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"Growth" (1/1) Jean [PG] X2

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  • Shayla
    Title : Growth Author : Shayla E-mail : nexisrocks@yahoo.com Rating : PG
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 25, 2003
      <FONT SIZE="-1" FACE="ARIAL">
      <B>Title</B>: Growth<BR>
      <B>Author</B>: Shayla<BR>
      <B>E-mail</B>: nexisrocks@...<BR>
      <B>Rating</B>: PG<BR>
      <B>Warnings</B>: X2 spoilers<BR>
      <B>Summary</B>: Jean after her supposed death.<BR>
      <B>Notes</B>: My first fic in this fandom, second overall. The idea
      came to me after I watched X2 and I just had to write it. Reviews
      are welcome and greatly appreciated. Enjoy!<BR>
      <B>Disclaimer</B>: Marvel and Fox own the characters, not me.<P>
      <HR Width="60%"><P>
      <HR Width="60%"><P>


      Jean Grey was cold, and it wasn't just your average shivering, teeth-
      chattering, goosebumps kind of cold. This was the kind of cold that
      permeated right down to your very core and settled in for the long


      It was dark wherever she was, blackness in every direction. Yet
      this did not startle her – somehow, she had almost been expecting
      it. For a moment she even wondered if this was purgatory, but
      quickly dismissed the idea.<P>


      However there was something off, and it took a moment for her to
      place it – she couldn't feel anyone in her head. Normally there was
      a quiet, almost comforting buzz in the back of her head, letting her
      know others were around. Now, there was nothing.<P>


      The silence in her mind was nearly deafening, and she stretched her
      powers to the limit trying to find the thoughts of another. Alas,
      her efforts were in vain, for she could reach no one. However, as
      she drew back into herself a faint crackling made itself known.<P>


      She listened carefully for a moment, following the sound into the
      deepest recesses of her mind. She traveled within herself for a
      long time before finally finding the source – a small ball of
      glowing fire.<P>


      Cupping it reverently in her hands, she blew on it gently and smiled
      in delight when it began to grow. Soon it had completely engulfed
      her, warming her with its heat and chasing away the last vestiges of
      cold. Strangely enough, it didn't hurt. In fact, it felt like she
      was finally whole, like she had found a piece of herself that was
      previously missing. And then she realized it – this was the
      manifestation of her true potential, the true extent of her powers.
      She reveled in it, rejoicing in the fire. She was…</FONT><P>

      <FONT SIZE="-1" FACE="ARIAL BLACK"><I>Phoenix</I></FONT>


    • Shayla
      Here s a link to the story where it s properly formatted. http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=1399632 Sorry about that last post! Shayla
      Message 2 of 2 , Jun 25, 2003
        Here's a link to the story where it's properly formatted.


        Sorry about that last post!
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