinguished between Wolverine
      and Logan. Wolverine had killed all those commandos with his
      freaking claws. It was something no one talked about, how
      many Wolverine had killed, because he had bought us time to
      escape. Logan was the guy helping out around the mansion,
      repairing stuff. There was even rumors that Logan would be
      teaching us self-defense.

      Pyro had been the guy who torched all those cop cars. He was
      the one who defected to Magneto.

      John was the guy who kissed me on my birthday. John was the
      guy who pulled pranks with Bobby. John was the guy who
      convinced Bobby, Marie and me to sneak off to the food court
      when we at the museum. I had chickened out at the last minute
      because I knew `Ro would have killed me and I didn't have the
      same status as Bobby did with Scott, but I *had* kissed John
      full on the lips on the stairs leading back up to the group.

      It was the last time we had kissed.

      See? There was a difference between John and Pyro, but no one
      was willing to acknowledge the difference.

      By the time I got to the clearing, I was sobbing. I stumbled over
      one of the stones that Bobby and Petey had dragged all the way
      from the mansion so we'd have a place to sit or something when
      it was muddy. I almost dropped my stupid plate as I fell to my

      That's when I heard, "Kat?"

      No one called me Kat. No one except Bobby and even that was
      only when we were alone. Peter called me Katya.

      I looked up and saw him. He blinked a few times, as if to snap
      himself out of whatever vacant daze he had been in. I wanted to be
      mortified, that I had intruded upon the space he had staked out
      for himself, but I couldn't move. He then got up and walked
      over to me, taking my plate away and setting it down on the
      mossy earth. He knelt beside me and gave me a hug.

      I could always count on Bobby for hugs.

      "Why are you here?" I managed to choke out.

      Bobby was one of the staples around the mansion. He was our
      ambassador, the one who always greeted the new kids and
      showed them around. He had achieved the "Kid Brother" status
      with Scott that no one else had. He wasn't the type to run off
      and hide. Even when he lost control of his powers one night
      shortly after I had first arrived and froze his entire room, he
      stuck it out and endured the ribbing from Scott, Petey, and me. Even
      when Rogue ripped him a new one last week in front of everyone, he
      didn't run off and hide.

      So for him to be here, during dinner no less....

      "I miss John," he said simply.

      I don't think he would have said that to anyone else. I know
      Bobby. He wouldn't make that admission unless he knew I
      would understand.

      "So do I." I whispered into his shoulder. Then, I began to bawl
      my eyes out. I hadn't cried that hard since my parents
      announced their divorce.

      Bobby just held me and didn't say a word. I think he was crying

      I don't know quite what happened next. One minute, I was
      sobbing into his shoulder and his chin was resting against my
      hair, the next my lips were against his neck and his lips were at
      my temple.

      Then, we kissed.

      He couldn't kiss Marie, but he could kiss me.

      I couldn't kiss John, but I could kiss him.

      It was Bobby who pulled back, wiping tears away with his
      thumb. I must have looked really gorgeous then, with splotchy
      cheeks from crying and a runny nose because I didn't have any
      Kleenex. I reached behind me and grabbed for a leaf, anything
      really, to get the snot off of my face.

      "No," he said as he grabbed my wrist. "You really don't want to
      do that."

      "Why not?"

      He actually blushed. "Promise not to tell?"

      My eyes widened. That could only mean one thing: Bobby
      Drake was about to admit to something totally embarrassing.
      "Promise," I said and held out my pinky.

      It sounded completely stupid for an eighteen-year-old guy to
      pinky-swear with a seventeen-year-old girl, but it was all I could
      think of. When I first arrived, we exchanged "most
      embarrassing powers" stories. At my old high school, I had
      sneezed hard enough to phase through the wall and into the
      boy's locker room. At his old high school, he had sneezed hard
      enough to freeze the entire gym floor. That was, of course,
      before he had frozen himself inside his room at the mansion.

      He grinned and locked pinkies with me. "When I was nine, my
      dad took Ronny and me camping. My dad was really hard core
      about camping. I mean, roughing it meant *roughing* it. So, it
      was at night, you know? And I had to, you know, um... *go*."
      He paused and waggled his eyebrows. "I grabbed a handful of
      poison oak leaves."

      I started laughing. Only Bobby Drake could pull off a story like
      that. "No way!"

      "Yep. I was nine and had poison oak on my ass."

      That caused me to howl hysterically. My sides were beginning
      to hurt.

      And laughter to Bobby was perhaps the most effective painkiller
      of them all. It was his weapon, the one he used with more skill
      sometimes than his mutant power. He kept us laughing. He
      pulled pranks. He knew how to make people smile. He'd go out
      of his way to make someone smile.

      He was laughing too, because it *was* funny and he knew I
      wouldn't go running and telling everyone at the School that
      Bobby Drake had Poison Oak Ass when he was nine. Just like I
      never told anyone about him freezing his room, he never told
      anyone about the time I had sleep-walked into Dr. Grey and
      Scott's room. They were having sex and I had woken up half-
      way phased into the cedar chest at the end of their bed. I have
      the distinct privilege of being the only student ever to see
      Scott's naked butt "in action."

      Bobby tugged his sleeve down and wiped my nose. He was
      never squeamish about some things. Snot was one of them. He
      then looked at me, suddenly serious.

      "Pyro torched the cop cars," he said to me. "That's when John

      And he would know. He would understand. They had been
      friends after all.

      I sniffled as I straightened up. "We could, like, have our own
      memorial service, you know." Where in the world had that come
      from? "Jeez, *that* sounds stupid...."

      "No," he cut me off. "I was kinda thinking the same thing, Kat."
      He shrugged. "I'm out here, aren't I?" Maybe he was sick of the
      constant John-bashing as well.

      I looked at him, really *looked* at him. "Tonight? After

      "When else?" he grinned.



      He kissed me again, briefly, and it was a "I'm your friend" kind
      of kiss not something romantic.

      It didn't matter.

      I suddenly didn't feel as vacant anymore.

      ************(((((((((((((( FINIS )))))))))))))))))************

      END NOTES:

      For the purposes of this story, Bobby was the first student at
      Xavier's School after Jean, Scott, Ororo, and Peter, while Kitty
      was the second. With that particular time-line in place, it was
      only natural that Kitty would be closer to Ororo because Jean's
      research. That's the reason why Kitty addresses Jean as Dr. Grey and
      everyone else besides Xavier by their first names.

      Finally, regarding the characterization of Rogue, I deliberately
      made her harsher, keeping with the notion that she retailed some
      of Pyro's outward hostility that was shown in the movie and the
      disdain he had for Bobby that was played up more in the novelization.
      Kitty makes a comment that Rogue didn't display any of Pyro's
      mannerisms, but that's not necessarily true. Kitty's perception of
      John and Bobby being "best friends" may be just that, a
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