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FIC: Show Me Love, 1/1, Pyro/Magneto, Pyro/Mystique, NC-17

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  • Henrika
    Title: Show Me Love Rating: NC-17 Pairing: Pyro/Magneto, and Pyro/Mystique (Magneto/Mystique, implied) Fandom: Movieverse, post X2. Summary: After joining the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 5, 2003
      Title: Show Me Love

      Rating: NC-17

      Pairing: Pyro/Magneto, and Pyro/Mystique (Magneto/Mystique, implied)

      Fandom: Movieverse, post X2.

      Summary: After joining the Brotherhood, John has to deal with his
      growing attraction to Mystique...or does he?

      Disclaimer: The characters aren't mine, and I'm not making
      any money
      of this.

      A/N: Alright, as you may already know, there will be explicit sex in
      this story. If you find the idea of Magneto and Pyro getting it on as
      gross due to the age difference, then I suggest you stop reading now.
      Other than that, I can't think of anything that might offend
      No violence, non-con, etc.

      Archive: List archives, feel free to have it, and my personal site,
      http://www.geocities.com/henrika_amanda/Index.html Others, please
      drop me a line and ask.

      Feedback: Please? I'd love to know what you think, but please
      flame me. Email me at henrika15_@... if you want, but on
      list is fine as well.


      They had been traveling a lot, from place to place, at all times,
      constantly on the run. They had never stayed at one place for more
      than a few days, and life had been hectic for them all, but in spite
      this, John didn't regret that he had followed Magneto into his
      helicopter that day.

      Sure, it had had something to do with his instinct of self-
      preservation as well; in case Xavier's people had come out first,
      had probably followed them, but now he was glad that didn't
      John had never really felt at ease at the Xavier-institute. He'd
      friends and so – Bobby above all – but there he could never
      really be
      himself – his real me. Now he could.

      One month had passed since that day at Alkali Lake, and John had not
      seen much of either Magneto or Mystique, since there was so much to
      be done. Maybe that would change now.

      Magneto – or Erik, as he'd encouraged John to call him in
      had rented a large, secluded house located on the Maine-coast, which
      would work as their new, and hopefully lasting home.

      Erik and Mystique were assumed to be a married couple, and John was
      their teenage son; a nice little family of three, nothing unusual or
      bizarre at all.

      Those bastards.

      The house was large enough for a whole legion, and John had certainly
      been given a room of his own. At the Xavier-institute he'd had to
      share a room with Bobby. It could be nice having an own room,
      especially when one wanted some privacy. It was sometimes lonely too,
      since throughout the years, John had gotten used to always having
      company when he sought it. He couldn't just walk into Erik's
      and ask
      for a chat, and he'd never even consider going to Mystique, since
      honestly, was scared to death of the blue-skinned shapeshifter.

      Mystique didn't talk much – at least not with him – and
      she was also
      away much of the time, since she had a hectic schedule as
      spy. When she *was* home, though, she always walked around in her
      true shape. Which meant blue and naked.

      She had a beautiful body, and was showing virtually *everything* so
      no matter how scared John was of her, it was impossible for a
      teenager with raging hormones not to look. He always did it in
      stealth, and always turned his eyes away if she looked in his

      Mystique had tried to teach John hand-to-hand combating a few times.
      John was always reluctant. He had seen Mystique "in action",
      and knew
      she could turn him into a crying little clod of jelly if she wanted
      to. The thought of fighting her was not appealing.

      "Why do I need to learn hand-to-hand combating?" John had
      asked. "I
      have my lighter. That's all I need."

      "Why?" Mystique had said, and regarded him like he was a

      "I think it's unnecessary."

      It had been a bad excuse, but he had to come up with *something*.
      John had taken out his lighter from his pocket, and studied it, when
      Mystique approached him. She was a tall woman, remarkably taller than
      John was, and he'd had to turn his head up to look into her face.

      "What if you lose it?" she whispered in his ear, almost

      "I won't..."

      Suddenly Mystique performed one of her superhumanly rapid movements,
      and kicked the lighter from his hand, not giving him a chance to stop
      her. Then she had swept him to the floor with the same speed, and sat
      astride him, pinning him to the floor.

      It had been the worst moment of John's life, since he had become
      excited. Mystique was a naked chick – a *hot* naked chick, who
      sitting on him, and his body betrayed him.

      Mystique simply grinned down at him and said superciliously, "And
      what do you do in a situation like this?"

      John couldn't answer; he was trapped, and he felt his erection
      under Mystique, and she could probably feel it as well. Of course
      Mystique had felt it. She had teasingly squeezed his stiff cock
      through his pants and smirked at him.

      "Young man, I'll teach you what hand-to-hand combating is.
      you want to, or not."

      Then she had gotten up and walked away, leaving John sprawled on his
      back on the floor. It had taken him some time before he could get up
      and pick up his precious lighter.

      After that she had trained him a few times, and actually managed to
      teach him some moves. Neither of them ever talked about what had
      happened the first time, and John didn't complain. From now on he
      always did exactly what Mystique told him and never questioned
      anything. It made things easier.

      John couldn't help wondering if Magneto was a skilled
      combatant. He didn't think so. The older man had at one occasion
      him that he didn't like to "dirty his hands" with any
      combating. That was Mystique's field.

      Now she trained him at least once a week. John always wished she
      would wear clothes, or become someone who wore clothes, since her
      nudity distracted John. He always wished the training hours would
      end, so he could go into the shower and jerk off and get rid of his
      sexual frustration. But sometimes even that didn't work.

      He believed Mystique was provoking him consciously, and that she
      liked doing it. What a bitch she was.

      John was no longer going to any school. Erik had decided to tutor him
      at home instead. He was a demanding teacher, even worse than
      professor Xavier, and John had thought *he* made heavy demands upon
      his students.

      Their time schedule was very simple. Because Erik didn't have
      time to
      sit with John all the time, of course, so every morning, after
      breakfast, he gave John a lecture, plus a series of different
      assignments to work with during the day. In the evening, or the next
      day, John would show Erik his results, and ask if there was anything
      he hadn't understood. His Saturdays and Sundays were off, of
      and he could do anything he wanted.

      Much of what Erik tried to teach him was boring. Maths was okay, and
      science like physics, chemistry and stuff, but he hated subjects like
      history and divinity, and couldn't really understand why Magneto
      persisted on teaching that to John. Literature was the worst of all.
      John always shuddered when Erik gave him that as homework, and wished
      he had the courage to contradict.

      //Why the hell do I need to understand Shakespeare when I'm
      to become a mutant terrorist!// he'd wanted to shout. He never

      John was glad Erik at least wasn't a telepath, like Xavier.

      Every evening Magneto tried to gather his "family" at the
      table, so they could consume at least one meal together, talk and
      interact like a "normal" family.

      This evening, about four months after the day at Alkali Lake, when
      the Brotherhood had got addition, Erik and Mystique came home late.
      John recalled that Erik had mentioned they were going to New York
      City to watch a play at Broadway, but he couldn't remember which,
      didn't really care either. Erik had also asked him if he wanted
      come with them, but John had declined.

      Theater didn't interest John the least, and although a visit to
      York City had been cool, he doubted Erik would let him go anywhere he
      wanted. So he had chosen to stay at home.

      The only play John had ever seen was "Cats" when he was about
      No, wait. That was no play, it was a musical, right? Never mind. The
      only thing that mattered was that he had the house to himself for a
      whole evening.

      John couldn't resist the impulse to sneak into Erik's private
      to see what was in there. It was unlocked, of course, and once he
      entered, he saw a neat desk and a bookcase stuffed with books. John
      walked straight to the bookcase. Most books there were boring,
      historical fact-books, mostly about WW2. He surprisingly even found a
      biography of Hitler. Then there were some collections of poems, plus
      some fiction. Boring, boring...

      John wasn't really sure what he thought he'd find. The Kama
      perhaps? Or the Gay Kama Sutra? With illustrations... He laughed to
      himself. Right.

      He put the books back where they belonged and made sure everything
      was like it had been when he came, then he turned off the lights and
      left. He didn't know how Erik would react if he found out John
      been in his study while he was away, but his response would not be
      positive, that was one for sure.

      John walked around restlessly in the large house the rest of the
      time, and waited for their return. He started to get hungry, and
      although there was food in the fridge, he was going to wait for Erik.
      The dinner together had become kind of a tradition.

      They came home again by nine o'clock in the evening. Erik drove
      elegant black Jaguar, which he mostly kept in the garage. John had
      wanted to ask many times if he could try the car, but he never dared.
      Perhaps it would chock Erik? He could recall it had certainly shocked
      Logan when he'd offered to drive Cyclops' car.

      "St. John?" Erik called when he and Mystique came in and he
      took off
      his overcoat. Underneath Erik wore an exclusive grey suit, tailor-
      made for him, which made him look very distinguished. On the other
      hand, Erik always looked distinguished. He didn't need to make
      efforts. It was natural to him. That grey hair, those intelligent
      pale blue eyes, distinguished cheekbones...

      Mystique had been a lanky brunette in an evening gown during the
      theatrical performance, but now when they were back home, she
      instantly morphed back into her blue, naked shape.

      John met them in the lobby. He hoped it couldn't be seen that he
      done something he wasn't supposed to. "Hi..." he
      murmured, pulling
      his T-shirt. "How was the play?"

      "It was wonderful," Erik replied smiling. "You truly
      something, St. John. Next time you have to come with us."

      "Great... Are you hungry? I thought we'd eat now."

      Erik threw a glance at his wristwatch. "Oh, my, is it that late?
      St. John, we are eating. You go into the kitchen while I put on
      something more comfortable."

      Mystique smiled at Erik and rested her hands briefly on his shoulders
      before she headed for the kitchen, followed by John. Erik went to his
      room, and returned a couple of minutes later, in more "easy"
      clothing; a grey turtleneck and brown cashmere pants. He sat down by
      the table opposite John, and started reading today's newspaper
      he waited for Mystique to make their dinner ready.

      John watched the shapeshifter while she moved in the kitchen,
      readying their food. Mystique was usually the cook. Probably she
      liked doing it, and it was obvious that she wanted to wait on Erik.

      John suspected strongly that if it had been just he and Mystique, she
      would have fed him cold leftovers, unless he cooked his own food. She
      was doing this solely for Erik.

      Mystique put a joint in the oven and started making a salad while
      they were waiting for the joint to ripen.

      Suddenly Erik put the newspaper away. "St. John," he said.
      "Will you
      tell me?"

      John almost winced. "Tell you what?" he murmured.

      "You're being so awfully quiet this evening. Is there
      something that
      troubles you?"

      John shook his head. "No, I'm fine."

      "You aren't getting ill? The flu, or..."

      "No, I'm fine," John said. "Really. I'm just a
      little tired."

      Erik gave him an intense, inquiring look. John had a nasty feeling
      that the older man could read his thoughts. Erik was no telepath, but
      still. "Are you sure?" he asked.

      John nodded again. Now Erik didn't ask anything more, but he
      concerned. John had an expression that meant something, but he
      obviously didn't want to talk about it. Very well. Erik
      wasn't going
      to squeeze him. The boy had his right to be sullen at times, just
      like everyone else.

      John turned his eyes in Mystique's direction just when she was
      bending forward to take the joint out of the oven. He instantly
      regretted that he'd looked.

      Mystique's back was facing him, and while she was bending
      forward, he
      could see all of her ass and even her blue pussy from behind.
      face instantly grew red as a tomato, and his whole body became as hot
      as the fire he could manipulate. Within a few seconds he got the hard
      on of the decade, threatening to burst through his pants.

      He felt he had to get away, no matter what the others would say.

      "May I be excused?" he murmured and rose hastily, without
      expecting a

      Erik looked like he couldn't believe what he was hearing.
      "But St.
      John! You haven't eaten anything! You just said you were..."

      "I'm sorry, but I have to go upstairs..." was all John
      said before he
      rushed out of the room to escape their staring eyes. Mystique, who
      was holding the dish containing the joint in her hands, also looked

      "What's wrong with him?" she asked Erik.

      But Erik simply shrugged and shook his head with a bemused
      expression. He had no better answer to that question.

      John went up to his room and crawled down into his bed, under the
      blankets, and waited for his cock to soften. He was strongly
      determined not to touch himself this time. Mystique would be his
      doom, he was sure of that. He had to tell Erik to tell her to put on
      some clothes. She would listen to him.

      Once more John wondered if she was doing it on purpose. Erik
      seem to be provoked by her nudity, but Erik was an old man, not a
      lovesick virgin like John.

      After some time John got up to watch a movie or something. Erik had
      supplied him with an own TV and DVD-player in his room, so that was
      no problem. Nothing that had anything to do with money seemed to be a
      problem to Erik.

      John watched his favourite movie, "The Matrix" one and a half
      before he finally grew so tired he almost fell asleep, and decided to
      go to bed. He had almost fallen asleep when he suddenly heard a
      careful knock on his door. John became aware of the sound at once,
      but didn't really dare trusting his hearing before he heard it

      "Come in..." he moaned at last.

      Erik opened the door soundlessly and entered, carrying a tray.

      "St. John?" he whispered and walked toward John's bed. He
      placed the
      tray on the bedside table and then sat down on John's bed edge.
      older man gave his young weary protégé a compassionate look.

      "I brought you some sandwiches and a glass of warm chocolate
      he began and gestured at the tray. "I thought you might be

      John's grumbling stomach couldn't hide that fact.

      "Thanks," he said. It both surprised and touched John that
      Erik had
      taken time to do this for him. It had to mean he really did care.
      Xavier and his old teachers at the mansion had always treated him
      correctly, but none of them had ever done anything like this.

      But Erik wasn't done yet. "I asked you a question at the
      table, and now I'm asking it again. Is there something wrong?"

      "No," John tried. "I just felt a little tired."

      "If something troubles you, then I want – no, demand –
      you to tell
      me," Erik claimed. "I can help you."

      John sighed and almost considered telling Erik how Mystique affected
      him, but this wasn't the right time.

      "I care about you," said Erik and gently placed his hand on
      forehead and brushed his hair back.

      The unexpected proof of affection took John aback. No one had ever
      stroked his hair before, and Erik was the last person he believed
      would do it.

      "Want to tell me?" the older man asked seriously and looked
      deep into
      John's eyes.

      Suddenly John felt he started to harden again under the blanket, and
      he was completely sure that Erik's touch was provoking it. The
      crept back into his face and he started to hyperventilate.

      "Are you okay?" Erik asked right away and held his cool hand
      the boy's warm cheek.

      "I'm feeling very tired..." John breathed. "Maybe I
      should sleep..."

      "Do you want me to leave?" Erik asked.

      John did. He wanted Erik to leave at once so that he wouldn't
      out what was happening underneath the blanket.

      "Eat some," the older man begged. "For me?"

      "Okay, I will."

      "Alright. Good night, St. John."

      "Good night, Erik..."

      Erik gave John a kind little smile before he got up and pattered out
      of the room. John breathed a sigh of relief when he'd left. The
      feeling that had come over him was both confusing and disturbing. Did
      he really desire Erik? Was it his touch that had provoked this
      erection? Mystique was one thing, but Erik? He was almost fifty years
      older then John was, and then he was a man.

      Did this mean he was gay? No, he was not gay. Maybe bisexual. John
      hadn't had any sexual experiences, with either sex, but the only
      thing he had fucked so far was his own hand.

      It took him time to fall asleep that night. He was pretty sure of
      what went on inside Erik's room. Now, like many other nights, he
      could hear Mystique's quiet, almost soundless steps, sneaking
      Erik's room, and sometimes the sounds they made traveled through
      ventilation systems, just like at the Xavier-institute.

      One didn't have to be a genius to interpret the sounds and
      they were having sex. Mostly only Erik moaned, since John could only
      hear a man's voice.

      Now, like many other nights, he jerked off while listening to Erik
      and Mystique fucking, and fantasized about joining. This time he also
      did something he had never done before. Gently John touched his anus
      and thought of how it would feel if Erik fucked him.

      Would Erik do it? John had heard rumours at the mansion that Erik and
      the professor were gay, and had been an item when they were younger.
      They were only rumours, as said, but John believed there might be
      truth in them.

      He came in his hand that night, and then tasted his own semen. It
      tasted salt. John couldn't help imagining that he was tasting
      seed instead of his own.

      During the past few weeks John had been out quite often, partly to
      forget the problems at home. He hadn't been so thorough with his
      homework, and of course Erik noticed this and started asking what was
      wrong. Sometimes John didn't even care to answer him, but simply
      shrugged his shoulders.

      He had barely any friends, since Erik had told him not to establish
      any close bonds with anybody. He knew some kids briefly, but they
      weren't his friends. Just...people.

      Sometimes he couldn't help missing Bobby, Marie, Jubilee and all
      other students. Here he had no one his age to interact with.

      Friday on May 23, almost exactly five months after he joined Erik,
      John was in really good spirits again. He had managed to get a ticked
      for the new mega-movie "The Matrix Reloaded", the sequel of
      groundbreaking "The Matrix" from 1999.

      He had no one to go with, which was too bad, but it didn't
      matter. He
      couldn't miss this chance.

      "Where are you going?" Erik asked in surprise when he saw
      putting on his jacket after dinner.

      "I'm going to the cinema," John replied. "I gotta

      "Cinema?" Erik's expression became serious. "No,
      young man. You are
      not. You have homework left to do."

      John thought he'd throw up. "What?" he croaked. "You
      can't be
      serious! It's *Friday*!"

      "If you had done your homework yesterday, it wouldn't have
      been here
      today," Erik replied coldly. "Do you remember what you were
      to have done? Romantic Age writers. A thorough analysis of Johann
      Wolfgang von Goethe's "Faust"."

      "No, please Erik!" John begged. He was starting to be come
      desperate. "I've waited over three years for this movie! You
      can't do
      this to me!"

      "Go to your room and complete your assignments, and we can talk


      "St. John, you heard me. Move it."

      "No way! I'm going!" John exclaimed and almost felt like
      taking out
      his lighter and blowing a firestorm straight into Erik's face. He
      *could* he do this?

      Erik's face hardened even more. "Boy, as long as you live
      under this
      roof you'll do as I say. Understand?"

      "Xavier would have let me go!" John spat out, mostly just to

      "But I am not my old friend," Erik replied calmly. "If
      you didn't
      know this when you followed me, perhaps you should reconsider your

      John regretted what he'd said about Xavier; Erik had been very
      to him, but he was still angry.

      "St. John, do I have to tell you more than twice? Go up to your
      and do your homework. You can watch that movie some other day."

      "Erik, please... You don't know how much this movie means to
      John sobbed, now almost desperate.

      He looked so unhappy and miserable that Erik almost gave in and let
      him leave, but then he thought he'd been far too generous to John
      lately. The young man had neglected his tasks, and now he would have
      to pay a price.

      "Go and write your poetry analysis now, and show me what you have
      accomplished later this evening, and I might let you watch that movie
      tomorrow," Erik concluded.

      John realized that Erik would not let him leave, and furiously threw
      his jacket into a corner. "I hate you!!" he hissed at Erik
      walking past him, and ran upstairs to his room.

      He didn't hear the older man sigh or saw him rub his aching
      with his fingertips. "Young people..." Erik muttered.
      "They never

      John was so disappointed he nearly cried. In this moment he truly
      believed he hated Erik. He did not, of course, but it felt good
      thinking that he did.

      He took out his literature history book, which he really should be
      reading. Romantic Age writers... Goethe... Faust... Fuck this!

      If he couldn't answer Erik's questions tonight, he would
      probably not
      let him go out tomorrow either, but right now John was too angry and
      hurt to care. He put the book away and instead started re-watching
      the first Matrix-movie on his DVD-player.

      The hours flew by and he watched Neo – Keanu Reeves – and
      Trinity –
      Carrie-Anne Moss - fight through a whole pack of heavily armed
      soldiers without getting a scratch. They looked incredibly cool in
      their tight black leather clothes and dark shades.

      John sometimes wished that he would be able to put on shades and fly
      away like Neo did at the end of the movie, and simply run away from
      everything. He played with his lighter for a while; flicking it open,
      shut, open, shut... One day he might end up with losing control over
      his powers and setting the whole house on fire.

      When it was about 10:00 PM John decided to go and see Erik. Not
      because he wanted to prove anything, but to apologize. Erik, despite
      what happened, did not deserve being told that John hated him, and
      now John wanted to see him and take back what he'd said earlier.

      He still brought his literature history book and a slovenly paper
      with notes he'd taken down the other day, and left his room.
      Maybe he
      would remember something, he thought. Perhaps even enough to make
      Erik satisfied.

      John walked directly to Erik's bedroom, since he knew the older
      wasn't in his study at this time, especially on a Friday night.

      Erik opened the door for him, and once they were standing face to
      face, John no longer knew what to say. He just looked into Erik's
      pale blue eyes and remained silent.

      "St. John," Erik said and stepped aside to let him in. "I
      expecting you. Come in."

      John entered. Erik was wearing a grey robe and slippers; obviously he
      was planning to go to bed anytime soon.

      "I'm a disturbing?" was the first thing John got out.

      "No, I was expecting you. I have to check if you have completed

      "Erik, I..." John began and grabbed Erik's arm. "I
      came to apologize.
      My behaviour before was terrible and I really regret all I said to
      you. I didn't mean it. Please, forgive me."

      Erik gave him a soothing smile. "It is alright, St. John. I can
      understand if you got disappointed, but hopefully, some day you will
      see why I did what I did. You're forgiven, but don't let it

      "I promise," John replied. He greatly respected Erik and was
      going to
      keep his promise.

      "Very well, since you are here, I might as well check if
      you've done
      your homework. You have the book? Good. Come."

      Erik's bedroom was large, but didn't contain too much
      mostly just things made of metal – of course – so therefore
      they had
      to sit on Erik's large bed. Erik acted like it was totally
      and John had to try pretending as well.

      They sat down, opposite each other, with their legs crossed. John
      noticed that Erik wasn't wearing any long trousers. //Oh, Jesus,
      try not to look into his crotch!//

      "Do you remember what you were supposed to do?" Erik asked

      "Romantic Age writers..." John sighed.

      "Goethe. Have you read his work "Faust", St. John?"

      "Yeah," John lied. He hadn't really read it, simply
      glanced through
      the English translation.

      "Then you should be able to answer some questions," Erik
      began. "Now... When the devil, Mephistopheles, visits Faust, what
      his intentions?"

      John shrugged. "To corrupt him, I guess."

      "What did he offer him?"


      "What else?"

      "I actually don't know," John admitted. //And I
      couldn't care any

      "Do you know why Mephistopheles came to Faust in the first place?
      why he couldn't leave?"

      "A pentagram..." John murmured, recalling he had seen the
      somewhere in the text he'd glanced through.

      "Yes, that's right," Erik agreed. "But why could
      Mephistopheles come
      in, and not out?"

      "I don't know."

      "Because Faust had been sloppy when he drew it. One point was
      St. John, I'm sorry but it seems like you haven't done your
      this time either. I assume you were watching TV instead?"

      To John's great surprise Erik didn't sound angry or
      disappointed, but
      rather amused. When he looked up in the older man's face, a smile
      playing around his thin lips.

      John couldn't help laughing. "You know me too well! No
      offense, but I
      have to let you know that this is fucking boring!"

      "You think so?"

      "Why do I have to understand this shit? You never told me

      Erik inhaled deeply through his nose before he answered. "St.
      he said slowly. "Literature is a way of understanding how people
      think. And in order to understand the society, you have to understand
      the people who live in it. Especially it is important to people like

      "But these men you're forcing me to read about lived
      centuries ago!
      Why do I have to understand how they think *now*?"

      "Boy, the way people think change in time. I thought it would be
      important to you to realize this, so you could draw parallels between
      today's thinking and maybe figure out what has changed, and why.
      Romantic Age was a period of much new thinking. The writers abandoned
      the Age of Enlightenment's ideas and set of values, and created
      ones. Much has changes since the early 1900th Century. Do you know

      "People evolve," John said.


      "This is still fucking boring," John pointed out and looked
      down at
      the book on his lap.

      Erik laughed softly, and sat down next to John and took the
      literature book away from him.

      "I have understood that that's your opinion," he chuckled
      suddenly put his arm around John's shoulders. The boy stiffened
      first, but gradually relaxed. "What would you like to do

      Erik's hand slid down John's back, and if he hadn't known
      better he
      would have believed Erik was hitting on him. He decided to play
      along. "Well, perhaps you know something more interesting..."
      whispered and parted his lips, as though he was expecting a kiss

      //What am I doing? I must be crazy!//

      When Erik actually kissed him, it was like the dam at Alkali Lake
      burst again. Within a few seconds they were lying in the bed, locked
      in a passionate kiss, pulling and groping each other to get as much
      close contact as possible.

      John could feel a familiar stirring in his loins, and shortly his
      cock had risen to its full size, poking Erik in the stomach. When
      Erik's hand briefly nudged the bulge in his pants, he almost came
      once. Almost in frenzy John started pulling his sweater to get it
      off. He knew now. This was going to be sex.

      Erik grabbed the lovesick young man and interrupted his frantic
      attempts to undress. John's breathing was ragged and he had a
      look in his eyes.

      "St. John," the older man said seriously while looking into
      protégé's eyes. "Is it certain that you want this?"

      "Yeah... I'm sure," John replied, and he was. Fuck,
      he'd dreamt about
      this for over a month! If Erik just knew!

      Erik smiled and tenderly caressed the boy's neck and shoulders.
      I'll help you undress if you permit me."

      He pulled off John's sweatshirt and continued with his jeans. To
      it was an incredibly sensual feeling being undressed by someone else.
      He wanted to encourage Erik to hurry, but his throat was completely

      When Erik pulled off his boxers, and freed his erection, he barely
      dared to breathe. He couldn't help feeling a bit apprehensive,
      wondered if Erik could sense it.

      "You're beautiful..." Erik whispered after watching John.
      And he was.
      The boy's body was slender but fit, with firm muscles under
      skin. He was smooth except for a narrow string of auburn hair from
      his navel to his sex.

      They kissed again and fell down onto the bed, with Erik on top. John
      could feel the soft silk fabric of the older man's robe against
      warm skin, and this time he could also feel something poking his hip.
      Erik was hard! John could feel it! He was an old man, and it took his
      body more time to respond, but now his arousal was evident.

      "Eh, Erik... Aren't you gonna undress?" he whispered in
      Erik's ear.


      Erik stood by the bed and slid out of his robe. He was naked
      underneath. John couldn't help marveling at his body now when he
      Erik naked. He was lean and sinewy, not at all wrinkled with a lot of
      loose skin, like John imagined old men. And his penis was nice too,
      jutting forth from his bush of grey pubic hair; the only thing in his
      body that revealed his age.

      John placed a tentative hand on Erik's flat stomach to touch him.
      skin was soft.

      "Do you like what you see?" Erik asked and brushed John's
      hand with
      his own. John could simply nod. Thank God *Erik* didn't walk
      naked all the time!

      "I want you to touch me..." John whispered.

      Erik slim, long-fingered hand closed around John's throbbing
      erection, and the older man pushed him down onto his back. Erik
      grinned down at him. Unlike himself, John was not circumcised but
      still had his foreskin, and that made his cock exciting to touch.

      Judging from the sounds the boy gave out, he was near his orgasm, and
      Erik quickly bent down and took his erection into his mouth. John
      gasped when he felt the wet heat of Erik's mouth engulfing his
      and he came reflexively, only a few seconds later. Damn! Erik
      swallowed his load and let the boy's semi-hard penis slid out of
      mouth. John was young. He would soon be ready for action again, if he
      even grew soft at all.

      For a moment John was worried. Maybe Erik hadn't wanted him to
      in his mouth? But the older man was smiling when he looked up from
      John's groin, and that calmed him.

      Erik rose to his knees and carefully started caressing John between
      his buttocks. He found the boy's untouched anus easily, but did
      penetrate him yet.

      "You know what I want to do with you, right?" he asked

      John nodded. He knew very well. Erik wanted to fuck him.

      "If that's not what you want, we'll stop here," Erik
      said. "I can
      understand if you don't want to."

      "Yes I do," John claimed. "Just do it. I want you to fuck
      me, Erik!"

      Erik was slightly surprised at hearing such obscenities leaving the
      boy's mouth, but at the same time it amused him. "Are you
      sure?" he asked one last time. "It might hurt a bit,
      especially the
      first time."

      "I don't care. Just do it."

      "I'll be gentle," Erik promised.

      He took out his small bottle of lubricant and started preparing John;
      first one finger, and then more. When the third finger came, John
      couldn't suppress a grimace of pain. "It hurts, Erik..."

      "Relax," Erik soothed and stroked the boy's now flaccid
      member. "Just

      John was glad Erik didn't ask any embarrassing questions whether
      was a virgin and such, but Erik seemed to understand, and didn't
      his young lover to feel uncomfortable.

      When it finally was time, Erik leaned in between John's splayed
      and slowly slid into him, inch by inch. When he was buried all the
      way, he stayed completely still for a moment, giving John time to
      adjust. Then he started moving gently.

      Some of Erik's thrusts bumped John's prostate and made him
      an intense pleasure he couldn't even have imagined. *Now* he saw
      some who had tried this claimed it was good. It was more than good.
      It was exquisite.

      "Oh, yes, Erik!" he gasped and clutched at the older
      shoulders. "Fuck me!"

      Erik lay still on top of John after he'd come, feeling the
      boy's warm
      sweaty body shiver underneath his own, and he wondered if he had hurt
      John. Erik had desired the young man since the first time he saw him
      inside the X-jet, five months ago, but he was barely more than a
      child, and Erik felt he had used him. Really, how old was John?
      Eighteen? Jesus.

      "St. John, I'm getting up now."

      "No, stay," John asked. "Your body feels so good on

      "Are you alright, boy?"

      "Yeah, I'm fine..."

      Erik looked down at John's flushed face and felt an urge to kiss
      lips. John returned the kiss eagerly, and wanted more of Erik.

      Erik rose at last, and they parted. Erik rubbed his forehead, and
      John could see that something was troubling the older man.
      "Erik?" he

      Erik took the boy in his arms again and started stroking his soft
      hair. "Are you sure you are alright?" he asked once more.

      "Yes, I told you. You were great. Better than reading literature

      Erik laughed. "That makes me happy. But you're so

      "I'll turn nineteen in two months," John pointed out.
      "I'm no child."

      "No," Erik agreed. "You're not."

      They settled in the bed again, John resting his head on Erik's
      arm. For a while they both just stared at the ceiling.

      John thought how funny things had happened. He had wanted Mystique
      from the beginning, and now he was lying here with Erik. But he still
      wanted Mystique too. Very much. Despite what Erik and he had just
      done, he still felt like a virgin, in a way. It would be different
      with a woman.

      "St. John..."

      "Why are you calling me St. John?" John asked Erik. He had
      about asking it for a long time, but it just hadn't happened.

      "That is your birth name, isn't it?"

      "Yeah, but no one calls me that. Everyone calls me John. Everyone

      "St. John is beautiful. Beautiful and unusual. Do you know how
      many "Johns" there are out there?"

      John laughed. "A whole lot, I'd guess! More than there are
      Johns", anyway."

      "St. John Allerdyce... That's you. Pyro..."

      "Erik Magnus Lehnsherr... That's you, right?"

      "Last time I checked."

      They both laughed and John snuggled in to Erik's chest. "Can
      we do
      this again?" he asked.

      "What? Now?"

      "No, not now. But in the future. I'd love to."

      "Are you sure you want to, St. John?"


      "I don't want to use you..." Erik murmured.

      "You're not using me!" John exclaimed. "I liked
      having sex with you,
      and I'd love to do it again."

      "You are a very beautiful young man. And I want you. If you want
      waste your time with an old man like I, then I won't stop

      "You're not an old man!" John objected. "Jesus! This
      body looks like

      "Are you trying to flatter me, boy?"

      "No, I'm trying to seduce you..." John said and covered
      Erik's chest
      with kisses. He knew what he was getting himself into if he continued
      to sleep with his boss, and he also knew that Erik would always
      be "on top" when they made love, and he would never let John

      "Hey, St. John..." Erik said suddenly and cupped John's
      head in his
      hand. "I am sorry for not letting you go to that movie this
      You're not mad at me because of that, are you?"

      "No, of course not. If I'd gone this would probably never

      "Which movie was it?"

      "The Matrix Reloaded. I've really been looking forward to
      that movie,

      "I can watch it with you," Erik offered. "Or then I can
      ask Raven if
      you'd rather go with her."

      John was honestly surprised. Erik had never shown any interest in
      that kind of movies before, and it was difficult to imagine that he
      had suddenly changed his mind.

      "Sure... if you'd like to."

      "What was the movie called, again?"

      "The Matrix Reloaded."

      Erik frowned. "Matrix Re.... Is it some kind of computer geek

      John sighed. "No, it's a futuristic science fiction with the
      special effects ever. Haven't you seen the original?"

      "No, I don't even know what it is. I was in jail for a while,

      "Then you've got to see it before we go."

      "I suppose I can do that," Erik said.

      "Hey Erik..."


      "Can I ask you something personal?" John asked.

      He could feel the old man tense up slightly, and suspected that Erik
      wasn't so keen on talking about his private life, but he still
      his question.

      "Those numbers on your left arm... what do they mean?"

      He heard Erik sigh. "Hasn't anyone told you? Charles,

      "What? No," John said in surprise. "Why would they?"

      "Alright, I see... I am normally reticent about my origins, but
      you specifically ask me, I'll tell you."

      John couldn't help being curious, and wondered what was so secret
      about Erik's past.

      "Well, I was born in Germany a few years before the Second World
      broke out," Erik started telling. "My family was Jewish. I am
      you see."

      "You were a camp-victim!" John exclaimed. "Erik, were

      "Yes... I lost my entire family to Auschwitz. I have thought
      letting those numbers be removed from my arm, but it just hasn't
      happened. This code was my name for over a year back then."

      "Erik, why haven't you told me? I thought...."

      "I haven't told many people," said Erik. "Only those
      who have been
      close to me."

      "Am I not close to you?" John asked, feeling hurt.

      "Yes, you are. That is the reason I am telling you."

      "Professor Xavier knows, doesn't he?"

      Erik nodded. "Yes."

      "You and Xavier... when you were young... were you...?"

      ""Were we"?" Erik smirked. "Why do you ask that?"

      "I've heard certain rumours. I thought since you...like men,
      and all,

      "Of course Charles didn't tell his students..." Erik
      sighed. "Yes,
      we "were", if you have to know. But it was a long time ago. I
      Charles when I was eighteen; he was one year younger. We were lovers
      for some time. We did care for each other, but we didn't really

      Erik thought of what he'd done to his old friend, and closed his
      at the painful memories. "But now Charles probably hates me, so
      doesn't matter," he said.

      John kissed the older man's cheek. "I'm sorry if I made
      you sad."

      Erik smiled. "No, my boy, you didn't. Don't worry about
      that. But now
      I suggest we go to sleep. There is always a day tomorrow."

      John agreed, and Erik pulled the blanket over them, so it covered
      them both, and then he spooned behind the boy and wrapped his arm
      around his waist. His hand accidentally brushed John's cock,
      was almost erect again. He gave it a brief squeeze, drawing a moan
      from the boy.

      "Ready again, I see?" he teased.

      "You're not, I see!" John replied when he felt Erik's
      flaccid member
      against his buttocks.

      "Sorry. Once per night is enough for me."

      "I can still fuck you," John suggested jokingly.

      Erik laughed dryly. "Nice try, boy. But I wouldn't think

      No, John already knew that. "It was a joke," he explained.

      "Good." Erik kissed his neck and pressed as close to him as
      Lying naked with another naked body in one's arms was possibly
      nicest feeling there was. After having sex, of course.

      "Good night, St. John," Erik whispered.

      "Good night, Erik..." John murmured feeling Erik's
      breaths caress his

      They both fell asleep within a few minutes and neither of them
      noticed when Mystique gently opened the door and looked inside. When
      she saw the boy in Erik's arms she just grinned to herself, and
      the door slide shut again, very quietly not to wake the two lovers.

      So it happened, after all, she thought while sauntering off to her
      own room.

      "Are you two going to have breakfast today?"

      The voice woke John – and Erik too, judging from his reaction
      – so
      abruptly he flinched in the bed.

      Mystique was standing in the doorway leaning her slim blue body
      against the doorframe, and grinned so her white teeth shone in her
      blue face.

      Erik yawned behind John and slowly pulled himself into a sitting
      position. "Mystique... How nice to see you here..."

      John felt his cheeks become red. Being watched by Mystique – and
      knowledge that she knew the deal – made him feel uncomfortable.
      he shouldn't have stayed with Erik all night?

      But the blue shapeshifter simply laughed at them. "Erik,
      Erik..." she
      said clicking her tongue. "You're happy now, aren't you?
      I knew you
      couldn't keep your hands off the boy for much longer."

      She winked at John. "You do know Erik's had the hots for you
      since you came here? He's actually asked me to be you many times
      we fuck. He just wasn't sure if you were... well, you know."

      Mystique shrugged casually. To John it sounded unbelievable. Had Erik
      really wanted him for months?

      "Why haven't you told me?" he exclaimed and looked at the
      older man.

      "Boy!" Erik snorted. "What really had you done if I had
      hitting on you, the first thing I did? I had to be sure you were
      interested before I made my move. You might as well have been

      "I thought I was..." John murmured, and would have told Erik
      the problems that Mystique had caused him, if she hadn't been in
      same room as they right now.

      "Are you coming, or are you going to lie there all day?"
      asked in a loud voice to draw their attention.

      Erik smiled. "Why don't you join us, my dear?" he
      suggested. "There
      is room for more in this bed..."

      Mystique chuckled. "I might just do that..."

      John wasn't sure if he'd dare staying in the bed when
      started approaching them. He was more scared than ever of the
      shapeshifter, but realized he would make a great fool out of himself
      if he left now, so he stayed, in spite that his heart pounded like a
      hammer in his chest. But that wasn't only due to the fear. He was
      still attracted to Mystique, and was getting excited.

      Mystique came and pulled the blanket off them before they could even
      twitch, and squeezed herself in between John and Erik. That was
      almost too much for John. He still considered running away.

      "So, here you are..." Erik purred and kissed Mystique's
      blue lips as
      he placed his hand between her legs and started stroking her folds.
      Mystique moaned happily when his hand rubbed her clit, and she
      caressed his smooth chest in response.

      John watched with growing arousal. He had fantasized about seeing
      Erik and Mystique in bed together so many times, and now it was
      reality. He could hardly believe it.

      "What about the boy..." Mystique murmured between the kisses.

      Erik smiled wryly. "Did you know what I was thinking..." He
      something in Mystique's ear that John could grasp, and heard the
      shapeshifter laugh when he was done.

      "Yeah, why not?" she chuckled. "Do you think that's
      what he wants

      Erik nodded confidently. "Of course. St. John is young, and he
      never mounted anyone." Erik removed his hand, which was now
      with her juices.

      Just when John started realizing what they were referring to,
      Mystique pulled away from Erik and seized John before he could react.

      "Would you like to fuck me, John?" she whispered in his ear.
      noticed how you act when I'm close. I could make your fantasy
      true. Would you like that?"

      She grabbed his erection and squeezed. A drop of pearl-shaped liquid
      gathered in the tiny slit in his cock, and he nearly came.
      erect nipples were rubbed against his chest, and the touch burned
      like fire. John had almost trouble breathing by now, and his pulse
      was higher than ever.

      "I'll give you two some privacy," he heard Erik say, and
      the older
      man got out of bed and put on his robe. "I'll go and have
      in the meantime, or something. You can join me when you're

      He winked at John before leaving the room. Now John was alone with
      Mystique. The thought both excited and terrified him.

      "You've never been with a woman, have you?" Mystique
      whispered in his

      John shook his head. "No..."

      "Erik fucked you?"


      "I thought he would... Then this is going to be a new experience
      you. You might want to know what a woman feels like before we move
      on," she continued, taking his hand and guiding it to her crotch.

      John closed his eyes and focused on the feeling of her warm, wet
      folds, surprisingly soft compared to the rest of her hard muscles.
      She had no hair, only dark scales around her sex. Just above the
      vagina he felt a hard little nub that had to be her clit. Her
      response when he touched it convinced him that he was right.

      "That's enough," Mystique decided and suddenly threw his
      away. "Now you should know where everything is."

      After that she threw him onto his back with her superhuman reflexes
      and straddled his pelvis. John's heart was nearly in his mouth.
      didn't seriously believe she would harm him, but he was well
      that Mystique could break every bone in his body if she wanted to.

      It was obvious that he would not be allowed control now either.
      Mystique seemed to be the kind of woman who could only enjoy sex if
      she was on top – at least when being with an inexperienced

      She grabbed his erection and placed it beneath the right opening
      before she impaled herself on it and released a sigh of pleasure.
      Erik often wanted a man, and fucked her anally, so this was a nice

      Mystique rode John hard, but not hard enough to injure him. She took
      his hands and placed them on her bouncing breasts after a while, and
      encouraged him to squeeze them.

      John could never have imagined it would be so straining to have sex
      with a woman. He was sure even Wolverine with his incredible stamina
      had thought the same. How could Erik, who was an old man, keep up
      with Mystique? John asked himself.

      She stayed on top of him long after he was finished, held her hands
      on his chest, and looked down at him with her yellow eyes. She could
      tell that he was still a little scared of her.

      "John?" she asked.

      He looked at her between eyelids half-closed.

      "Don't be scared of me. I won't hurt you," she
      assured him and let
      her fingers brush his cheek for a short moment. That was the closest
      she got to a proof of affection, but to John it meant a lot.

      "I know, Raven..." he whispered back.

      "I'm Mystique," she replied in a monotone voice, while
      sliding off of

      As if she didn't like to be reminded of that she had a name, that
      there was a real person behind the shape-shifting creature Mystique.

      "Don't call me that again, John. I can be anyone, but not
      Raven. She
      died a long time ago. Get dressed now," she added in a friendlier
      tone. "I'm sure Erik wants your company at the breakfast

      John did what she suggested, and started gathering his clothes from
      the floor. "Why are you always naked?" he asked her now; a
      he had wanted to ask every day for the past five months.

      "Why shouldn't I be?" was Mystique's simple reply.

      Erik kept his promise to John, and accompanied him to the cinema to
      watch "The Matrix Reloaded" the following Friday. While they
      sitting next to each other in the dark auditorium, following what
      happened on the big screen, John suddenly felt Erik taking his hand,
      and entwining their fingers.

      The older man was wearing a discrete grey suit, black overcoat, and a
      fedora. He didn't believe anyone would recognize him as Magneto
      without his distinct uniform, but he didn't want to risk
      John had proposed shades, but Erik had dismissed the idea.

      "What draws more attention than shades in the rain?" he said
      with a

      A faint chuckle sounded from Erik when they reached the scene where
      Neo stops hundreds of bullets in the air before him.

      "Okay, you have some skill," said Merovingian casually in his

      Erik leaned forward and whispered in John's ear, " I can do
      trick as well. Without CGI."

      John could only smile, and squeezed Erik's hand harder.

      The End
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