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FIC: He's a Hero, Even In His Slippers (S/J, PG)

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  • loonylittlewitch
    Title: He s A Hero, Even In His Slippers Author: Lisea (loonylittlewitch@yahoo.com) Author s website: http://www.freewebs.com/draakkon Rating: PG Pairing: S/J
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2003
      Title: He's A Hero, Even In His Slippers
      Author: Lisea (loonylittlewitch@...)
      Author's website: http://www.freewebs.com/draakkon
      Rating: PG
      Pairing: S/J
      Summary: Scott's missing. And so are his slippers.
      Notes: Thanks to H., my beta, and Quidam, who gave me some valuable
      advice. ;) Pre-X2.


      Jean rolled over on her side of the bed, expecting her hand to come
      in contact with the familiar warm lump that usually held residence on
      the other side of the bed.


      She opened one eye and looked at the pillow. Putting her hand on it,
      she found it cool. However, the sheet under the blanket was still
      warm. He couldn't have gotten far. She glanced over to the clock on
      the nightstand. 2:30.

      "Alright. Where you at, mister?" Jean said to herself as she got up
      to put her robe on. She noticed Scott's clothes on the back of the
      chair, so wherever he was, he was still in his pajamas.

      The hall was dark and quiet, only lit by dim, green emergency lights
      over the main doors. Walking on, she saw a light coming from under
      the door to the staff kitchen.

      The door was slightly open, just enough for Jean to peak through
      without being seen. Scott was rummaging through the freezer. When he
      pulled out and kicked the door closed, he had her carton of triple
      chocolate ice cream. Not that it was new, but she was a bit
      possessive of what little was left.

      He turned, leaned on the counter and with a pop opened the ice cream
      carton, and skimmed a spoon around the inside edge. He licked the
      spoon clean, and with a approving grunt, he took out a small bag of
      chocolate chip cookies and headed to the den through the door on the
      other side of the room. Once he was out of sight, she quietly backed
      out into the hallway, making her way to the doorway of the den where
      she watched him discreetly, unseen from behind the corner.

      He collapsed on the couch, lifted his feet on the table. He was
      wearing his blue slippers, which he usually never wore if there was a
      chance of someone seeing them. He balanced the ice cream on his
      stomach, placed the cookies by his side and punched the remote. The
      TV flickered on instanly.

      "The city of Townsville...."

      Jean had to blink. Her future husband was watching The Powerpuff

      "Hey, you."

      Jean was startled, and on instinct tried to hide behind the corner.

      "Too late for that. Come here" Scott said, holding his hand up, but
      his eyes never left the TV screen.

      She strolled over, took his hand and sat on his lap, leaning against
      his chest. "What on Earth are you doing?"

      "It's the episode where the boring neighbor thinks he's a superhero"
      he said, pointing at the screen, "I would've watched it this morning
      with the kids, but I had a meeting with the Professor."

      "So you sneak out here in the middle of the night to catch the re-
      run?" Jean dipped her finger in the slightly melted ice cream, "And
      this was mine."

      "I know, hon. I thought I'd buy you two to replace it tomorrow" he
      said, while catching her hand and sucking the ice cream off her

      "I like the way you think. You're the sweetest."

      "Well I know that" he said, as if it were a given. She smacked his

      She settled on his lap, her head on his shoulder, and he pulled a
      blanket over them and placed the ice cream carton on her lap. His
      right hand went over her waist to steady her.

      "You know, this would be easier with two hands" he said, while
      dropping the spoon in the carton and then taking an Oreo from the
      bag. She chuckled at him, rolling her eyes.

      "Amateurs. This is how it's done" she said, took an Oreo, dunk it in
      the ice cream and brought it to his lips. As he was about to eat it
      from her fingers, she took it back and ate it herself. Some ice cream
      hit the tip of his nose in the process, which she was more than happy
      to kiss off. "See, only takes one hand. Leaves the other free for...
      other things" she said and winked at him.

      He laughed,and took an Oreo, dipped it in the carton. "Very clever."

      Jean laid her head down on his shoulder, resumed her attention to the
      TV as her husband-to-be continued destroying what was left of his

      Scott didn't even notice his thumb moving up and down on Jean's
      waist. He was watching the cartoon, occasionally devouring another
      ice cream-dipped Oreo. Jean's hand was absently stroking Scott's
      stomach, and she closed her eyes, listening to his breathing and
      trying to ignore the sounds from the TV.

      When the cartoon was over, Scott hit the remote to turn the TV off.
      He glanced at Jean and found her sleeping. Putting aside the empty
      carton and what was left of the Oreos, he pulled the blanket off,
      lifted her up and carried her back to bed.

      She didn't even stir on the way.

      Deciding he'd clean up the den in the morning, he spooned her warm
      body, tugged the blanket around her and shut off the light.

      Making sure the alarm was set, he replaced his shades with his
      sleeping goggles, and pressed his face in her hair, inhaling the
      scent of Jean that eventually lulled him to sleep.

      With his slippers still on.
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