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"Training Day" X2,(Various) PG

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  • wildfire7_us
    Fic: Training Day Rating: PG Series: none Ships: none Summary: One part gymnasium, one part survival course. The X-Men train for combat in the Danger
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2003
      Fic: Training Day
      Rating: PG
      Series: none
      Ships: none
      Summary: "One part gymnasium, one part survival course." The X-Men
      train for combat in the Danger Room.(The X-Men and Banshee and
      Chamber are featured.)
      Disclaimer: No profit is made, Fox and Marvel own everything, bleh
      bleh bleh.
      "Okay X-Men, today we will be training in the Danger Room," said
      Scott Summers, also known as Cyclops as he looked around the ready
      room at his team, no his family. "The purpose of these exercises is
      to work on our strengths, as well as our weaknesses; of fighting
      independetly and as a single, cohesive unit."

      Next to Cyclops was Storm, her white hair constrating her dark skin.
      She was wearing her traditional uniform, black trimmed with white and
      a cape that was connected by bands on her wrists. Crouching next to
      her and holding her hand was Nightcrawler. Unlike the rest of the team
      (with the exception of Chamber) Kurt Wagner could not "blend in" with
      normal society; as he had blue skin and a tail. Where on the rest of
      there uniforms there was white trim, his was red, "Just one more way
      to be different" Kurt thought to himself. He looked at Storm and
      thanked God she and Jean had found him in Boston, he had found
      someone who would love him as he was, and a family that would do the

      Next to Kurt were Iceman, Rogue, and Wolverine. Logan looked calm,
      almost peaceful, a cigar hanging from his mouth; though the team knew
      it was the calm before the storm(pun intended) as his berserker rage
      was well known. Rogue had inadvertently touched Chamber a few weeks
      ago, and now had the ability to fly, which meant there were even more
      gifts that young Jonothon Starsmore had not yet discovered himself.
      Bobby was holding Rogue's hand, he had recently started working on
      turning his entire body to ice, much like Colossus did with his
      mutant ability.

      Completing the circle was Chamber, Colossus, and Banshee. Starsmore
      had a yellow trim on his uniform, with no wrapping and a hole in the
      uniform covering the body cavity from the bottom half of his face to
      his chest his psionic energy had created when it mainfested. The
      energy flowed freely giving the room a blue glow. Colossus, unlike
      the rest of the team only had the pants of the uniform with a vest,
      both black, trimmed with white. He had already activiated his
      mutation, the steel covering his body gleaming like silver. And
      finally, Banshee had a uniform similar to Logan's along with a cape
      like Storm's that had white lines running down the black material.

      The team entered the Danger Room and Professor Xavier was up in the
      control room. "My X-Men, so much has changed recentlyl Jean passing
      away, Kurt, Sean and Jonothon coming to the school," But the dream is
      still here as we are." he thought to himself. - Remember to
      concentrate on your objectives in training, work together - he told
      them telepathically.

      Various holograms and mechcanical devices came at the X-Men,
      seemingly all at once, but they were a team. They immediately split
      off into teams: Scott, Rogue, and Kurt in one, Bobby, Colossus and
      Banshee in the second, and Jon and Logan and Storm in the third.

      Rogue, Storm and Sean immediately started flying, taking some of the
      robots' focus off the ones on the ground, Sean's sonic yell breaking
      some of the robots to pieces, Storm frying them with lighting or
      throwing them into walls with high speed winds, and Rogue flying
      around and Kurt porting in and out of the targets reaches, just
      distracting them long enough for Cyclops or Chamber to blast them, or
      Iceman to freeze them in place. When they were frozen in place,
      Colossus would crush them, and Logan would dice them with his claws.

      This training went on for minutes, then hours, the team was starting
      to dwindle down, but they kept on fighting. One thing none of them
      would do is go down with out a fight.

      Finally the exercise ended. The team was both physically and
      emotionally drained, but they were enthusiatic; they had their
      teamwork down almost perfectly. Charles Xavier looked on his team
      with pride, they are my X-Men, we who fight for ones who hate and
      fear them. - That's enough for today, team now get some rest as I
      believe most of you have to either give or take final exams
      tomorrow. - Charles told them.

      Each of them had different thoughts as they left the Danger Room, but
      one thing was uninamious in their minds; that no matter what
      happened, they would face it together, as a team and as family.

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