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FIC: Changing Seasons (Iceman) 4/6

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  • Javier
    Chapter Four: Spring Cut Drama/Humor. PG. Disclaimer: Iceman, and all other X-Men are property of Marvel Comics. I m using them in this story without
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      Chapter Four: Spring Cut

      Drama/Humor. PG.

      Disclaimer: Iceman, and all other X-Men are property of Marvel
      Comics. I'm using them in this story without permission, and I am
      receiving no money for it. Teresa is mine.

      It had been a few months since San Francisco, but it was all still
      very vivid in Bobby's mind. He tried to focus on other things to
      degree; "light" things that would help him escape. One of
      things was comics.
      "Here it is, Bobby."
      "Thanks." Bobby Drake looked at the latest issue of
      "Hulk" in his
      hand. He had been coming to this comic book store ever since he moved
      in to the school. In the past, Scott dropped him and John at the
      store while he went to do other errands. Now that John, or Pyro, his
      mutant name, had gone with Magneto, Bobby visited the store alone. He
      paid, and was getting ready to leave when a hand on his shoulder
      stopped him.
      "I knew I'd find you here today. You always came in when the
      issue arrived."
      Bobby turned to see John standing next to him.
      "John!" Bobby's mind raced, not sure whether he should
      embrace his
      old friend or start shooting ice at him. John could see Bobby's
      "Don't worry, I'm not here to fight. And the name's
      "Pyro, ok…" Bobby said, unable to come up with what to say.
      "Actually, I want my stuff back. My CD's, my mags, you know,
      important stuff."
      "What? How do you know we didn't throw all that away?"
      "'Cause I know you. You probably half expected me to show up
      Bobby nodded to himself.
      "Why did you leave?"
      "Why do you think?"
      "Pyro, Magneto is bad news. It's not too late to come back to
      "Nah, at least with Magneto I don't have to hide my
      abilities, I can
      be who I want to be. You wouldn't understand."
      "Wouldn't understand? What about all those late nights when
      we just
      talked? I know you, Pyro, and I know that leaving with Magneto is not
      the solution you need. I can't believe you really think I
      understand. We used to be friends!"
      "That's in the past, Iceman. I'm gone now for good, so
      just accept
      that. Can't live in the past, gotta live in the present. And back
      the present, I need my stuff."
      "Well, how am I supposed to get it to you, anyway?"
      "I talked to Mike, the store owner, and you can drop my stuff off
      with him. I'll come by and get it later."
      "You are serious. You're not coming back, are you?"
      Bobby thought for a minute.
      "Okay. I'll drop the stuff here, but I think you're
      making a big
      "Whatever. I don't remember asking for your opinion."
      Pyro walked out of the store. Bobby was left with the feeling that
      the next time they saw each other, the meeting would not be quite so

      A few minutes later, Scott drove by to pick up Bobby.
      "You ready?" Scott asked
      "Yeah" Bobby said absent-mindedly as he got in the car.
      "Got my haircut, as usual, and got some other stuff done."
      Scott used Bobby's monthly trips to the comics store to get a
      haircut, every month at about the same time, at the same barber, like

      During the ride home, Bobby re-lived all the time he had spent as
      Pyro's friend, thinking if maybe there was something he could
      done differently that would have made Pyro stay with the X-men. But
      something Pyro had said stuck in his mind.

      "I'm gone now for good, so just accept that. Can't live
      in the
      past, gotta live in the present."

      "Perhaps there was nothing I could have done." Thought Bobby.
      But the
      words did not go away. Instead, he started thinking of Steve.
      Although on the outside he appeared fine, deep inside he still felt
      guilt about Steve's death. But now, thinking of Pyro's words,
      realized that maybe there was nothing he could have done differently
      either to prevent Steve's demise. He had made the best judgment
      possible at the time. It was extremely unfortunate, of course, and he
      would miss his friend for a long time, but it was now in the past. He
      needed to find a way to move on, to live in the present.
      "Of all people, who would have thought that Pyro's words
      would help
      me put the whole San Francisco thing to rest?" Bobby thought

      Soon they were back at the mansion. Bobby thanked Scott and grabbed
      his comic. When he walked inside the mansion, he saw Teresa Arroyo
      sitting on one of the couches. After San Francisco, Bobby had asked
      Teresa if she wanted to join Xavier's and she had agreed.
      Bobby had pretty much avoided her most of the time. Not because he
      did not like her, but because every time he looked at her, it
      reminded him of Steve. Now, Bobby inhaled, and walked over to Teresa.

      "Hi Teresa." She looked up, kind of surprised.
      "Hey stranger. Got tired of running the other way every time you
      Bobby sat next to Teresa.
      "I'm sorry, Teresa. I've been an ass. It's just
      "I know. Seeing me reminds you of San Francisco, right?"
      "Yeah. But I think I'm ready now to carry on."
      "That's good."
      "How have you been? How do you like the school?"
      "Oh, it's excellent! Everybody's been so nice…" she
      said, then looked
      at Bobby "well, almost everybody."
      "I'm so sorry…"
      Teresa smiled "I'm kidding! I knew you needed some time to
      heal. It's
      ok. But I do really want to thank you for giving me this opportunity
      to be in a place where I feel like I really belong."
      "You're welcome."
      "Teresa, I do have to ask, back in the hospital, when I talked to
      Steve, was that you making it up or…?"
      "No, I can't create dreams, I can get in them, but that's
      it. And
      back there, I was just the link. I felt both consciousness, and
      somehow through me, the two were able to share a moment. I'm not
      I can explain how that happened either. I guess there are other
      forces out there, supernatural ones, which made it possible. I
      "Well, whatever you did, I want to thank you for giving us a
      to say farewell."
      "You're welcome, Bobby."
      Just then, Scott walked in, looked at them, nodded slightly, and
      walked away.
      "Ok, why does he hate me?"
      "Huh?" Bobby asked
      "He avoids me even more than you were avoiding me."
      "Oh. Well, I think that you remind him of someone. His old
      girlfriend. Your powers are kind of similar to some of hers. You
      know, telepathy."
      "They had a bad breakup?"
      "No…she passed away in battle a while ago."
      "Oh. I'm sorry to hear that."
      Teresa was silent.
      "You ok? I can see that something's on your mind."
      "Well, I don't want to seem selfish or something, but I have
      to ask,
      what is it about me that gets people thinking about dead friends and
      girlfriends? Do I have a neon sign on my head that says "I'm
      or something?"
      Bobby looked at Teresa. She was short and skinny, with black hair
      that fell to her white shoulders.
      "Not that I can see."
      "Oh, thanks!"
      "No, seriously, maybe we just have to get Scott to think of
      else when he sees you."
      "And how are we going to accomplish that?"
      Bobby thought for a minute.
      "You like to give haircuts, right?"
      "Well, I don't k now that I like to. But in my house, I used
      to do my
      Dad and my brother's haircuts. Here I just do some of the kids to
      some extra money, you know. It's not something I plan to do for a
      "What do you want to do for a living?"
      "I think I want to be a lawyer. I want to fight for mutant
      And when I have money, I want to start a mutant safe house, a real
      one, back in San Francisco."
      "Why were you asking about haircuts?"
      "Well, I have an idea."


      A month later, Bobby and Scott were heading out in the car. As usual,
      Scott dropped Bobby off at the comic store. Inside, Bobby checked
      with Mike and confirmed that Pyro had come by and collected the stuff
      that Bobby had left for him. Bobby asked if Pyro had said or left
      anything for Bobby, but Mike said no.

      After he had picked up the latest issue, Bobby walked out. A few
      minutes later, Scott's car came into view.

      "Back so fast? What happened?"
      "It's weird" said Scott "The barber shop is closed.
      There's a note
      that it'll be closed for at least two weeks."
      "Huh. Hey! You know what we can do? There's this girl at
      school that
      cuts the hair of some of the boys. She's pretty good. She could
      you a haircut."
      "I don't know. I think I'll wait until my barber comes
      "What if he's out for longer? Besides, you have my word, she
      pretty good. I was actually going to ask her to cut my hair
      Scott looked at Bobby's hair.
      "Ok, I guess." Scott finally said.

      The two drove back to the mansion and headed upstairs. Bobby knocked
      on a door and Teresa opened it. Scott hesitated for a second; he did
      not know that it was Teresa who was going to cut his hair.
      "Teresa, can you cut my hair today? And Scott's hair too? His
      barber's out of town."
      "Sure! Why don't we go to your room, Bobby? You know you boys
      allowed in the girl's rooms."

      They walked to Bobby's room and Bobby sat down in a chair. Scott
      on the bed while Teresa proceeded to cut Bobby's hair. After
      minutes, she was done.

      "How does it look?" Bobby asked Scott
      "Looks fine."
      "I told you she was good."
      "Are you ready, Mr. Summers?" Teresa asked
      "Ok." He said hesitantly, as he sat in the chair for his
      turn. "You
      don't have a mirror in your room, Bobby?"
      "No, sorry."
      "How do you want it, Mr. Summers?"
      "Just trim it back a little, that's all. Nothing fancy."

      Several minutes later, Teresa was done.
      "How does it look?"
      Teresa and Bobby looked at Scott.
      "Good." They said together
      "You sure you don't have a mirror here?"
      "Sorry. There's one in the bathroom down the hall."
      "Alright." Scott stood up. "I need to get some work done.
      Thank you,
      Miss Arroyo. How much do I owe you?"
      "First one's on the house." She said smiling
      Scott stood up and walked out on the hallway, with Bobby and Teresa
      peeking their heads out the door, giggling silently. Scott was
      heading down the stairs when Logan looked up from the foyer.
      "Nice haircut, bishop."
      Scott ignored him, thinking it was just Logan being Logan. He
      wondered what he meant, but decided it was not worth it to find out.
      But he could hear his laughter as he walked away.
      Some of the kids looked up as he walked by, trying hard not to stare,
      and burying their heads in their books.
      "What is wrong with everyone today?" thought Scott.
      As he was getting ready to head to the garage, Ororo saw him.
      "Scott! What did you do to your hair?"
      "What? What's wrong?" he asked, touching his head and
      feeling bare skin where there should be none.
      "It looks like a monk or a friar's haircut! You have no hair
      on the
      back and sides, just an island of hair on top!"
      "Bobby…" he growled under his breath. Ororo tried to calm
      "Uhh…it's ok, It'll grow back soon. I doesn't
      look that bad…"
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