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Fic: "Trapped In Darkness" R (28/?) [L/R, S/J, others]

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  • Nadja Lee
    Hi all, You should know how this goes by now.... Earlier chapters can be read here: http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=391378 or at my webpage. [
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      Hi all,

      You should know how this goes by now....
      Earlier chapters can be read here:
      http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=391378 or at my webpage.
      [ http://www.dreamwater.org/scottsummers/index.html ]


      Part 28:

      Boom, bang, BOOM!

      Ororo turned in her sleep and leaned closer to Black Thunder. He lay still for a while, having been awakened earlier by the sound. It sounded like gun fire, or maybe even heavy artillery. He waited for the sounds to come again.


      This time the noise was followed by the sound of people running and screaming. Confusion. Panic.

      He jumped from the bed to stand naked on the floor.

      “Ororo, get up,” he reached over and lay a hand on her arm, shaking her back and forth.

      “Hmm? What?” she sat up in bed, looking confused.

      “Get dressed. We’re under attack,” Black Thunder said and hurried to dress in pants of skin and an open vest before putting on his gun holsters. Ororo jumped out of bed and slipped the long, plain white dress over her head that Black Thunder had given her some days ago.

      “By the way…,” he said as he checked his guns and smiled at her. “You look radiant,” she blushed prettily and smiled back.

      “Thank you.”

      He threw her a gun, which she caught, but stared strangely at him.

      “I know of your vow not to kill, love, but if the needs be. . .” he explained and took her hand, taking her to the door. Ororo felt her heart beat wildly in her chest. Finally it seemed as if they were going somewhere. Going away. Going home. As he opened the door to the hallway the screams and general noise got louder. She had to admit that a part of her would miss the old room, because even though she had been there involuntarily she had some good memories from it. Like last night.

      Black Thunder opened the door wide and went out, Ororo behind him. There was massive confusion in the hallway, soldiers running back and forth, and a part of the wall to the left had fallen down. If they did not do something soon most of the slaves would be killed in the crossfire.

      “In here,” Black Thunder said, and they went into what had been the captain’s office. “Captain?” he called and searched the messy office. Going behind the desk he found the captain on the floor, his hands pressed against a gunshot wound in his chest. Blood from the wound was running out between the man’s fingers. Black Thunder knelt beside him and held the captain in his arms. Ororo didn’t quite know what to do as the amount of blood and the captain’s condition left her in no doubt that he was dying. She quietly reached out and put a calming hand on Black Thunder’s shoulder. She looked from the captain to BT, remembering what he had told her of the captain. She had no doubt that what she was witnessing was a classic Stockholm syndrome; Black Thunder showed all the signs from gratitude to fear and need. Again that small voice in her head asked her if BT’s reaction to the captain was any different from hers to BT. No. No, it couldn’t be. Her own feelings for Black Thunder were nothing like this; didn’t the fact that she even feared it could be proof that she did care for him of her own free will? Didn’t it?

      “Michael?” the older man rasped, blood running out of the corners of his mouth.

      “Yes. How bad is it?” Black Thunder asked and laid a hand over the man’s wound.

      “It is…too….early to tell. We could lose or we could win. So far no intruders have entered the compound. The fighting is still in midtown,” he said, having misread Thunder’s question of concern for his welfare as one of concern for the nation, and despite his wound and pain there was pride in his voice over this achievement.

      “Who shot you?” Black Thunder asked. He had had a feeling that the intruders, probably some of the X-men, couldn’t have reached this far already. He assumed the attack had started last night at the beach somewhere and it was only around three in the morning.

      “….You were right, Michael. Sergeant Philip couldn’t be trusted,” the old man said weakly and smiled at him, a smile that turned into a grimace. “He saw his chance to rise and took it. Damn boy!”

      “Captain….” There was something in Black Thunder’s voice that Ororo had only heard in the heat of passion last night; kindness…love.

      “…Father…the keys to the collars. You know where they are. I have some limited healing powers. I may be able to heal you,” his voice was soft, gentle. Ororo tried to hide her shock. Father? He couldn’t mean it like that. It was probably because the captain had cared for him since his parents died. On the other hand he had said that his father had been tortured but hadn’t said he had been killed. Could it be…? If he was BT’s father…could she accept that? Could she even accept him outside these walls? Gunshots and yelling in the distance made those thoughts disappear. One thing at a time. Right now their main concern was getting out alive.

      The captain looked at Black Thunder and something flickered in his voice and eyes; love for a lost son.

      “……promise me….something first,” the captain said and his voice still held an edge of steel.

      “Very well,” Black Thunder agreed.

      “Kill Sergeant Philip!” the captain reached out a hand and Black Thunder let his rest lightly over it.

      “I will,” he vowed.

      The old man smiled and nodded weakly.

      “Lean over me,” he asked. Black Thunder looked puzzled but did as bid. The captain took a shaking and blood covered hand up and let its fingers brush against the lock on BT’s collar. It sprung open and Black Thunder put the collar on the floor. It was strange. He couldn’t remember a time when he hadn’t worn it and now…now it was gone.

      Black Thunder laid his hands over the captain’s wound and concentrated. A beam of light came from his hands and he closed his eyes. He tried all he could but the wound was too severe. He drew back.

      “I…can’t help you,” he admitted and the captain just nodded.

      “I didn’t think you’ll be able to,” there was a look to his eyes and an edge to his voice which BT had never heard before. He didn’t know what to say. If the captain had opened his collar knowing he couldn’t be helped then maybe…

      “Ororo,” Black Thunder asked and she stood forth and leaned over the dying man. He let his fingers brush over her lock as well and it sprang open and she took it off with a satisfied smile.

      “How do we free the others?” Black Thunder asked as Ororo rejoiced in the return of her powers, creating a small wind inside the office, making a ring of papers fly in the air around them.

      “All soldiers from sergeant and above can open them,” he said weakly and lifted a hand to touch Black Thunder’s face lightly. “You never believed in what you did, yet you did it well. Over the years….” The words Black Thunder wished to hear didn’t come. “…….I….am…proud…of…you,” the old man rasped before his eyes stiffened and his chest didn’t rise again.

      Black Thunder just held him for a while, puzzled as to why a man so devoted to duty had helped them. Had he been trying to seek forgiveness for past sins? Was it just a dying man’s slip of the tongue? Or…or could it be because he had cared for him? Really cared?

      Now he would never know. He closed the man’s eyes and stood, taking Ororo’s hand and they walked out on the hallway again. Soldiers came towards them.

      “We have to find a sergeant or someone with higher rank,” Ororo said and smiled in satisfaction as she with a thought let a wind appear out of nowhere and swept the soldiers off their feet and knocked them into the wall. She let a wind come to her and she flew a little above the floor.

      “We’ll take Sergeant Philip. Down here,” Black Thunder said and with a thought he flew up and down the hallway. Soldiers saw them and pointed their weapons at them. “Ororo…”

      “Sure,” she replied to his unasked question and flew in front of him, letting a wind take away their guns and then another wind slammed them into a wall. She watched with a smile as they fell down and lost consciousness.

      They flew around a corner, Ororo still in front of him as he said “That’s him!” and pointed to a man standing surrounded by some 20 soldiers, yelling orders.

      “Escaped slaves. Shoot them,” Philip demanded as they were spotted and firing began.

      “Ororo…” Black Thunder began. She let a lighting bolt appear in her hand and threw it after the soldiers.

      “You go take our man, I’ll hold them,” she said and let a wind appear. He smiled at her.

      “Right,” he said and while flying towards the sergeant, he fired his weapons at the guards, killing a few. He landed next to Philip.

      “Long time, no see,” Philip said with a leer and reached for his weapon but Black Thunder placed his under the man’s chin, taking the gun from his grip and throwing it on the floor.

      “Not nearly long enough,” Black Thunder growled and pushed him harshly in front of him, back towards Ororo.

      “That’s him?” Ororo asked as she landed next to him, having finished off all the guards so they now lay unconscious on the floor.

      “Yes,” Black Thunder said and flew up with Philip in his arms, she followed him. They quickly flew to sickbay and entered. Chaos was there as well.

      “Cecilia??” Black Thunder yelled and tried to cut through the screams and cries of the frightened patients.

      “Yes? What is it?” She asked as she came to them, looking were stressed as she tried to calm the patients down. She walked over to them. “You…you’re flying! You’re free!” she said in wonder and unconsciously touched her own collar.

      “Undo hers!” Black Thunder demanded sharply and landed on the floor, pressing the gun hard against the man’s chin. Philip seemed torn. With a quick motion Black Thunder removed the gun from his face, only to shot him in his lower right leg.

      “Auuuuuuuuuuu!” Philip screamed in pain as Back Thunder forced him to stand up straight.

      “My God, Thunder!” Cecilia yelled horrified but he ignored her.

      “Undo it now or I’ll shot off both your kneecaps!” his voice was calm but held an edge of steel. The same edge the captain’s had had, Ororo noticed.

      “Okay, okay,” reluctantly Philip brushed his fingers against Cecilia’s collar and it fell to the floor. She touched her neck.

      “I’m free!” she said in a low voice filled with wonder.

      “ Now, you and I are going to go for a little walk around the hospital,” Black Thunder demanded and forced the pained man to move with him to the beds and touch each of the mutants collars, giving them back their powers and a better chance of survival.

      “Where is Charles?” Ororo asked and Cecilia looked at her.

      “Tell me, you remind me of that woman Charles talked about…the white haired mutant…Storm,” Cecilia said as she lead Ororo to a bed where Gabrielle and Charles sat, her pressed against his chest. In the confusion no one had had the time to lift him to his wheelchair.

      “I am she,” Ororo said as Charles spotted her and looked shocked(,) but happy.

      “Storm, you’re alive!” he said, surprise and joy written all over his face and she smiled.

      “I found them,” Ororo yelled and Black Thunder forced Philip with him as several mutants flew, ran or otherwise disappeared from the hospital.

      “Undo his,” Black Thunder demanded and Philip touched Charles collar and he let it fall to the floor.

      “Thank you,” Charles said warmly and felt truly alive for the first time since their capture. He could feel and sense as he used to again. As he focused on Gabrielle he could read her love easily and he sent his back and she smiled at him.

      “We need to go now,” Black Thunder said and dragged Philip with him.

      “But Charles…,” Cecilia began.

      “Will be all right now. Finally,” Charles finished with satisfaction as Ororo made him fly up from the bed to hover a few millimetre’s above the floor. It looked like he walked on air as Ororo let Gabrielle fly to him, and she walked beside him, taking firm hold of his hand. Gabrielle’s eyes were shooting daggers at BT’s back; her ordeal at his hands never forgotten nor forgiven.

      “This way,” Black Thunder said and flew towards the X-men’s cell, Charles with Gabrielle right behind him and then Ororo.

      “Wait. I can’t fly!” Cecilia protested and Black Thunder stopped in midair.

      “Ororo, can you…?” he asked.

      “Of course,” Ororo said and called a wind to her and let it take Cecilia off her feet.

      “We’ll meet 35 guards ahead, just around this corner,” Charles warned as they flew nearer the X-men’s cell.

      “Ororo and Cecilia, fly in front,” Black Thunder ordered and the two women flew first.

      “I’ll make a force field around us all. It’ll protect us but it can’t harm them,” Cecelia said and a kind of bubble appeared around them all. They came around the corner and shots were fired at them but bounced off the shield Cecilia had made. Black Thunder fired his guns at the soldiers and Charles attacked their minds while Ororo let a wind knock them into a wall. Soon they had defeated them; BT’s victims lay dead while the rest of them were just unconscious.

      “We should kill them all to make sure they can’t come after us again,” BT said and pointed his gun at one of the unconscious guards. With a thought Charles forced BT to holster his gun.

      “They live,” Charles insisted. BT looked furious but after what the older man had made him do he realised that he could just as easier have forced him to shoot himself.

      “It’s your funeral,” Black Thunder mumbled.

      Having no time to waste they continued towards the others cell. It was now they had the chance. The fight was on and this war couldn’t end in a draw. It was kill or be killed.

      Till the end. Till the death.


      Author’s notes:

      Thanks so much to Cathain for great beta on this chapter and for being such a good friend.
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