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The Source Energy 1/?

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  • Kay
    Title: The Source Energy Author: indiepunk Rating: PG, for now. Category: After X2. Summary: Have no idea where this is going, so bear with me and just read.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2003
      Title: The Source Energy
      Author: indiepunk
      Rating: PG, for now.
      Category: After X2.
      Summary: Have no idea where this is going, so bear with me and just
      Disclaimer: I don't own the characters. Unfortunately. Oh, God,
      Feedback: Very first fic ever, so constructive feedback, hell, any
      kind of feedback will be welcome. But please, be kind.

      "Scott, you have got to eat something!" Ororo Monroe whispered
      loudly outside her friend's room holding a tray with a delicious
      looking dinner. She didn't wanted any of the students to know that
      Mr. Summers was having a breakdown although deep down she knew
      everyone was aware of it. The woman he loved was dead; you didn't
      have to be a genius to recognize that it would be a hard thing to get
      over. But still, life have kept on going and even though the pain of
      having lost Jean had affected Ororo as hard as anyone, she had been
      the one unconsciously designated to hold everything together
      alongside the Professor. She didn't have another option, she had to
      mourn in silence and keep things moving smoothly for everybody's
      sake. Her main concern now was Scott. Since that fateful day he had
      started eating less and less until he finally stopped, he didn't talk
      with anyone except the Professor, he didn't even tried to pick a
      fight with Logan, even though the Wolverine really tried in hopes of
      getting Scott out of his numb stupor. But nothing worked. Absolutely
      "Scott?" She tried again, this time growing unsure about his
      presence at the other side of the closed door. "Come on, you can't go
      on like this. This has to stop now!"
      Ororo quickly turned around at hearing her codename and found
      the Professor sitting in his wheelchair a few feet away from her. He
      had the same calm unreadable expression upon his face he always had.
      "You can't force him to do anything." He continued. "We've
      done everything we can to help him, now it's his turn to do something
      about it."
      Ororo slowly nodded only half agreeing with what the Professor
      was saying. She had complete faith in every decision he made but when
      it came to her friends she couldn't help thinking with her heart as a
      substitute of logic.
      "You're right." She finally said. " I'll just leave this here
      just in case he gets hungry during the night." She placed the food
      tray down on the floor and walked away as quickly as she could. She
      didn't want the Professor to find out she didn't exactly agreed with
      leaving Scott alone. If left to her command she would've already
      break the wooden door in pieces with some thunder, tie Scott to a
      chair then shove the complete contents of the food tray down his
      throat; but that was just her. Instead she would follow the
      Professor's advice and let time heal Scott's wounds. After all, she
      was sure time could do almost anything.
      She went into the dinning room and took her place besides Kurt
      and across Logan; the chair to her right was Jean's but no one else
      dared to sit there. Kurt looked at her expectantly and Logan raised
      an eyebrow.
      "What happened?" Logan asked trying really hard to make her
      think he didn't really care. But Ororo knew better. Over the months
      of his stay she had gotten to know him well and she was aware he
      cared and would give his life for any of them any day. Even for Scott.
      "Well," She sighed. "I've become really good friends with his
      "That bad, huh?" Logan said almost mimicking her sigh. She had
      to smile a little at that. He noticed the gesture then frowned.
      "What?" He asked completely oblivious.
      "Nothing." She said automatically. The guy may had had
      heighten senses but for some things not even that helped him. She had
      come to valued Logan as a trusted friend anything besides that she
      knew was just not possible, not with Jean's memory tattooed in
      everyone's mind, specially Scott's and his. She felt horrible
      thinking that with those two she would have to live behind Jean's
      shadow for the rest of her life and that was not an easy burden to
      Ororo proceeded to eat her food absentmindedly thinking of
      better days. All kinds of conversations went on around her not even
      one involving her or catching her attention for more a second. She
      only woke up from her trance as a ball of mashed potatoes hit her
      squared in the chest. She looked up in shock to find Logan red in the
      face clearly trying with all his might not to laugh. The complete
      table had gone into silence waiting for her reaction. She gazed
      around to see a guilty stricken Bobby staring at her horrified. She
      immediately knew it had been him.
      "I am so sorry, Miss Monroe." Bobby stammered. "I wanted to
      hit Jubilee here but I seem to have miscalculated. I- I don't…" His
      voice faded expecting the worse. He was sure lighting was going to
      hit him at any second. But to everybody's surprise, instead of
      sapping Bobby with a bolt or punish him for the rest of his life, the
      quiet Miss Ororo Monroe started laughing so hard it echoed through
      the vast room. She then picked up the mashed potatoes in her plate
      with her hand and threw it at the young man, only he was fast enough
      to duck and the flying food hit Rogue in the face. Ororo stopped
      laughing quickly as the young woman brushed the potatoes away from
      her eyes.
      "Marie, I am so sorry. I didn't mean…" Ororo started but she
      was quickly cut off by an asparagus that flew right past her and fell
      right into Kurt's mouth. Jubilee looked around her excitedly and with
      a mischievous grin, while pointing a spoon filled with applesauce at
      Kitty, screamed at the top of her lungs.
      "Food fight!"
      Seconds later it was pandemonium. Everybody got plastered from
      head to toes in food. Ororo, apart from the mashed potatoes
      splattered across her chest had lettuce and some tomato fragments in
      her hair thanks to Kurt. She managed to see Logan standing in a
      corner laughing as Rogue smashed a piece of stake on Bobby's face.
      Ororo noticed Logan was the cleanest of them all so she, without
      being noticed, dipped her hand in a bowl filled with still untouched
      chocolate pudding. After she was satisfied with the amount of pudding
      in her hand she hid it behind her back then cautiously made her way
      towards Logan. As she was about to make her move Logan stopped her
      hand in mid air surprising her. Heightened senses, how could she have
      forgotten about that? He probably had "smelled" her intentions the
      second she touched the damned bowl. She suddenly found herself
      laughing at the thought of being smelled. At this, Ororo quickly
      picked up the change in Logan's behavior. He had momentarily become
      serious. She frowned worried.
      "What?" She asked.
      "Nothing." He answered hastily then splashed the pudding in
      her face with her own hand.
      "That's not fair!" She managed to say through the pudding, and
      the laughter and screaming that was going on behind them.
      "What is?" He smiled.
      "You'll pay for that!" She cleaned off the pudding with her
      sleeve and started to move to the table to find something suitable to
      hit Logan with but he was once again faster than her and was about to
      twirl her around when she grabbed hold of the now multicolor table's
      mantle. Without noticing, Logan stepped on something slippery and
      fell on his back pulling Ororo and the mantle she was holding right
      along with the whole contents of the table, on top of him. Everything
      went flying down with the loudest crash. Ororo closed her eyes as she
      thought she was about to kiss the hardwood floor with her face but
      when she finally opened her eyes she found herself wrapped around
      quite comfortable strong arms. She moved up her head slightly to see
      that Logan was holding her tightly and that they were completely
      covered by the table's mantle. Her heart started beating faster and
      she was sure he was going to notice. She tried to get up, pull away
      before it was too late and that was when she saw it. A piece of
      broken glass had lodged itself on Logan's neck; if it had gone a
      little bit lower she would probably be seriously hurt. She moved up,
      still held down by Logan's shielding embrace, and remembering Jean's
      training sessions on emergencies she placed her fingers over the
      glass and slowly took it out. A small amount of blood started rushing
      out but she rapidly put her hand protectively over the deep wound
      knowing well than in a matter of minutes Logan would be as good as
      new. She kept her hand there, face down over his chest and waited for
      him to wake up.
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