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FIC: Bottom-scraper, 1/1, Magneto/Sabretooth, NC-17

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  • Henrika
    Title: Bottom-scraper Rating: NC-17, I guess. Pairing: Sabretooth/Magneto... Duh! Fandom: Movieverse, X1 only. Disclaimer: Marvel and 20th Century Fox owns
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 27, 2003
      Title: Bottom-scraper

      Rating: NC-17, I guess.

      Pairing: Sabretooth/Magneto... Duh!

      Fandom: Movieverse, X1 only.

      Disclaimer: Marvel and 20th Century Fox owns them. I don't own
      anything, so please don't sue. I have no money anyway. Is that

      Summary: I suck at summaries... Well, anyway, this is a fic about a
      sexually frustrated Sabretooth who does something he never thought
      he'd do, even for Magneto...

      Series: Loosely based on "The Surprise" and
      "Vengeance", which can
      both be found on my website, but no real sequel. This story is
      totally independent.

      Archive: This story can be found on my personal webpage,
      http://www.geocities.com/henrika_amanda/Index.html and on
      http://www.adultfanfiction.net If anyone else wants it, please drop
      me a line and let me know.

      A/N: Alright, if you wonder how this story even came to be, it was
      because some people on the x-fiction list encouraged me to write a
      Magneto/Sabretooth slash story where Sabretooth bottoms. So I did. I
      know there aren't so many fics out there which makes Sabretooth
      bottom, so I thought I'd write one. Don't blame me... Also,
      I'm sorry
      about the title, but I couldn't come up with anything better...

      Feedback: I crave it. Please let me know if this is terrible,
      alright, or more than alright. On or off list is fine. You can also
      email me at henrika15_@...


      The giant blond brute, known to the world as the mutant Sabretooth,
      was furiously chasing his fellow mutant and "brother", the
      skinned, leaping Toad again. Despite Sabretooth's size, strength
      vicious looks, Toad was not easy to get a hold of, since his ability
      to stick to the walls enabled him to always stay out of

      "Get here you little slimy piece of shit, and fight me!" the
      mutant roared in rage, as he lunged for Toad once more.

      "Then catch me!" Toad grinned from his greenish face and
      stuck out
      his tongue at Victor Creed.

      Victor gave him a murderous stare. He honestly didn't believe
      was anyone he hated like he hated Toad. Sure, slaughtering
      was fun, but he didn't do it out of hatred, because no human
      meant so
      much to Victor, that he - or she, for that matter - was worth hating.
      But Toad...

      Victor certainly knew better than to kill the frog-boy if he caught
      him, but he would, at the very least, beat him senseless. Toad was
      not just being a pain in the ass; he was a thief. A filthy, little
      thief, who ought to get punished.

      "You'll never catch me!" Toad howled happily as he leaped
      from one
      wall to another, always making sure he stayed in a safe distance from
      Sabretooth. The blond giant snarled and watched his smaller
      adversary's smug expression as he kept leaping between the walls,
      displaying his ability.

      "You can't catch me, you can't catch me, you can't
      ca... Ahhh!" Toad
      suddenly cried out when his hands slipped, due to some kind of mould
      on the wall, and he fell, with no chance to prevent it, headfirst to
      the floor.

      Sabretooth was over him in a second and pinned Toad's wriggling
      to the floor with his own, massive bulk, disabling him completely.
      Toad may be fast, and agile, but as for strength, he had no chance
      against Victor.

      Sabretooth straddled him and closed his huge, clawed hand around his
      throat, instantly cutting off his air supply. The green mutant gasped
      for breath and tried to get Victor's hand away, but in vain. He
      trapped, and the sooner he accepted it, the better.

      Sabretooth grinned viciously and triumphantly while displayed his
      power, and clearly showed Toad he was no one to take lightly in a
      situation like this.

      "So, you slimy little snail, what have you got to say for
      Did I wipe that sticky grin off your face? Good! I hope to never see
      it there again!"

      "Let me go..." Toad croaked. "You stinky, hairy bastard,
      let me GO!"

      "Not until you've given back what you stole from me!"

      "What...?" whined Toad.

      "You know what!" Victor roared. "Don't play innocent
      with me, you
      little shit! If you want to survive this, you'll tell me where to
      find it! Didn't you think I'd notice! You're such a
      Toad! Now, where IS it?"

      Finally Toad seemed to understand. "You mean the...?"


      "I'm sorry, hairball, I can't remember where I've put

      "You had better, for your own good!" Victor growled and
      tightened his
      grip of Toad's neck, nearly to the point of suffocation.

      "Stop, you're killing me..." Toad coughed.

      "Do I look like I give a shit?"

      "I'll tell Magneto..." Toad threatened.

      Sabretooth snorted scornfully. "Oh, you will, huh? Do you really
      think I'm afraid of the old man? Mags is nothing but a scanty old
      faggot! You know what I do with him? I fuck his white little ass till
      he's begging me to stop! And he *likes* it! I'd do the same
      to you,
      if you weren't so fucking slimy and ugly!"

      He let go of Toad's neck and slowly rose to his feet, leaving the
      frogman sprawled on the floor. He'd never rape Toad, that was for
      sure. Not even as a punishment. He was simply too repulsive. Victor
      was all but selective, but even he had limits. Fucking Toad was out
      of question. Besides, Sabretooth suspected that Toad was a virgin.
      After all, who would fuck him?

      The green-skinned mutant tumbled to his feet when he realized
      Sabretooth wouldn't attack him again, and humbly started backing
      away. He didn't dare turning his back on his opponent, since he
      that could provoke Sabretooth to attack again.

      The blond giant only ogled Toad for some time, and finally
      hissed, "Now run away, you frog, before I change my mind and slit
      your throat anyway! But remember I want back what you stole from me!
      No later than this evening! Get it?!"

      Toad nodded, not daring to turn his head up and look into

      "Get out now! And if I ever see that cocky grin on your face
      I'll slice it off once and for all! Now go!"

      Toad was not late to comply, finally dared to turn around, and
      sneaked out of the room as quickly as his short, green legs could
      carry him, rubbing his sore throat as he ran.

      Sabretooth snorted to himself when Toad had left. He could have given
      Toad a rougher treatment, and he already started to regret that he
      hadn't. Very well. Just hope the frog-boy had learned his lesson.

      Victor looked down at himself and saw that he had a huge hard on. The
      wrestling had left him horny. Hmm... Was there anything to do about
      that, maybe? Yes, he could fuck someone, or jerk off. Victor
      preferred to fuck someone.

      Mystique was a good fuck, she could be *anyone*, to say the least,
      but she had a very hectic schedule nowadays, appearing in public as
      the late Senator Kelly, so unfortunately she wasn't around very
      When she *was* around, though, Victor made sure she got humped

      Then there was Magneto. The old man might not be so young and pretty,
      but he *was* attractive enough, and also very skilled in bed, and had
      a tight ass. And that was virtually all Victor asked for. So, old
      Maggie could be quite alright, when he wasn't being a first
      super narcissist, and overrefined domineering snob.

      Sabretooth left the room where he and Toad had had their little
      encounter in disorder, not quite sure what to do next.

      He bumped into Magneto in the kitchen, when he went to help himself
      with a sandwich. The old man had obviously recently returned to the
      lair, since he was still wearing his greyish battle uniform and high-
      heeled boots, actually looking sexy as hell.

      Victor couldn't help grinning when he saw him, and caught him
      behind, wrapped his huge arm around Magneto's waist, and pressed
      raging hard on into his back, making sure he could feel it.

      "Whatcha been up to, Magsie? Feeling up for a little ride?"
      whispered hotly in Magneto's ear, and waited for his response. It
      always a bit tricky. Either Mags would agree and take Victor into his
      room, or shout at him to take his hairy paws off before something bad
      happened. You never knew.

      "Hello to you too," Magneto said sarcastically. "You
      really know how
      to give a proper welcome."

      "Hmm, you know I do..." Victor purred and softly nuzzled his
      neck and his embrace tightened. Well, at least it didn't seem
      Mags was going to try kicking him in the balls this time. This could
      perhaps turn into something.

      "Seems so," Magneto said dryly. "So what were your plans
      for me?"

      Aha, playing hard to catch! Victor mused. "How `bout going to
      big, comfy bed of yours and I'll show you what my plans for you

      Magneto pressed back against Sabretooth's solid, massive frame
      smiled to himself. Well, it seemed like the big ninny always took him
      for granted. Maybe it was time to change that?

      "Alright," he said. "Let's go to my chamber, and I
      can show you what
      *I* have in mind. You're always up for new things, aren't

      Ohhh, Victor thought, this is getting exciting! Wonder what the old
      man wanted to do this time? Perhaps he'd started to get into
      Sabretooth thought he wouldn't mind tying Mags up and smack his
      butt a little. That was just what the arrogant old prick needed. Some
      discipline. Hey, this could be fun!

      "You got it!" he said and suddenly picked Magneto up and
      threw him
      over his very broad shoulder. The old man was skinny, and weighed
      almost nothing at all.

      "Caveman..." Magneto muttered while dangling over
      shoulder. Victor didn't care about the comment, though, but
      left the kitchen and started walking toward Magneto's master
      The place was always so neat and tidy, and Mags went crazy if Victor
      even threw a candy on the floor.

      Once he got there, and got past the huge steel door guarding the
      room, he dumped Magneto on the bed and started to undress. The grey-
      haired, elder man regarded him with a flat expression while he pulled
      off his clothes and revealed his muscular, hairy body. He knew that
      Magneto liked his body. A lot of people did. Why wouldn't they?
      did in deed look like an ancient Norse God!

      Once Victor was naked, he walked toward the bed with his 10+-inch
      hard on bobbing before him, and looked down at Magneto, who was still
      fully dressed.

      "Aren't you gonna take that thing off?" he asked. "I
      can do it for
      you, if you let me."

      He grabbed Magneto by the shoulders and prepared to shred his uniform
      with his claws, but Magneto cried out in shock and pulled away.
      way! You are not tearing my uniform! Do you know how much it cost to
      have this tailor-made?!"

      "Take it off yourself, then," Victor said with a shrug.
      "But hurry!"

      Magneto's uniform was more complicated than it seemed, but
      slipped out of it easily. Underneath it he wore only a pair of white
      underpants and an undershirt. His skin was almost as pallid as the
      fabric was. He kindly let Victor pull his briefs off, and then his
      undershirt. Magneto was unlike Victor, slender and hairless. Sure, he
      had some hair under his arms, and a grey tuft between his legs, but
      that was all. Nothing on his chest, belly, legs, etc.

      Sabretooth stroked Magneto's slightly stiff five-inch cock, and
      instantly became harder. Victor couldn't really decide whether to
      Magneto for a blowjob first or simply fuck him right away. He decided
      to fuck him. That was the most satisfying thing to do. He grabbed
      Magneto quite brusquely and threw him onto his back. "Spread for
      he growled as he reached out for the lubricant in Magneto's

      "No," Magneto said and kept his long legs firmly together.

      "What do you mean `no'?"

      "I'm not spreading for you this time," Magneto continued
      and pulled
      himself into a sitting position. "Didn't I say I wanted to
      something new?"

      "What do you wanna do then?" Sabretooth asked confusedly.

      "Frankly, I am fed up with always being on the bottom. Therefore,
      like you to bottom for me this time."

      Sabretooth believed for a moment that he'd swallow his own
      tongue. "Bottom?!" he spurted out. "You mean... let you
      fuck me?"

      "Come on, don't make it sound so negative," said Magneto.
      "It can be
      truly pleasurable, as long as you have the right top."

      "No fucking way!" Victor snapped. "I'd rather cut my
      balls off!"

      Magneto looked surprised. "Victor, darling," he tried and
      reached out
      to caress Sabretooth's cheek. He had expected some resistance at
      first, but definitely not a violent reaction like this.

      "Is it really that horrible? You do it to a lot of people,
      me, and have I ever expressed any negative feelings? Victor, why
      don't you want to try it?"

      "I *don't* bottom!" Victor growled. "Real men

      "No, only girly faggots bottom, you mean?" Magneto snapped.
      can be farther from the truth! What really are you afraid of? Your

      "No one's putting anything in my ass!"

      "Why? Do you really think I will hurt you? Do you even think I
      hurt you? I am an old man, half your size, physically frail. You say
      so yourself. So what is the problem? Don't you trust me,

      Victor didn't really know how to answer this. He wasn't
      afraid of the
      pain, if there even was one, or that Magneto would cause him any
      physical damage. But the mere thought of submitting like that to
      someone, even a man he valued and respected, made him shudder. No, he
      couldn't possibly do it.

      "No, Mags," he said seriously. "I won't do it."

      Magneto sighed. "Well... I suppose I neither will nor can force
      but don't believe you'll ever be sticking it into me again
      this. I asked you for a simple favour, and you refused me from fear.
      You are a coward, Victor. A great, big coward despite your looks and
      vicious nature."

      Sabretooth barely suppressed the impulse to backhand Magneto across
      the face. He couldn't stand to be called a coward, not by anyone.
      even Magneto. But still, somewhere inside, he knew Magneto was right.
      He was being a coward.

      "Okay," he said at last. "Okay, I guess we can do it."

      Magneto's eyes suddenly widened. "Oh, really?" he said.
      "What made
      you change your mind so swiftly?"

      "I guess it can't be that bad," Sabretooth said with a
      shrug. If
      anyone else could do it, then why couldn't he? Big, bad blond

      "Alright," Magneto said and smiled. "But it is your
      remember that. Don't do anything you know you'll regret

      "I said it was okay. Let's do it."

      "As you wish."

      Magneto crawled to Victor and started to stroke his now flaccid
      member. All this talk about bottoming had made Victor lose his hard
      on, but now when it got some attention, it began to wake up again.
      Magneto suddenly bent down and took the huge head of Victor's
      into his mouth and slowly lapped at it.

      That was all that was needed. Sabretooth moaned with pleasure and
      threw his head back, as his member rose to its full size again. He
      stroked Erik's head and shoulders encouragingly and tried to get
      more of his cock into his mouth. But suddenly Magneto pulled away and
      stopped abruptly.

      "What the...-"

      Magneto grinned up at Sabretooth. "That's enough for
      now," he
      said. "Remember what we were really supposed to do."

      "Yeah, I guess so..."

      "You can choose what position you prefer to be in. I myself
      prefer to
      see my lovers while having sex, but if you want to stand on all
      fours, then you can."

      Sabretooth chuckled. He very much liked taking people from behind,
      but he had never been the receiving end. No, he didn't want that
      than Magneto did. "Whatever, I can lie on my back, if that's
      with you."


      Still slightly apprehensive and hesitant, Victor lay down on his back
      and assumed he should also spread his legs. That made him even more
      anxious. He had never done it for anyone in his life, this was his
      first time. He did it still, and looked up at Magneto, trying to act
      like he was completely alright with it.

      Magneto kneeled in front of him, and casually placed his hand on
      Victor's knee. His own cock was eagerly jutting forth from his
      slender frame. He was really looking forward to doing this. He had
      actually not done this with a man in a while, so it would be a nice

      Before he did anything at all, Magneto took a good look at
      Sabretooth. The blond giant was so big, and most of all so hairy! He
      had crisp blond hair almost everywhere, and of course his ass was
      hairy too, so it was really hard to see his opening, despite that his
      legs were spread wide.

      Magneto carefully brought his hand to Victor's cleft and tried to
      seek out his hole with his fingers. He could hear Sabretooth pulling
      a sharp breath. Obviously he was feeling a bit apprehensive. Very
      well. I had better be extra careful with the virgin, then! he

      He could feel the crease, though not see it, since a lot of bushy
      pubic hair was in the way. Magneto took the bottle of lubricant, and
      once he had smeared some of it around Sabretooth's anus, he could
      it clearer. "I'm lubricating you now," he told and
      received a simple
      nod in reply.

      Victor didn't actually watch, he only felt Magneto's sleek
      entering him. First one, then two, and finally three. He tried his
      best to relax, and despite that the tiresome rubbing didn't
      hurt, it caused slight discomfort. Shit, what am I really doing! he
      thought. I'm about to let Mags fuck me! Am I out of my mind?

      The preparation he received was short but thorough. Magneto then
      placed himself in a position to enter his lover, and grabbed his
      massive muscular thighs, placing them on either sides of himself. He
      thought about lifting them over his shoulders, like Victor often did
      with him, but then he realized Victor's legs were too heavy for

      A muffled cry sounded from Sabretooth when he was finally penetrated.
      It did hurt, but not as much as he had feared, and Magneto was slow
      and gentle.

      I'm glad he's got such a small cock! he thought when Magneto
      moving inside him after some time. Victor couldn't help thinking
      about his own monster, and how it must feel to Magneto – and
      else, for that matter – to take it into his body.

      Magneto sped up after starting out slowly. Sabretooth's rectal
      was wonderfully tight and his heat was gripping, milking Erik's
      while he thrust. Despite his size and age, Magneto could be an
      aggressive top, and he had longed for this feeling.

      To begin with, slight discomfort was all Victor felt, but when one of
      Erik's thrusts accidentally hit his prostate, he got so surprised
      the sudden, intense pleasure, that he couldn't suppress a cry.
      Magneto knew what the deal was, of course, and grinned down at him.

      "I told you there could be pleasure found in this," he said.
      "Do you
      believe me now?"

      "Yeah..." Victor breathed. "Please..."

      Magneto tried his best to find his special spot again, and succeeded,
      although not every time. When he felt he was approaching his orgasm,
      he grabbed Sabretooth's leaking, red erection and stroked it in
      with his thrusts.

      The big mutant roared when he came, and his thick, white seed
      splattered over his belly, Magneto's hand, and the sheet beneath
      them. Erik followed shortly, emptying his own smaller, but not less
      intense load into his lover's quivering body. When he was
      he collapsed on top of Victor, resting his sweaty, spent body on top
      of Victor's large and hairy one. He could hear his powerful
      heartbeats through his chest, and feel his large lungs fill
      themselves with air.

      Magneto's weight gave Victor no trouble breathing, so he let him
      and rest atop his chest. Sabretooth himself was of course fully
      recovered again within a few seconds, and his member had only flagged
      slightly. He assumed Magneto could feel it against his belly.

      When Erik rose he pulled out of Victor, not really wanting to leave
      the tight heat, but the position he was in had started to get
      uncomfortable. His normally pale cheeks were red and he was panting
      heavily. Magneto brushed his sweat-slick hair away from his forehead,
      and lay down beside Victor in the bed. Then he placed his warm hand
      on Victor's chest, seeking contact.

      "Now you have done it," Erik said. "Do you regret it?"

      Sabretooth chuckled. "Well... as long as you never, ever tell
      I bottomed for you, I'm okay with it."

      "Not even Mystique?" Magneto asked.

      "*Especially* not her!" Victor snorted. "She'd never
      let me forget it
      if you told her! No, don't tell anyone. Not a soul."

      "Alright," Magneto agreed. "I won't tell anyone. What
      happens in the
      bedroom, stays in the bedroom, that has always been my motto. Hey, do
      you think I want people to know that one of my henchmen buggers me,
      and that I like it?"

      "I get your point."

      Magneto leaned his head against Sabretooth's shoulder, wrapping
      left arm around his chest. Victor sighed. Obviously it was cuddle-
      time. Magneto always wanted to cuddle after having sex, and this was
      no exception. He let the old man snuggle in to his chest and closed
      his heavy arm around him, embracing him tenderly.

      Smooth skin met hairy skin, and Magneto brought his lined face close
      to Victor's and gently kissed his lips. The big mutant accepted
      kiss, but barely returned it. Kisses were not his field, to say the
      least. Maybe if he hadn't had fangs...

      "Well?" Magneto asked. "Did you enjoy it at all?"

      "I never believed I could enjoy it, but I did," Victor
      confessed. "It
      was good. Really. It was."

      "I told you so," Erik smiled. "Of course it is
      pleasurable, why do
      you think I let you do it to me twice a week? Of course it feels
      good. Unfortunately virgins have sometimes trouble realizing

      "I'm no virgin!"

      "Not anymore."

      "You smug little shit! Don't think I'm turning into your
      bitch! I did
      it as an experiment!"

      "All I'm saying is that it is good to be versatile, my dear.
      Bottoming doesn't make you anyone's bitch. It is just a
      matter of

      "Whatever... I suppose you'll ask me to do it again,

      "I might."

      "Just not in front of anyone. Remember that, Mags."

      "What happens in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom, like I told
      Magneto said comfortingly. "Don't worry, my boy. I won't
      reveal your

      The End
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