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  • andrea_tash23
    Hey! How s it going? This is my first fic ever! Set after X1 but before X2. Please tell me what you think. Andy Title: Friends? Author: Andrea Tash Email:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 5, 2003
      Hey! How's it going?
      This is my first fic ever! Set after X1 but before X2. Please tell
      me what you think.

      Title: Friends?
      Author: Andrea Tash
      Email: Andrea_Tash@...
      Rating: –17 (Language, sexual references)
      Category: Friendship
      Summary: Rogue goes on a date with Remy and when Logan finds out, he
      takes it in a less than manly way.


      OK now, just a little more lipstick and, there, that's it. Perfect.
      She looks at her watch. It's time; he should be here to pick her up
      any minute now. Although, what are the chances of him actually being
      on time? Pretty slim. She rushes to the closet, grabs a light coat,
      then goes to her drawer and a little sadly pulls out a pair of red
      satin gloves. Damn this mutation. Still, she's excited. There's
      nothing quite like the feeling of having a new boyfriend. She smiles
      to herself. She had been waiting for this for some time now.
      Knock knock.
      She looks at the door, heart pounding.
      Oh my God, it's him! She thinks nervously.
      She takes a deep breath and rushes to get the door. With a grin on
      her face she opens it wide and looks at the man on the other side.
      Her smile fades. Disappointment. She tries to hide it.
      -Oh, it's you- She states flatly.
      His face falls. Not quite the greeting he was expecting.
      -I'm sorry? - He snaps back, a little wounded.
      -No, that's not what...I'm sorry, I was just expecting someone else,
      I didn't...- She takes a deep breath, tries again- Is something
      wrong?- She asks with concern. He hardly ever comes to see her in
      her room.
      -Can I come in?- He asks, not waiting for an answer as he steps
      through the door and into her room, finally sitting at the end of
      her bed.
      -Sure- She says shutting the door behind her. She nervously reaches
      for her handbag and starts packing it. Keys, lipstick, wallet,
      -I heard about you and Bobby- He finally says.
      -What about us? - She asks confused.
      -I heard you guys broke up-
      -Logan, that was five weeks ago! - She couldn't believe it. Could
      this man be anymore clueless?
      -You OK? - He asks ignoring her comment.
      -Yeah, I think I'll live- She says with a little more sarcasm than
      she meant. She sighs, goes to her nightstand and puts perfume on. He
      watches her intently.
      -Going out?-

      -Yeah- She says smiling. He can tell she's excited. Her hearbeat has
      gone up slightly. He just looks at her, waiting for a little more
      information. She's obviously not just going for a stroll. Not
      wearing THAT.
      -I've got a date- She adds quickly. Not meeting his eyes, instead
      fiddling with her earrings. She puts heels on.
      -Do you mind leaving so I can finish getting ready? - She asks
      lying. She just doesn't want him to be there when her date picks her
      up. She knows Logan will make a scene.
      -With whom? - He asks casually, deciding he's not going anywhere
      until he meets this new guy.
      -Remy- He notices her heart rate increasing a little more again.
      -Not wasting time, are we? - He asks with a smirk. Oh oh! She didn't
      like that. She opens her mouth to make her feelings heard but is
      interrupted by a knock on the door.
      They both look at the door. She's happy, excited, smiling. He's not.
      She turns to him, smile gone.
      -Please Logan, just be...- She's not sure how to finish that
      -God no! - She adds quickly with a laugh. He raises his eyebrows.
      -Just be...nice- She makes sure she gives him that look. That
      pleading, begging look -Don't scare him off-
      He rolls his eyes and looks at her.
      She takes a deep breath, not sure whether he's lying or not. She
      walks to the door. Her heart is pounding in her chest. She's
      grinning. He can't believe how excited she is. Over this punk! He
      stands up. She opens the door.
      -Hi baby, you ready?-
      Logan frowns. Baby? Is this guy for real?
      -Yes let's go- She steps out to leave. Logan clears his throat.
      looks in. She sighs, no way around it.
      -Remy, you know Logan- She points to Logan -Logan, this is Remy- She
      give him the look again.
      Logan walks to her date and stretches out his hand. Remy shakes it.
      The men size each other up.
      Great, she thinks, testosterone.
      -Where are you taking her? - Logan asks breaking the handshake.
      -Dinner, movie, and then we'll see-
      -Curfew's midnight- He stated simply -She comes back by then,
      Remy chuckles.
      -What are you, her father? - She winces. Oh God no.
      -No, more like an older brother- He starts taking a step towards
      Remy -An older brother who's gonna rip you to shreds if you so much
      -OK!- She quickly interrupts -That's enough introductions- She
      pushes Logan to stand between the two men, put her coat on and grabs
      Remy by the arm. She laughs nervously.
      -He's kidding Remy!-

      -No I'm...- But Logan doesn't get to finish that sentence. Marie
      looks at him pointedly, giving him the "I'll deal with you later"
      look. The couple walks out. Remy looks over his shoulder at Logan as
      he gives him the "you hurt her I'll kill you" look. Marie looks
      behind her shoulder, and Logan quickly manages a smile.
      -Have a good time- He says trying hard not to choke on the words.
      Remy puts his arm around Marie's waist and Logan's smile disappears,
      replaced by a low growl.
      -I don't like him- He says to no one in particular.


      There was nothing on TV. Well, nothing worth watching anyway. But
      he's got to pretend he's watching something. Can't just wait by the
      door until they're back. Cyclops walks in. He looks at Logan and
      then at the TV. Infomercials?
      -Can't sleep Logan?-
      -No- He says not even looking at Cyclops. He changes the channels.
      Rocky! He smiles. -Alright!-
      -Are Rogue and Remy back yet? - Cyclops asks walking towards the
      kitchen. Logan sits up. He knew about their date? He follows
      Cyclops, but not before sneaking a look through the curtains to the
      driveway. Nothing. He looks at his watch. 12:56am. Not happy.
      -No they're not back- He responds accusingly catching up to Cyclops
      in the kitchen -You know, they've broken curfew- he frowns to
      himself. Could he have sounded any more like a child? Cyclops
      finishes drinking his glass of water, and looks at Logan.
      -They all break curfew- He says shrugging -with so many hormonal
      teenagers, it's pretty hard to enforce it-
      Did he say hormonal teenagers?
      -What if something happened? - he asks, now sounding concerned.
      -Jean of the professor would have picked something up- He turns to
      leave -Don't worry Logan, I'm sure they're fine. They've probably
      just lost track of time-
      -Doing what? - He growled.
      -I don't know Logan, what do you do on dates?-
      He thinks. Another growl. Cyclops rolls his eyes and walks out of
      the kitchen.
      -Hey one-eye! - Logan calls him back. Cyclops turns around.
      -If you don't want to call me Cyclops, you can call me Scott. OK?-
      Whatever, he thinks.
      -About Remy- he whispers
      -What about him? - Cyclops is beginning to understand. Although not
      quite sure whether this questioning is derived from concern or
      -Good kid?-
      -Yeah, I guess- he shrugs- A bit of a wild one, but he's alright-
      Logan frowns -Listen Logan, I know you have this whole over-
      protective big brother thing going with Rogue, but she's a big girl
      now, who can make her own decisions and take care of herself. And
      for Christ's sake, it's only a date. Get a grip!-
      Oh God! He thinks, he's right. What the hell is going on? It's just
      a date. What is making him so angry about it? Or worried! It's not
      like they can really take it very far. Moments like these he's
      grateful for her mutation. Means no one can put their hands on her.

      -Good night Scott- He says, but the other man is already gone. He
      goes back to the couch. He's still going to wait for them to come
      back. He sits down, looks at his watch. 1:12am. He decides to watch
      the movie, although not really paying much attention. The movie
      finishes. 2:34am. That's it! He stands up purposely. Goes to the
      door. He's about to open it when he hears the sound of a car. He
      runs back to the couch. It's definitely them. He hears car doors
      opening, then the sound of heels. They approach the door. Sound of
      keys, then her voice.
      -I hope no one's up- She giggles -What time is it?-
      -About half past two- Remy says.
      -Oh God! - But she's not really worried. She giggles again. Logan
      can hear her keys on the door. Then Remy's voice.
      -Wait Rogue- She stops. He hears a couple of footsteps. His.
      -We can't- she says -I'll hurt you-
      Logan frowns.
      -No, you won't-
      Silence. A gasp. Rustling. Silence again. Then Remy's voice again.
      She giggles -More- she pleads breathlessly.
      What the hell? Logan turns up the television. Really loud. He knows
      they've heard it.
      -Oh crap! - He hears her gasp -Someone's up- She turns the key in
      the door and opens it, peeking in. Someone's in the lounge watching
      TV. Maybe if they're really quiet they can sneak through. She grabs
      Remy by the arm, takes her heels off and leads him through the
      foyer, towards the stairs. Tiptoeing.
      -You're late- They both turn around surprised. She drops her heels.
      -Logan, what are you still doing up? - She asks.
      -What are you still doing OUT? - He looks at Remy -What time did I
      tell you to have her back by?-
      -Logan- Rogue starts -I'm sorry we're late, we just lost track of
      time, it won't happen again-
      -It better not, or...-
      -Or what? - Remy demands. Logan glares at him. Remy turns to Rogue -
      You can't let him tell you what to do, or threaten you like that-
      -Stay out of this boy- Logan threatens with a snarl.
      -No- he stands his ground -Rogue, are you going to let him treat you
      like that?- He wants her to stand up to him. Logan's had enough.
      -You- He points to Remy -Get out, I want to talk to Rogue. Remy
      laughs and grabs Rogue's hand, starting to lead her up the stairs.
      -I don't think so man- He says
      The both turn around. He's angry, she's nervous.
      -One more time boy- He warns -Leave-
      Remy looks at Rogue. She just nods.
      -I'll see you tomorrow Remy-
      -I'm not leaving you alone with this maniac!-
      -I'll be OK- She whispers to him -Thanks for tonight-
      He starts up the stairs but not before glaring at Logan. He glares
      right back. Once he's gone she turns to Logan.
      -What the hell is your problem? - She asks. Angry.
      -My problem? Curfew's at midnight-
      -That's your argument for acting like a dick? Let me tell you, it's
      pretty lame-
      -You promised to be back by then. I was worried-
      -Worried? So I come back and you attack my boyfriend? That's how you
      show your concern?-
      -I don't trust him-

      -Well he doesn't trust you!-
      -I don't like him-
      -I don't care!-
      -I don't want you going out with him-
      -What? Who the hell do you think you are? You don't get to tell me
      what to do!- They are yelling now. And waking up people, he notices.
      He hears doors opening upstairs. Fuck, he thinks, we can't do this
      -No- She continues- I'm eighteen now and I will date whomever I
      want. You're not my father!-
      -I'm just watching out for you- he yells back.
      -Oh right! Of course! You're always watching out for me. Like the
      time you left, and went who knows where.- He's just silent. His own
      anger rising -You were watching out for me then, were you? - He
      can't believe she's throwing the search for his past in his face
      like this.
      -I had to go Marie-
      -Whatever!- She waves him off -You left! And I said nothing because
      it's your life. You catch me?-
      -Shh- He urges her to calm down. People are poking their heads out.
      -Don't you dare shh me! - She screamed.
      -Come with me- He says angrily, motioning her towards the kitchen.
      -Hell no!- She says turning towards the stairs again.
      -Where do you think you're going?-
      -To my room, away from you!-
      -Marie, we're not done here-
      -Yes, we are-
      -MARIE! - He roars loudly. She jumps, frozen in her spot. She
      doesn't think she's ever seen him this angry, or anyone this angry,
      for that matter. He's breathing hard and fast, obviously trying to
      gain some control over his rage. She looks at him carefully. He
      still has his claws out. A voice in her head is telling her to run.
      But he wouldn't hurt her, would he? She looks towards the stairs.
      -Don't- He simply says.
      She swallows hard. Now what?
      He walks toward her, fast. Her eyes go wide and she walks back until
      hitting the wall. Her arms go up defensively.
      -Logan?- She whimpers pleadingly. He smells fear and se stops. She's
      scared? He goes to reach out to her and then realizes. His claws!
      Fuck. He retracts them and looks into her eyes. Oh God! She's
      scared. Of him! No no no.
      He stretches out his hand towards her, but she just crouches down.
      He just stares at her blankly. She thinks I'm going to hurt her?
      I've got to talk to her. Her heartbeat is pounding in his ears and
      the smell of her fear is almost unbearable and it's all because
      him. He feels desperate.
      -I'm sorry- He says. He then grabs her arm and pulls her into the
      kitchen, closing the door behind them. She struggles to pull out
      from his grip, but he holds tighter. When she moans in pain, he lets
      her go. She stumbles back, rubbing her arm. She walks around to the
      other side of the kitchen, putting the table and as much distance as
      possible between them. He notices.
      -I'm not going to hurt you- He says softly.
      He winces. She's about to cry. Fuck.

      -I'm sorry- He says as gently as possible. Silence. Finally she
      speaks with tears in her eyes.
      -Why are you being like this?- She asks hoarsely. He sighs.
      -Because I worry about you- He states.
      -It was only a date, you don't want me to date?- She's beginning to
      get angry again.
      -No- He says automatically -I mean, yes...but...- She scoffs.
      -What? You're not happy, so no one else can be either?-
      -No, I want you to be happy. Not with him-
      -Why not him? Remy is really nice and he likes me-
      -He's only after one thing-
      She laughs humorlessly.
      -Oh please! You all want one thing, but you can't use that argument
      on me- She says sadly. He lowers his eyes. She's right. Even if he
      wanted to or tried, it's impossible, even if she wanted to. It
      couldn't be about that. Now he feels like shit for reminding her how
      limited any relationship with her could be.
      -I'm sorry- Again that's all he can come up with.
      -You know what Logan? I had a really great time tonight- She starts
      defiantly but her voice wavering slightly -We had the most amazing
      date. He treated me like I was truly special, he paid attention to
      me, listened to what I had to say, made me laugh and forget what my
      life is like. I think I could truly love him.-She was crying now,
      tears were rolling down her cheeks -He wasn't afraid to touch me,
      and he even kissed me-
      Silence. But not for him to jump in. As much as he didn't really
      want to hear all this, she needed to vent.
      -It was a perfect evening- she finally said- Until now-
      She then walked around the table and right past him without so much
      as a look towards him. It wasn't until she was out the door that she
      spoke again. Softly, but knowing he would still hear her.
      -I hope you're happy-
      He closed his eyes. Crap. Now he felt like an asshole. He'd hurt
      her. A lot. He had to apologize. Tomorrow. No, not tomorrow, now.
      He caught up with her just as she had reached her bedroom and was
      about to close the door behind her. He put his foot in the door and
      held out his hand to stop her from shutting it. She looked at him.
      She didn't look angry, just tired and sad. She was still crying and
      he hated himself for that. She had come back feeling happy, and then
      he took that away and made her feel like this.
      -Please, just leave me alone Logan- She pleaded, but he wouldn't
      budge.-Please! Just go- She pushed at the door -Leave me alone- A
      little louder now.
      -No- Now he decided to use his strength to get in. He pushed past
      her easily. She didn't look angry, but defeated. He sat down on her
      bed and looked up at her. She was still standing by the door, she
      didn't close it. He patted the bed next to him, motioning for her to
      come and sit next to him. She stared straight at him.
      -I think I'll stay here-
      -Marie, please-
      -I'd rather not- A little more forcefully. He looked a little hurt.
      He wasn't sure if she didn't want to be near him because she was
      angry of because she was afraid. Either way, he didn't like it. He
      stood up and she took a step back. It was fear then. He couldn't
      stand her being afraid of him.
      -Please don't be afraid of me-

      -Why would I be afraid? - She asked sarcastically.
      -You know I would never hurt you-
      -It's a little late for that- She says, and then takes her coat and
      gloves off. He wonders if she's just feeling hot, or if she thinks
      she might need to defend herself from him. He finds that thought a
      little unnerving. He looks at her bare arms, then his eyes stop on
      her right one, the shape of his fingers around it, already beginning
      to form a bruise. He swallows hard and looks down.
      -I'm so sorry Marie- He looks straight at her now -Please forgive me-
      -For this? - She says looking down at her arm -Trust me, this is
      what hurts the least right now-
      He knows what she means.
      -It won't happen again, trust me-
      -Trust? - She spits out.
      -Yes, you can trust me-
      -Can I? - She asks him, and herself.
      -Tell me how to make this better, I can't lose you, you're my best
      -Best friends don't hurt each other Logan-
      -Please let me make this better-
      -Just say what you're going to say and go-
      -Close the door? - He asks.
      She thinks about it for a moment. Then sighs and closes the door.
      She still remains by it though, waiting for him to speak.
      -You can go out with him-
      She looks at him incredulously. Is he serious?
      -You think I need your permission?-She didn't mean it to come out so
      loud, she didn't want another argument.
      -No- He said -but I'm OK with it. If he makes you happy, then I want
      that for you-
      She softened slightly. This was as gentle and sweet as Logan could
      ever get.
      -Do you? - She asks earnestly.
      -Of course- He said -I don't like the fact that HE makes you happy,
      but I like the fact that you are-
      She smiles -Really?-
      -Yes, of course- He smiles back. She slowly walks towards him and
      sits down on the bed next to him. He put his arm around her and
      feels her relax.
      -Thank you-
      He kisses the top of her head.
      -Promise me you'll never do that again-
      -Do what?-
      -Any of that. Attack my boyfriend, scare me, be mean...-
      He pulls her to face him.
      -I promise, and I'm really sorry-
      -Promise me you'll be nice to Remy- She asks seriously. He grimaces.
      -I don't like him- He says.
      -You don't have to, just be nice to him, and apologize-
      -Apologize? - No way, he thought -That little bastard wasn't...-He
      stopps his train of thought. She's looking at him pleadingly -OK-
      She smiles. She then reaches for her bedside table, opens the drawer
      and pulls out chocolates. He raises a questioning eyebrow.
      -I have to substitute somehow. Besides, every girl has a stash- She

      -Seriously? - He asks amused.
      -Yeah, it's like men with porn- She says matter-of-factly as she
      bites into a chocolate bar, offering him one as well. He stares at
      her speechless.
      -How do you know that?-
      -Oh please, we all know- She says laughing and taking another bite.
      -So what do you want to do? - She asks.
      -We'll talk- He suggests, instantly regretting it. Conversation is
      not his strongest point. But she smiled and nodded, and he is happy.
      -What about?-
      -Well- He starts searching for a topic. -Tell me about your date,
      and this guy Remy-
      -Seriously? - She asks curiously.
      -Yeah, I want to know how he managed to get you to go out with him-
      She laughs. And he lies down on the bed, pulling her with him. She
      rests her head on his outstretched arm, careful not to touch him.
      Then she starts telling him about her new boyfriend.
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