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Fic: "Trapped In Darkness" R (27/?) [Logan/Rogue, Scott/Jean]

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  • Nadja Lee
    Hi all, You should know how this goes by now.... Earlier chapters can be read here: http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=391378 or at my webpage. [
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      Hi all,

      You should know how this goes by now....
      Earlier chapters can be read here:
      http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=391378 or at my webpage.
      [ http://www.dreamwater.org/scottsummers/index.html ]


      Part 27:

      “ Ok, are we all ready?” Alex asked from inside Warren’s ship they had borrowed from his parents for the occasion. They were as close to the coastline of Genosha as they dared, the night hiding the ship from the guards on the beach. Betsy looked at her team and they all nodded in turn.

      “ Ready,” she confirmed.

      “ Then go and remember to be quick. We can’t avoid the main alarm going off at some point but let’s prolong it as long as possible,” Eric said and Betsy nodded.

      “ Be careful, love,” Warren said as he kissed Betsy on the lips while the rest of the group went to the deck.

      “ You too,” she said warmly and the pair went to the deck, Eric and Alex following them while the others got ready downstairs.

      “ Emma, when arriving you and Betsy telepathically attack the guards. Sean, you take out the guards in the middle flanked by the girls. Warren, fly with Betsy, who’ll be covering you, and Kurt, teleport inside the largest bunker where, according to Eric’s sources….” Alex began.

      “ Then I’m sure it’s true,” Emma interrupted sarcastically. Alex gave her a dirty look.

      “……the general alarm will be activated from there, if not we get to it first. Lorna, you take the bunker and meet Kurt inside as soon as possible. Betsy, you contact me telepathically when the cannons are down, alright?” Alex said as the first team got ready to fly away.

      “ I’ll do it or Emma can,” Betsy said.

      “ Ok,” Alex nodded and turned to Lorna, taking her in his arms and kissing her. “ Be careful,” he whispered as they drew apart. She smiled.

      “ I always am,” with that she flew a little above the deck and nodded to the beautiful Asian girl. “You coming, Bets?”

      “ Yeah. Strike team follow me,” she said and created a shadow-hole to walk through withWarren by her side and the others following behind.

      “ That’s it, then. It has begun,” Eric murmured as the others joined him and Alex on the deck. As soon as the cost was clear they could sail to shore and hide the boat in a safe place until it was time to leave, hopefully with their missing friends.

      “ It has. Let’s hope that the battle will be over before this time tomorrow,” Alex said and suddenly felt very tired. It was as if he was always fighting. Only this time…he’d win or die trying.

      * * *

      Black Thunder walked down the hallway. It was ten in the evening and he had gone around to make sure all force shields were closed and all mutants in their cells. He reached his own room and a small smile curved his lips as he went in.

      “ Hi,” Ororo said and lit up in a smile as she saw him. She had been sitting on the bed, drawing escape plans on a piece of paper. Now, she stood and walked to him, planting a kiss on his cheek.

      “ Wind Rider,” he said and brought his lips softly against hers. She deepened the kiss before drawing back.

      “ So, how was it today? How is Jean? And the professor? Kitty and the baby?” Ororo asked as she began preparing some bread, butter and ham for their dinner.

      “ They are all doing fine. I arranged for the professor to sleep in sick bay with Gabrielle,” he let her know. She had in the beginning asked him to try and contact the others for her, let them know she was alright but he had insisted it was too dangerous should anyone overhear. However, he knew why he had never truly tried to establish contact between Ororo and friends; he wanted her all for himself. With him as her only line to the outside world she needed him and would continue to need him and depend on him.

      “Good,” Ororo nodded at his reply, not asking anything else. They rarely discussed his work. They had once when she had asked and he had emotionlessly told her. Told her of executions, interrogations and punishments. They hadn’t spoken for a week because of that. In the end Black Thunder had asked if she couldn’t try and see him as two people; one who loved her and one who worked for the captain. It had been the first time he had said the words and it had brought joy to her heart but still there were things she needed to know. He had promised to answer all her questions honestly but she hadn’t been ready to hear the answers yet so they had postponed it. Until tonight. They slept in the bed together, pillows between them no longer necessary as Ororo would often lean against him, but they hadn’t had sex. She had been firm in that and he had respected her choice.

      “ Wind Rider….Ro’, how do you want to do this?” Black Thunder asked softly as he helped her put the dinner on the floor and they seated themselves across from each other. She bit her lower lip, a sign he had come to know meant that she was thinking.

      “ Can’t I just ask you something and you answer; honestly?”

      “ Very well,” he agreed and made two sandwiches while waiting for her to begin. He handed her one and bit into the other.

      “ Well?” he asked as the silence dragged on.

      “ Hmm…..Have you…you know…killed someone?” she then got out. She had to admit to herself, although she couldn’t bring herself to tell him, that she was falling in love with him. She wanted to know what kind of man had stolen her heart. Warning bells were in her mind. Did she truly love him or was it something else? She had heard of the Stockholm syndrome; it talked about prisoners falling in love with their captives out of need, gratitude for still being alive and a desire to end punishment and please their captor. She shook her head. No, it wasn’t like that. True, there was gratitude and need but she didn’t fear him……maybe a little at first but…….no, it wasn’t like that. Things were confusing enough. She didn’t need this confusion in her head as well. She shook her head to clear her mind of all thoughts like that; things got way too complicated if they were true and frankly she didn’t want them to be true.

      “ I have,” he said, no regret in his voice, actually not much emotion in it at all. This wasn’t really helping her if he continued to only answer with so few words.

      “ And?” she asked as he didn’t elaborate. He looked puzzled at her.

      “ How many?” she then asked.

      “ Numbers? I don’t know,” he saw the look in her eyes and added, “ My job here is many things. One is to terminate disobedient guards.”

      “ Have you ever killed mutants?” she wanted to know and hoped for a no. Killing guards was one thing; after her rape she had no great love for any guards though rationally she knew that some of them could be good men risking their lives to save some of the captured mutants.

      “ I had a period right after Silver Moon’s death where I did, but at that time I had no memory of anything personal at all. I remembered only my job. Like a robot. After two months my memories began to return and I asked the captain to return to overlooking the guards and the health of the slaves. However there are times where it is impossible for me not to kill mutants,” Black Thunder explained and now she could hear a small flicker of sadness and regret in his voice. She leaned over and stroked his cheek.

      “ It wasn’t your fault then. It was the drugs or whatever they had done to steal your memories. It wasn’t you. You had no choice then and you still don’t,” she said, wanting her words to be true not only for him but for her as well. This was the only way she could see things and live with it…it had to be this way.

      “ Maybe but it was still my hands which killed,” he whispered sadly but then sat up more straight. “ So, what else?” he asked and she knew there wasn’t more to be said about that.

      “ You talk of Gabrielle. Why is she still in sick bay?” Ororo wanted to know. She wasn’t jealous about that. It didn’t matter that Gabrielle was one of the few people that Black Thunder talked about by himself without her almost forcing information out of him.

      “ She hardly knows I exist. Not consciously anyway. You see, while I was under their control a resistance group was captured. Gabrielle was one of them,” his deep black eyes got a hunted look and Ororo got a grim suspicion.

      “ Oh, no,” she whispered but Black Thunder continued as if she hadn’t spoken.

      “ They wanted to know where the rest of the group was, who their contacts were and so forth,” he looked directly at her as if daring her to draw back from him. She didn’t.

      “ I tortured Gabrielle for days but she didn’t say anything at all. I was called away and when I returned she had been reduced to little more than a vegetable. She was to be terminated but at that time my memories had returned,” there was no mistaken the guilt in his voice, the anguish and Ororo felt sorry for him and took his hand in hers. His lips curved into a smile as he looked down at their intertwined fingers.

      “ So…,” Ororo probed gently.

      “ I did what I could. I brought her to the Medicine Woman….Cecilia, “ he specified as he saw her confused look. “ I said to the captain that she had been terminated and asked for my old job back, which I got. Since then I have watched over Gabrielle, making sure no one comes too near her.”

      “ But you had given up on her…until…..,” Ororo said, beginning to understand.

      “ Until the professor brought her back. I thought at first that it was false hope but now I know it isn’t. She still doesn’t talk, probably never will, but yesterday I saw her smile and I knew that the professor was just right for her,” Black Thunder said and happiness and acceptance were in his voice.

      “ And that’s why you let the professor stay with her in sick bay even though if they are discovered…,” Ororo said softly, knowing the great risk that Gabrielle, Xavier and Black Thunder were running this night. They sat in silence for a while until she asked what had been on her mind for some time now, actually from the beginning.

      “ Did you…..ever…take…a woman without her permission?” she got out and tried to keep images of strangers’ cruel hands all over her body from her mind.

      “ You mean rape her?” Ororo nodded. “ No, never.”

      “ Not even when you were…not yourself?”

      “ No, not even then. I have never raped anyone nor tortured or killed children. I have never tortured any woman besides Gabrielle,” Black Thunder admitted and his voice held pain for that woman whose life he had been a willing player in destroying.

      “ You have…tortured…men?” Ororo wanted to know.

      “ At times. Mostly guards, white human males,” he specified and shrugged his shoulders as if their lives weren’t important to him. “ But there have been times where I have both tortured and killed male slaves, though I don’t enjoy it. I had little say in the matter,” Thunder admitted.

      “ Oh,” Ororo just said. Black Thunder caught her hands in his, drawing circles with his thumb on their soft skin.

      “ I’m no angel but I never claimed to be. However my love for you is true and I’ll never hurt you and yours,” he said seriously and leaned in for a kiss. She put her arms around him, finally at peace now that she knew what kind of man he was. He wouldn’t hurt her. She knew that now.

      “ I love you,” she finally whispered against his lips and he smiled. He had gotten what he wanted, what he had sought after. He looked into her eyes and asked a silent question. She nodded and he gently lifted her up and carried her to the bed, laying her on it. He kissed her again and began to unbutton the shirt she had borrowed from him. He felt her stiffen as his hand brushed the soft skin of her belly.

      “ I wouldn’t hurt you. Ever. Say no and I stop,” he whispered against her lips as he kissed her again.

      “ No, I want to. I love you,” Ororo whispered and lifted Black Thunder’s shirt off him, drawing figures on his broad chest with her fingers. He lay down beside her and she leaned over him, taking charge and letting their first lovemaking resend in her speed, having full control.


      Author’s notes: Thanks to Tinhutlady for great beta and kind encouragement. Thanks so much *hugs*
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