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FIC: Grief and Comfort, X2, Scott/Ororo, NC-17

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  • Henrika
    Title: Grief and Comfort Rating: NC-17 Fandom: X-men movieverse, post X2. Pairing: Scott/Ororo, reference to Scott/Jean Disclaimer: Marvel and 20th Century Fox
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      Title: Grief and Comfort

      Rating: NC-17

      Fandom: X-men movieverse, post X2.

      Pairing: Scott/Ororo, reference to Scott/Jean

      Disclaimer: Marvel and 20th Century Fox own them, I don't own
      anything but this story idea. Please don't sue.

      Summary: Scott mourns Jean's death, and Ororo is there to comfort

      Archive: List archives, feel free to have it, and my own site,
      http://www.geocities.com/henrika_amanda/Index.html Others, please
      ask first.

      Feedback: Please, that would make my day, but don't flame me if
      don't like this pairing. Constructive criticism welcome. My email

      A/N & Warnings: This is my first Scott/Ororo fic. I might continue
      this fic, especially if I get positive feedback from you guys. No
      real warnings, I guess... A good deal of angst and a wee bit of m/f
      sex, but probably nothing you haven't read before. Spoilers for
      of course, so don't read this if you haven't seen the movie.

      Ororo was feeling weary. She often did these days. Jean's death
      still so close, and it affected everyone in a negative way. Ororo
      grieved for the loss of her best friend, and missed her presence at
      the mansion every day, but as she knew, it was even worse for Scott.

      Jean had been his fiancée after all, his lover, companion and
      The love of his life. Losing her had been hard on him. More and more
      often Scott complained over headache and asked someone else –
      Ororo – to take his classes so he could go to his room and rest.

      Ororo no longer believed him every time he said he had a headache,
      but she never objected and always did what he asked without
      questions. He was her friend, and she felt she had to try being there
      for him when he needed her. He never cried so others could see it,
      although the professor encouraged him to "let it out". No one
      believe him weak if he did; it would only be human. Even the most
      fearless leader had the right to be human.

      But Scott just shook his head with a dogged expression. "No, I
      cry," he claimed.

      Charles could feel his pain, but never pressed him further. Scott
      dealt with his pain in his own way, and if he wanted to keep it all
      within himself, it was his choice.

      It was difficult for Ororo to know how Charles handled the loss of
      Jean. She had been one of his first students, as dear to him as Scott
      and Ororo herself were, almost like a daughter. He *felt* normal when
      one talked to him, but in private... one could never know.

      Logan was his usual gruff, macho type, and although he had chosen to
      stay at the mansion this time, he spent much time out. He and Scott
      no longer picked at each other, but seemed to have reached a silent
      understanding. They hardly spoke, but at least they greeted each
      other when they met in the hallway. Always something.

      Ororo had to take more than twice as many classes now when Jean was
      gone, and Scott was unable to attend. She was a strong woman, but the
      new time schedule wore her out, although she hadn't the heart to
      complain. After the long workdays she was often so tired, that she
      went straight to bed and slept until her alarm clock woke her up in
      the morning.

      Maybe people saw that she was overstraining herself, but maybe
      everyone was too busy to notice. In either case, it was the same. The
      kids came first, and Ororo was responsible for them, which was a duty
      she couldn't fail. That would have been like failing Jean.

      Scott is failing Jean, she thought one evening. I am sure she
      wished him to hide in a shell within himself like he does. She would
      have wanted him to move on, to remember her, sure, but not to drown
      in his grief.

      She decided to go down to the mansion's Jacuzzi for a while, and
      relax. She didn't get many opportunities to relax these days, and
      to use those she got.

      Ororo brought a towel and slowly and silently made her way through
      the mansion toward the swimming pool in the sub level. She walked
      past Cerebro, the science lab, and, of course, the med-lab, now
      always sadly empty when Jean was no longer around in her glasses and
      white lab-coat.

      Ororo felt a sting in her heart when she saw the closed door, and
      forced herself to continue. Tears had begun to itch in her eyes, and
      she blinked them away. The Jacuzzi. Right.

      She turned on the hot tub and waited for the water to start bubbling.
      Ororo undressed. She didn't bring any bathing suit, since she
      swam and bathed naked. While living in Kenya, bathing clothes had
      never been an issue, and the habit had followed her into the States.
      She wasn't sure whether it was a bad habit or not, but she felt
      comfortable with it, and so be it.

      Sighing, Ororo sank down in the hot, stirring water and let it caress
      her aching body. Slowly her tense muscles started to relax and
      soften, and she closed her eyes and leaned back against the edge,
      stretching out her arms on the sides. She regretted that she
      stuffed her hair into a bun, for she didn't want to wet it. She
      probably go to bed soon after this, and it took forever to get her
      hair dry.

      Never mind. That's why God created hairdryers, right? Ororo
      She hadn't been down here for so long, and decided to enjoy every
      minute of her time.

      Suddenly she could hear the sounds of steps advancing toward the
      Jacuzzi. Ororo winced and her eyes fluttered open at once. She really
      hadn't expected anyone else to come down here this late at night,
      was therefore surprised and also a little startled.

      When she opened her eyes she saw the last person she'd expected
      see; Scott. Judging from the look on his face, he was as surprised to
      see her here.

      "Ororo..." he murmured, sounding troubled. "So you're

      "Yes," Ororo replied. "Obviously I am. Are you're
      here as well."

      "If you wonder why, I've just had a long work out, and
      thought I'd
      relax in the Jacuzzi for a while, but if I'm disturbing

      "No!" Ororo called reflexively, "I mean... no, you're
      not disturbing
      me... By all means, come and have a seat."

      She could feel a flush creeping into her face and didn't know
      what to
      do to hide it. That she was naked didn't bother her, but she had
      admit seeing Scott wearing only swimming trunks did. He had an almost
      perfect body; tall, fit, athletic... not massive like Logan's,
      still muscular... And then he was Scott Summers.

      Ororo had never admitted it to anyone, not even herself, but for many
      years she had been secretly in love with Scott. Her best friend's
      boyfriend. She had kept it all to herself, and never displayed any
      such feelings. Both Jean and Scott were her friends, and she felt
      ashamed for wanting him. He was happy with Jean, and she wanted him
      to be happy. As well as Jean.

      But now Jean was dead. And Scott was alone, and all but happy. He was
      heartbroken. The grief was still so near, and finding out that Ororo,
      his friend and teammate, thought of him like that could either have a
      positive or devastating effect on him. Anyway, this wasn't the
      to reveal such a thing. Ororo would never think of trying to steal
      her dead friend's boyfriend. Not now, and probably not ever.

      "Are you sure?" Scott asked.

      "Of course. It will just be nice to get some company," Ororo
      him and gave him a friendly smile. She was a little afraid that
      something in her behaviour would reveal her secret, but it would seem
      odd if she left now or asked him to leave.

      Scott lowered his body into the Jacuzzi and settled about two feet
      away from her, which was close enough to affect Ororo.

      He couldn't help thinking of Jean, and how often they had gone
      sometimes late in the evening or early in the morning, when no one
      else was here, and enjoyed being alone with each other. A couple of
      times they had made love in the Jacuzzi, mostly to try how it was to
      have sex in the water, and it had been good. No, more than good.
      Exquisite. Everything about Jean had been that.

      He threw a quick glance at Ororo. She wore no bikini top, and
      probably no lower part either. That meant she was naked. Damn! Why
      didn't he see that before? That water sure concealed everything
      her shoulders, but still, knowing that a naked woman was sitting at
      such a small distance from him, made him feel uncomfortable. Scott
      squirmed and thought about leaving, but that might hurt Ororo, so he

      "How are you?" she asked him, concerned. "You look so

      "It's nothing..." Scott murmured. "I'm fine."

      "If there's anything I can do to help, then let me know,"
      she said.
      And she meant it. Helping Scott was something she was always ready

      "Thanks, `Roro," he replied, and the ghost of a smile
      appeared on his

      Ororo couldn't recall she had seen Scott smile since Jean died at
      Alkali Lake.

      "You miss her a lot, don't you?" she asked

      "Yes," Scott nodded. "I really do."

      "I miss her too. She was my best friend."

      "I know."

      "If you'd like to talk about her, or anything, I'll be
      happy to
      listen," she offered, hoping to get him to open up a bit. But
      the professor hadn't succeeded, so she wasn't very hopeful.

      Scott was silent for a while, but then he said, "I still
      believe she's dead. Every morning when I wake up, I expect to see
      lying next to me in the bed. And every time it hurts so much when I
      remember that she... won't be there. Ever."

      Scott turned his pained face away from her, and could feel tears
      burning behind his ruby-red glasses. He continued, but without
      looking at her, "When I go down town, I always see people, women,
      that look exactly like her from behind. Whenever I see someone who
      looks like her disappear behind a corner, I feel like running there
      to check if it's Jean."

      He sighed. "I know that's silly, but I suppose a part of me
      accept that she's gone."

      "No, that isn't silly," Ororo said softly. "I
      understand how you
      feel. I miss her too. And I still wonder every day, if there could
      have been something that I – we – could have done to save

      "I know," Scott said. "I can't let it go myself."

      "Don't blame yourself, Scott. You couldn't have done more
      than you
      already did."

      "I suppose so, but...." Scott murmured.

      "Have you talked to Charles? Maybe he could help you come to
      with this?" Ororo asked.

      "No," Scott shook his head, determined. "I have to deal
      with this on
      my own."

      "Accepting help doesn't make you weak. Honestly," she
      continued, "I
      don't think Jean would have wanted you to fall out like this. She
      would have wanted you to move on. She is gone, Scott. Your grief, my
      grief... nothing can bring her back."

      Scott didn't answer. Ororo was so right, and deep down inside he
      it, and wanted to agree, but...

      Two months had passed since Jean's death, and Scott had to admit
      there were better ways to deal with the grief than his was. He had
      basically withdrawn into himself, and made his own life, and the life
      of is friends and teammates, very difficult. Ororo and Charles had
      had to take over his classes, and he had almost forgotten about his
      responsibilities and the students.

      I mustn't neglect my duties like this, he thought. Jean died, I
      alive. I have to accept it. She is not coming back.

      "You're right," he sighed. "I have to accept that...
      that she... that
      Jean is..."

      Scott couldn't finish his sentence. He did something he
      hadn't done
      since Jean died – he cried. Sobbing he buried his face in his
      and murmured something incoherent about Jean.

      Ororo was hesitant for a second, but she quickly overcame it, and
      reached out to take Scott in her arms. He gratefully accepted her
      embrace and leaned against her as he cried and released what he'd
      been holding back for two months. It was quite a lot. To begin with
      he simply cried and clutched her closer, desperate for contact. She
      comforted him to the best of her ability, murmuring softly, and
      soothingly stroking his hair.

      Later his tears dried up and empty sobs were all that remained. Ororo
      still held him close, and when he had gotten over the worst, he
      slowly got aware of what was actually happening. The fragrant scent
      of her womanly body reached his nose, and he could feel her nudity
      against his own, almost naked body. His head was almost between her
      soft, firm breasts, and he was holding his arms around her waist. Oh,
      God. No, not now! Scott had been mostly asexual since Jean's
      and sexual activities had never even crossed his mind, because he had
      simply not allowed them to. That would have been like cheating on

      Now he could feel his penis starting to stiffen in his swimming
      trunks, and suddenly it was pressing against Ororo's inner thigh.
      Scott couldn't help it. He jerked. The sensation that came over
      was just too overwhelming and sudden, and he didn't know how to
      handle it. So he did what was simplest – trying to escape.

      He pulled away from her tight embrace, his face flushed and heart
      pumping like after an hour of intense exercising.

      "I'm sorry, Ororo," he whispered. "I don't know
      what came over me.
      Please, forgive me. I'll... I'll leave now... Thanks for
      listening to

      He started to rise from the Jacuzzi, but Ororo seized his wrist and
      stopped him. "Scott," she said. "That's nothing to be
      ashamed of.
      Please don't leave."

      He looked back at her beautiful, honest, sympathetic face, noticing
      the hurt expression there, and hesitantly sank back beside her. His
      erection hadn't gone away; on the contrary, Ororo's presence
      made it
      grow further. Luckily they were in the water, so she couldn't see
      He knew that she knew anyway, though.

      Ororo had noticed what happened with Scott, and she had responded the
      same way. A familiar burning heat had formed in her crotch, and it
      would certainly remain there as long as Scott stayed close. And she
      wanted him to.

      "I'm sorry, `Ro," he said again. "I didn't
      mean to..."

      "No," she said, "don't be."

      Scott looked at her. "I wasn't trying to take advantage of
      you, or
      anything, it just..."

      Ororo put her finger over Scott's lips. "Hush," she said.
      apologizing. It's a natural feeling. I'm sorry if this is too
      personal, but you haven't... had anyone since Jean, have you?"

      Scott looked surprised. "No, of course not. I haven't even
      thought of
      things like sex."

      "Because you're still feeling faithful to Jean, right?"

      "I suppose so, but..."

      "I understand. But Jean is dead, Scott. I know you still feel
      committed to her, but you can't live in celibacy for the rest of

      "But Jean..."

      "Do you think Jean would want that?"

      Scott went silent. No, he didn't think Jean would want him to
      a monk after her death. That was just something he had put into his
      own head. He couldn't deny that the closeness to Ororo had
      desire in him, but could he really do what his body was urging?

      Ororo was a beautiful and loving woman, but she was also his friend,
      and he didn't want to ruin that. Ororo was the only real *friend*
      had ever had, besides Jean and Charles, someone who had always been
      there for him. He wasn't sure if he wanted to risk that by taking
      as a lover.

      Ororo gently brushed Scott's hair back. "You know, I probably
      shouldn't be telling this, but I really want you, more than as a
      friend. If that's not what you want, you can tell me now. I
      won't be
      hurt. We can always continue as friends."

      "I do want you," Scott said. "May God – and Jean
      – forgive me, but I
      really do."

      Ororo smiled. "We can go slow at first. Will you let me hold you

      "Sure, I...would like that."

      He slowly leaned into her embrace again, and she guided his head to
      her shoulder, and let him rest it there. Scott kissed the soft skin
      of her throat and tentatively placed his hand on her thigh. His hand
      became warm, and so did the blood that pooled in his groin. He felt a
      strong urge to move his hand upwards, and touch her between her legs,
      but he didn't want to scare Ororo by being too hasty.

      She caressed his firm muscles and enjoyed feeling his body against
      her own. She could hardly believe what was happening, and a part of
      her felt guilty for what they were doing. Making love to Scott now,
      would be like laughing on Jean's funeral, she thought, and she
      like that. But Jean *was* gone, and although she'd always be
      and never forgotten, they couldn't keep pretending like she was
      with them. And she was glad Scott had finally realized this.

      It didn't take long before their lips met in a kiss. Ororo opened
      mouth and allowed Scott access, and he did the same for her. They
      began to explore each other's bodies with their hands, and Ororo
      gasped when Scott's hand found her breasts and the touch burned

      She passed her hand over his flat washboard stomach, and gripped his
      erection through the fabric of his trunks. Scott moaned into her
      mouth, seemingly liking the touch. She sneaked her hand inside them,
      and began to fondle his erect penis with her delicate hand. His flesh
      was heated, and suddenly she felt how much she wanted it inside her.

      Scott slid out of his trunks, and placed them on the edge. It was a
      great feeling to get rid of them, and let his erection spring free.
      Ororo was still stroking it, and Scott returned her caresses with a
      passion he had almost forgotten existed.

      Ororo slid on top of him, still kissing him, and straddled his
      pelvis. The tip of his hot erection brushed her swollen folds, and
      she almost impaled herself on him right then. But Scott held her back.

      "What is wrong?" Ororo asked, dazed with passion.

      "Nothing, I just... don't want this to happen *here*. A first
      should be perfect. Can we go to a bed instead?"

      "Of course..." Ororo murmured. "Right now?"

      "Yes, right now," Scott said, still as eager.


      Ororo slid off of him, and stood up in the Jacuzzi. Scott admired her
      chocolate-brown, firm silky body, enjoying the view before him in
      full. He wondered how he could have failed to see Ororo's true
      during all the years they'd spent here together. He supposed
      taken her for granted. He didn't anymore. He still loved Jean,
      would never stop loving her, but he and Ororo needed each other right

      He rose as well, just in time to watch Ororo wipe herself with a
      towel. She tied it around her body, not bothering to get dressed.
      Scott could see that her gaze was fixed between his legs. His
      erection had not flagged, and he was fairly well endowed, and he was
      aware of this. Nothing to be ashamed of there.

      Scott mimicked Ororo, and tied a towel around his waist as well. At
      this time of night no one would be up to notice it.

      They shared another hot kiss while standing on the floor, and then
      they left quietly, holding each other's hands.

      "Your room or mine?" Ororo asked while they stood in the
      headed to ground level.

      "Yours," Scott replied immediately. "I...I couldn't
      do it in Jean's
      and my bed," he explained. "Not now. It's too soon."

      "I understand," Ororo said.

      They encountered no one on their way to Ororo's room – the
      were probably all asleep, and the professor and the other adults had
      gone to their rooms to sleep as well.

      Ororo closed the door behind them and dropped her towel. Scott did
      the same, and they united in another passionate kiss, wanting to
      taste every inch of each other. Scott fondled Ororo's nipples
      his fingers, drawing a moan out of her. He slowly kneeled in front of
      her, licking her flat tummy and navel, and from there down to her
      soft, white pubic hair.

      "Ororo..." he whispered, kissing her tuft. He wanted to taste
      beyond that, the very essence of her, and he wanted it *now*. Scott
      rose to his full height - he was 6'1'', 7 inches taller than
      Ororo -
      and lifted her into his arms. She was light. Ororo wrapped her supple
      arms around his neck and buried her face in the hollow of his neck as
      he carried her to the bed and gently lowered her onto it.

      After putting her on the bed, Scott lay down himself, pulling his
      would-be lover into his arms again. Ororo's erect nipples rubbed
      against his chest and her breasts were flattened when their embrace

      Scott's heated member slid in between her thighs and nudged her
      wet opening. Ororo clutched him close, and whispered in his
      ear, "Please, Scott, in me... Now."

      Scott pushed Ororo down onto her back, and spread her long graceful
      legs. He brought down his hand before he penetrated her, and opened
      her folds with his fingers. She felt no different from Jean, really;
      or maybe she was tighter, much tighter, to be precise.

      When Scott tried to push his fingers deeper into her channel, Ororo
      suddenly winced from pain. Afraid to have hurt her, he drew his hand
      back at once.

      "Ororo?" he asked, concerned wrinkle between his brows.
      "Did I hurt

      Ororo bit her bottom lip, not really knowing how to frame her
      sentence. "Scott..." she said slowly, "there is something
      I should
      tell you... I'm a virgin," she finally said, waiting for his

      "Really?" Scott asked, marveling at her words. "So you
      have never..."

      She shook her head. "No. I always thought I'd save myself for
      right one."

      "Am I the right one?" Scott asked. "Are you really sure
      you want to
      go through with this?"

      "Yes," Ororo said. "I do. You are the right one."

      "I'll be gentle," he promised and kissed her softly as he
      himself in a position to enter her.

      Ororo leaned back against her pillows and tried to relax. She had
      never been surer in her life, but still she couldn't help feeling
      bit apprehensive. It might hurt a little, or even more than a little,
      if you were unfortunate. She allowed Scott access to her most
      sensitive parts, and closed her eyes when she felt his member
      entering her channel.

      She suppressed a shrill cry when he pierced through her hymen, and
      buried her fingertips in his back muscles. He waited for her to
      adjust to the feeling, and stayed completely still for a while.

      "Are you okay, Ororo?" he whispered.

      He could feel her nod against his shoulder. "Yes, you can do
      it," she
      whispered back.

      Scott needed no further encouragement, and started to move inside her
      gently. Ororo felt some pain to begin with, but the pain quickly
      faded into pleasure, and she started gasping in rhythm with his
      thrust, encouraging him to go faster and deeper.

      He forgot to be careful when he noticed there was no need for it, and
      slammed into Ororo with a forced he'd repressed for two months.
      was careful not to hurt her, though, and would have slowed down if
      she'd asked him to, but now it seemed like she was enjoying it,
      Scott saw no reason to hold back. He didn't for a second forget
      or his love for her – Ororo, not Jean, Ororo, not Jean, Ororo...
      echoed in Scott's head while he made love to Ororo. She would
      replace Jean, but it was now obvious that Ororo had a place in his
      life, as something more than his longtime friend.

      Ororo cried out when she came, and Scott followed her shortly,
      coating her inner walls with his white seed. He lay limp on top of
      her for some time after the intense orgasm, and panted with his eyes
      closed. He wished he could take his glasses off and let her see his
      eyes, but that was, of course, impossible. He could see Ororo's
      big, beautiful and dark, like a doe's eyes, and he could see love


      "Schh..." she said, brushing his hair back from his forehead.
      think we should sleep."

      "Okay," he replied. Then he rolled off of her, still panting,
      settled next to her. He was glad they hadn't gone to his room.
      love to another woman in the bed he'd shared with Jean for so
      years, would have felt like a blasphemous act. But now it didn't,
      however; sex with Ororo had felt like creating life.

      "Jean died, I didn't..." he murmured to himself.

      "What?" Ororo asked sleepily.

      "Nothing, `Roro," Scott replied and kissed the top of her
      head. "Nothing at all. Let's go to sleep now."

      Ororo leaned her head against Scott's shoulder and he put her
      around her warm sated body, hugging her close. He had almost
      forgotten how great it was to sleep with someone in his arms, and it
      felt wonderful to renew the feeling.

      "Good night," he whispered.

      "Good night, Scott," Ororo whispered back. "I love

      The words stung Scott's heart, and although he cared very much
      Ororo, he could not return her words. Not yet, anyway. It was too
      soon. In due time, perhaps.

      "Schh..." he said. "Sleep now."


      Ororo woke up in the morning, half past six, with Scott still in her
      arms. He was still sleeping soundly; she could tell that by his
      breaths, and she would let him sleep. Scott had probably not slept
      properly since that terrible day at Alkali Lake, and he really needed
      his sleep.

      She didn't know how things would proceed from here, or how Scott
      would fit into her life, but she was sure of one thing – she
      him deeply.

      I'm so sorry, Jean, she thought. You know I love him. I hope you

      It felt like she was speaking directly to Jean, even without mouthing
      any words. They had often done this in the past, conversing with just
      their minds, to practice Jean's telepathic abilities. Jean was
      there to pick up her thoughts now, but she thought them anyway.

      Scott didn't love her; Ororo knew this. He valued her, respected
      and cared for her, but he didn't love her, not like he had loved
      Jean. Ororo wondered if this was enough for her. If she accepted it,
      and stayed in a relationship with Scott, it would eventually break
      her heart to know that Scott didn't love her like she loved him.

      Could he ever grow to love her? Pressing him now would only get
      negative effects, since Jean's death was still so close. But in
      future... No one knew the future, of course. One could just wait and

      Ororo closed her eyes again and tried to go back to sleep, listening
      to Scott's even breaths. Two minutes later the Weather Goddess

      The End
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