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FIC: Vacation, 7/?, Charles/Erik, Logan/Marie, NC-17

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  • Henrika
    Chapter rating: NC-17 for explicit m/f sex and innuendo of m/m sex. Disclaimer and story information can be found in part 1. Chapter 7 When Charles and Erik
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 29, 2003
      Chapter rating: NC-17 for explicit m/f sex and innuendo of m/m sex.

      Disclaimer and story information can be found in part 1.

      Chapter 7

      When Charles and Erik entered the living room, they saw Logan
      sitting in the sofa, and Rogue, sitting on his lap. They had found
      the bag of crisps Erik had bought the previous day, and fed them to
      each other, as they half-heartedly followed what happened in the

      Rogue smiled when she saw them coming in. "Hi! Thanks for the food,
      professor," she said. "It was really kind of you."

      Charles smiled back. "Don't mention it, Marie. It was only nice to
      spend some time out. Are you watching a movie?"

      Logan nodded. "Yeah...more or less."

      "What movie is it?" Erik asked while looking around for a place to
      sit. The sofa was two-seated, and although Rogue was sitting on
      Logan's lap he didn't really want to squeeze in beside them.

      "It's called Pitch Black," Rogue said. "It's a science fiction."

      "Is it worth watching?"

      Now Rogue was grinning. "Yeah, I might say that... Vin Diesel who
      plays the main character is at least hot."

      Her teasing expression revealed that she was only paying Logan back
      for what he'd said about the waitress at the pizzeria earlier. But
      Logan simply snorted at her comment.

      "Well... Charlie and Mags might agree with you, sweetheart?"

      "Quite," Erik said casually when Vin Diesel appeared on the
      screen. "But he's not my type. Although I can see if you like him,

      Rogue gave Logan another teasing smile. "You see?" she teased. "Even
      Erik agrees with me! I think I'll watch the sequel!"

      Logan replied by pinching her bottom, and Rogue gave a cry and
      slapped Logan's hand.

      Charles and Erik looked at each other, and even though there wasn't
      any telepathic connection between them now, they could interpret
      each other's looks perfectly. "Young people", they said.

      After some time, when he had grown tired of standing, Erik sat down
      in the armchair next to the sofa.

      "Want some chips?" Rogue asked him.

      "No thank you," Erik said, shaking his head. He tried to follow the
      movie, and could even have found it interesting if he'd been there
      from the start. And Erik actually had to confess that the actor Vin
      Diesel was a real hottie. He was even bald, just like Charles...

      Finally Erik couldn't stay anymore, but strongly felt like going to
      bed. It had been a long day, and Erik was tired.

      "Hey, I'm going to bed," he said and got up. "I'm old and tired.
      Goodnight, Logan, Marie... Charles, are you coming?"

      "In a minute," the telepath replied with a wink. "You go. I'll be
      right there."

      Erik left the living room and went into the bathroom to wash himself
      before the night. When he'd brushed his teeth, washed his face and
      his hands, he wondered if he and Charles would have sex tonight.

      That was after all one of the reasons they had come here; being able
      to make love in peace. Erik sighed. It wouldn't be "in peace"
      anyway. He carefully washed his lower body, including his anus,
      despite that Charles rarely came inside him. But he always wanted to
      be ready for everything.

      When Erik was finished, he folded his clothes, put on his robe, and
      entered the bedroom, where he hung his robe on the wardrobe's
      doorknob. After that he went to bed. Erik rested his naked body
      against the cool sheets and closed his eyes. He didn't know for how
      long he'd lain there, but when he felt someone gently stroking his
      cheek, he realized he'd almost fallen asleep.

      "Are you sleeping, my darling?" Charles asked when Erik opened his
      eyes, sitting fully dressed in his wheelchair beside the bed.

      "No..." Erik mumbled and started to sit up. He pulled his hand over
      his face. "I was just waiting for you..."

      Charles smiled. "I wanted to finish the movie," he explained. "Care
      to know how it ended?"

      "By all means."

      "Rogue's "hottie" survived, of course, together with two other
      people. I would believe they'll make a sequel."

      Erik grinned. "Very well... Maybe I should have finished it after

      Charles started to undress, and peeled off his clothes with
      surprising agility, which he'd developed during his 40 years in the
      wheelchair. Erik couldn't help being impressed by everything his
      lover could do only with his upper body. That is more than most
      people can do with both their arms and legs, he thought.

      When Charles had finished undressing, he lifted his body over to the
      bed and took out a book which he had found in his bedside drawer.

      "Do you think we need the quilt now? I can take it out if you wish,"
      Erik asked.

      "No, it's so warm here," Charles replied. "And then I have you," he
      added with a smile.

      "What is that?" Erik asked and gestured at the book.

      "This? I found it in the drawer earlier. Probably it belongs to
      Logan or Marie. I thought I'd have at look at it."

      The book was called "The Tommyknockers", and was written by the
      famous horror-writer Stephen King.

      "What is it about?"

      "I don't know yet. I said I would check."

      Erik frowned when he saw the author's name. "Did you know that
      author lives not far from here? Stephen King. He lives in Bangor, I

      "Oh, really? I didn't know that..."

      "It's true. All his novels take place in Maine. I haven't read many
      of them, but I did read his first novel when it was published,
      in1974. "Carrie". Science fiction normally doesn't appeal to me, but
      since the book was about a mutant, I found it interesting," Erik

      Charles' eyebrows went up to his forehead. "Really? I didn't even
      know they knew about mutants at the time. Regular people, I mean.
      Then what could this mutant do?"

      "Her name is Carrie, and she is telekinetic and pyrokinetic," Erik
      told in a low voice. "She tries to keep her power a secret, but when
      some of her evil classmates make her the butt of a foul joke, she
      loses control of her powers and kills like 500 people or so.
      Including her own mother."

      "Oh, did she?" Charles sighed and looked down at the copy of "The
      Tommyknockers". Suddenly he just felt a strong urge to put the book

      "I know," Erik said. "She was not exactly an ideal rendering of a
      mutant. No wonder "the regulars" are afraid of mutants, the way
      media represents us."

      Erik carefully took the book away from Charles and put it
      away. "Maybe you shouldn't read that now," he murmured as he folded
      his arms around Xavier's neck and gently started kissing his cheek
      and jaw. "We didn't come here to read..."

      Charles laughed, but had to agree with Erik. "I sure think you're
      trying to distract me, Erik..."

      "Do I really need to?" Erik played surprised. "I thought I already
      had your undivided attention."

      Erik caught Charles' lips in a kiss, then crawled in between his
      legs and leaned back against his chest. He closed his eyes again and
      inhaled deeply while Charles' hands passed over his weary yet
      sensitive body.

      "How is my darling tonight?" Charles asked, actually sounding a bit
      troubled. "You have been out of sorts all evening. You are not
      getting ill, I hope?"

      "No, no, I'm just a little tired," Erik replied and that was true,
      although he had decided not to let that ruin the night. But of
      course he also knew he couldn't lie to Charles.

      "Would you like to make love?" Charles asked and let his hands slide
      over Erik's sensitive nipples; one of his erogenous zones.

      "Yes," Erik replied slowly, "but..."

      "Or would you rather sleep? You mustn't feel pressed for my sake."

      Erik placed his hands atop Charles'. "I want you to "do the deed"",
      he said.

      Charles knew very well that "doing the deed" referred to who was on
      top, and in fact this surprised Charles a bit. Erik had a clear
      preference to be on top when they had sex – and generally speaking
      as well – since he was often unwilling to submit and give up
      control. Charles knew that this had to do with the rape Erik had
      suffered as a child, but he never brought it up with Erik, since he
      knew Erik didn't want to talk about it.

      "Is that alright?" Erik asked after some time.

      "Of course," Charles said with a smile and kissed Erik's cheek. "It
      was just a bit of a surprise. But I want to. Will you ride me, or..."

      "Yes. I washed myself down there before, so I am clean."

      "For me? You're too kind, my love!"

      After a few minutes of foreplay and preparation, Erik slid down onto
      his lover's hot, throbbing erection, and took him into his body the
      same way Charles used to take in him. A few seconds later, when the
      muscle that guarded his rectal canal had relaxed, he started moving
      his hips.


      "But why are you still dressed?" Logan said when he came out of the
      bathroom, wearing only a pair of boxers, and saw Rogue lying in the
      bed, wearing a T-shirt and panties.

      "Well, aren't we gonna sleep?" Rogue replied and yawned to show that
      she was tired and not thinking the same thing as Logan.

      "Sleep?" Logan snorted. "Did you think we'd *sleep*? Jesus! I slept
      enough last night. No, now I wanna have some "action"," he continued
      and started to make suggestive movement with his lower body as a

      Rogue moaned and buried her face in the pillow. Men. They were
      always the same. Usually with only one thing on their brain.

      "I'm on the rag..." she tried without lifting her head.

      "No," Logan said immediately. "You're not."

      "How can you know?"

      "Because if you had been, I could have smelled it."

      Rogue sighed. "Right. Enhanced senses. I almost forgot..."

      "Never do that."

      Now she looked up, and saw that Logan was standing there naked,
      already with a proud erection pointing straight up in the air. And
      he was grinning. That grin used to mean she wouldn't get away, and
      probably she wouldn't now either.

      "I should have left my serum at home..." she muttered.

      "Hey baby..." Logan began as he crawled down to her in the
      bed. "That was harsh..."

      He leaned over her, growling like a wolf, and pressed his heavy,
      hairy body against hers while he licked her throat and tried to get
      his hand inside her panties. Rogue could clearly feel his swelling
      member against her thigh.

      "Logan!" she objected and knocked his hand away. "I mean it. I'm

      "I'm not."

      "I don't have your healing factor."

      "You're tired *often*."

      "Besides, we're not alone here."

      Suddenly Logan burst out laughing and almost frightened Rogue, who
      hadn't realized she'd said anything funny.

      "Oh, please!" he snorted. "Thinking of those two downstairs? Ha!
      They're fucking like weasels down there now. They hardly care what
      we do."

      Rogue regarded her boyfriend suspiciously. "And how do you know?"
      she asked.

      Logan started to laugh again. "Because I can hear them! Those sounds
      can't be mistaken, sweetheart." He started to moan loudly in a fake
      voice. ""Oh Erik, oh Erik" "Oh Charles, oh Charles! Just so! Yes!
      Yeeesss! Oh God! Yes! I'm coming! I'm coming! Ohhh....""

      Rogue couldn't help it, but she started to laugh as well.

      "Shut up, Logan! They might hear you!" she giggled.

      "Hardly. They're otherwise occupied!"

      "Did it really sound like that?" Rogue asked fascinated.

      Logan nodded. "Sure. They ain't being very discrete!"

      "Hmm... I just can't imagine professor Xavier sounding like that..."

      "Ha! Charlie can scream pretty good too, but I mostly hear Mags. He
      must have had a prostate orgasm..."

      "I can't imagine it anyway," Rogue said. "They're old!"

      "So what?" Logan snorted. "That's not stopping them from screwing
      loudly. You know how old men are. Always horny."

      "Oh yes," Rogue said knowingly, "I know very well."

      "Hey... You're not saying that *I* am a horny old man?"

      "Yes! You are! The worst kind! You're only thinking of one thing."

      Logan lunged at her before she could twitch and pressed her down in
      the bed with his superior strength, and then started tickling her
      violently in both armpits.

      Rogue began to scream and desperately tried to get away, but for no
      use. Logan redoubled the strength in his grip and proceeded tickling
      her despite her threats and objections.

      "Sorry babe, I'm bigger and stronger than you!" he triumphed happily.

      "Stop!! I'm calling for help!" Rogue cried and kept on wriggling
      under Logan.

      "Go ahead and scream, but I don't think they give a shit down there.
      Here's only you and me, and for now you're mine. Giving up?"

      "Yes... Yes, I give up..." Rogue squeaked. "Please... Stop before I

      She stopped writhing and remained lying on her stomach in the bed,
      gasping, still pinned under Logan's weight.

      "Good..." Logan whispered in her ear. "Wise decision, girl. Promise
      to be a good girl if I get up?"


      Logan rose slowly, and almost expected Rogue to fly at him and start
      hitting him with a pillow, or something, but she actually behaved,
      and slowly rolled around when she was free from his weight. Rogue's
      cheeks were red from exertion and she seemed breathless. For a
      moment they looked into each other's eyes, without speaking. Rogue
      almost started to smile and reached out her hand to stroke Logan's
      cheek. But suddenly, without a forewarning, Logan tore down her
      panties and pulled them off before she could react.

      "Hey!" Rogue exclaimed when he threw them down on the floor.

      "I thought you "slept" naked," Logan said teasingly.

      "You aren't gonna let me sleep, are you?" she sighed.

      "No way. If the two old men down there can keep on thumping like
      that, then I think you can last one round with me, don't you think
      so? And you can just lie there and let me take care of everything.
      Won't that be good, sweetie?"

      "Will you let me sleep afterwards?"

      "I cross my heart. But you see, I'm a man, and a man has certain

      "I should have become a lesbian..." Rogue murmured and put her hands
      over her face.

      Logan laughed in reply. "I wouldn't mind if you were, if only you
      could spare me some time as well. I sure wouldn't mind testing with
      another girl..."

      "Logan, that was a joke! Are you only thinking with this?" She
      reached down her hand, grabbed his still completely stiff penis, and
      squeezed. It was very large, and Rogue could barely get her fingers
      around it.

      "Confess you want it in you?" Logan asked confidently.

      "Okay Okay. Do it. But one thing first." Her grip tightened. "If you
      don't give me a proper orgasm now, I'm gonna geld you, you sex
      maniac. Remember that."

      "I think you'll be pleased," Logan replied matter-of-factly and
      kneeled between her legs when he noticed that she was still wearing
      her T-shirt. "Aren't you gonna take this off?" he said, pulling the


      "Can't I see your tits?"

      "Maybe later, if you managed to make me satisfied."

      "I've seen them before, darling. You've got nothing to hide."

      He squeezed her left breast through the cloth and rolled her nipple
      between his thumb and index finger. With his other hand he spread
      her legs and first caressed her auburn tuft and then the moist slit
      behind it. He saw her pink folds peep out between her labia. He
      really felt an urge to come in there.

      "Alright," he said. "Let's go for it."

      He leaned over her, supported by his arms, found her narrow opening
      with his penis, and started entering her. Logan held back a drawn-
      out moan when he felt her warm flesh around his member, and unable
      to hold back, he started thrusting hard and fast.

      Rogue gasped for breath and almost believed Logan would pound her
      through the mattress with his thrusts. She wrapped her arms around
      his neck and buried her fingers in his back and shoulders. Logan was
      sucking her throat instead of kissing her, like she'd wanted, and
      Rogue was almost sure he would give her a hickey.

      Logan almost never kissed her mouth while they made love, but
      instead seemed to prefer other parts of her body. Sometimes he bit
      her nipples like they were dogbones.

      Logan was an excellent and endurable lover, and he was never rough
      with her, although he could sometimes become a little over-
      enthusiastic. Rogue noticed this, and obviously this bed noticed it
      as well. For a while it was only distracting, but then she got

      "Logan?" she whispered in his ear while he pounded her into the
      mattress. "Can't you hear? This bed is creaking. We might need to..."

      But Logan simply grunted in reply and continued to thrust without
      taking notice of what she said. Rogue tried again.


      No response.

      "Logan!" she hissed at last and buried her nails in his shoulders,
      hard enough to cause pain. "Can you be still? I'm actually talking
      to you!"

      Now he finally reacted and stopped moving. He lifted his head and
      moaned discontentedly. "Fuck, baby! What the hell made you wanna
      talk *now*? Women," he added, sighing. "They're always..."

      "Logan, this bed is creaking," Rogue said. "Can't you hear it?"

      "I haven't noticed."

      "But it does. We might want to take it easier, for this *is* an old
      bed, and no one's slept here for ages."

      "Bah! Who cares about..."

      "The springs might break. And it might disturb Erik and the

      Logan snorted. "I don't think so," he said. "When they're done with
      each other, they'll fall asleep like this," he said, snapping his

      "Still we should be careful," insisted Rogue.

      "What do you wanna do? Talk or fuck? I go for the latter."

      "Logan, I'm serious. I don't wanna break anything."

      "Alright," Logan sighed. "I'll take it easier. Is that what you

      Rogue nodded, which meant Logan could start thrusting again. He did,
      and although he was gentler now, the bed still creaked occasionally.
      Rogue chose not to pay any attention to it. The rickety old thing
      probably creaked as soon as you turned or rolled around in it, so
      maybe it was nothing to worry about.

      Suddenly Logan moaned out his pleasure and shot his seed into
      Rogue's body as he thrust hard one last time.

      Stamina. Rogue could feel he was still hard despite that he had
      come, and that could be a blessing as well as a curse. Logan rose,
      supporting his weight on his elbows, and looked down at her face.

      "Could you kiss me now?" she asked.

      "Yeah..." murmured Logan and did what he was asked. Then he got up
      and pulled out of her, still not entirely flaccid. He pulled her T-
      shirt again.

      "Could you take it off now? Were you satisfied?"

      "I guess I was..." sighed Rogue and pulled herself into a sitting
      position. Her crotch felt wet, as well as her inner thighs.

      "I guess I'll take it off, then. It's all sweaty anyway," she said,
      pulled the T-shirt off and threw it on the floor. Logan crawled to
      her and drew her into his arms, pressing her against his hairy
      chest, caressing her smooth body with his hands. Rogue had a very
      shapely bottom, and he liked squeezing it.

      They leaned back against the pillows and could finally relax. After
      a while Logan said, "I'm still excited."

      "I can see that," Rogue replied somewhat sourly.

      "Wanna do something about it, baby?"

      "You promised to let me sleep if you could fuck me. You can't expect
      me to last for another round, right?"

      "No, not at all. You can give me a blowjob. That's not as exerting."

      Rogue's immediate answer was to punch her fist into Logan's
      stomach. "Forget it!" she hissed. "I'm not doing that, if I so live
      for a thousand years! I'll *never* do it! It's disgusting!"

      Logan just chuckled. "I already knew that, but it will never hurt to
      ask. You might change your mind."

      "Hardly. Can we sleep now? I'd like to get up in the morning, you


      Logan turned their night lamp off and corrected their pillows. This
      bed was not as broad as the bed downstairs, which Charles and Erik
      occupied, and not to risk falling over, they had to sleep tightly
      pressed together.

      They settled in the spoon-position, back to stomach, and Logan
      wrapped his arm around his girlfriend's waist and squeezed her now
      bare breasts.

      "Good night, sweetie," he whispered.

      "You haven't said what I want to hear yet," she reminded him.

      "You're hot?"


      "You're sexy?"


      "I love you, darling?"

      "That's it. I love you too, tiger."


      Charles and Erik lay in each other's arms after making love, holding
      each other while they were talking in murmurs and looking into each
      other's happy, relaxed faces.

      Charles stroked his lover's back since he knew Erik loved that
      feeling. "How are you, Erik?"

      "I am fine," Erik replied. "I am happy I let you "do the deed". It
      was actually better than I expected. Maybe I should be the receiving
      end more often..."

      "Not for my sake, Erik," said Charles. "You feel great inside, but
      you know what I prefer. I am completely happy with my role in bed."

      This wasn't the first time they broke the routine, but Erik allowing
      himself to be penetrated was rare in any case. Charles estimated
      that about 95 percent of all the times they had had sex, Erik had
      been topping him. Charles didn't know what Erik had done with the
      other male lovers he'd had throughout the years, and he didn't care
      to know either. He was usually not jealous, but the thought of
      another man touching Erik – his Erik – like that, was all but nice.

      "You're not sore?" Charles asked and passed his hand down along
      Erik's buttocks and couldn't help slipping his finger into the cleft
      between them and brushing his opening. The area there was still
      slick with lubricant and – Charles guessed – his own semen.

      "No..." Erik said slowly. "Not really. It felt great."

      "We can do it more often if you'd like. It is good to be versatile."

      "We'll see."

      Erik buried his face in the hollow between Charles' neck and
      shoulder. He could hear the strong steady pounding of Charles'
      heart, and the sound soothed him. Erik placed his right hand on the
      left side of Charles' chest, where his heartbeats were strongest,
      then he closed his eyes, and for a while Charles' heart was all he

      Suddenly he heard a sound that wasn't anyone's heart, though. It
      sounded like a creaking bedspring, and the noise came from upstairs.
      At once Erik was wide-awake and alert.

      "Did you hear that?" he whispered in Charles' ear.

      "Hmm, what, my dear?" Charles replied.

      "Something is creaking upstairs."

      They heard the sound again, several times in a row. Suddenly Charles
      burst out laughing. "I believe our friends are having a love night
      up there!" he said with a wink.

      Erik put his hand over Charles' mouth. "Quiet! Wolverine has a super

      Charles tried to stop laughing, but it seemed to be more difficult
      than he'd believed. Erik finally had to try silencing him with a

      "You shouldn't laugh. I have a feeling we too were pretty loud, not
      too long ago."

      "*You* were loud, Erik. I tried to keep it down."

      "Yes, maybe. Take that as a compliment."

      Charles just smiled this time. "Yes, I might do that, my friend...
      Perhaps we should try to sleep?"

      "Listening to that noise? Maybe we ought to let them know we

      "No!" Charles hissed at once. "Are you mad? It will stop eventually.
      Don't worry."

      Erik failed to hold back a snort. "I wouldn't be so sure... Logan
      doesn't exactly lack stamina."

      "It will cease soon," Charles assured Erik. "Believe me, I know."

      "Are you reading their minds?" Erik asked in wonder.

      "Not really... Just superficially. But believe me. It will cease..."
      Charles held his breath for a few seconds. "Now."

      Within a few seconds the creaking actually ceased. Erik couldn't
      help marvelling at it. "Oops... That was about time."

      Charles smiled. "See? Now there is nothing that will disturb our

      Erik kissed Charles' neck. "My beautiful, wonderful telepath," he

      "Am I really that? Your beautiful, wonderful telepath?"

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