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FIC: The Downside To Being One of the Bad Guys (Ch.5) (Pyro/All) (X2)

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    Some of you may have noticed a trend with my updates. But, I m going away tomorrow so I figured I d leave the 5th chapter and then put up the last one when I
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2003
      Some of you may have noticed a trend with my updates.
      But, I'm going away tomorrow so I figured I'd leave
      the 5th chapter and then put up the last one when I
      get back.

      Title: The Downside to Being One of the Bad Guys
      Author: X

      Disclaimer: I own nothing, I am getting no money.

      Chapter 5

      He arrived at the infirmary a few minutes later. It
      was empty except for Hank, and the unmoving body of
      John Allerdyce. �He�ll be out for about an hour.
      He�s weak so I didn�t want to over sedate him.�
      Xavier nodded solemnly. Hank didn�t question his
      decision. He only nodded and quietly walked out of
      the room, leaving Charles alone with Pyro. The
      telepath closed his eyes; it would be easier if he
      didn�t have to look into that familiar face. With a
      deep breath he pushed into Pyro�s mind.

      Even in the blissful peace of unconsciousness Pyro
      felt it immediately, the ping of a telepath entering
      his mind. Natalya had described the feeling, warned
      him of what felt like. John was her best friend in
      the Brotherhood and she was his. Natalya was
      telekinetic and when her powers manifested had been
      sent to the Avandale Hall School for Mutants. It was
      a horrible, abusive place that reduced the students to
      just their powers. Part of her training was
      developing extensive mental shielding and defense
      against telepaths. She and her classmates had
      undertaken a coup, overthrown their Headmistress and
      left. After they�d gone their separate ways Natalya
      put herself through school. She�d gotten a doctorate
      in Biotechnology. A known mutant Magneto recruited
      her for the Brotherhood right out of school.

      Natalya had also taught him a last ditch defense
      against a telepath. Once they were in the only
      defense was to keep them from what they want and make
      it very uncomfortable to stay in there. The only mind
      arsenal a non-telepath had were memories. As soon as
      he felt the ping John flooded his mind with memories
      of horrors he�d endured.

      John remembered his real dad, throwing him against the
      wall, pushing him against the wall, screaming about
      how disgusted he was by his son. Charles saw it,
      heard it, felt the sadness and loneliness John had
      felt. He tried to push past the memory, get to the
      information he wanted. John�s mind switched to Mrs.
      Martin, sitting him down and explaining that they just
      couldn�t handle the responsibility of another child
      now that they had a baby on the way, that they didn�t
      want him anymore, they had to send him back. Xavier
      shifted his search again but was assaulted by the last
      foster home, where his powers had manifested. Mr.
      Garanski had him pinned against the dining room table.
      One of the man�s strong forearms was across the boy�s
      throat, holding him down and strangling him. Mr.
      Garanski dropped an elbow onto the struggling teen
      grumbling about how that government check wasn�t worth
      keeping such a pile of puke around. There had been a
      candle burning on the dining room table. The
      professor could feel the burning in the boy�s lungs,
      how he just wished Mr. Garanski would leave him alone,
      how he just wanted that fire to jump onto the monster.
      He wanted that man on fire and to let him breath.
      Then the fire jumped, just like he�d hoped. Xavier
      could feel the incredible fear that gripped the young
      man. He couldn�t even bolt for the door like he�d
      wanted. Garanski put himself out and the man beat
      John within an inch of his life. Xavier saw as his
      foster father reduced the teen to a bleeding, bruised
      and swollen mess. The sight stabbed at Xavier�s chest
      and left a dull ach that permeated his entire being.

      Xavier pulled back, disgusted. He was the most
      powerful telepath in the world. It was true he could
      have pushed harder, deeper and ripped the information
      he wanted out. But he knew it would seriously damage
      Pyro. He could come out a vegetable; if he stayed
      stubborn Charles might even kill him. That was
      something he could not do. Back from the astral plane
      he looked at the boy in front of him, he was
      twitching, valiantly trying to break free of

      Charles wheeled out of the room without a word. The
      matter was closed for him. When Hank decided the
      young man was well enough to leave he�d be allowed to.
      He would do no more; they�d just deal with whatever
      Magneto had set into motion when he revealed his plan.
      He spoke to no one as he went to his office. He
      avoided Wolverine and Storm who were walking the
      mansion�s halls; he didn�t want to talk to anyone yet.
      The sad images in John�s head demanded his attention.
      His guilt needed to be dealt with.

      Hank watched the professor go by, not looking at him,
      not saying a word. Apparently the deed had been done.
      Hank headed into his infirmary to finish off his
      report on John Allerdyce. The boy was twitching, so
      Hank placed a warm furry hand on top of the little
      smooth one. He was not prepared for the force with
      which John jerked away. He pulled his arm back so
      fast he rolled off the other side of the cot and onto
      the floor. IVs crashed to the ground and monitors
      wailed as they unhooked and could no longer detect
      their patient. Hank leapt over the bed to survey the
      damage. John was awake, it probably had prevented him
      from hurting himself too badly when he fell.

      Hank was about to scold the boy and put him back in
      the bed but stopped short. Pyro had a sick, dead
      chuckle. �You know I, I, I didn�t think he�d do it.�
      Pyro was mumbling to himself. He shook his head lost
      in his confused thoughts
      �John�John, can you get up?� The look in his eyes
      was full of anger and rimmed in fear. That was a
      dangerous look. The boy looked at him suspiciously for
      a moment and Hank could see him suppressing his
      �Yeah, fine Doc. You a telepath too? Gonna crack
      into my head?�
      �I assure you, I have no telepathic abilities, your
      mind is safe. Can I persuade you to get back in the
      bed and allow me to reconnect your IVs?�
      �Is the professor coming back?�
      �I don�t believe so�
      �OK� the boy was a little wary. Hank decided it was
      time to return some of his property. He got the young
      man back in bed and excused himself. He opened a
      cupboard and removed the bag containing the remains of
      John�s belongings. He boots had been fine, socks OK,
      the rest of what he had been wearing was shredded
      and/or badly blood stained. They�d need a donation if
      he wanted to leave without risking indecent exposure.
      But, in the bag was a little metal object that might
      calm him down a little.

      Hank stood next his patient. �I have something you
      might like back� he said handing over the lighter.
      �You really are going to let me hang on to this? I�m
      dangerous you know.�
      �You are. I�ve treated some of our people for burns
      you�ve dispensed. But, considering the situation,
      you�ve lost a lot of blood and can�t seem to stay
      awake more than a couple of hours. I don�t foresee
      you overpowering me.�
      �Thanks� John mumbled. Floozy-click�floozy-click
      �floozy-click filled the quiet room as he sat on the
      bed. Hank wandered over to a computer to catch up on
      a few scientific journals, the
      floozy-click�floozy-click a soft background noise.
      When he noticed it was quiet he glanced over and saw
      Pyro asleep, lighter still clutched in his hand.

      Magneto sat in his office, and glanced at his clock.
      He�d called a meeting of his remaining minions.
      Mystique was already there, leaning on his desk and
      smiling. Sabertooth growled to himself in a corner.
      There was a knock, and Magneto slid the door open to
      find a patched up Toad and Glide, one of his
      scientists he�d been using during the last few
      missions. Jogging up behind them was Gambit, a New
      Orleans thief that had recently joined up with the
      �Have no fear, Gambit is here� announced the young
      man as he took a seat.
      �Oh good� Mystique said as she rolled her eyes.
      �As you are all aware Pyro is with Charles back at
      that school of his.� Magneto began.
      �Prisoner ou Deserter?� asked Gambit from where he
      was tilted so far back in an arm chair he was actually
      looking at the ceiling, not the group.
      �Prisoner� Magneto provided, �Wolverine stabbed him
      so we let him be captured in the hopes Charles� medic
      could save him.� Sabertooth growled loudly at
      Wolverine�s name.
      �How badly was he hurt� asked a concerned Glide.
      �It was rather serious�
      �I say we go to Xavier�s and bring John back.� Glide
      �There is risk involved in that plan my dear. It is
      unlikely Charles will just let one of us on to his
      �I could go, he doesn�t know me� she suggested
      �You and ol� Pyro snogging or something Natalya?
      He�ll find his way back when he�s well again.�
      �Grow up Morty. He�s my friend. I�m sure you�ve had a
      friend before Toady.�
      �Yeah, Loads.�
      �I don�t like the idea of our rivals holding him�
      �I�m just sayin� we gotta plan to finish, can we
      really go chasin after Pyro now?�
      �I�m going to have to agree with Glide mes amies, by
      now Pyro should be well enough to travel and we can
      let him recover here.� Remy added
      �He was hurt pretty badly, if he�s survived he still
      not be able to leave.� Mystique countered.
      �He�s alive� Natalya said firmly
      �Told you, snogging like rabbits.�
      �Toad!� scolded Mystique from her seat close to
      Magneto. �That�s enough�
      �Thank you� Magneto smiled
      �Aw, Remy like de fight.�
      �Can we get back to the plan?� Mystique broke in.
      �Glide my dear, I agree with you. I don�t want Pyro
      with the X-men any longer than is absolutely
      necessary.� Magneto explained, bringing order back to
      the group. �So I will send you, Glide, to Xavier�s.
      Pose as new student; then find a way to get yourself
      and Pyro out. You can take the Corsica; it�ll help
      with your cover. The rest of you, we will complete
      our mission. Gambit and Glide have obtained the
      necessary documents from their raid. We will be
      infiltrating the lab tomorrow. �

      The door bell rang. Someone was at the outside gate.
      Storm glanced at the security camera. A girl stood
      at the gate of the mansion, leaning on a beat up,
      boxy, gray car, wearing a tank top, hip hugger jeans
      and her hair in pigtails. She was a typical
      adolescent girl. But, the best description of her
      would be road weary. Storm opened the gate with a
      press of a button.
      The girl approached cautiously. �I�I�I�ve heard you
      help people like me.� She stammered; then continued
      in a hushed whisper, �I�m a mutant�. Storm looked at
      the girl before her. She shouldered a backpack with a
      green army surplus jacket threaded through one of the
      shoulder straps. It clearly held all she owned in the
      She wrapped her arms around the fidgeting girl.
      �Don�t worry child, the professor can help you, you�ll
      be safe here.� With that she led the girl inside.
      �What�s your name dear?� Storm asked, leading her to
      a couch in the parlor.
      �Natalya Warrick�
      �That�s pretty�
      �Thanks� her responses were quiet, the girl was
      either very shy or hadn�t been fairing too well with
      being a mutant.�
      �What�s your gift Natalya?� Natalya looked at her
      for a minute.
      �No one�s ever called it that before.� She smiled
      and continued, �I�m telekinetic�
      �You move things?� She nodded. With a flick of her
      wrist a book fell off the bookcase across the room.
      �Very Good� Natalya smirked.
      �Yeah, it�s been a barrel of laughs having them.�

      The professor arrived at this time, �Welcome� he said
      warmly extending his hand. Natalya rose and shook
      offered hand.
      �Natalya Warrick� A puzzled look crossed Xavier�s
      face. �You have mental shields, projecting
      interference. I can�t sense you at all on the
      surface; that�s most unusual.�
      �Uh, OK� Natalya gave an awkward giggle. �I really
      don�t know much about my powers.�
      �Well, that�s why you�re here. Here you�ll be able to
      develop your gifts, with others like you.�
      �That�d be great, things really haven�t been going
      well since the powers showed up� Jubilee walked by the
      door of the parlor.
      �Jubilee!� called Xavier. The Asian girl stopped and
      popped into the room. �This is Natalya Warrick.�
      Natalya stood up and extended her hand shyly. Jubilee
      shook it vigorously. �She�s starting school here;
      care to give her a tour?�
      �Sure, come on Nattie!�
      �OK!� beamed the new girl, picking up her backpack.
      The professor had too much experience with runaways to
      try and separate her from all she had. He smiled as
      the two strolled from the room.
      10 minutes later Jubilee was unconscious in a closet.


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