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FIC: Changing Seasons (Iceman) 2/6

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  • Javier
    Chapter 2: A Visit to Westchester Humor. PG. Disclaimer: All X-men characters property of Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc. Superfriends are property of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 18, 2003
      Chapter 2: A Visit to Westchester

      Humor. PG.
      Disclaimer: All X-men characters property of Marvel Entertainment
      Group, Inc. Superfriends are property of somebody that's not me.
      Movie vs. comics: In the comics, Bobby is portrayed as a joker when
      he was young. I've tried to balance the comics Bobby with the

      "Hey, Bobby!, how you doin'?"
      "Hi, Steve."
      Three hours later, a knock was heard on the door.
      "Robert Drake! Everybody else needs to use the phone too!"
      "Yo, who's that?" asked Steve
      "That's Kitty." Bobby said, then turned to shout towards
      her "I'll be
      done in a minute!"
      "That's what you said an hour ago!"
      Kitty's power enables her to walk thru walls. Her right arm
      the closed door up to her elbow, and the half arm sticking out of the
      door showed Bobby one manicured finger, the middle one.
      "Kitty! Such a rude gesture for a nice young girl like you to
      "Shut up, Drake!" she shouted, and the arm disappeared back
      to the
      other side of the door.
      "Man, she's pissed." Laughed Bobby
      "You're in trouble now, bro." Steve was not Bobby's
      brother, but they
      acted like if they were. Back in their old neighborhood, their houses
      were right across from each other.
      "So, you're going to San Francisco in a few days?"
      "Yeah. Finally goin' out to college. My mom has a cousin that
      in San Francisco. I'm going to stay with her and work at her
      husband's store."
      "What kind of store?"
      "Umm…an art gallery."
      "An art gallery!? What do you know about art?"
      "I'm not going to be giving art reviews or anything, just
      doing stuff
      around the store that's all."
      "We won't be able to talk so much anymore, or hang out once
      in a
      while for that matter."
      "I know."
      "Hey! How about I come to your school next weekend?"
      "I don't know, Steve, this isn't exactly your average
      school, you know."
      "Come on, Drake. Are you worried I'm gonna freak out when I
      see a
      weird looking mutant or something?"
      "Well, no. But I don't think the Professor would allow
      "Why not? No humans allowed in school grounds or something?"
      "Well, you bring up a good point. I'll talk to him and
      "Cool. Oops, no pun intended."
      "Hey, what are you watching now?"
      "Cartoon Network."
      Steve snorted. "When are you going to grow up, Drake?"
      "Eventually. Guess what's coming up?"
      "How would I know, I'm not psychic. Or mutant."
      "No, you're more of an abomination…."
      "Just tell me what the hell is on."
      "Superfriends! Remember we used to watch it every afternoon after
      school when we were little?"
      "Oh! Yeah. That's the one with the stupid twins that turned
      silly stuff."
      "The wondertwins."
      "I can't believe you still know what their names are…"
      "How can I forget? We used to roll on the floor laughing every
      the guy turned into a bucket of water. A bucket of water! What the
      hell is that good for?"
      Steve burst into laughter on the other end
      "I remember the girl could turn into animals, right? And we
      thought: "Why doesn't she turn into a lion or a tiger?"
      turning into a bird or something like that…."
      "And remember the stupid monkey?" They were both now laughing
      uncontrollably. "Those have got to be the lamest superheroes
      "And then came Iceman…" said Steve
      "Ha. So not funny."
      "Hey! Come to think of it, you are like that guy, huh? Ice,
      same thing!" Steve was now laughing so hard that he almost
      talk. "By the way, Iceman?… that is sooo original. You had to
      real hard about that one."
      "Funny. So…what about you? Are you the monkey then, or the
      "Ok, you got me."
      "Hey! That gives me a great idea for a prank when you come to
      I mean, if the Professor lets you."
      "You still being the class clown?"
      "Well, not really, too much on my mind...with the ice thing and
      "I remember when we were growing up, you were always getting in
      trouble in school for pranks and stuff like that."
      "I remember you getting in trouble too."
      "Yeah. So tell me, what's your idea?"
      The professor gave the green light and Steve was going to visit
      Westchester for the weekend before heading out to San Francisco. To
      say that he was nervous was an understatement. It was not every day
      that you get to visit with a team of superheroes. As the gates to the
      school opened, he half expected a sign over the mansion to say
      of Justice" or something.

      When Steve walked toward the entrance, a man with strange sunglasses
      stopped him.
      "Can I help you?"
      "Yeah, I'm looking for Robert Drake."
      Just then, Bobby walked out of the mansion.
      "Steve! How was the trip?"
      Scott gave Bobby a quizzical look.
      "Oh, Scott. This is my friend, Steve."
      Scott shook the young man's hand.
      "Nice to meet you."
      "Same here."
      Steve frowned at Bobby, waiting for the "introduction". Bobby
      "Scott, Steve here is also a mutant. I asked the Professor to
      him over, see if he wants to stay."
      Scott looked at Steve.
      "So, what's your gift?"
      "Steve is a little shy about his gift, Scott."
      "Yeah, it's just I don't have full control over them.
      Right now I can
      only do two or three fairly common and harmless things."
      Scott looked intrigued. "There's no need to be shy. We are
      all here
      learning how to develop our gifts."
      "Ok…well, you see, I can turn into animals."
      Bobby had to bit his lip to prevent a chuckle from escaping his
      mouth. Incredibly, Steve kept a straight face.
      "Yeah, like Mystique, except only animals." Bobby said when
      he saw
      Scott wasn't buying it initially.
      "Why animals and not humans?"
      " I don't know, maybe humans are more complicated
      genetically, you
      Bobby stepped in front of Scott.
      "Who understands why these powers are what they are, huh
      Scott examined the young man again. "Perhaps we can run some
      tests on
      him and see if he can figure out why."
      Bobby smiled at the thought.
      "Yeah, that's definitively a good idea, Scott."
      "Well, welcome to Xavier's, Steve."
      "Thanks, sir."
      The two boys walked into the mansion, still amazed that they were
      actually pulling this off.
      That night was uneventful, with Steve and Bobby joking around with
      Rogue, Kitty, Jubilee and some of the other kids. When they were
      heading to bed, they saw the Professor sitting alone reading a book.
      "Oh Sh…" Bobby whispered to Steve "that's one guy we
      won't fool!
      Let's hope he doesn't see us!"
      "Bobby! You haven't introduced your friend." Said the
      Professor and
      turned towards them
      (Busted) Bobby thought as they headed towards him.
      "Hello sir, I'm Steve."
      "Nice to meet you, Steve."
      "Thanks for letting me crash here for a couple of days."
      "You are welcome. I'll be frank, I didn't really warm up
      to the idea
      until Bobby mentioned how our goal is to have a peaceful
      understanding between man and mutant.
      There is no reason why somebody like you shouldn't be allowed to
      "Right, because he's not a mutant."Bobby said without
      knowing why.
      The professor looked at Bobby and raised one eyebrow. "Right."
      "Oh, look at the time!" Steve said suddenly. "I'm so
      tired from the
      trip. I need some serious rest. Come on Bobby!" he grabbed
      arm and the two headed upstairs to Bobby's room.

      The boys waited until the Professor moved to the lower levels, like
      he usually did.
      "Are you sure about this?"
      "Hey, if there's something this house needs right now is some
      "If you say so, you know them."
      And so they proceeded to release the gray cat that Bobby had obtained
      from the pet shop the day before…

      "What the hell!" Logan said when he saw a cat walking around
      Just then, Bobby ran down the stairs.
      "Logan, wait! That's my friend Steve!"
      "He was trying out his powers and turned into a cat, but I think
      was too tired from the trip…I think he's having trouble
      turning back
      to human form!"
      Logan tried to catch the feline, but it jumped and escaped his hands.
      "I hate cats." He said.
      "Don't let him go! If the Dobermans catch him he's
      Pretty soon half the school was running around trying to catch the
      gray cat. Finally, Nightcrawler teleported right in front of the
      "I got you." He said in a German accent.
      "Here, let me have him." Bobby said, taking the cat and
      upstairs. "I'll hold him in my room until he can change
      back." He
      said, trying his hardest not to laugh. Upstairs, Steve was hiding
      behind some columns, with a video camera in his hand.

      The next day was rather uneventful. Some people asked Steve about the
      night before and he apologized profusely. The kids had a softball
      match outside and had a lot of fun, until Colossus batted the ball so
      hard that it must have landed in the next county.

      During the afternoon, everything was quiet. Then suddenly, Steve
      shouted, "Help!" from inside Bobby's room. Several kids
      ran to where
      the scream came from.
      "What's going on?" asked one of the kids
      "It's Bobby! I…Oh man!…"
      Scott came into the room, followed by Logan.
      "What's happening?" He saw Steve holding his hands up in
      the air, and
      a big puddle of water in the middle of Bobby's room.
      "Mr. Summers! I'm sorry! I was joking around with Bobby and
      made a
      bet that he couldn't turn himself into water. Well he did, but
      now I
      think he can't re-form!"
      "What the hell is wrong with you two!" shouted Logan.
      "Bobby!" screamed Rogue, walking towards the puddle.
      "Watch out! Don't step on him! Ororo, go get something to
      pick him
      up…" said Scott
      "Like what!?"
      "I don't know, a sponge or something…"
      Steve dropped to the floor making loud sounds. Everybody thought he
      was crying, but in reality he was laughing his *** off.
      "Oh!" he said with difficulty. "I guess we'll have to
      call him
      At that, a loud laughter was heard from the closet. Logan opened the
      closet door and Bobby fell on the floor, his face red with laughter.
      "Bobby! That was so sick!" Rogue shouted.
      Then, the gray cat walked out of the closet.
      "What the…!" Scott said, looking at Steve
      The gray cat walked by Logan's leg, raised his tail, and peed on
      Logan's bare foot. He growled and walked out, muttering under his
      breath "I hate cats."
      "We'll get you for this, Drake!" shouted Jubilee, but
      Bobby was
      laughing too much to hear.
      "So, what happened with the cat?" Steve asked Bobby, as he
      getting ready to leave.
      "Believe it or not, the Professor decided to keep it for himself.
      said "I think the cat would be in better hands with me, Mr.
      "Are you sure you're not in too much trouble?"
      "And that guy, the one with the claws?"
      "He'll get over it." Bobby laughed.
      "Ok, man, I'm off."
      The two friends shook hands.
      "Maybe I'll come by to visit you one day in San
      "Cool. No pun intended."
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