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FIC: Changing Seasons (Iceman) PG-13 (1/6)

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  • Javier
    I made some changes to this series. It s in six parts. Changing Seasons (X-men Movieverse) By: Carlos (zcjm72@ev1.net) Chapter 1: Bobby Drake PG-13. Drama.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 18, 2003
      I made some changes to this series. It's in six parts.
      Changing Seasons (X-men Movieverse)
      By: Carlos (zcjm72@...)

      Chapter 1: Bobby Drake

      PG-13. Drama.

      Disclaimer: Iceman, and all other X-Men are property of Marvel
      Comics. I'm using him in this story without permission, and I am
      receiving no money for it.

      Bobby Drake, code name Iceman, was alone. He walked through a dark
      warehouse, looking around and trying to stay sharp. He could see a
      door in front of him. Slowly, he opened the door and walked inside.
      It was very dark, but it seemed to be a large room, with mountains of
      wooden crates everywhere. He heard a noise, and instinctively built
      an ice shield in the direction of the sound. A second later, a bullet
      hit the ice shield, but the shield stayed intact. He was under
      attack. He could not see how many he was up against, but it did not
      matter. More bullets flew at him, but he was able to deflect them.
      Then, he saw the soldiers moving from behind some of the wooden
      crates, guns in hand. The room lit up with lasers, and the sound of
      gunfire invaded Iceman's ears. Quickly, Iceman ran behind some
      crates, and started shooting ice spikes at some of the soldiers.
      However, he heard the soldiers getting closer, and for a second, had
      a flashback; he was running with Pyro and Rogue, looking for a way
      out, when some of Stryker's soldiers broke in through the hallway
      window. He shook the memory away, just in time to see a soldier in
      front of him. Iceman's ice shield stopped the bullets, but then
      felt a stinging pain in his back.

      "ArghhÂ…that hurt!"
      Suddenly, the lights in the room came on, but it was not a warehouse
      anymore. Iceman stood in a large metal room.
      "That's the least of your worries, Iceman, because you're
      Cyclops's voice said over the Danger room intercom. The danger
      could project holographic images of a number of battle situations as
      well as fire energy beams that looked like bullets and stung like
      hell if they found their target. The whole thing was programmed in
      the control room, where Cyclops and the Professor were currently
      monitoring Bobby's exercise.
      "I'm sorry, Mr. Summers. I mean, Cyclops...Scott." Bobby
      said, unsure
      of how to address him anymore.
      In the control room, Cyclops sighed.
      "He's not ready." Ever since Jean's death, Scott was
      being much more
      stringent in these Danger room exercises.
      "I think he is, Scott, he just needs more practice."
      "Maybe. But he's still being too defensive, he needs to use
      his power
      in a more offensive way."
      "Agreed. Give him time, he'll get there."
      Cyclops talked into the microphone again. "That's it for
      Bobby. You can go."

      As he was heading out of the Danger Room, Bobby was stopped by Rogue.
      "How was it?" she asked
      Bobby sighed, "Well, I lasted longer this time."
      "It's ok, Bobby, we'll get better with experience. Here,
      this came
      for you on the mail." Rogue handed a letter to Bobby.
      "Steve?" Bobby said.
      Steve had been Bobby's friend since he could remember. They grew up
      in the same street and went to the same schools, until Steve's Dad
      moved the family to New York City when they were in 10th grade. Soon
      after that, Bobby himself had transferred to Xavier's school. The
      boys kept in contact sparingly, each adjusting to their own new
      "It's been a while since I've heard from him. I hope
      nothing's wrong."

      The next day, Bobby was driving Scott's car. It was a hot, but
      beautiful, summer day. He still could not believe that Scott had
      loaned him his vehicle to go visit Steve. Of course, Scott spent an
      hour lecturing him about responsibility and maturity. In reality,
      Bobby knew that the Professor had to convince Scott about the car.

      Unfortunately, it was not strictly a pleasure trip. In his letter,
      Steve indicated that his Dad had an accident and passed away. Steve
      wrote to Bobby asking if he could come visit for a weekend. Bobby
      could read between the lines; he was having a hard time and needed a
      friend. During the years, they had their ups and downs, but always
      when they were in trouble, the other was there to help.

      Bobby looked at the printed map and the written descriptions.
      "This is it." He said, and got out of the car. As he walked towards
      the house, Steve opened the door.
      "Hey, man. Glad you could make it."
      "Glad to be here." Bobby said

      The two friends talked for a while, mostly reminiscing about old
      times. Bobby felt uncomfortable touching the subject of Steve's Dad,
      so he didn't.

      After dinner, they sat on the balcony looking at the stars. Bobby
      breathed in hard.
      "How are you holding up, Steve?" he asked. The other boy knew what
      the question was referring to.
      "Not too good, Bobby....It was just so sudden, you know? You never
      expect something like that to happen. And even if you did, you cannot
      prepare for it."
      "And your mom...?"
      "She's holding up. I think that if it wasn't for her friends in
      church..." Steve trailed off into thought.
      "Bobby, thanks for coming. I'm sorry to make you drive all the way
      over here, it's just that I don't really have anybody to talk to
      here, and my sisters are dealing with it in their own way. I don't
      know, you always were there to help me when we were growing up, so..."
      "It's ok, Steve. It's no problem. That's what friends are for, right?"
      Steve smiled. They spent the rest of the night mostly looking out
      into the summer night sky.


      The next morning was very hot. Fortunately for Bobby, his powers
      enable him to lower his external temperature and the air around him.
      Steve wondered for a second why the heat seemed more tolerable when
      Bobby was in the room. They had breakfast with Steve's mom and his
      sisters, and afterwards decided to cruise in the car for a while.

      "Wow! This is a cool car! Whose is it?"
      "Err...one of our instructors."
      "And he loaned it to you? Man, are they receiving new students in
      that school of yours?"
      ""Yes, but you could not get in even if you wanted to."" Bobby thought
      They were driving around the streets of New York City when they
      passed a wall painted with graffiti. In big red letters it
      said : "Die mutants, die!"
      Bobby pretended not to see it, but noticed that Steve stared at it
      until it was out of sight. Bobby wondered what was going through
      Steve's mind. Finally, Steve turned towards Bobby.
      "You know how my father died, Bobby?"
      Silence filled the car. Bobby swallowed and waited.
      "My Dad was working as a security guard. It was the only thing he
      could get when we moved here. His job was taking care of a big lady.
      The one standing in the harbor over there."
      Bobby did not understand, until he realized that he was referring to
      the Statue of Liberty.
      "One night, he and the other guards were attacked...by what we were
      told were mutants bent on world domination. I insisted on seeing the
      body, even though the policemen objected. My mom said I was big
      enough to decide if I wanted to or not...I still don't know if I made
      the right decision..."
      Steve stopped, gasping for air as tears started rolling down his face.
      "It was as if a giant weight had...landed on top of him,
      and ...flattened him. The bones were shattered...He was laying
      there...barely resembling a human being..."
      Bobby stopped the car. He didn't know what to do. Steve was crying
      with eyes lost in the horizon. Bobby put his hand on Steve's shoulder
      and gave him a reassuring squeeze.
      "I'm sorry." Bobby said
      "What did he do to deserve dying like that? All he wanted was to feed
      his family...it's just so unfair."
      Bobby's eyes were now full with moisture, which slowly built up as
      frost that he pushed away with one finger.
      "Nobody deserves to die like that, Steve. I'm really sorry. But you
      should remember your Dad for what he was when he was alive. That is
      the memory that you need to keep."
      Steve looked at Bobby.
      "Yes...you're right."
      They sat in silence for a while. Bobby waited until Steve had
      regained control of himself.
      "Remember how he used to play catch with us in the street?"
      Steve smiled.
      "And when he broke the window of your Dad's car?" Steve said.
      The boys laughed.
      "He never could throw very well, could he?"
      "I suppose not. I remember when those Thompson kids were picking on
      us, he took us out to the back yard and told us to stand our ground.
      He said that bullies can smell fear, and they prey on it. The next
      day, we stood up, and pushed them back. Remember their surprised
      faces? They taunted us, but we just stood there, unflinching.
      Remember? The fear had gone away..."
      "Fear" Bobby said absent-mindedly. He did not think that Steve had
      heard him, but he did.
      "Yes. Fear. That's what I felt the most after it happened. Fear for
      the future, for how we were going to cope without him..." Steve went
      away into his personal thoughts.

      Bobby found himself in the same situation. Fear had been consuming
      him. Ever since the professor had suggested that he was ready to join
      the X-men if he wanted. Rogue had been so excited, but not him. He
      still woke up from time to time with the same horrible nightmare. He
      saw himself that day when Stryker had attacked the mansion. He was in
      the kitchen when the gunman walked in and started shooting. He had
      ducked behind the counter, and the deafening sound of bullets filled
      his ears. Looking down, he noticed a liquid flowing next to his feet,
      a red liquid. Looking at his chest, he could see where the bullets
      had pierced into his skin. And then he woke.

      It was not just fear of being killed that haunted him. It was also
      the fear that he was not good enough. The rest of the X-men had
      incredible powers, they were brave and fearless. What could he do? He
      kept wondering why the Professor had selected him. He knew the
      answer: "potential" they would always say, but he did not believe it
      deep inside himself.

      Pushing out of his own thoughts, he realized that Steve had stepped
      out of the car. He followed him to the side of the vehicle.

      "Steve, are you ok?"
      "Yeah. I'm ok. Thanks for listening. Just being able to talk to
      somebody has made me feel like a big weight has been lifted."
      Bobby fumbled with his feet and placed one hand behind his neck.
      "Do you hate them?" he asked
      Steve was silent for a while. Bobby's heart sank to his stomach. He
      could not help but feel guilty, although not exactly sure why. A
      mutant had killed Steve's father. And here he was, a mutant himself.
      He wondered if Steve would reject him if he found out that Bobby was
      a mutant. Reject him just like his family did. He certainly had
      reason to. Bobby silently pleaded to God that that wasn't the case.
      He couldn't stand the thought of losing another friend, not after the
      way he had lost his family, and John, his friend from Xavier's that
      joined Magneto.
      "I can't." Steve said suddenly
      "I can't hate mutants. I can't blame a whole group of people for what
      was the work of only one of them."
      "A brotherhood of them..." Bobby mumbled
      "err....that's what I have heard them called, the mutants responsible
      for Ellis Island."
      "I thought you would have hated all mutants..."
      "I'm a history buff, Bobby. I know what hate brings. I can't let it
      consume me. I know that's what Dad would have wanted." He
      paused. "Although I hate the mutants that did it, of course. If I
      could have them face to face...I would make them pay. Although I
      doubt that I would last two seconds!" He said with a faint smile.
      ""I wonder if I would either..."" thought Bobby
      After a while, they got back in the car and headed home. All the time
      Bobby was debating whether to tell Steve that he was a mutant or not.
      If any non-mutant would understand, it would be him, right? They grew
      up together. They always helped each other. And now Bobby needed help
      and advice. Because he was not sure if he wanted to be an X-men. And
      if he did, he was not sure he had what it takes anyway.

      "Steve, can I talk to you?" Bobby said, walking into the other boy's
      Steve smiled.
      "My sister still has a crush on you. Did you see how she was looking
      at you during dinner?"
      Bobby blushed
      "I already have a girlfriend."
      "Ohhh, come on, details!"
      ""She's a mutant, and if she touches you, she absorbs your energy,
      and can eventually kill you!"" Bobby wondered what Steve would do if
      he could read minds like the Professor.
      "Come, on, Bobby, what are you smirking about? Details! I told you
      about my girlfriend."
      Bobby hesitated for a second.
      "Well, Marie..."
      "Marie...nice name."
      "Yeah, well...she is a special girl. In fact, all the kids in my
      school are special..."Bobby decided ""what the heck, the Professor is
      probably going to erase this from Steve's mind anyway when he finds
      out"" so he continued "You see, we are all mutants."
      Bobby could see Steve's mouth drop.
      "Sorry, there's just no introduction to that one, is there?" Bobby
      smiled. Steve was silent for a while.
      "Why...why didn't you tell me, Bobby?"
      "I was afraid you would freak out, man" Bobby's head dropped down and
      his eyes stared at the floor. "just like my parents."
      "What about your parents?"
      "...they have cut me off completely. My own brother even called the
      cops on me." Bobby turned sideways a little to hide his moist
      eyes. "I guess we have both lost a parent, two in my case, huh?"
      Steve looked at Bobby, and then, suddenly, he put his hand in Bobby's
      shoulder and squeezed.
      "It's ok, Bobby. I'm not going anywhere."
      Bobby could not hide it any longer, as the tears ran down his face.


      "Tell me about the plane again!"
      "Again?" Bobby was sitting down in a chair while Steve sat on his
      Steve smiled. "Man, everything sound so cool!"
      "I don't know, it's not so cool when you can get killed in one of
      those missions."
      "True. But if this guy, the Professor, is as intelligent as you say,
      and he tells you that you are ready, then he's probably right. From
      what you tell me, I'm sure he would not put you in danger if he
      thought you couldn't handle it."
      "I guess." Bobby said.
      "Hold on a sec!" Steve stood up and walked out. He returned with a
      glass of water.
      "Do that thing again, Bobby!"
      "Oh come on!"
      Steve gave him a funny look. Bobby extended his hand and touched the
      glass with one finger. The liquid immediately turned to ice.
      "That's excellent!"
      "Yeah, but how is that going to help me in a battle?"
      "I don't know, you can freeze a guy's blood or something. Or encase
      them in a block of ice. I think you could kick some butt!"
      "You think?"
      "Bobby, you have been blessed with an extraordinary gift. I myself
      think everything happens for a reason. Perhaps you were meant to be
      part of these X-people."
      "But I didn't ask for this. I didn't ask to be able to freeze stuff
      and have to battle maniacal mutants bent on world domination. If they
      had asked me, I would have wanted just to be normal."
      "Bobby, what is normal anyway? We're all different. You can freeze
      stuff, but you still can't shoot a basketball like me!"
      "Hey, I want a rematch tomorrow!" Bobby teased.
      "Every person is different. Every person has different gifts,
      different things they are capable of doing."
      "Exactly. But if we do not decide to do something with that
      potential, it just gets wasted. And that's the worst thing one can
      do." Steve stood up
      "I would kill to have the ability that you have...I would hunt those
      bastards that killed my Dad and freeze them until the next Ice Age."
      "No you wouldn't."
      Steve's face got serious. He squatted next to Bobby's chair.
      "Bobby, listen to me. You and your friends have those powers...you
      can catch those guys, stop them before they do to anybody else what
      they did to my father."
      Bobby stood up.
      "No, Steve, I'm just a kid. I can't assume that much
      "You're still the same Bobby...I remember how you could never hit a
      home run in little league. You kept saying that you couldn't do
      it...You remember how we practiced and practiced? And that first time
      you hit one out of the park...remember what I told you? I said "I
      told you so.""
      "I'm sorry, Steve, but this is not little league." Bobby walked out
      of the room.


      The next day was Sunday, and Bobby and the family went to church.
      Afterwards, they went with a group to visit some poor neighborhoods.
      Steve and Bobby had been silent during the whole morning. When they
      reached their destination, Bobby saw that they were in an area of old
      houses. It looked like mostly old folks lived here.
      "What are we gonna do, Mrs. Smith?" Bobby asked Steve's mother.
      "We're going to distribute fans to some of these folks, Bobby. The
      heat wave caught these folks by surprise. Some of them do not have
      money to buy an air conditioner. Others can't afford the electric
      bill, so they keep it off."
      Bobby looked at Steve, who was looking out the window. He noticed
      Bobby's look.
      When everybody stepped out, Bobby and Steve walked away to talk alone.
      "I know what you are thinking, and no, I did not plan this. I didn't
      even know we were coming here."
      "You know I can't do anything, Steve. The Professor strictly
      prohibits us from using our powers in the open."
      "I haven't said anything Bobby. I haven't asked you to do anything. I
      wouldn't want to add to your overwhelming responsibilities."
      Bobby turned and started to walk away.
      "Bobby. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that. It's not fair for me
      to expect you to do something that you don't want. Who knows? If I
      was in your same situation, I'd probably do the same. I mean, we're
      in high school, for God's sake. We shouldn't have to think about
      going on "missions" and hoping that we don't get killed."
      Bobby turned to look at Steve. But then something caught his eye.
      From one of the old houses, screams could be heard, and a woman ran
      out with her hands in the air.
      "Please, somebody get a doctor! Mr. Brown is unconscious! It think
      it's heat stress!"
      "Oh my God!" they heard Mrs. Smith say. "At that age, heat stress
      like that can be fatal! Steve, quick, go in the car with Bobby to the
      7-11 and get some ice!"
      Steve and Bobby looked at each other; no words were needed.
      "We may not need to, mom."
      The two boys ran towards the old house. Inside, they found an old man
      on the floor. A tall man was in front of him, fanning with a
      "He's having heat stroke! Go get help!" the man screamed at the boys.
      The old man's skin looked red and flushed. His pupils were
      constricted and he did not appear to be breathing, or sweating.

      Bobby quickly put his hand on the old man's forehead. Within seconds,
      the skin turned clammy and pale, then back to its normal color.
      Suddenly, the old man started breathing somewhat normal again.

      "His temperature is back to normal, but you should still take him to
      the hospital to make sure he's ok." Bobby said, not really talking to
      anybody in particular, and oblivious to the other people that had
      gathered and now stood dumbfounded at the sudden recovery of the old
      man. Steve quickly reacted and dialed 911 on his cell phone.


      After the commotion had stopped and the ambulance had taken Mr. Brown
      away, Bobby was sitting alone on the porch of the old house looking
      at the floor. Steve walked towards him and sat down next to Bobby.
      "I told you so." He said. Bobby smiled but did not look up. "You ok?"
      "That was a great thing you did, Bobby. You saved that man's life."
      Bobby just stared at his hand.
      "You know, Steve, I have been thinking a lot lately. I think I have
      concluded something. Somebody once told me that everything happens
      for a reason." He looked at Steve and they both smiled. "I don't know
      why I was given the ability I have. But after saving that man's life,
      I finally know what I should do. I may not be able to do much with my
      powers, but if I can save other lives like Mr. Brown's, then I will
      certainly try my best. After all, the worst thing we can do with
      God's gifts is let them go to waste."
      Steve put his hand around Bobby's neck, pushing his head down and
      playfully scratching his head.
      "Well, said, Drake. I wonder where you heard that!"


      Bobby was back in his room at the Mansion. The weekend had certainly
      gone by quickly. Scott gave him a thumbs up after a 30 minute
      examination of the car. Rogue had given him a hug and an "I missed
      you". Now he stood in front of his closet. He opened the closet door
      and stared at it. He had not dared to take it out from where he had
      placed it after Scott gave it to him. Now he did. Carefully, he
      placed the uniform in his bed. He was supposed to only try it on for
      size, so a fitted one could be made. He undressed and put on the
      black leather outfit. He turned and looked at himself in the mirror,
      and smiled. Suddenly he was interrupted by a knock on the door.
      "Who is it?"
      "It's me, Bobby." said the Professor.
      Bobby walked to the door and opened it. The Professor saw Bobby in
      his uniform and smiled. He wheeled inside and closed the door.
      "It looks like it fits fine."
      "Well, maybe a little looser around the chest. I can hardly move!"
      "Very well, I'll tell Ororo. How are you feeling, Bobby?"
      "Good. Thanks for letting me go visit my friend, Professor."
      "I knew that you were having difficulties with all this. Going away
      to think was the best course of action."
      "Prof...you really think I have what it takes?"
      "Bobby, you have all you need right here." The professor touched the
      area over Bobby's heart with his hand. Bobby smiled.
      "You are most welcome. I came to see if you would be joining us later
      tonight in the Danger room."
      "You can count on it."
      "Very well." The Professor started to head for the door. "And I will
      not be erasing anything from your friend's head, Bobby."
      "Thanks, sir."
      "Oh, one more thing." The Professor stopped. "Good work, Robert." He
      said, smiling knowingly. Bobby smiled back.
      Bobby opened the door for the Professor and then locked it. Looking
      at himself again in the mirror, he flexed his muscles with some
      "Iceman". He said.
      Then he stood still and looked into his face.
      "Robert Drake."
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