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FIC: The Downside to Being One of the Bad Guys (Ch. 4) (All/Pyro) (X2)

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    Here s more story, enjoy Title: The Downside to Being One of the Bad Guys By: X X0832001@yahoo.com Disclaimer: I own nothing and am getting no money. Summary:
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      Here's more story, enjoy

      Title: The Downside to Being One of the Bad Guys
      By: X
      Disclaimer: I own nothing and am getting no money.

      Summary: The main problem with being one of the bad
      guys is that you have to fight the good guys, and you
      what always happens with that...

      A/N: Takes place about a year and a half after X2. I
      didn�t address the Jean issue; I just don�t mention
      her at all. I also decided to add Gambit, he�s with
      the Brotherhood (I know he doesn�t belong there, but
      that team needed more players and I like Gambit)

      (I do own Natalya, but I doubt anyone would want her
      so I don't worry)

      Chapter 4

      �Saint John Allerdyce! You are not well enough to be
      out of bed young man.� Dr. McCoy scolded. He�d
      arrived down in the infirmary to find his patient
      gracelessly roll himself off the bed and start off
      across the room.

      The boy chuckled and continued on his path, slowly
      plodding along. �You�ve been reading a personnel file
      or something, haven�t you?�

      �Your medical records still here at the school. They
      have your actual given name.�

      �It�s actually pronounced sinjin, not Saint John.�

      �Sinjin?� The pronunciation had rolled beautifully
      off Pyro�s tongue but seemed a little foreign coming
      from Hank.

      �Yeah, sinjin, I know, it sucks.� He rolled his eyes.
      �What the hell were my parents thinking? That�s why
      I�m John�

      �It�s a fine name. But John, you need to lie back
      down. You�re in no shape to be walking around.�

      �I�m a man on a mission Doc� McCoy, right?�

      �Very good, I�m surprised you remember. You were not
      at your best when we first met.�

      �Yeah, sorry about the less than spectacular first
      impression� John had reached his destination, the half
      bath across the room. Hank realized he hadn�t gotten
      around to catheterizing the boy.

      When John was done and beginning his trek back to the
      bed Hank put his hand under the boy�s elbow to help
      support him. The quick excursion had wiped out the
      boy�s energy. He�d initially flinched, almost
      undetectably, at the touch but kept the reaction
      covered. Hank felt it though, and he was pretty sure
      he knew where it had come from. He had read St. John
      Allerdyce�s medical records, all of them.

      John had been a mess when he came to
      Xavier�s. He was a runaway, had been on his own for a
      little more than a year. A boy could go through a lot
      living on the streets that long. At 5� 9�� he only
      weighed 120 pounds, dangerously underweight. He�d
      been keeping himself alive visiting soup kitchens or
      pulling a dine and dash every few days. His hair
      was long and dirty, eyes darkly shadowed by
      exhaustion, and bruises colored his pale skin. He�d
      run away from a foster home and had been quite adamant
      about not going back there. He never said what went
      on there, but Both Dr. Grey and Dr. McCoy had
      suspicions. The notes Dr. Grey had made compared him
      to a skittish puppy.

      He knew the professor was in a difficult
      place. He needed to know what Magneto was planning,
      if it was dangerous, which it almost certainly was.
      But in his place, the Beast wouldn�t be able to hold
      this young man, do anything to make him talk. Enemy
      or not, he�d already been through too much. The
      professor of course wouldn�t have to resort to
      barbaric methods. He was the world�s most powerful
      telepath after all. He could simply look inside the
      boy�s mind and know anything the Brotherhood member
      did. It was likely possible to do it without Pyro
      ever being aware it happened.

      Bobby was John�s first official visitor.
      He�d raced trough another bowl of Corn Flakes and had
      been at the infirmary by 8am. Hank noted this as he
      glanced at his watch. He�d really expected John to
      get a little more rest than this. �I�ll tell him
      you�re here.�

      �Thanks Dr. McCoy� Hank turned towards the
      bed where John had managed to regain enough strength
      to prop himself up on his elbows.

      �It�s not that big a place, I can see he�s
      here all by myself Doc.�

      �Uh, hey John�

      �Hey, come to gloat about me getting taken

      �Nah, you win some lose some.� Since John
      had left a year and a half ago they�d faced him on the
      field of battle 21 times. Bobby kept a running tally,
      after the battle the day before Pyro had 12 wins, 7
      losses and 2 escapes. Sometimes in the heat of battle
      Iceman lost track of Pyro and didn�t know how the
      telekinetic fared.

      �Oh come admit it, a little gloat is going on, you�re
      not that much of a goody-goody. I did handcuff you to
      a building.� Bobby smiled sadly.

      �Nah, no gloat, cause dude, you like death warmed
      over.� He was seriously pale from the blood loss,
      McCoy had dressed him in the usual washed out green
      paper robe and these contrasted heavily with John�s
      dark brown hair and eyes.

      �Like you are a judge of warmed things� An
      awkward silence developed. Hating those passionately
      Pyro spoke up again. �They�re making a new Batman;
      you�ll never guess who the studio wants to play

      �Uhm, Noah Wylie�

      �We�ve established, Noah, good Bruce
      Wayne, bad Batman.�

      �Well, it�s a hard balance to achieve.�

      �No, this guy they want will be a crummy Bruce Wayne
      and a crummy Batman. Balance thrown completely out
      the window�

      �Who is it?�

      �Ashton Kutcher�

      �No! �Dude Where�s my Car� Ashton

      ��Just Married�, �That 70�s Show�, MTV
      loves me, Ashton Kutcher!�

      �This is a crime!�

      �Against all things holy, by which I mean
      comic books.�

      �Who could be worse that Kelso?�

      �Carrot Top, only one�

      �Luckily he�s occupied with the phone
      commercials or they might make him Robin�

      After Bobby left John drifted off to
      sleep. Hank was glad to see it, the young man needed
      to build his strength back up. Orono Monroe regally
      stepped through the threshold not long after he
      dropped off. She had a tray with a sandwich, milk,
      and a pack of Twinkies. �Salutations Storm� greeted
      Dr. McCoy.

      �Hi Hank, I just wanted to look in on
      Pyro, and make sure you got some lunch.�

      �He's a former student of yours?�

      �He wasn�t a big fan of history�. She
      looked down at him. She�d never noticed before but
      John had classic villain features. He was dark around
      the eyes and his features were strong. She�d always
      thought of them as having a Slavic influence, probably
      from his mother, now they looked evil. He was a
      villain now, one of the mutant terrorists under
      Magneto. She sighed.

      �Are you having remorse about the
      situation?� Beast asked around Twinkie bites.

      �No, it�s not like that. He�s a part of
      the other side now, it�s to be expected eventually one
      of us would hurt him. It�s just odd to have him here,
      our prisoner.�

      �He�s more of a patient than a prisoner.
      He lost a great deal of blood and required extensive
      medical care.�

      �Just because he�s your patient, and
      young, doesn�t mean he�s not dangerous Hank. He�s a
      member of the Brotherhood.�

      �I�ll make sure he doesn�t strangle me
      with the IV line.� Storm smiled. Hank had a kind
      heart and nothing she�d say to make him see John as a
      threat would work. She knew that.

      �Good, keep an eye on the saline bag, he
      might try to drown you.�

      �Thanks for the warning.� Smiling, Storm
      swept out of the room as gracefully as she�d entered

      Pyro stayed asleep for about an hour
      before the arrival of Professor X woke him. �I�d like
      to see Mr. Pyro.� Hank glanced back at his patient.
      �He�s already awake� Charles smiled. It was good to
      be a telepath sometimes.

      �Well I don�t see a problem then.�

      Charles wheeled to the young man�s
      bedside. �Good morning Pyro.� Xavier had debated
      what to call the boy. If he called him John,
      associated him with the young man they�d taken of the
      streets a few years ago, it would be too hard to
      continue this conversation. �Feeling better?�

      �Yeah, thanks Professor, I appreciate you
      not letting me die and all.� Pyro was avoiding eye
      contact. Xavier could feel his apprehension.

      �Of course� there was another awkward
      silence. John fidgeted. Xavier looked at him sadly.
      Realizing what he was thinking, John laughed.

      �You still think that Magneto coerced me
      away, prayed upon my youth and innocence and that�s
      why I left. You�re wrong professor. All he said to
      me was �Are these human�s really worth saving?� and
      you know what, I don�t think they are.� Charles could
      see the angry fire that had always been a blinding
      aura around Pyro at the school was just a tiny spark
      behind his eyes now. He�d matured since the last time
      Xavier had spoken to him.

      �So you engage in terrorist attacks to
      make your point, does that solve anything?�

      �We�ve done some good.�


      �You are so bent on protecting these humans. But what
      are they doing to us mutants?� He thought about his
      teammates. Mystique �They make us live in fear� Toad
      �abuse us� Remy �experiment on us� Natalya �and lock
      us away like animals�.

      �They don�t all do that John. Those people are just
      scared and don�t understand.�

      �They should be scared. We�re not going to let these
      monsters continue to exploit mutants. We�re stronger,
      better, and we�ll win.�

      �Peace, we can all live together peacefully if we

      Pyro snorted, �Yeah, sure, they�ll just stop.

      Xavier wheeled himself around the office. It was a
      difficult decision. It was completely wrong, against
      all of his ethical beliefs to do what he was
      considering doing. He was considering entering Pyro�s
      mind without consent and finding out what the young
      man knew. Of course Magneto could be preparing to wipe
      out all of humanity. It wouldn�t be the first time
      Erik had tried that. The Brotherhood was a dangerous

      Pyro would know what was going on. Charles had seen
      the fatherly affection Erik had for the boy. Mystique
      had jokingly referred to him as the �heir apparent�
      once. He could understand the reference though. Pyro
      had the passion; it was obvious, especially after
      their last conversation. Xavier sighed. What was
      right, against the consequences of inaction, this was
      the battle that raged in the professor�s mind. Would
      he be able to forgive himself for invading Pyro�s
      mind? What if there was no plan? What if Pyro wasn�t
      in on the plan? Would he forgive himself for not using
      this opportunity when Magneto was destroying humanity?

      It was the old the good of the many out weighs the
      good of the few that finally pushed Xavier�s hand. It
      would infuriate Pyro if he knew the professor had
      entered his mind. It was unlikely Xavier would ever
      get near the young man again. It might be possible to
      do the deed as the boy slept, and he might not ever
      realize what had occurred. If Pyro knew or didn�t
      know the act would still torment Charles. This was
      his most basic ethical belief he was violating. The
      other side of the card was all of humanity. It was
      likely that whatever Magneto was planning, it was bad.
      It would just bring about a war between humans and
      mutants. The effects of such a war were unthinkable.
      War was a brutal, horrible thing, regardless of the
      combatants. Xavier had pledged his life to spreading
      understanding and peace, to preventing such a war.
      Xavier swallowed �Hank� he called mentally �Sedate Mr.
      Pyro.� and he headed off to the infirmary, determined
      and cold.

      Thanks for reading

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