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Fic: Dall'Acqua (From The Water) 3/3 (Scott/Rogue, X2)

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    Dall Acqua (From The Water) 3/3 by Princess Twilite * * * * Rogue couldn t sleep. It seemed impossible beneath the huge weight of Scott s revelation to her
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 17, 2003
      Dall'Acqua (From The Water) 3/3
      by Princess Twilite

      * * * *

      Rogue couldn't sleep.

      It seemed impossible beneath the huge weight of Scott's
      revelation to her today. The sheets were damp from her sweat, wet in
      the places her limbs had pushed against as she tossed and turned,
      trying to find a cool place to rest her body. No such luck. Cursing,
      she rolled over again, kicking the sheets to the bottom of the bed.
      Not like it helped. The air was too hot, too heavy, to make any
      prominent change in her situation. Instead, she only felt revealed
      and open to attack.

      Flopping onto her back, she glared at the ceiling. Shadows
      blotted it, floating across the surface, as outside, the clouds
      concealed the moon, darkening the world. She took a deep breath. In.
      Out. C'mon. Snap out of it. Don't think of anything.

      Fuck, she'd never been good at Yoga.

      "Too much thought," her instruction had grumbled at her on
      her very first class. "Very little action. You must stop thinking.

      Yeah, and that wouldn't get her killed. Right. Rogue didn't
      return to that class again. Instead, she started smoking for a few
      weeks to kill the tension. Nadda. Finally, she'd just given up,
      worked hard to kick the barely there habit, and accepted the fact
      that she'd have tense neck muscles for the rest of her life. Being
      an X-Man wasn't all about the rest and relaxation, not that she'd

      Rogue banged her head against the pillow, wishing she'd
      taken just a few more classes. Her mind wouldn't shut the hell up
      and she was left with the aftermath of every moment Scott and she
      had ever shared. She'd already dissected them until they'd last all
      shape and sound, and their innards had hung in her hand. There
      wasn't anything left for her to do but let it go. Or kill him. The
      second option was beginning to look more viable by the minute as
      sleep eluded her.

      *Damn* him.

      It was like he'd infected her with naked Scott thoughts just
      by kissing her and suggesting that he'd be open to experimenting
      further with the scene that had gone unfinished. Naked Scott was a
      bad thing, she told herself. A bad, bad thing. Something she wanted
      nothing to do with. Best friend, she repeated over and over in her
      head. Scott was her best friend and she shouldn't want to see him

      Groaning, she pushed herself out of bed, grabbing the terry-
      cloth robe on top of her dresser and slipping her arms inside of the
      armholes. Knotting it shut at the waist, Rogue left her bedroom.
      Silently, she crept past Scott's bedroom, carefully avoiding the
      board of the floor that creaked loudly every time she stepped on it.
      She wasn't so lucky with the stairs. Every other step seemed to
      groan and pout beneath her wait, snapping at her whenever she
      stepped on it. Conceding defeat, she to the last few steps quickly,
      hoping to get the noisiest part behind her faster.

      At the bottom, she turned and looked up at the shadowy
      staircase. No naked Scott following her. No half naked Scott either.
      Breathing a sigh of relief, she wiped her sweaty palms off on the
      front of the robe before striding into the open kitchen. She opened
      up two cabinet doors before she found the one that held the glasses,
      snatched a large one from the bottom shelf, and then turned to the
      sink and filled the glass she held with water.

      Rogue lifted the glass to her lips and took a sip of the
      lukewarm water, washing the taste of anxiety down her throat and
      into her stomach. Yuck. She drank the rest of the water anyway,
      swallowing heavy gulps to wet her parched mouth. After she was done,
      she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, placed the glass into
      the sink with a metallic clink, and gripped the edge of the counter

      Don't think. Don't want. Don't let it in.

      Through the window, she could see the darkened stretch of
      water ballooning out at the edge of the shore. The waves swelled
      forward, overlapping each other. There was something dark out there,
      something mysterious and unknown, something untouchable in the grasp
      of nighttime. She shut her mouth, breathing steadily through her
      nose to calm the sudden urge to storm back up the stairs, throw open
      Scott's bedroom door, and climb on top of him. It would pass. It had

      Forcing herself away from the sink, she left the kitchen,
      padding barefooted across the length of the living room toward the
      stairs. She paused in front of them, uneasy about climbing them all
      over again and making that much noise. Biting her bottom lip, she
      gripped the railing, and took the first step.


      Resigned, Rogue took the rest of the stairs steadily. She
      didn't bother to breathe a sigh of relief at the top. She might
      have, if there had been anything to be relieved about, but as it
      was, she couldn't breathe at all.

      Scott. Coming out of his bedroom. Wearing only his boxers.

      Rogue blinked, slowly.

      He stopped short when he saw her, and tried to look
      surprised. "Rogue." He took another step forward, into the puddle of
      moonlight spilling in through the window at the end of the
      hall. "What are you doing awake?" If there was a certain roughness
      to his voice, he blamed it on sleep. Or the lack there of.

      "It's hot," she said, simply.

      Scott nodded and lifted a hand, scraping it along the
      stubble on his jaw. "I noticed." Shifting on his feet, he forced
      himself not to reach out for her. "I haven't slept much myself."

      Because of her. He didn't have to say it.

      "Sorry," she said, blankly. And then she carelessly flicked
      her hair behind her shoulder. "I'm going back to bed. Night."

      Before he could help himself, he blocked her path when she
      tried to walk past him, towering over her in the shadowed space of
      the hallway. "Marie..."

      She kept her gaze on his chest, as naked and tempting as it
      was. Anything was better than giving in and looking at his
      face. "What is it?"

      His lips tightened fractionally, the muscles of his chest
      pulling taut as he squared his shoulders. "You. Know." The words out
      of his mouth were like a hammer driving the nail home. She flinched.

      "I don't want to," she said, through clenched teeth, and
      shouldered past him. The back of her hand brushed against his lower
      abdomen as she passed. The muscles there clenched reflexively, and a
      sharp groan broke raggedly from his throat. Rogue froze in her
      footsteps, shoulder against his, still lightly touching his ever-
      tightening muscles.

      Don't think. Don't want. Don't let it in.

      Scott's hand closed over hers, pressing it hard against his
      stomach. She could feel his heart beating, hard and low, like a
      drum. Thump. Thump. Picking up speed as she slowly, hesitantly,
      lifted her eyes.

      "You want to," he whispered.

      She shook her head half-heartedly, but she didn't move her
      fingers away from the burn of his flesh. Instead, they flattened
      against him, stroking along his belly as if they had a mind of their
      own. Rogue's eyes fell shut and she leaned forward, resting her
      cheek against his naked shoulder. His scent overwhelmed her. So
      familiar, but something about him now had her throat closing up with

      His other hand came up, palming the back of her skull,
      holding her there against his shoulder gently. Scott's fingers
      threaded through her hair, tightening by degrees as he turned,
      pulling her hand away from his stomach. He brought it up into the
      air beside them and threaded their fingers together. Tightly. She
      clutched at him and rubbed her cheek against his skin. In response,
      Scott hummed softly in his throat and brushed the front of his body
      against hers.

      Like they were dancing.

      Like they were making love standing up.

      Don't think. Don't want. Don't-

      Rogue forcefully pulled herself out of his arms, ignoring
      his mumble of protest. She pushed her hair out of her eyes, combing
      it out of the way with her fingers. And then, she made a decision.
      Looking at him fiercely, she deliberately stepped forward, pushing
      her torso against his as she wrapped vice-like arms around his neck
      and pulled his head down to meet her kiss. It wasn't gentle, and it
      wasn't slow. He grasped at her back, curling handfuls of terry-cloth
      into his hands as he struggled to pull her closer. She kissed him
      hard enough that their teeth mashed together behind their lips, and
      when he opened his mouth over hers, she didn't hesitate to return
      the favor.

      If she was going to screw things up, then at least she
      could let herself enjoy it.

      Scott's tongue massaging hers was a new, but not altogether
      unpleasant sensation. Rogue smoothed her hands along the unshaven
      length of his jaw, feeling it stretch and clench as he kissed her
      wildly, breathing hard from his nose. She'd never known herself to
      evoke passion like this in anyone. She certainly hadn't felt it

      Rogue had latched herself onto his body, and she tried to
      climb up him like a ladder. He eagerly accepted, cupping his palms
      around her thighs and lifting her against him so that the bulge in
      his boxers was situated almost exactly between her thighs. The added
      weight threw him off balance and he stumbled backwards, knocking
      into the wall roughly.

      "Ow," Rogue muttered, as his tooth cut into her top lip at
      the impact, but she didn't stop kissing him.

      "Sorry." The word was muffled by her mouth. Inside his
      stomach, the ball of lust flexed, burning hotter. He swallowed her
      moans like a starving man, wanting to make it last, wanting to draw
      it out so that he could calm the craving. As if he ever could.

      A grunt was her only response. Scott jerked her up again,
      cupping the firm globes of her ass, not quite believing that he was
      allowed to. But he wasn't about to question it. When she hissed and
      drew back from his mouth, head falling back so that all he saw was
      her pointed chin and the smooth column of her neck, he stared at her
      in a daze. Rogue's hips rolled against his, and he flinched, lips
      pulling back across his teeth.

      "God," he grunted, and abruptly spun them around until she
      was pressed against the wall and he could hump his hips forward
      against hers without the fear of toppling over. She turned her face
      to the side, the curve of her cheek catching the moonlight and he
      couldn't even suck in a breath as he landed hot kisses on her neck,
      the curve of her jaw, the corner of her eye. "Marie... God, Marie.
      Let's go to my bedroom."

      She shifted, pushing him back a step.

      He stood there, with his hands at his side, waiting.

      Rogue's mouth pulled to the side in a half-slung smile. "You
      still want me?"

      Something twisted in him, and he latched onto her jaw with
      both hands, pulling her face close to his. "Always." And it was the
      truth. The dangerous, heartbreaking truth.

      Rogue's eyes flickered, left, then right, and then she held
      out her hand to him, palm up. Scott looked at it, and carefully
      placed his fingers in hers. She sighed, very softly, like the wind
      brushing against leaves, and tugged on his fingers, pulling him
      toward his bedroom. He kept his gaze on the sway of the terry-cloth
      against her calves, drawn to the shape of her legs. It burned a hole
      in his gut to think that those legs would soon be wrapped around his
      waist, as he had imagined them so often.

      She looked at him once, a solid glance over her shoulder,
      and he could see the sex in her eyes. Her mouth, tilted at the
      corner, drew him further inside the bedroom like a beacon, and he
      shut the door firmly behind him, letting go of her hand. Rogue
      paused in the center of his room, turning to face him. He thought he
      saw her fingers trembling, but she clasped them together, and he
      couldn't be sure.

      It was a little awkward, and a part of him wished they had
      just stumbled together in here, limbs and lips locked, so they could
      have avoided this moment. But then, as the silence stretched,
      gathering weight, and she took a hesitant step forward, he realized
      this was how it must be. Gentle, he told himself. Careful. Don't
      scare her away now that she's within your grasp.

      Lust warred with love as he reached for her, gripping her by
      the forearms and pulling her to the bed. "I've dreamed of you here,"
      he whispered, as he kneeled on the bed, sinking into the soft
      mattress. She climbed in after him, eyes shades of desire and fear.
      When they kneeled before each other, not touching, he carefully
      reached out and stroked a line from the back of her ear down to the
      skin just beneath the sagging edge of her robe.

      She shivered, eyes falling shut. "Here?" Rogue whispered, a
      lilt of amusement coloring her voice. "In this exact bed? But this
      is the first time we've been here."

      "Together, yes." His finger continued its journey, razing
      across her collarbone, steady over the bumps and hollows. "But I've
      come here before, without you." His tone thickened as his forefinger
      moved further down, beneath the cloth, to run over the tops of her
      breasts. "I imagined what you'd look like laying beneath me on these
      blankets, with your hair across these pillows. I imagined the sounds
      you'd make." His voice caught, and he worked his whole hand inside
      the robe, cupping a warm, weighty breast. "How you'd feel."

      Rogue breathed roughly, opening her eyes and staring down at
      his large hand inside her robe. It was almost surreal, hard to
      believe that the hand stroking her nipple into hardness was her best
      friend's. But the fact that it *was* his hand made her heart beat
      that much harder, made her fingers that much more shaky as she ran
      them over the hot skin of his chest, following the path of his

      Scott felt hot and alive and *real* beneath her touch, and a
      flame that she had never felt before flickered to life inside her.
      Pulling back from him, scooting awkwardly on the bed, she untied the
      knot in her robe. The cloth fell apart, and then she was naked
      before him as she let the robe fall to the bed with a quiet swish.

      Naked in more ways than one.

      Scott's breathing had changed, rumbling in and out of his
      chest now with increasing force as he looked at her. Just sat, with
      his palms on his knees, and stared. Rogue smiled, shyly, and ran her
      palm over the flat surface of her own stomach. "You can touch," she
      told him, softly, wickedly. "I won't bite."

      He smiled, vaguely. "You can. I won't mind." And then his
      hands were on her. Everywhere. Her breasts. Her thighs. The curve of
      her ass. They rubbed and molded her skin until she was on her back
      beneath him, arching up into his touch, body soaked with fresh
      sweat. They moved over her like he had known her intimately before,
      like he had always known her, and she found herself crying out when
      he loomed over her, spread her legs, and stabbed a finger inside of
      her. The way he wanted her was in his touch, and it made her arousal
      that much more acute.

      Scott suckled her nipple into his mouth, and then pulled
      back, flicking it with just the tip of his tongue. He watched from
      her torso, intently, as she tossed her head to the side, flailing
      her arms against the mattress until she found purchase, gripping the
      bottom rungs of the headboard. Scott smiled at her lack of control.
      Rogue bowed her body up until he took her nipple further into her
      mouth and added a second finger inside of her, curling them into a
      hook and tugging against the wall of her vagina.

      She gave a shocked gasp, twitching in his arms.

      "Do you like that?" He asked roughly, as he lifted his mouth
      away from her breast. Her glazed eyes shifting in his direction, and
      a small nod was his only response. Scott bent to give her nipple
      one final lick before sliding down the bed so that he could dot wet
      kisses along the span of her rib cage. His fingers remained busy
      down below, and he added another finger, stretching her passage.
      Rogue tensed up, pushing herself into a half-sitting position on the
      bed with her elbows. Sweat dripped between her breasts as she stared
      down at him. He dragged his teeth against the curve of her waist,
      the moonlight sparking off his visor, throwing ruby waves of light
      across her skin.

      "Scott," she whispered, reaching one hand out to twine it in
      the messy strands of his hair, scratching her blunt nails gently on
      his scalp. He hummed, and the sensation hijacked her stomach,
      stealing her concern away. "Oh... God..."

      "No," he said into her navel as his tongue slipped inside,
      swirling around the sensitive skin. Carefully, he removed his
      fingers. "Just me. Just Scott."

      And that was the entire reason her body felt like jelly, she

      Just Scott. Because of Scott.

      Falling back against the mattress, she gave her body over to
      him. She was his. For now. Scott pressed his cheek against her
      stomach for a vibrating minute, thankful for her surrender, and then
      he planted his lips below her belly button, sucking the skin there
      between his teeth. Rogue's hips made jerky circles beneath him as
      she tried to gain some form of contact with her pelvis. Scott
      slipped one hand up her stomach, cupping her breast, distracting
      her, while the other raced down ahead of him. She jolted when she
      felt his fingers spread her open. Scott shifted further down on the
      bed, until he was on his belly between her open legs.

      Rogue felt wanton, open as she was to him, in a way she had
      been with very few people in her life. She'd made love rarely,
      because for the longest time she hadn't been able to touch... and
      then... well, then because she wasn't *used* to being touched. The
      irony hadn't escaped her. All thought left her general orbit when
      she felt his warm breath wash over her heated flesh, and then, a
      deep swipe of his tongue against her slit.

      She arched off the bed, electrified.

      "Yeah, you like that," he said coarsely, lapping at her
      again, while his other hand trailed up to join its partner, palming
      both of her breasts. "You like that a lot."

      Rogue didn't answer him. Couldn't. She stared vaguely at the
      ceiling, feeling the burn of her approaching orgasm all the way up
      to her eyeballs as he stroked, tongued, and tortured her. And it
      was torture. Of the worst and best kind.

      Scott kept his gaze on her face, watching her reaction to
      this most intimate kiss.

      And then he did something... something *wonderful* with that
      tongue of his. He moved it in such a way that it nearly curled
      around her clit, yanked, and damn it, she came like she'd been
      building up for years, pulling hard on his hair and half bending
      over him as her body stiffened. Burned. Overflowed. The orgasm was
      as bright, shiny, and three-dimensional as the seashell she had
      picked up from the beach just that day. It blossomed through her and
      she shuddered in his arms.

      Scott continued to press his tongue in circles around her
      clit until she couldn't take it anymore, and pushed at his shoulders
      to move him away. He gave a few more licks, because he had to keep
      the taste of her in his mouth for as long as he could, and then
      pressed his cheek against her shaking thigh, closing his eyes.

      "Beautiful," he whispered. "Thank you for letting me do that."

      A warm laugh rumbled through her. "I think I should be
      thanking you." She looked down at him; lips curled up like a
      Cheshire cat, arms over her head. "Yeah, I should definitely be
      thanking you. Where'd you learn to do that thing with your tongue?"

      Scott smiled, baring his teeth. "A man has to have some
      mystery to him." And then he pushed himself to a kneeling position,
      crawling backwards off the bed. Rogue sat up, following him with her
      eyes as he strode over to the suitcase in the plush chair by his

      "What are you doing?" she asked.

      Scott looked at her over his shoulder. "Protecting you." And
      then he bent down, unzipping the side pocket of the suitcase,
      plucking a foil wrapper from its confines. "I promise I'll make it
      longer next time, but right now I can't wait."

      When he turned, she caught his profile. The bulge in his
      boxers had grown, deforming the front of his underwear obscenely.
      She licked her lips like she was about to be served cream and Scott
      hesitated at the edge of the bed, clutching the condom in his hand.
      Rogue stilled at the strained expression on his face, watching him
      with her head cocked to the side.

      "Is this real?" He asked gruffly, feeling the gnawing ache
      return to his gut. The one that had nothing and everything to do
      with desire. "Because I don't think I can take waking up tomorrow
      and having this be some wet dream."

      Rogue raised an eyebrow. "Get in this bed."

      Scott's breath rushed out of him in a whoosh. "You know I'd
      never deny a lady." He slipped his boxers off, letting them pool at
      his feet, and then climbed back onto the mattress. "Are you sure
      about this?"

      She could say no, she wasn't sure at all. But she wanted
      him, and telling him that she wasn't one hundred percent sure
      wouldn't get him between her thighs, inside her in a way she'd only
      just realized she needed. At least now. She'd give herself this for

      "Well, you're on the bed at least," she muttered
      dryly. "It's the first step." The moonlight flooded his skin as he
      laughed and shifted forward, pushing her back down onto the bed and
      following with his body. She briefly caught a glimpse of his naked
      form, the hard length of his erection red in the pool of light.

      Scott stroked an errant strand of hair away from her cheek,
      laying it carefully across his pillow. Muscles corded tightly, he
      leaned down, chest pressing against hers, and kissed her carefully
      on the mouth. The tang of her own taste greeted her, and then it was
      only Scott's tongue molding hers as his palms stroked up and down
      the outside of her thighs, his chest pressing against hers.

      "What does it take for a girl to get you inside her?" She
      said into his mouth. Scott pulled back from her, eyebrows raised.
      Any amusement fled his face as she wrapped her fingers around his
      erection, cupping the unfamiliar weight with a careful hand. His jaw
      muscles tightened, flinching beneath his skin, and a hiss of air
      escaped between his clenched teeth.

      Stroking him more firmly, she situated her hips beneath his,
      lifting them a little so that the head of his penis rubbed against
      the wet heat of her entrance. She sighed, in pleasure, and stroked
      the tip of his penis further up, against her clit. Scott gave what
      sounded suspiciously like a whine, and grabbed her hand, pulling it
      roughly off of his erection. Rogue pouted up at him, chuckling when
      he bent to nip at her bottom lip, tugging it between his teeth.

      "You're such a tease," he muttered, releasing her lip to
      take her chin briefly between his teeth, and then he laved his
      tongue over the reddened skin. "Always teasing me with what I can't

      "But you can have me," she pointed out, softly, and palmed
      the sides of his head, curling her fingers into his hair. "All you
      have to do is get the fuck inside."

      His heart throbbed. One beat. Painfully.

      Lust, still twitching, was tempered by emotion.

      When Scott remained still on top of her, Rogue reached up
      and trailed her fingers over the ruby lenses that kept her from
      seeing his eyes. From seeing why the atmosphere had
      changed. "Sometimes I feel like I don't know you at all," she
      admitted, a little hesitantly. "I feel like I've walked in on the
      tail end of an important conversation. You've kept all this inside
      you for this long. What else are you keeping from me?"

      I love you, he could have said. And you've never seen it.

      "I'm not keeping anything from you," he whispered, dipping
      his head until his forehead rested against her shoulder, and gripped
      his cock, leading it to her entrance again. She made a little sound
      in the pit of her throat, one that he felt more than heard, as he
      began to slip into of her, pushing through the tautly held walls,
      wedging his erection inside. His eyes rolled back, and his arms
      began to shake at the sensation of the first awkward thrust. He
      could barely hold himself up right.

      Rogue's arms slid under his, cupping his shoulder blades as
      she thrust aggressively against him, burying his entire length
      inside of her body. She arched, back curling off the bed, in
      response to the lash of pain and pleasure. Scott shook above her,
      before pulling out of her sharply and ramming back in, like a jack
      hammer. Her breath left her in a whoosh, flooding across his ear as
      he kept his face buried in the crook of her shoulder.

      "See?" He grunted into her skin, tongue darting out to catch
      a drop of sweat, salt burning the chapped side of his mouth. "Not
      keeping anything from you."

      A chuckle rumbled from her chest, never reaching the air as
      he repeated the motion, pulling out, angling his hips, and stabbing
      his erection back into her. Rogue blinked, and bucked, lips parting
      on a silent cry as the top of his penis dragged across her distended
      clit, forcing a shock of pleasure through her nerves. Her internal
      muscles contracted in reaction, and Scott muttered something hot and
      wet into her ear that she didn't understand. Couldn't. She was too
      focused on the way his body fit into her, the way he fucked her into
      the mattress like he'd been waiting a million years to do so, as if
      he'd never been inside a woman before.

      Eyes fluttering shut, Rogue smoothed her palms down the
      sweat-slick length of his back, savoring the feeling of his muscles
      shifting as he rolled his hips against hers. Reaching down, she
      cupped his hands around his flanks and changed their rhythm. Slow.
      Hard. Just as desperate, but a controlled pummeling that had sparks
      lighting behind her eyes. He gasped, like a fish out of water, and
      his head lifted. She felt sweat drip against her cheek, flinched,
      and opened her eyes to find his face above hers.

      Scott shifted, every so slightly, so that his arms were
      propped near her head and breathed hotly over her mouth. Thrust
      deeper. Harder. Once. She cried out, nails digging into his ass. He
      did it again, twisting his hips, and canting his head to the side.
      Watching her reaction in pure, male satisfaction. Arousal churned
      uneasily in his gut, and knowing that he was about to climax, he
      made himself stop thrusting.

      Not without her.

      "Wha..." Rogue gripped his ass, trying to get him to move
      again, so damn close that her hips were curling convulsively against
      his. "C'mon. Scott. Just-"

      "Shh." He carefully situated his knees on the mattress and
      slid his arms beneath her hips. Slowly, with the utmost care, he
      lifted his torso away from her body, shifting until her ass was
      sitting on his thighs. She gasped, eyes flying open as the new angle
      sent him deeper into her.

      "Oh, God."

      "Mmm-hmm." He smiled at her in the dark, teeth
      flashing. "Mostly just me. How's it feel?"

      Rogue choked on a breath as he slammed his hips against hers
      with the resounding sound of wet flesh. "Like... a redwood..."

      Scott laughed, restraining his own needs with the metal
      cuffs of his control, slowly pulling from her body, the edge of his
      cock dragging along the bundle over nerves above her
      opening. "Sounds good to me."

      "Yeah," she grunted, when he slammed back in, his face

      So. Fucking. Close.

      Scott, breathing hard, pulled out. And thrust back in. Hard.
      Her hands flailed, palms slapping against the sheets, curling into
      the fabric and tugging until they came loose from the mattress,
      snapping down to where their bodies twisted together in the center
      of the bed.

      And then it was there. Right *there*.

      Rogue's nostrils flared and her hands clenched shut, nails
      digging into her palms, as she pushed her hips harder against his,
      riding him from her prone positing.

      "That's right," he hissed, gripping her waist tightly and
      half bending over her. "Oh yeah, that's right, Marie. Make it what
      you need."

      She came, blind-sided by the white-wash of pleasure, head
      slamming back against the pillow. Her teeth clenched together as a
      growl tore up her throat, and lust throbbed dangerously at the tip
      of every nerve. Stomach clenching, she reached for him, blindly
      grabbing onto his shoulders and pulling his heavy body down onto
      hers. Couldn't breathe. Didn't matter as his hips continued to
      pummel hers, as his jaw scraped against her neck, and his breath
      heated the side of her face.

      Slowly, her body stopped convulsing. Her throat felt scraped
      raw, as if she had been crying. Or screaming. And Scott had stilled
      on top of her, his cock still hard. Catching her breath, Rogue ran
      her fingers over the shell of his ear, tracing the wet line of his
      hair, pushing the messy strands off his forehead.

      Scott's lips tilted, flickering shakily into a smile.

      And he started moving again, picking up speed. She kept his
      face above hers with her palms, watching the way his lips stretched
      tautly across his jaw, the way his eyebrows drew together, as he
      thrust inside of her so hard it almost hurt. The smell of sex
      lingered around her, powdering her lips, and she licked them,
      tasting him there. And then, when he climaxed, his weight fell
      against her, pushing the breath from her lungs. His hands gripped
      her hips, holding her pierced by his cock while his body shook on
      top of her.

      She smiled, broadly.

      It was more than a minute before he stopped thrusting
      against her with those longing, half-thrusts of post-orgasmic bliss.
      Scott sighed, deep in his chest, and then moved down to rest his
      cheek just above her breast, where her heart continued to beat
      quickly against her ribs. He spoke soft and low, saying things she
      didn't quite hear to the skin over her heart. Secret things between
      him and it that lulled her like a song.

      Rogue threaded her fingers through his hair, stroking the
      sweet skin behind his ears, and shut her eyes, drifting inexorably
      toward a sleep that had evaded her only an hour before. The last
      thing she felt before she lost consciousness was a light, damp kiss
      just beneath her chin.

      * * * *

      Scott wasn't sure what woke him. Maybe it was the light of
      dawn, peeking its nosy fingers in through the unshuttered window.
      Maybe it was the feel of the empty bed beside him as he rolled over.
      Or maybe it was the sound of the box spring creaking and soft
      footfalls surrounding him like ripples in a lake. But he woke with
      her name in his mouth, speaking it softly.

      Blinking his eyes open drowsily, he slowly became aware that
      Rogue was no longer in bed with him. Rubbing his palm over the area
      where her breast had been last night, he sighed. Scott rolled over
      onto his side, finding her naked form kneeling on the floor just
      beside the bed. She bent down, looking beneath the bed.

      "Rogue," he said, again. His voice cracked, morning rough.

      She tensed, the muscles in her shoulders clenching. Her head
      popped up, and she eyed him over the mattress, mouth not
      visible. "Hi."

      Scott smiled, stroking the twisted sheet as if it was her
      skin. "Hi yourself. What are you doing down there?"

      Rogue swallowed, eyebrow twitching in the way it did when
      she was nervous. "I can't seem to find my robe."

      He cleared his throat, sitting up. "Why do you need your

      "There it is!" Rogue exclaimed, hand diving beneath the bed.
      When she sat back, she pulled out the white terry-cloth with her,
      draping it across her torso. "I'd like to know how it got under

      Scott eyed her. The gray light lit the track of beard-rash
      across her skin, the small hickey just above her left breast.
      Rogue's dark hair looked wild, tumbling across her shoulders, messy
      from rolling around on the mattress with him half of the night. She
      looked unwashed, tired, anxious, and she took his breath away.

      "Why do you need your robe?"

      "So that I'm not naked," she said, speaking deliberately,
      like she was talking to a child. "Cloth is made to cover the body."

      He took in her expression. "Marie..."

      "Don't panic," she said, too quickly. "I was just going
      downstairs to make us some breakfast. I mean, I know I can't cook
      like you, but I thought it'd be a nice thing to do." Blowing a
      breath, Rogue lifted a hand, pushing the wave of hair out of her
      face. "And maybe I'm a little confused, but it can wait for a little
      while, because I want to be with you right now."

      Scott nodded, swallowing. "Do you still want breakfast?"

      Rogue stood, knees cracking as she rose from the chilly
      floor. Taking a tentative step forward, she smiled awkwardly. "Not
      so much, no."

      He grinned, wickedly. "C'mere."

      After, when the sweat was cooling on their skin and their
      heartbeats were slowing, Scott arm curled his arm around her
      shoulder, hugging her body to his side. Rogue placed her cheek on
      his chest, running her fingertips in a ghostly touch across the dips
      and curves of his muscled abdomen. The skin beneath her fingers was
      hot, and very soft, like it hadn't been touched often.

      "You're thinking too much," he murmured into her hair,
      placing a gentle kiss there. She shifted in his arms, rolling so
      that she lay on top of him and she could look down at his face
      intently. Scott said nothing as she trailed her forefinger over the
      curve of his mouth, only reached up with his own hand and traced the
      line of her brow, memorizing its shape.

      "There's a lot to think about," she said, softly. The sad
      quality to her voice had his stomach tightening beneath her, a hard
      rock of apprehension balling in his gut.

      "Don't," Scott said, harshly. "Just be happy."

      It wasn't that easy. Nothing was ever as simple as that.
      Rogue shook her head, dislodging his hand, and sat up, thighs
      cupping his waist. "What are we doing, Scott?"

      "And the voice of Rogue's commitment issues rears its ugly
      head," he muttered, shutting his eyes. He scrubbed his palms roughly
      over his face, stifling a yawn. "I was wondering when they would."
      Said into his hands, the words were muffled.

      She pursed her lips. "Don't make me angry, Scott. I don't
      want to be mad at you right now." When he only kept his hands over
      his face, Rogue pulled them away, holding them against the
      bed. "Okay?"

      "Then don't be mad," he said, as if that was that. "Be with


      "We're becoming lovers," he stated, interrupting her, and
      she nodded as if he was stupid, rolling her eyes. Scott slipped his
      hands free from her hold so that he could cup her jaw, fingers
      spreading across her cheeks as he forced her to look directly at
      him. "The transition from friends to lovers is never an easy one."

      She breathed deeply, air washing over his fingers as she
      exhaled. "I know that."

      Scott pushed his hands up, tangling his fingers in her
      hair. "I've been hoping for it for a long time, so perhaps it won't
      be as hard for me as it is for you right now. You're thinking of me
      in a new light," he observed. He spoke as if his heart wasn't
      ramming roughly against his ribs. "I'll understand if it takes you
      time to adjust. Just... don't walk away, okay? Not like you did with
      Bobby, not like I've watched you walk away from every man in your

      She opened her mouth to speak, but he placed his thumb over
      her lips, sealing whatever she would have said inside. "Give it a
      try," he whispered, urgently. "Give me a try. We already know that
      we're good in bed. And you like me, right? My body?"

      Rogue smiled. "Very much."

      "Then that's all I need for now."

      She nodded, and dropped her head down so that it rested in
      the crook of his shoulder, breathing him in. His heart pounded
      against her ear, painfully loud in the silence between them. Tension
      stretched. And she knew, then, that what she'd feared he'd been
      keeping from her was true. "You love me, don't you?"

      A quiet, and then, "More than we'd both like, but I can
      handle it."

      Handle it? Rogue nodded against his skin, like she
      understood, when she didn't. There was no more talking. His
      breathing slowed by degrees, his hand becoming heavy on the back of
      her head until she was sure he'd fallen asleep. Cautiously, she
      lifted her cheek from his shoulder, peering at his slack face. Scott
      seemed suddenly precious to her, someone that she couldn't stand to
      lose. Curling into him, wrapping her arms around his waist as if she
      could protect him, she struggled with an overwhelming wave of

      "I think I love you too," she whispered, lips brushing
      against the shell of his ear. Scott twitched, but there was no other
      response. She watched him, for any sign that he had heard her, but
      he remained fast asleep.

      Think? No, she knew.

      In the space of two days, Rogue had fallen in love with her
      best friend.

      And it felt like drowning.

      * * * *

      The End 3/3

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