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FIC: The Downside to Being One of the Bad Guys (Pyro/All) Ch.2

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    Here s some more of the story, Enjoy Title: The Downside to Being One of the Bad Guys By: X X0832001@yahoo.com Disclaimer: I own nothing and am getting no
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 17, 2003
      Here's some more of the story, Enjoy

      Title: The Downside to Being One of the Bad Guys
      By: X
      Disclaimer: I own nothing and am getting no money.

      Summary: The main problem with being one of the bad
      guys is that you have to fight the good guys, and you
      what always happens with that...

      A/N: Takes place about a year and a half after X2. I
      didn�t address the Jean issue, I just don�t mention
      her at all. I also decided to add Gambit, he�s with
      the Brotherhood (I know he doesn�t belong there, but
      that team needed more players and I like Gambit)

      The ground hit hard. Beast rolled with the impact
      several times and then onto his feet. Magneto was
      nowhere in sight. He looked around again, this time
      for his friends, and the locations of their enemies.
      Wolverine was running towards the hill. Beast could
      just make out Mystique and Rogue over there. Bobby
      was missing, Pyro was missing, Cyclops had a grip on
      Toad�s hair, and Toad had just gotten a hold of a 2x4
      with his tongue. Beast jumped over to the moving
      plank and tried to wrestle it away from the sticky
      tongue. The Force knocked Toad off balance and Scott
      took advantage. He threw himself onto the smaller
      man, using his palm to press Toad�s lower jaw up,
      keeping his mouth closed and his slime useless. Toad
      yowled at biting down on his own tongue. He wriggled
      and kicked madly until he caught Cyclops� middle with
      a kick by the left leg. Toad had very strong legs and
      Cyclops flew back a good 6 feet. Of course now that
      he was farther away Cyclops let loose an optic blast.
      Toad jumped back, dodging the red energy.

      Mortimer was getting tired. This fight with the X-men
      was going on far too long. He knew that he couldn�t
      keep up all this jumping dodging and fighting. He
      needed to come up with a way to end this quickly. He
      turned and ran. Cyclops and Beast were right behind
      him. He ran back to the Blackbird and with a flying
      leap landed on the wing. Looking down from his new
      perch he saw his pursuers. Cyclops wouldn�t shoot him
      up here, too much of a risk damaging the plane. But
      Beast apparently wasn�t content to let Toad hang out
      up there, he began climbing. So, Toad backed up a few
      paces, got a running start and jumped from the wing
      onto the partially completed house.

      In a steady run Logan charged the hill, crashing into
      Mystique�s back and the 3 mutants slid into a jumbled
      mass just before they went over the edge. Wolverine
      was up first, but it was less than a second before
      Mystique was up poised for a fight.
      �You really want to taste the claws again girly?�
      �You know I do big boy.� The scuffle began. Both
      were excellent fighters and at first few punches or
      kicks found their marks. Mystique kicked high.
      Wolverine grabbed her ankle and twisted. But Mystique
      stabilized with her hands and used the other leg to
      catch Wolverine in the face. He growled and swung

      Mystique grabbed at the clawed hand of Wolverine who
      swung left fast to try and break her grip. The blue
      woman held strong and followed the movement around
      until she was behind him. She drew her leg up for a
      strong kick and they both went over the edge. Rogue
      screamed and took off as fast as she could down the
      side of the hill.

      The feeling of falling stopping in mid air is an
      unusual sensation. But, that�s what happened. Logan
      felt himself falling, felt Mystique crash into him,
      felt them both falling, then felt Magneto�s familiar
      hold. Mystique held him firmly around the shoulders
      until they were a safe distance from the ground and
      she could hop off. Wolverine hated the loss of
      control that Magneto could enact. The stupid
      adamantium in his bones was perfect for the villain.

      Oddly enough it was suddenly raining Toads. Toad had
      jumped from the house frame onto the ground and landed
      at the base of the hill. �Nice you could join us
      Toad.� Mystique commented.
      �Yeah well, the bloody Fearless Leader and Shaggy Dog
      haven�t left me much time for visitin�� As if on cue
      Cyclops and Beast rounded the house�s corner and
      joined the assembled group. Cyclops made a grab for
      the smaller Englishman. Mystique morphed into a huge
      ape like creature and captured Beast in a bear hug.
      Still using her own feminine voice she added, �Let him
      go One Eye�.

      Rogue skidded down the hill, glove off, ready to help.
      �All right, Break it up!� she yelled. Everyone
      turned to look at her, but it was Magneto who actually
      �We appear a little deadlocked.� He glanced at his
      �I think you look a little out numbered� pointed out
      �Not quite child. It appears it is time to use our
      last chip.� There was the usual hum associated with
      Magneto�s powers and from around the hill Bobby came
      stumbling forward, led by the handcuffs and therefore
      walking backwards. �We give you our hostage, you let
      us go.� Scott only considered for a moment.
      �Fine, you give Iceman to us, you get out of here.�
      �We just need to collect Pyro and we�ll be on our
      �Fine.� Everyone released their enemy and started
      moving. The X-men headed to their plane, most of the
      Brotherhood sulked off to the helicopter. Magneto had
      seen the fallen young man in the dirt and strolled in
      his regal manner to retrieve him.

      It was not the walk of a defeated man. There had been
      an injury on his side. But the main objective had
      been achieved. This had been a diversion. With him a
      part of it, Xavier was forced to take action and send
      his people to investigate. But this had just been a
      smoke screen. By the time they returned to the
      compound Team B will have returned and the next stage
      of his plan could be initiated. He spotted the blood
      stained dirt surrounding his boy. Things may have
      been more serious than he had thought.

      Pyro was left on the ground, a red froth dribbling
      from the corner of his mouth and over gray lips. His
      eyes were rolled back in his head and he had the
      insane desire to burst into laughter. Breathing was
      incredibly hard, it was like a weight on his chest
      kept him from filling his lungs. Magneto came into
      view over him. �Ah, Pyro� he sighed, bending to scoop
      up their fallen comrade. Mystique was suddenly behind
      him, hand on his shoulder.
      �We don�t have the resources to treat him Erik.� The
      older man paused, stopping him his action. �He�ll
      die.� Pyro continued to look up at his teammates.
      They were talking about him. He was dying? Sure felt
      like he was. �The X-men will take him in, they�ve got
      the facilities, and maybe they can save him.� Magneto
      looked at Mystique in silence for a moment, pondering
      her argument. She had a point, they lived in a
      compound, they had a couple of research labs, but no
      infirmary, no doctor. Pyro would die in the
      helicopter, maybe if he was lucky in one of the labs
      under the care of a biology researcher.
      �You are right as always my dear.� Magneto glanced
      around for Pyro�s beloved lighter and found it a short
      distance away. He plucked it from the dirt and
      pressed it into the young man�s hand. Then he clapped
      a hand to John�s uninjured shoulder. �Good Luck my
      boy.� Then Magneto turned and Mystique followed. As
      they walked, both spared a look back when they thought
      no one was looking.

      The X-men strode back to the Blackbird. The fight had
      pretty much been a draw so it wasn�t exactly a victory
      march. They�d taken down one, Pyro, but that was
      hardly a victory. They�d wanted information, not to
      wipe out the Brotherhood. So, it really was a draw.
      Those injured were hurt in just a stupid skirmish.

      Suddenly Wolverine stopped dead in his tracks. He
      heard the Brotherhood talking. �What is it Wolverine?�
      �Quiet Cyke� Wolverine listened and tuned back to the
      battlefield. They were leaving Pyro. Logan watched
      them board their helicopter, the propeller turning.
      �John, he�s hurt and they�re leaving him to us.�
      Wolverine explained, taking long, purposeful strides
      to where the fallen pyrokinetic lay.

      Bobby was mere centimeters from Logan�s back as they
      hurried to John, Iceman keeping up without a problem.
      Beast was a bit farther back, having paused to grab
      the Blackbird�s first aid kit. Rogue and Cyclops were
      back on the Blackbird, prepping for takeoff and the
      oncoming casualty. In the final few feet Bobby rushed
      ahead of the others and dropped to the dirt next to
      his former friend.

      Bobby looked down, it was Johnny. Johnny was bleeding
      pretty heavily from a chest wound. He looked closer.
      Johnny was bleeding heavily from a claw wound. It had
      been Wolverine that had done this. Wolverine had
      clawed Johnny. Of course, Johnny was the enemy now.
      Bobby�s head was spinning as he picked up John�s right
      hand. He nearly dropped it as soon as it was in his
      own because John�s hand was ice cold. Pyro was
      sweating profusely and his skin was like ice. Just
      that was disturbing, in all the time he had known John
      Allerdyce he could not remember him sweating more than
      once or twice, and his body temperature had always
      been a toasty above average. Bobby was vaguely aware
      that Hank and Logan were behind him but he was mostly
      just lost in his own thoughts. He�d never been this
      close to someone dying, and this was someone he knew,
      someone he had called a friend.

      Hank McCoy knelt down next to the sweaty, trembling
      young man. Bobby scooted back until he hit Logan.
      Wolverine attempted a reassuring smile, but it was
      more of a sneer. Dr. McCoy reached for Pyro�s wrist
      with one hand and used the other to push back damp
      stringy hair and reveal a pale forehead. The skin
      beneath his fingers was cold; the pulse was slow and
      weak. The patient was well into shock. Hank turned
      his head to question the dazed Bobby. �You know him?�
      �Yeah, it�s Johnny, Uhm, John Allerdyce, Pyro�
      �You awake John?� Hank asked the boy in his arms.
      John moaned and slowly rolled his head in the
      direction of Hank�s voice. It took only a moment to
      slice off the remains of the T-shirt and inspect the
      damage more carefully. Claws had punctured and
      clearly collapsed the left lung. The right was
      keeping him breathing, but he was bleeding heavily and
      dropping farther into shock.

      Dr. McCoy pressed a large paw against the bleeding
      wound, concentrating on stopping the blood flow. He
      wanted him as stable as possible when they moved him
      back to the mansion. It was clear surgery was needed
      though. �Logan, on the Blackbird, find something we
      can use to move him.�
      �Sure Doc� Logan turned and headed back to the plane.
      The Beast turned back to his patient. �Can you open
      your eyes John?� John let them drift open. �Good,
      now cough John� John looked weakly up at the blue
      fuzzy man. He had no idea who this guy was. But he
      hurt far too much to be worried about that. �Cough�
      the man ordered again. John did, pain exploding in
      his chest and nearly driving him unconscious. �You
      have to cough, keep your lungs clear, prevent
      pneumonia.� John nodded weakly. He couldn�t keep
      focused, the pain was too much and his body barely
      responded to his orders.

      Hank checked the pulse again on the boy�s wrist. It
      was only a light flutter now; he�d lost probably
      almost half his normal volume of blood. John�s head
      dropped against his shoulder, he�d finally succumb to
      unconsciousness. Accepting keeping the kid awake
      would have been nearly impossible Hank hoped at least
      it spared him from the pain. Beast took out an
      emergency blanket from the first aid kit and covered
      John to try and preserve some body heat. He was about
      to question where the hell Logan had gotten to when
      the Canadian appeared with Cyclops and what looked
      like the bench from the plane.

      They gently rolled the injured mutant onto the bench
      and strapped him on using Wolverine and Bobby�s seat
      belts. �Sorry kid, you�ll have to squish in with
      Rogue.� Bobby had only nodded mutely at the
      Carrying him to the Blackbird wasn�t hard, Pyro wasn�t
      especially big. Walking alongside with Dr. McCoy
      Bobby still couldn�t sort out his feelings on the
      situation. John was the enemy. A member of the
      Brotherhood, but looking down he still just saw
      Johnny, his friend and roommate. When Bobby had first
      come to the Institute John had befriended him, they�d
      stayed up late nights talking about being mutants and
      their problems, and also just stupid teenage things.

      He thought about some of those conversations as they
      made their way back to the plane. Xavier had put them
      together while they�d learned to control their powers
      because they could cancel each other out. Bobby had
      come to Xavier�s with powers that exploded out of
      control. John was lucky he was in control of his
      power, not a servent to it like Bobby sometimes felt.
      Bobby had woken up with a start only to find he had
      frozen every surface in their room on several
      occasions. It was so embarrassing, he was the Iceman,
      sitting shivering in his bed. Thank God Pyro would
      just roll over, oblivious. That�s when he�d
      discovered John�s body was always toasty warm.

      But the room arrangement had turned out good because
      John and Bobby were fast friends. Bobby had come to
      the Institute without anyone knowing the truth. Even
      his family had no idea what he really was. He�d
      hidden it when he�d started involuntarily freezing
      things. Then Dr. Grey and Mr. Summers had shown up at
      his door offering him a scholarship to a special prep
      school. He�d gotten out, gotten help with nobody the
      wiser. But, it was like living a lie, it was his huge
      dark secret that he had to live with. John had always
      been able to make him feel better. He didn�t talk
      about his own past too much, just a snippet here and

      John was actually a decent student; positivlty amazing
      in English, his writing was fantastic. He did his
      trouble making rebel thing, but always pulled off what
      he needed to for school. He and Bobby used to talk
      about the heavy stuff and then follow it up with
      serious discussions on who should play Batman next, as
      a situation like George Clooney should never be
      repeated. But now John was dying; stabbed because now
      he was the enemy. Looking down at him it was really
      hard to see the peaceful, bloodstained young man under
      the emergency blanket as the enemy.


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