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"Steel, Sonic, Brimstone, and Faceless" by Wildfire, X2, PG Peter, Sean, Kurt

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    Steel, Sonic, Brimstone, and Faceless Author: Wildfire Rating: PG Summary: Nightrawler talks with Chamber, Banshee, and Colossus about his past.(The rest of
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      Steel, Sonic, Brimstone, and Faceless
      Author: Wildfire
      Rating: PG
      Summary: Nightrawler talks with Chamber, Banshee, and Colossus about
      his past.(The rest of the X-men make short cameos).
      Pairings:Kurt/Ororo and Bobby/Rogue(implied, but not dwelled on)
      Disclaimer: Fox and Marvel own all chars, bleh bleh bleh, you all
      know the drill.
      - - telepathic speech
      It was just another quiet day at the Xavier School; a beautiful
      summer day(and with a weather goddess in the house, it looked to stay
      that way for at least a few more days). Speaking of which, Kurt and
      Ororo were cuddled under a tree, Kurt whispering words of his love to
      her. Scott and Logan, having come out of their self imposed exiles
      after Jean's death, were sharing drinks. Peter was drawing a potrait
      of Jubilee and Kitty. Bobby and Rogue were walking around the small
      pond just holding hands. Banshee was spending time with his daughter
      flying around the mansion with her, but trying to keep the sonic
      yells down. And finally, Chamber and the Professor were on the
      spacious back porch the mansion had, with Jon telling Charles some
      things about his past life in England.

      "How did I get so lucky for them to find me," he thought, looking at
      the two men taking sips out of beer bottles,and hearing Banshee's
      somewhat subdued scream overhead. - Well maybe it was fate, destiny,
      or maybe even God if you believe in him, Jon - replied Charles. -
      Sorry Prof, projecting again huh?, Yes, pardon the intrusion.
      No not at all, Sir -. Charles smiled at Jonothon, so much had changed
      in the past three months. Banshee had come to join the team, and to
      be closer to Theresa. Not long after than that, they found Chamber,
      Peter, Jubilee and Kitty had proven themselves to join the team. They
      lost Jean, his first student, but they found even more friends
      willing to join the cause.

      Banshee and Siriyn both landed near Logan and Scott,"Damn man, don't
      do that!" yelled Logan, Sean just smiled knowing that Logan wasn't
      seriously angry, Theresa caught on to that as well. Scott looked at
      his watch, and punctual stick up his butt persona that everyone else
      on the team knew wasn't true, but had become almost legendary at the
      school anyway; noticed it was getting close time to dinner. He waved
      at Kurt, who began 'porting to each of the little groups to let them
      know it was time to eat.

      After dinner, Kurt was perched on a chair in the library, staring at
      a bookcase; but his mind was thousands of miles, and years away, lost
      is his own thoughts.

      "A demon!, he must be destroyed! he's the one who's been killing the
      children!" they screamed at him, his past, his demons.

      Vater Unser im Himmel,
      Geheiligt werde Dein Name,
      Dein Reich komme.
      Dein Wille geschehe,
      Wie im Himmel, so auf Erden.
      Unser tägliches Brot gib uns heute,
      Und vergib uns unsere Schuld,
      Wie auch wir vergeben unseren Schuldigern.
      Und führe uns nicht in Versuchung,
      Sondern erlöse uns von dem Bösen.
      Denn Dein ist das Reich und die Kraft
      und die Herrlichkeit, in Ewigkeit.

      The Lord's Prayer, he thought to himself, he had spoken it so many
      times during his life, still just as true as the day he memorized it.

      "Kurt? you here laddie? Don't make me come looking for you.", Banshee
      spoke out into the room. "Sean, let me be." - Not a option, mate -
      replied Jon. "Likewise, we will not give up on you when you haven't
      given up on us," Peter spoke in his deep Russian voice. The three men
      heard a loud sigh, "Here, in the back left corner", Kurt finally

      Kurt was still perched in his chair, Jon sat on the table, Peter sat
      opposite of Kurt and Sean sat down next to his blue(literally and

      - What's wrong, man? -, asked Chamber "Was just remembering what
      happened before I left Germany," replied Kurt.

      "Wasm't a good day, I take it?" asked Sean "Nein" replied Kurt.

      Six Years Ago-

      "He's the one! He's a demon! He must be burned!", the townspeople
      screamed at him, full of hate. "No, please, it vas not me!", Kurt
      replied, tears running down his face, So many children had died, no
      one knew why, maybe Kurt's appearance was a convient excuse, maybe
      they just needed someone to blame.

      "Hoffnungslose Seelen, wissen sie nicht, was sie,(Hopeless souls,
      they know not what they do) spoke Kurt to the people there. "One of
      the mob yelled at him,"Dämon, versuchen Sie, Gott um Verzeihen zu
      bitten? Sie brennen in der Hölle für Ihre Verbrechen!(Demon, you try
      to ask God for forgiveness? You'll burn in hell for your crimes!) the
      man said before he struck Kurt.

      Kurt just looked at the crowd, knowing that they would never believe
      him looking as he did. "It was not me, I will pray that one day you
      all come to realize that", he stated before teleporting into the
      woods behind the village.

      -Back to the present-

      "Then I found a small circus, similiar to the one I grew up with. The
      rest as they say, is history." said Kurt, now noticing he had tears
      in his eyes, quickly wiping them. The other three looked at him, not
      with pity but understanding, although none of them had experience
      hate and prejudice that deeply, being a mutant was still not

      Peter showed him a drawing in the drawing pad he usually carried with
      him. It showed Kurt kneeled with his rosary in hand, but wearing
      white robes, almost like a priest would wear.

      "That's how I see you Kurt, and I think everyone else would agree
      with me. To keep your faith after all you've been through, simply
      proves you're a far better man than many I have known." Peter told
      him. - I agree mate, I mean, after my mutation developed, my family
      basically disowned me, not that I was amazingly close to my parents
      anyway. Then I just traveled around the U.K. and eventually had
      enough cash to come over the pond; Not long after, you found me. -
      Jono said looking at Sean to make his last point.

      "well, Kurt I can't say about everyone else, but I sure am not
      perfect," said Sean, silently remebering his battles with Black Tom
      over the years. "We all have things in our pasts that we wish we
      could change, but look at it this way; if you hadn't gone through
      that you might not be here now." Kurt nodded sliently, point taken.

      "Maybe it was God's will for that to happen, it only reinforced my
      faith in God," Kurt thought to himself. The other three noticed that
      it was getting close to midnight, so the four of them walked into the
      living room. In the background they heard Logan and Scott shooting
      pool and talking, strangely enough Jean's death had bonded them,
      the two men who loved her, in a way that would've made Jean proud.
      Chamber, Sean, and Peter each went to their rooms, and Kurt smiled
      hearing Logan and Scott talking and hearing Jono play a few chords on
      his guitar, before he BAMFed to Ororo's room.

      There he saw her, marvleing at her beauty. Knowing she was probably
      asleep, he simply whispered in her ear,"Goodnight, mijn liefde,
      (Goodnight, my love)". Then he ported to his own room.

      He knelt for a second, saying a silent prayer for the school, and his
      family those within its walls, and once again he thanked God for
      leading him here. "I have been called a demon, and a freak and a
      mutant, but I know what I am; I am Kurt Wagner, The Nightcrawler, X-
      Man and man of faith."

      All the various students or teachers at the school went to sleep
      evetually. Tomorrow looked to be another beautiful day.

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