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FIC: Vacation, 2/?, Charles/Erik, Logan/Marie, NC-17

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  • Henrika
    Chapter rating: PG-13 Disclaimer and story information can be found in part 1. Chapter 2 Four hours and thirty minutes after the phone call they were on their
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      Chapter rating: PG-13

      Disclaimer and story information can be found in part 1.

      Chapter 2

      Four hours and thirty minutes after the phone call they were on their
      way. Erik had arrived at the mansion about forty minutes earlier in
      his blue Mazda to pick up his lover.

      Charles had done what he was told and packed while he waited for
      Erik's arrival. He hadn't really packed that much. Some
      change of
      clothing, and a cool bag with food. His smaller, collapsible
      wheelchair was in the trunk instead of his heavy electric one, which
      he relied on home at the mansion. The reason why he left it was
      simply because it was too large to fit into a regular car.

      It was approximately 100 miles to the cabin, located northeast of
      Westchester. The nearest society was named Dark Score, being so small
      it wasn't even included on the map.

      Charles was sitting in the front seat next to Erik, who was driving.
      He was looking out through the side window while trees, fields,
      meadows and houses whistled past his eyes.

      "Think, Charles," Erik said suddenly. "I haven't been
      at the cabin
      for over 25 years! It just feels so... incredible."

      "Hmm..." Charles replied absent-mindedly. "Then how do
      you feel about
      the reunion?"

      "Well... I hope the cabin is not mad at me for staying away for
      a long time."

      "I haven't been there either."

      Erik gave him a surprised and, Charles figured, startled look.
      for... Not since last time we were there together?"


      "But... how do you know if the cabin is even there any

      Charles laughed. "Calm down, sweetheart. Logan and Marie have
      there a couple of times. They were there a couple of months ago. They
      said it was quite cosy."

      Erik laughed relieved. "Aha, alright. That was comforting. Did
      tell your students where we are going?"

      "No, I don't think so. I just told them that we're going
      away for the
      weekend. Jean promised to take my classes. It is only Thursday today.
      For how long did you plan on staying?" Charles asked.

      "Until Sunday, I thought. But if we grow tired of it, we can
      leave earlier. But I know we won't," Erik added briskly.
      "I have
      really been looking forward to spending time with you alone."

      "Did you really mean we'd make love before the fireplace?"

      Erik laughed. "Sure. Why not? Just like when were young."

      "Maybe it is worth a try," said Charles.

      "We can make love on a blanket out in the grass too, if we feel

      "Or in bed, as we use to," Charles said with a smile. "I
      think that
      is the safest of all places."

      Erik placed his right hand on Charles' thigh and rubbed it
      the fabric of his pants. Charles could surely not feel it, but he
      could still imagine the tenderness in the touch and placed his hand
      atop Erik's.

      "I am so glad you came and kidnapped me," he said.

      Erik just smiled. "Good. So am I. Do you think we need to stop by
      grocery store and buy something? Food, or..."

      "I don't think that's necessary. I brought food from
      home, which is
      more than enough. But if you feel we need something, we can stop."

      "I trust you," Erik said. "We're there soon anyway,
      if I remember
      this correctly. I haven't been to Dark Score for ages."

      "Yes, a few miles north is the society," Charles agreed.
      "And then
      there's the cabin even further north."

      "Our cabin is not the only one," Erik reminded him.

      "No, but there won't be any problems finding it," Charles

      Despite that Charles had packed down enough food for a week, Erik
      stopped by the small grocery store in Dark Score once they got there.
      He took out his wallet and got ready to step out of the car.

      "I won't be long," he told Charles. "I'll just
      see if I can get a
      little of everything that can be useful. Is there anything you would

      Charles shook his head. "No, thank you. I'm fine."

      "I'll be right back," Erik said and leaned in and placed
      a quick kiss
      on Charles' cheek. Then he stepped out of the car. Charles
      him with his eyes as he walked toward the store with light steps.
      Erik was wearing beige cotton pants, a white vest and a large, roomy
      jeans-shirt over it. His thick, grey hair was flapping slightly in
      the warm breeze.

      Erik was beautiful, although he was easily dressed. Charles wished he
      could have gotten up and followed Erik into the store. Sighing, he
      looked down at his paralysed and useless legs. He hated them
      sometimes. Everything had been so much simpler if he could have
      walked. In his current condition he couldn't even get out of a
      car on
      his own.

      Charles hated being so dependent on others, and above all he hated
      that Erik's and his relationship was restrained by his handicap.
      could, for example, only have sex in one position that didn't
      Charles any discomfort. Erik stubbornly claimed that it didn't
      matter, but there wasn't very much variation.

      A bell tinkled when Erik opened the door to the small grocery store.
      The inside was cooler than the outside, maybe since the store had air
      conditioning. Erik walked about and looked for something he wanted or

      He gathered a bag of potato chips and then proceeded to the ice-cream
      stall. He couldn't help smiling. Charles had claimed he
      didn't want
      anything, but Erik knew he liked chocolate ice cream with nuts, and
      would surely not be able to resist one now, in this heat.

      He lifted the counter lid and picked up two chocolate cones with
      nuts – one for Charles, and one for himself. Then he moved toward
      cash desk to pay.

      The clerk was a tiny, skinny girl who looked to be about 18 years
      old. She wore hard make-up and her hair was gathered in a slovenly
      bun. She wore a red tank top and a black denim miniskirt. She was
      skimming through a magazine when Erik approached, but put it away
      when she heard him.

      "Hi," she said with a casual, business-like smile. She
      regarded his
      products. "Is that all?"

      "Yes please," Erik replied.

      She pushed some buttons on her cash register, and then said,

      "That will be 3 dollars and 50 cents."

      Erik passed her a five-dollar note. She accepted it and pressed some
      coins back into his hand. He noticed that she was giving him an
      inquiring look through her hard make-up. Just hope she doesn't
      recognize me as Magneto! he thought.

      "I haven't seen you here before," she said before he
      could turn
      around and leave. "Are you new here?"

      Erik smiled relieved. "Oh, no. I am merely a tourist."

      Now her eyes widened. It was obvious that they didn't get that
      tourists here, judging from her expression. Then she just shrugged
      her shoulders.

      "Alright. Have a great time here, then. And hope to see you

      "I'm sure I will," Erik replied, gathered his things and
      left the
      store. He went to his car, where Charles was sitting, and opened the
      door to the driver's seat. Charles almost jerked. Obviously he
      heard Erik approaching.

      "Daydreaming?" Erik asked with a grin.

      "No, I just... Did you buy anything?"

      "I did. Here," he said and passed Charles the other ice-cream
      cone. "I figured you'd want one."

      Charles sighed with a weary smile. "Erik... I don't eat junk
      food. I
      have to think about my weight."

      Now Erik snorted. "Bah! One ice cream, what difference does it
      Now we're on a holiday, and then you must allow yourself some
      Come one, it's melting! I don't want to think I paid for it

      Charles accepted the ice cream without further objections and started
      to pull the cover away. Erik did the same with his own, and started
      his car again.

      While they were driving north, the roads kept getting more and more
      narrow and the vegetation grew more and more dense. Finally they had
      to turn into a gravel road which would take them to the cabin.

      "Are you sure this is the right way?" Erik asked dubiously.
      "I don't
      remember very much about the terrain."

      Charles nodded. "Yes, I am sure. This road will take us
      there." There
      were no longer any asphalted roads, only narrow gravel roads.
      in here, Erik."

      Erik did what he was told and headed out on the gravel road with his
      car. The road turned out to be bumpy, and it felt almost like sitting
      in an airplane that flew through air pockets. Charles nearly dropped
      his half-eaten ice cream on his lap.

      The gravel road was not the only way to the cabin, but it was
      definitely the quickest. There was another road, Erik now recalled,
      leading there from the nearest lake, a few miles from the cabin.

      He kept a low speed while they were out on the gravel road. Mostly
      because the road was bumpy and narrow, but also because there was
      always a chance that a moose, a deer or some other animal would jump
      out on the road in front of them, and cause a serious accident.

      "Charles?" Erik asked apprehensively, a few minutes before
      reached the cabin. "Have you any idea in what condition Logan and
      Rogue left the cabin last time they were there?"

      Charles smiled. "Don't worry," he said. "They
      can't have caused any
      terrible confusion. Be glad someone has actually been there after us,
      25 years ago!"

      "I know order isn't exactly Logan's field..." Erik

      "Erik, you're the one who wanted to go here from the start.
      If you
      want us to get a lovely weekend, you might want to stop worrying. But
      the cabin is old, after all. It is hardly the same as it was when we
      bought it."

      "No, of course not."

      "Now we're not far away," Charles said and placed his
      hand on Erik
      upper arm. "Soon we'll see what we have reached."

      The drive lasted for about two more minutes. Charles was the first to
      see the cabin's log roof through the rows of trees and other,
      vegetation. "I can see it!" he called. "I can see..."

      Erik, who was driving and simultaneously trying to keep his eyes on
      the road ahead of him, also stretched his neck to catch a glimpse of
      the cabin. The cabin itself was located about 20 yards from the
      gravel road. A large, although overgrown and uncultivated garden
      extended before it.

      What could one expect, when no one had checked on the cabin in 25
      years? After the breaking-up with Erik, Charles had had no reason to
      go up here. It had always been their place, a refuge they used to go
      to, when they wanted to get away from all the work, stress and other
      problems at the time, like angry mutant-haters.

      Going there alone was not tempting. But now he wasn't alone. Now
      were together again, Charles and Erik, and the cabin would once again
      be their place, where they could relax and just enjoy each other.

      Erik parked the car in the garden, in the two-foot grass. A
      relatively broad - and still intact - pathway, covered with stone
      slabs, lead to the patio. Tufts of grass were growing between the
      slabs, but it wasn't so bad one couldn't walk there, or push

      Erik pulled the ignition key out of the ignition lock.
      "Oops," he
      said and regarded the cabin with eyes wide open. "Finally here,

      "Yes, now we're here. I know the garden looks like a jungle,
      really, I think it's just cosy," Charles said. "Shall we
      get out and
      see what it looks like on the inside?"

      "You see that oak tree, left of the cabin?" Erik asked.
      "It wasn't
      there before."

      "A lot of things can happen in 25 years."

      "Yes, of course... It just feels so unreal that... it's been
      so long
      since we were here."

      "Have you missed this place?" Charles asked.

      "Of course!" Erik replied with a nostalgic smile and looked
      Charles' eyes. "It reminds me of you."

      "My darling..." the telepath whispered and reached out his
      left hand,
      and passed his fingers over Erik's cheek. "I have missed

      Erik grabbed Charles' hand and kissed it. "No, let's go
      out and have
      a look around," he said and then quickly jumped out of the car,
      because he didn't want Charles too see how emotional he was
      Charles simply smiled. It was so typical to Erik. He never wanted to
      appear as meek.

      Erik walked to the trunk and lifted out Charles' temporary
      wheelchair, which he unfolded and checked it was steady and safe and
      would not collapse, before he wheeled it to the passenger side and
      opened the door. The chair was barely visible above the high grass.

      Charles sighed. "I hate that chair..." he said quietly.

      "Your regular one was unfortunately too large to be brought,"
      said. "But you'll be alright with this one too. Don't

      "That was not what I meant. I hate *all* wheelchairs. And I hate
      being like this..." he said and nodded at his own paralysed
      legs. "Hey... I can't even get out of a car without

      Erik bent down and took Charles' drooping head in his hands and
      looked into his eyes. "Listen," he said seriously and
      caressed his
      lover. "I'll take care of you. You know I will. You don't
      have to
      worry at all. It is alright. It will be okay. It always will.

      "I just don't want to be such a liability..."

      "You're no liability! I take care of you because I love you!
      You know
      that, don't you? Now we are going to have a great time, so cheer

      "Yes..." Charles whispered hoarsely. "Now we're
      having a great

      "Put your arms around my neck. I'll life you to the

      Charles did what he was asked, and Erik lifted him, despite that he
      was actually too heave for the other man's slender, aged body.
      Erik managed well this time, and Charles ended up in the wheelchair
      without any misadventures. But he suspected that Erik's back
      liked that kind of exertion.

      "Charles," Erik whispered again and put his hands on
      shoulders. "Don't think of that anymore now. Now you must be

      Charles made an effort to smile and sound happy when he
      answered. "Yes, I am happy. Let's not think of that

      "That's better."

      Erik gripped the handles of the wheelchair and started pushing it
      through the grass toward the pathway. The ride felt as bumpy as the
      car drive to Charles, but once they reached the path, it got better.

      There were three steps from the ground up to the patio, and besides
      there was a ramp which made things easier for a wheelchair. Erik
      pushed Charles' chair to the patio, despite that Charles claimed
      could do it on his own. Erik ignored his objections.

      "Do you know where to find the key?" he asked instead.

      "I told Logan and Marie to hang it on a hook beneath the bench
      just like we used to do," Charles replied and motioned to the
      standing on their right.

      Erik sank down to his hands and knees and looked in under the bench.
      And the key hung there, just like Charles had suggested; large, and
      slightly rusty, but very much the same key they had used in their
      youth. He picked it up and held it up with a broad smile.

      "So even Wolverine remembered *something*..." he murmured
      while he
      walked toward the front door in order to unlock it.

      Erik stuck the key into the lock and turned, but when he was to pull
      the door open, he couldn't. It wouldn't budge a millimetre.
      pulled until he felt beads of sweat flowing down his forehead and
      cheeks, but the door wasn't budging.

      "It's stuck..." he panted at last and leaned against the
      wall. "I
      can't get it open."

      Charles scowled. "Strange... the wood must have expanded... Are
      sure you're pulling in the right direction, Erik?"

      Erik simply moaned in reply. "Yes, you try, if you feel like it!
      wonder how Wolverine and Rogue did this..."

      "Logan is strong," Xavier reminded him. "He very well
      might have
      pushed the door a little too hard when he locked it and left."

      "So what do we do?" Erik asked with a shrug.

      "Either you can try to pull until it opens, or you can open a
      and crawl in that way, and open the door from the inside."

      Erik hastily glanced at the nearest window, leading into the kitchen,
      and then at the door again. "I'll choose the window," he

      "It's worth a try," said Charles. "But be careful,

      Magneto ran down from the patio and stood under the window, trying to
      look inside.

      "Can you see anything?" Charles asked.

      "I'll climb in here," Erik decided. "Although
      it's a bit high... I
      need a..." He let the sentence trail off while he started looking
      something to step up on.

      "Can't you levitate yourself?" Charles asked.

      "No, there isn't enough metal to create a field strong enough
      carry my weight," Erik replied, with his eyes riveted on the
      window. "I'll have to climb..."

      He suddenly noticed a stool that stood against the wall beside the
      patio, and decided that it had to do. The stool's legs were rusty
      rickety, and honestly, it looked all but safe.

      "Just hope it stays together..." Erik murmured to himself as
      placed it underneath the window and then lifted his leg to step up on
      it. The stool shook, but it didn't fall over or crash. Erik
      the sash window's lower part and tried to pull it up with all the
      strength he had. Nothing happened. He tried again. This time it
      seemed to be moving. With one last, quick tug, the window suddenly
      gave in with a long, drawn out screech.

      "Bingo..." Erik muttered and figured that the hardest part
      was over
      now, at least. He took a strong hold of the windowsill, and then
      jumped up toward it.

      The stool fell over underneath him just as his feet left it, and he
      could hear Charles gasping for breath. For a while he hung there,
      with his upper body inside the house and his legs dangling on the
      outside. The windowsill was cutting into his stomach, causing pain.

      Erik took a deep breath. I really have to do something about my
      condition! he thought and simultaneously tried to swing his left leg
      over the edge. His second attempt was successful, and then he could
      just pull in his right leg too, and jump into the kitchen.

      Erik landed safely with both feet on the floor and inhaled deeply
      before he hurried to open the door for Charles.

      This time he had to push, and it was slightly difficult now too, but
      he managed to get the door open without any terrible exertion, and
      met Charles with a triumphant smile. He took the telepath's hands
      into his own, and kissed him.

      "Inside at last!" he panted and sighed happily while he
      Charles in through the doorway. There was no threshold.
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