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This is Normal (Bobby/Rogue pg) 1/1

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  • afrozenkiss
    Title: This is normal author: KAthryn Valmont (brief) summary: Rogue thinks nothing having to do with her could ever be normal. Bobby is about to prove her
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 11, 2003
      Title: This is normal
      author: KAthryn Valmont
      (brief) summary: Rogue thinks nothing having to do with her could
      ever be normal. Bobby is about to prove her wrong.

      Rating: Pg13 Bobby/Rogue

      Bobby had noticed the way Rogue had been frowning in class for the
      last twenty minutes. He sighed. He really wanted to know what was
      wrong. He loved her but could never find the words to tell her. He
      loved her so much that all the time he felt as if whatever was
      troubling Rogue was troubling him.

      "What's wrong," whispered Bobby.


      "Come on. I have been watching you for the last twenty minutes frown.
      Something has got to give. So, lets hear it," said Bobby.

      "I really don't want to talk about it. It's really not that important
      when you think about it. I think it's really stupid when it really
      comes down to it and I really don't want to talk about it," said

      "Okay, I understand. If you want to talk about it later you
      can okay? You know where to find me, the kitchen," said Bobby with a
      small smile.

      "Thanks Bobby. You're my favorite friend. I think I will want
      to talk about it later, maybe. I don't know. I'll think about it. Now
      pay attention before we both get in trouble," said Rogue with mock

      Bobby turned back around but his mind was not on what Storm
      was teaching at the moment. His mind was on Rogue and the problem she
      was having. He hoped it was nothing too serious. He also hoped that
      Rogue would tell him so that he could help her. He really wanted to
      help her. He wanted to be able to be there for her. He could only do
      that if she let him. He hoped that she would.

      He felt a note land on the floor next to him. He knew without
      a doubt in his mind who it was from. It was from John. It always was.

      J: What's eating you today?

      B: nothing.

      J: Yeah, right. If you won't answer that question just tell me what's
      eating Rogue.

      B: To tell the truth I really don't know.

      J: Dude you should just get it over with and tell her that you like

      B: It's really not that easy.

      J: It would cheer her up.


      "So, what's the deal with Bobby and you," asked Jubilee after class.

      They fell in step with eachother as they walked down to the dining

      "What are you talking about? There's nothing going on between Bobby
      and I. We're just friends," said Rogue.

      "If you say so."

      "What's that suppose to mean," asked Rogue.

      "It just means that we think he likes you and that you like him,"
      said Kitty as she joined them at a table.

      They saw Bobby and John looking for a place to sit and they waved
      them over to where they were sitting. When the two boys joined them
      Jubilee and Kitty shared knowing looks as Bobby and Rogue sat next to


      Bobby looked up from his ice cream to see Rogue walking in. He was
      about to smile at her but changed his mind when he saw the look on
      her face. She looked sad as she looked up at him.

      "Are you ready to talk about it," asked Bobby gently.

      "Yeah, yeah I think I am. Take a walk with me," said Rogue.

      "Okay, let's walk tot he garden. I go there sometimes when I need to
      think," said Bobby.



      "Bobby what's normal?"

      "I can't really remember. I remember a time when I was normal but you
      know what I mean. I don't think any of us here really know what's
      normal," said Bobby.

      "I know that. That's true, but what's normal for us and
      everyone else who like us," asked Rogue.

      "I think normality for us is acceptance something none of us have
      received except with eachother. I think to be normal for us is to be
      different. Is that what's been bothering you today," asked Bobby.

      "Yeah, it really has been bothering me. From the moment I put
      my boyfriend in the hospital I was scared of myself and what I could
      do to people. My own family looked at me as if I was a freak. I
      couldn't take being there anymore so I left. I was on my own for
      eight months. It had to be the loneliest time of my life," said Rogue.

      "I'm sorry. It was different for me. I was getting ready to
      leave school one day when my powers happened. My parents think I'm at
      boarding school or whatever. One day I walk into my living room and
      there the professor is explaining to my parents how I had been
      accepted into his school. My parents were thrilled. Scott was with
      him and later explained to me that it was a school for people like

      "You were lucky. You're powers aren't as dangerous as mine.
      Everything you touch doesn't die. There is nothing normal about me. I
      wish there was."

      "That's not true. I know at least one thing normal. Love is
      normal. I see the way you care about everyone. I see the way you care
      about everything. It's beautiful, just like you. Love IS normal. The
      Love I feel for you isn't normal. It drives me crazy and I can't stop
      it, but I do love you. That's normal. It really is," said Bobby.

      "Do you really love me, Bobby?"

      "Yes, I do."

      "I love you too."

      THE END
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