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FIC: Think Twice Series: Think Twice, PG, R/L, R/S, (3/3)

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  • k marie
    **Sorry about sending part 2, three times, my computer has a tendency to be an ass. ~KMarie** Title: Think Twice Author: K Marie Email: just_like_rogue at
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 27, 2003
      **Sorry about sending part 2, three times, my computer
      has a tendency to be an ass. ~KMarie**

      Title: Think Twice
      Author: K Marie
      Email: just_like_rogue at yahoo dot com
      Rating: PG
      Summary: �I had absolutely no intention of ever going
      back to Xavier�s place. � Yes I realize I�m an
      Series: Think Twice Series
      Pairing: Rogue/Scott, Rogue/Logan implied
      Disclaimer: X-Men belong to Marvel and Fox. Think
      Twice belongs to Eve 6.
      Archive: WRFA, XMMFF, anybody else just ask
      Spoilers: for X2
      A/N: Thanks to Redd for the beta, and for the series
      name. This one has been a long time in the works, but
      only because real life has a tendency to want

      Think Twice

      I had absolutely no intention of ever going back to
      Xavier�s place. There was nothing for me there. Yeah,
      Marie was there, but after Jean died we tried it and
      it didn�t work out. Yes I realize I�m an asshole. It
      happens, get over it.

      No intention what so ever. None. But, about five years
      after I left Marie tracked me down. For a wedding. Not
      her�s thankfully. For Storm and Kurt�s. Seems that
      Storm really wanted all of the X-Men there. And if
      Jean couldn�t be there in body, well at least I could,
      Marie told me. Fine, whatever I told her. I�d do my

      I never expected what I saw when I got back. Not in a
      million years. I had thought that Marie would end up
      back with Popsicle. Ya know, someone her own age.

      I had forgotten that the look in her eyes lets you
      know that she�s a whole lot older than she looks, than
      she is.

      The first thing I noticed when I got back was that
      Marie wasn�t wearing gloves anymore. The second thing
      was that she smelled a whole lot like Scooter.

      Scooter had told me when I first got to Xavier�s, it
      seems like a million years ago now, in reality it was
      only three; to stay away from his girl. So it seemed
      only fair to whisper to him �Think twice before you
      touch my girl, Scooter.�

      �It�s a little late to be giving advice, Logan. And
      besides, she�s not your girl. She�s mine,� Scott said
      looking Logan straight in the eyes. �Any chance of her
      being your girl, left a long time ago, when you did.�

      �Logan,� Storm said as she walked towards the two men.
      �Good to see you, I�m glad that Rogue convinced you to
      come. Come and say hello to Kurt.� Storm didn�t have
      to say that she was saying all of this just to get
      separate the two men, for a little while at least.


      The wedding took place on Saturday. I had ever
      intention of leaving on Saturday night. But a large
      amount of alcohol seems to impair good judgment. So I
      stuck around. But I was hanging out on the roof, away
      from the happy couple, and Storm and Kurt, and all the
      others. I had been doing my best impression of grin
      and bear all day, and wasn�t in the mood to be around
      people. Then again, I never am.

      I fell asleep on the roof, and woke up early Sunday
      morning to the sun glaring in my face. I�m not a
      morning person.

      So I wandered downstairs to find a quite, dark room.
      Obviously, the rec room was out. Some of these kids
      never sleep around here. The study seemed like a good
      place. All the requirements, dark, quiet, and very
      little chance of any kids popping in.


      The third thing I noticed was a ring on her left hand.
      She had come into the study to do some homework. The
      light caught it as she was writing.

      I sat watching her for a while, just thinking. All
      claims I had on Rogue were null and void. That stone
      on her finger told me so, even more than Scooter
      berating me. Finally said something before the silence
      killed me.

      �Hey Rogue.�

      �Logan, I didn�t see you over there. Do you want me to
      leave? I can go back to my room to study.�

      �No, it�s ok. Thought maybe we could talk some

      �Ok. Shoot then.�

      A million questions were running through my head. I
      settled for a non-dangerous one. �What happened to
      your gloves?�

      �Oh, yeah. I forgot I hadn�t told you. Got a hold on
      my mutation a couple of years ago. So, no gloves, or

      �Oh, well, congratulations. Must make things more
      interesting around here.�

      She smiled, one of those sweet little smiles that for
      the longest had been reserved for me. �Yeah, it does.�
      She started packing her books back into her bag. I
      still had one last question I had to ask before she
      left, before I left.

      �Hey, Marie?�

      �Yeah Logan?�

      �He make you happy?�

      She looked like she was searching for a word to
      describe it and finally settled on a plain �Yes.�
      Everything thing about her said she was telling the

      �Make sure you invite me to the wedding.� She smiled
      as she walked out of the door.


      I left right after that. Didn�t stick around, didn�t
      tell anyone good bye. Just climbed onto my bike and
      road away.

      She won�t invite me, and I wouldn�t come if she did.
      We both knew that. It was just my way of saying, go
      for it.


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