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FIC: The Downside to Being One of the Bad Guys Ch. 3 (John/All) (X2)

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    I ve gotten together another part to the story. I really hope you re enjoying it and appreciate your time. Title: The Downside to Being One of the Bad Guys
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      I've gotten together another part to the story. I
      really hope you're enjoying it and appreciate your

      Title: The Downside to Being One of the Bad Guys
      Chapter 3
      By: X

      Disclaimer: I own nothing and am getting no money.

      Summary: The main problem with being one of the bad
      guys is that you have to fight the good guys, and you
      what always happens with that...

      Dr. McCoy kept close watch on his patient�s vitals.
      The flight from Rhode Island to upstate New York was
      entirely too long. Even though the Blackbird was
      considerably faster than any other form of
      transportation available, it just seemed too long when
      speed was so important. He pressed large blue fingers
      to the soft white skin below the jaw line of the boy
      and felt the fluttering of his heartbeat. He glanced
      around at the other X-men. All wore grim faces.
      Bobby looked particularly spacey. Hank didn�t envy
      the battle going on in that young man right now. Who
      was a friend? Who was an Enemy?
      �Would you like to come help me monitor Mr.
      �Uh, yeah � yeah� Bobby unbuckled fast and left Rogue.
      He joined Dr. McCoy next to Pyro. �Is...Is he going
      to die?� Bobby asked softly.
      Hank sighed, he hated that question. He suspected all
      doctors did. But, before Hank could answer Bobby
      started talking again, more like mumbling to himself
      than Beast. �I�ve only seen one dead person in my
      whole life. My grandmother� he clarified. �She was
      old, and had been sick..., John, John�s so young��
      �He�s in a dangerous line of work, we all are.�
      �Yeah. So he is gonna��
      �Oh I don�t intend to let him go without a fight.�
      �Even though he�s with the Brotherhood?�
      �Of course, he�s my patient. I will do everything I
      can to save his life.�

      It was a sad silence that followed. Rogue came and
      her arm around her boyfriend comfortingly.
      After John had left Rogue had been furious with him,
      but it didn�t really last. Marie had wanted to be
      mad at John. She deserved to be mad after all. He
      had betrayed them, he left his best friend alone and
      sad. But deep down she couldn�t hold the anger. She
      had gripped John�s ankle a long time as they stood on
      Bobby�s porch. It seemed like an eternity to Marie
      before his mutant power leaked over and she had what
      she wanted. As she held his skin she could see his
      memories, understood what made John the way he was. A
      part of her knew why he flicked that lighter all the
      time, why he loved controlling fire and that he just
      didn�t think like them. She was surprised when he
      left them, but not completely. Bobby had taken it
      hard and seeing what the betrayal was doing to Bobby
      was all she could really hold against John. Seeing
      him today she had still been a little mad at him. He
      was so at ease and confident as he fought against them
      with their enemies.

      Of course it was very hard to be mad at John right
      now. To Marie he didn�t even look like John. He was
      so still, it was so unnatural, John was always filled
      with nervous energy. He was always twitching or
      playing with that lighter. It was just felt wrong to
      see him and not hear the floosh-click�floosh-click.

      Miraculously the plane touched down. Bobby and Hank
      picked up the ends of the makeshift stretcher and
      moved their patient to the infirmary. John needed to
      get to surgery, fast. That weak fluttering of his
      heart was getting weaker and fluttering more every

      The surgery lasted hours. Only Rogue was able to drag
      Bobby away from the infirmary to the kitchen for
      something to eat and then back to his room for sleep.
      He�d never really been able to refuse her. �It�ll be
      fine Bobby. Dr. McCoy will do everything he can;
      Johnny�ll make it.� She�d drawled, leading him away
      from where he�d set up camp in the infirmary doorway.

      Bobby ate in silence. Quietly munching Corn Flakes he
      tried to stop thinking about Johnny. There was
      nothing they could do, they�d chosen their sides. His
      mind wandered. What was it like in the Brotherhood?
      Was it like being here? John had to like it there;
      he�d stayed, fought with them. He reached across the
      table for the sugar bowl. �You think they eat Corn
      Flakes at the Brotherhood?� He asked Rogue.
      �You think John gets Corn Flakes at home?�
      �You really need to let this go Bobby. I�ve never
      seen John eat Corn Flakes anyway.�
      �What? What do you mean?�
      �He�s fine Bobby, you don�t have to worry about him.�
      Bobby went back to quietly chewing the lumpy brown
      mush his cereal had become. �He�s taken care of
      himself a long time. You don�t have to worry.�
      �What about when he wakes up? ...If he wakes up��
      �He�ll be fine; Dr. McCoy is like a genius.�
      �So what, John will wake up and then, what? Is he
      like our prisoner?�
      Rogue giggled, �The mansion as a POW camp?�
      �He�s the enemy, shouldn�t we like, Oh I don�t know!�
      Bobby dropped his spoon with a loud clink and stared
      into his breakfast mush.
      �Bobby, you�re driving yourself nuts. Just let things
      be, it�ll work out sugah.� She smiled at him with
      that dazzling smile he loved. He knew she was right,
      she always was. So sure of herself and optimistic,
      Bobby was always impressed by her. He picked up his
      now empty bowl and carried it to the sink.
      �You�re right Marie, thanks.�
      �Now, off to bed young man!� She pointed towards the
      stairs and began steering him there.
      �I don�t know what I�d do without you.�
      �Spazz out and drown in your own Corn Flakes.�

      It was a little after midnight when Dr. McCoy stepped
      out of surgery, pushing the gurney next to a bed and
      gently transfer the still body from one to the other.
      The mansion was quiet, most of its residents deep in
      sleep. Hank sighed as he adjusted a blanket over his
      patient. The boy was going to pull through just fine.
      He probably wouldn�t be running any marathons for a
      few weeks, but his lung was working again, he was
      breathing under his own control, the wounds had been
      neatly stitched up and plenty of donated blood had
      been pushed into him. Hank hadn�t expected anyone to
      be waiting in the main part of his infirmary, but
      couldn�t really say he was surprised to see the
      professor patiently reading as he waited.
      �Charles, it�s quite late, I could have informed you
      of Mr. Allerdyce�s condition in the morning.�
      �I know Hank. I am attempting to decide what to do
      with Mr. Pyro. I thought seeing him might help me.�
      �Of course, he�s asleep now, but you are welcome to
      see him.� The professor rolled next to the bed to
      get the first look at Pyro since the professor had
      gone to see Magneto and fallen into that madman
      Stryker�s hands. When he�d gotten back to his people
      John had already left for the other side. The young
      man was keeping his hair a little shorter, no doubt
      under the strict orders of Erik who never liked things
      sloppy. But other than that, he really looked the
      same as he had as a student at Xavier�s.

      This might have been easier if they�d taken Mistique
      or Toad instead of a former pupil. Even this
      situation would be easier if Pyro looked less like the
      John who�d walked the halls of the mansion. If he had
      a big scar or bleached his hair blond or if in his
      time away he developed an accent of some kind it would
      be easier. It would be easier to separate John from
      Pyro, their enemy.

      �May I ask what you were considering doing with him?�
      asked Hank from behind him.
      �I�m really not sure. Return him to Erik? We still
      don�t know what Magneto is up to, Pyro does. I�m not
      sure we can afford to just send him back and wait
      until it�s too late to act against Erik.�
      �No sensible decision can be made any longer without
      taking into account not only the world as it is, but
      the world as it will be. Isaac Asimov�
      Xavier sighed. �You are as eloquent as always Hank.
      This is not a decision I relish making. I fear even
      if I do decide what I must do, I won�t be able to do
      it.� He sighed again and rolled out of the room.
      Hank looked after him for a moment, straightened
      Pyro�s blanket, patted the boy�s head, turned the
      lights out and headed for bed himself. He had an
      early day tomorrow, he wanted to be back down here
      before John woke up, and he was sure he�d have to
      regulate the traffic of visitors.

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