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FIC: Think Twice Series: Fall Into Me, PG, R/L, R/S, (2/3)

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  • k marie
    Title: Fall Into Me Author: K Marie Email: just_like_rogue at yahoo dot com Rating: PG Pairing: Rogue/Scott, Rogue/Logan implied Summary: “Watching her deal
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      Title: Fall Into Me
      Author: K Marie
      Email: just_like_rogue at yahoo dot com
      Rating: PG
      Pairing: Rogue/Scott, Rogue/Logan implied
      Summary: �Watching her deal with it all after Logan
      left wasn�t easy.�
      Series: Think Twice Series
      Disclaimer: X-Men belong to Marvel and Fox. Fall Into
      Me belongs to Emerson Drive
      Archive: WRFA, XMMFF, otherwise just let me know.
      Spoilers: for X2
      A/N: Thanks to Redd for the beta, and for the series
      name. This one has been a long time in the works, but
      only because real life has a tendency to want

      Fall Into Me

      Watching her deal with it all after Logan left wasn�t
      easy. I knew she was having a hard time, so did
      everyone else. She had lost more of herself to him
      than someone usually did. Even more than I lost to
      Jean. But that was Rogue, never doing anything half
      way. However, one night I just couldn�t let her pain
      go any further.

      I knocked on her door, but didn�t wait for an answer
      before I asked, �Rogue, are you ok?� It took her a few
      minutes before she came to the door, her cheeks

      �Yeah Scott. I�m fine.�
      �Can I come in?�
      �Sure,� she said opening the door a little wider. I
      waited for her to close the door before I said
      �Are you sure? Cause ya know I�ve heard you crying
      almost every time I�ve walked by your door. And
      everyone is worried about you too.�
      �Yeah, I�m sure,� she paused and I was just about to
      ask something else before she started again, sitting
      on the bed. �It�s just, with everything that�s
      happened I really haven�t had a chance to really talk
      to anybody.�
      �I know the feeling,� I said sitting beside her.
      �Oh yeah? I would�ve thought that everybody would want
      to talk to you, to ask ya how you�re doing,� she said
      her accent flowing more freely than ever.
      �You�d think so, but they only want to talk about how
      much they miss her.�

      She turned towards me, pulling one of her knees up.
      Neither of said anything for a few minutes, and I
      thought about whether it would be right or wrong to
      lean over and kiss her. Not on the lips, just on the
      cheek. But I don�t have the chance because she does it

      �Thanks Scott. I know it doesn�t seem like you�ve done
      a lot, but I promise, you helped.�
      �Anytime,� I said, standing up. �You need to talk some
      more, just let me know.� I walked out the door,
      wondering what in the hell just almost happened.


      Rogue and I started meeting more often, just talking
      about everything. Jean and Logan at first, for a few
      weeks, then just whatever happened to be going on,
      that went on for a few months; and then one day, about
      six months after I went into her room that night,
      Rogue asked me a question.

      �Hey Scott?�
      �You ever think about anybody else? I mean, like you
      thought about Jean?�
      �Yeah.� Neither of us said anything for a moment. I
      was trying to think of a way to tell her that she was
      the only other person I had ever thought about like

      �Is it hard? I mean you lose someone that you�ve loved
      for so long, and still love, and then all these other
      feelings start pouring into the mix as well, and it
      just makes it so hard,� she paused, to catch her

      �Yeah, it�s hard Rogue. And at times I think sometimes
      it would be better to just put my heart on a shelf for
      a while, but then I realize that Jean wouldn�t want me
      to do that. She would want me to be happy. And I�m
      pretty sure that Logan would want you to be happy too,

      She was quiet for a few minutes, just staring at a
      hole in her jeans. Then she quietly said, �You know,
      if you wanted to, you could call me Marie.�

      This came as quite a shock to me, because I knew for a
      fact that the only person to ever call her Marie was
      Logan. Looked like she thought about me the same way I
      thought about her. �Ok, Marie.� Then I did it. I
      leaned over and I kissed her. And not just on the
      cheek, like we�d been doing for the past couple of
      months. But a real kiss, like neither of us had had
      for quite sometime. I needed to show her that I wasn�t
      talking in general. I was talking about her. I needed
      to let her know I�d open up my soul for her if that
      were what she needed me to do.


      Marie started coming into my room to do her homework.
      She was taking classes at the local community college
      and needed a quiet place to study. And to practice.
      She and the Professor were working on a way to make it
      possible for her to gain control of her power. She was
      doing well too.

      But then there was the mission. It seemed to be a
      routine pick up. It was supposed to be a routine pick
      up. It was just Rogue and me when Magneto and his gang
      attacked us. Plus a new mutant that no one knew. Her
      name was Carol Danvers. She was going at Rogue
      nonstop. The fact that John was with them caught Rogue
      off guard. She lost her concentration. Then that woman
      caught Rogue, and was about to kill her when Rogue
      pulled off her glove and touched her. And then killed
      her. And then Marie passed out, and didn�t wake up.

      The next few months were terrible. Marie was doing her
      best, but Carol was strong. Our new doctor, Dr. Hank
      McCoy, said that it would take some time for Marie to
      gain back her control of the occupants in her brain.
      Charles did everything he could to help her, but said
      that it was up to Rogue to really take over. I tried
      to help her, Charles had told me that just talking to
      her might help. That was the first time I told Marie
      that I loved her. While she was unconscious. Some
      Fearless Leader, huh? But I still like to think it
      helped. Even if all it did was piss off the little
      bits of Logan still in her head enough to get him to
      do something.


      When she woke up, I was sitting in the chair by her
      bed. I�d been there for the last month, not moving; at
      least not more than to just run to the bathroom. I
      felt like it was my fault that she had been hurt, that
      all of this had happened to her, so the least I could
      do was stay by her side.

      I was asleep when she woke up, so there was no way I
      could have stopped her from doing what she did.

      She reached over and touched my face. And nothing
      happened. I simply woke up to the feel of Marie
      brushing her bare hand against my cheek.

      �Hi, Scott.�
      �Hey. What�s going on?�
      �It�s a present, from Carol. Well, because of her
      I smiled. �Presents are good.�
      �Yeah, I kinda think so too,� she drawled. That accent
      of hers was about to get me into serious trouble. �Hey
      �Yeah Marie?�
      �I love you too,� she smiled.


      Five months later

      After a shopping trip to the mall with Jubilee and
      Kitty, I finally had everything I needed. The two
      girls were in the kitchen whipping up everything for
      later. I was in my room staring at the small black box
      in front of me. Marie was with the Professor in
      Washington. They would be back later that night. I
      opened the box to look at the ring one more time. It
      was platinum, with a diamond and two amethysts on
      either side. I closed the box, slid it into my jacket
      pocket, and headed to the shower.


      Jubilee�s main job was to get Marie into one of her
      formal dresses. It worked. She came into the ballroom
      wearing a long, dark green, back-less, sleeve-less
      gown, with short black lace gloves. She looked

      I walked her to one of the dimly lit tables at one end
      of the ballroom. At the other end, Kitty had set up a
      deejay stand and a dance area. Jubilee was the deejay,
      playing soft music while we ate. Kitty and Bobby had
      prepared the meal and were serving it.

      �What�s this all about Scott?�
      �It�s nothing. Just enjoy,� I answered, with a smile.

      The meal went off with out a hitch. I asked Marie to
      join me on the dance floor, and she did, still very
      much confused. Jubilee did a great job picking out the
      music. It was perfect. There was just one last thing.
      I got down on one knee and pulled the box out of my
      pocket. �Marie, I wanted you to know that being with
      you has made me happier than I ever thought possible.
      I hope that you feel the same way, and I�m pretty sure
      you do. Marie, will you marry me?� I opened the box,
      and looked into her eyes, knowing that the answer was
      right there. I just wanted to hear it out loud.

      �Yes, Scott, I will marry you,� she said softly, with
      tears in her eyes. I peeled the glove off of her hand,
      and took the ring out of the box and placed it on her
      finger. Standing up, I caught her round the waist, and
      said, �I love you,� before I kissed her.



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