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FIC: Vacation, 1/?, Charles/Erik, Logan/Marie, NC-17

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  • Henrika
    Title: Vacation Rating: NC-17 overall. This chapter is PG. Pairings: Charles/Erik and Logan/Rogue Fandom: Movieverse, X-men 1 ONLY. Post movie. Summary:
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      Title: Vacation

      Rating: NC-17 overall. This chapter is PG.

      Pairings: Charles/Erik and Logan/Rogue

      Fandom: Movieverse, X-men 1 ONLY. Post movie.

      Summary: Charles and Erik decide to spend a relaxing weekend at
      Charles' cabin, but they can never figure that another couple is
      planning exactly the same thing...

      Disclaimer: They belong to Marvel Comics, 20th Century Fox or
      whatever, but not me, anyway.

      Archive: My personal site,
      http://www.geocities.com/henrika_amanda/Index.html and list
      archives. Others, please ask me first.

      Feedback: Please? That would really make my day. My email is

      A/N: This is a sequel to "Reunion", one of my previous fics.
      suppose you *can* read this without having read "Reunion",
      but I
      recommend you have. You can access "Reunion" at these
      http://www.geocities.com/henrika_amanda/reunion.htm or
      http://adultfan.nexcess.net/aff/story.php?no=2036 Are there any
      warnings that I should include? well, let's see... There will be
      of course, both m/m and m/f, and it will be graphic. (Yes, slash and
      het! Yey!) Besides that I can't think of anything squicky. A few
      words, maybe. No violence, gore, etc.

      Alright, for those who *hasn't* read "Reunion", and still
      wants to
      read this, I'll write a short blurb of what happened in

      Charles has gotten Erik out of prison, and the two have renewed their
      old relationship and become lovers. Logan and Rogue are also a
      couple, and Jean has managed to develop a serum for Rogue, that
      enables her to touch people without absorbing them. Logan, however,
      doesn't like Magneto's presence at the mansion, and worries
      that he
      will try to hurt Rogue. When Rogue falls ill, Logan blames Erik,
      flies into rage and almost beats Erik to death. Both Rogue and Erik
      recover, and Charles has a serious talk with Logan, and convinces him
      to give Erik a chance. Logan promises to try, but his and Erik's
      relationship remains strained. *This story takes place about 6 months
      after "Reunion"*

      Chapter 1

      Charles Xavier was sitting in his office, alone, resting his elbows
      on his desk and his chin in his hands. He really had work to do, but
      right now it seemed like he would never get started with it. He hated
      being inside.

      It was May 23, and the spring had come early this year. The air was
      hot - almost too hot, since the spring flowers had barely budded
      before they withered off in the heat - and the sun shone constantly
      out there.

      Charles glanced at the paper heap that represented the students'
      history papers, which they had handed in yesterday. The papers seemed
      to leer at him. He didn't feel like starting his task at all and
      correct them.

      It was Thursday, and most classes were cancelled today. The students
      at the Xavier-institute had been allowed to be outside, and Storm had
      taken some of them on an excursion. Those who hadn't gone on the
      excursion, had instead arranged a picnic in the great garden. Charles
      could see them clearly from his office window.

      He had loved to join them out there in the sun. Charles leaned his
      head against his forearms on his desk and wished once more that he
      wouldn't have been confined to this wheelchair, and therefore
      also to
      his own body.

      He almost believed feeling his heart in his mouth when the phone
      suddenly rang and interrupted his self-pitying thoughts. With a
      trembling hand he lifted the receiver and brought it to his ear.

      "The Xavier-institute, Charles Xavier," he said and tried to
      business-like and correct.

      "Hi, it's me," Erik's voice sounded on the other side.

      "Hi, darling," Charles replied and relaxed. There was no need
      for him
      to sound so formal, after all.

      "What are you doing?" Erik asked. "Anything special?"

      Charles sighed and rubbed his weary head. "Special? No, not
      really. I
      am sitting on my office, ready to go through my students' history

      Erik clicked his tongue. "That doesn't sound very fun,"
      he said.

      "No, because it isn't."

      "Then I have a better idea. Would you like to hear it?"

      "I'm all ears," Charles sighed.

      "You know what..." Erik said slowly, and suddenly lowered his
      until it became low and seductive. "I was thinking maybe we could
      to your cabin by the lake and spend the weekend there. We could leave
      today already. What do you say? Away from all the work and noisy city-
      life. We'd be all alone, have a great time, and make love in
      front of
      the great fireplace, just like when we were young! Doesn't that

      Great? It did. They had not been at the cabin together for over 25
      years. Within him Charles could see the cabin, fairly large, with two
      storeys, standing in the quiet, green fragrant nature, and then Erik,
      of course, lying naked on a blanket before the fireplace.

      "Erik," Charles said yearningly to his lover, "I'm
      sorry I can't. I
      have too much work to do here at the mansion, and my students..."

      "Charles, now you listen to me," Erik said slowly and calmly,
      yet in
      a voice sounding so resolute it made Charles go quiet. "You need
      get away from there, I can tell that even without looking at you. My
      idea is a wonderful idea, and I insist you come."


      "You heard me, didn't you?" Erik said in a requesting
      tone. "I will
      come and pick you up right now, and then we'll drive up there at

      "No, wait a minute!" Charles objected. "I don't know
      if I have any
      time to go. Seriously. I have a school to run, remember?"

      "Charles, sweetheart, you seriously seem to overestimate your own
      importance at the Xavier-institute. Don't you think your X-men
      can do
      without you for a couple of days?"

      "I am sure they can, but my responsibility..."

      "If you're not coming voluntarily, I will come and kidnap
      you," Erik
      said straight out. "Do you really think you can stand a chance
      against the Master of Magnetism when he really wants something?"


      "I think not. I'm coming for you in a few hours. Go pack and
      be ready
      when I arrive."

      Charles couldn't help laughing. "You just never give up, do
      you? You
      just have to get your will through?"

      "Yes, I suppose you know me after 50 years!" Erik laughed.
      "But I
      meant what I said. Be ready when I come for you."

      "What is the time now?

      "Let me see... 10:30 AM. I can be there in... shall we say three,
      four hours?"

      "Alright then," Charles sighed. "I'm giving up.
      Let's go up to the
      cabin, then."

      "Great!" Erik said and laughed. Charles could almost see him
      there, with his broad, a little askew smile. "See you in a few

      "You got your will through, as always. But I love you, Erik."

      "And I love you too. It will be very relaxing, trust me. Just
      old times."

      Yes, Charles thought before they hung up. Just like old times.
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