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FIC: Think Twice Series: Favorite Mistake, PG, R/L, R/S (1/3)

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  • k marie
    Title: Favorite Mistake Author: K Marie Email: just_like_rogue at yahoo dot com Rating: PG Summary: “Watching him leave that morning, Rogue knew he wasn’t
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 27, 2003
      Title: Favorite Mistake
      Author: K Marie
      Email: just_like_rogue at yahoo dot com
      Rating: PG
      Summary: �Watching him leave that morning, Rogue knew
      he wasn�t coming back.�
      Series: Think Twice Series
      Pairing: Rogue/Logan, Rogue/Scott implied
      Disclaimer: X-Men belong to Marvel and Fox. Favorite
      Mistake belongs to Sheryl Crow
      Archive: WRFA, XMMFF, otherwise just let me know.
      Spoilers: for X2
      A/N: Thanks to Redd for the beta, and for the series
      name. This one has been a long time in the works, but
      only because real life has a tendency to want

      Favorite Mistake

      Watching him leave that morning, I knew he wasn�t
      coming back. And with everything that had happened
      since his return, I really couldn�t blame him. The
      past couple of weeks had been hard on everyone, and
      the Wolverine only had one way of dealing with his
      emotions, running.

      The day that Jean died was hard. Hard is an
      understatement. It was absolutely terrible. Scott
      would later tell me that he felt like he had no one to
      turn to; and Logan didn�t feel like he had the right
      to mourn for her. So they turned to each other, for a
      few minutes at least. But when that was over, Scott
      headed to his room, and Logan headed to mine. We had
      never talked about us. No one ever really expected it
      to happen, besides Jean. And since she was gone, Logan
      felt like he had to do something about it, to live up
      to her memory if nothing else. So that�s how it
      started: Logan wanting to feel like he was doing right
      by Jean, and me needing someone to turn to since Bobby
      was lost in his own world, mourning for Jean and John.

      But how to get around the skin problem? That was
      simple enough actually. Scarves and body suits are
      very useful things when it comes right down to it. And
      the sex didn�t start right away, like everyone would
      like to think. In fact, I�ve only had sex with Logan
      all of three times, three fabulous times, but three
      times none the less.

      But when you wake up and hear a warning in the voice
      of the man you love, you start to understand, that no
      matter what, sometimes things just don�t work out. And
      when your friends can all tell that something is wrong
      between you and the man you�ve been pining for, for
      two years, you start to realize that it�s not going to
      last. But then, nothing lasts forever.

      And the night he comes home still drunk, and for a
      super healer that�s kinda hard, and smelling of
      someone else, who must look like Jean, cause of the
      red hair all over his jacket and shirt, and the same
      color lipstick that she wore on his neck, you know
      it�s not going to last. Nothing lasts. You can�t
      expect it to either.

      So waking up to see him walking out the door wasn�t a
      big surprise. And knowing that he wasn�t coming back
      with out him saying a thing, also not a big surprise.
      Did it hurt? Hell yeah it hurt. Did I cry? Of course I
      did. Did I cry in front of anyone else? No.

      Shouldn�t surprise you, I�ve got enough of Logan in me
      to keep my feelings to myself. But that didn�t stop
      Scott from realizing that I wasn�t being quite as
      truthful with my friends as they would like. I
      honestly think Scott gained some of Logan�s super
      hearing to have heard me crying that night.

      Right now, it wouldn�t surprise me.



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