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  • Linda J
    DISCLAIMERS AND SUCH FOUND IN CHAPTER 1. No warnings for this chapter. Rating for this chapter PG-13 Pairings in this chapter: Sabretooth/Mercy (no sex)
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 22, 2003
      No warnings for this chapter.
      Rating for this chapter PG-13
      Pairings in this chapter: Sabretooth/Mercy (no sex)

      CHAPTER 18

      Jubilee rushed down stairs hoping she would find someone, anyone, to
      share the mansion's latest mystery with. As if finding out Mercy
      wasn't in her bed this early in the morning odd enough, when Jubilee
      went to the art room to return the gypsy costume she wore the night
      before, she found Mercy's bra with its eye hooks ripped out and lying
      in the middle of the classroom floor.
      She peeked in the kitchen, then the dining room. `Rats!' She murmured
      to herself. `Everyone must still be asleep.'
      She was about to go back upstairs and wake someone up when suddenly
      she heard a familiar sound faintly off in the distance, getting
      louder by the second. It was Scott's motor cycle and it was heading
      up the driveway.
      `That could only mean one thing.' She smiled to herself remembering
      the strange but oh so handsome man that had come to x-mansion with
      Rogue. Jubilee quickly checked her breath just to be sure and went to
      greet him at the door. Maybe with Rogue not around she could get a
      moment to herself with this truly manly mutant. She opened the front
      door just as Logan walked up the stairs, smoking his cigar and
      looking grumpier than usual.
      "Hi!" Jubilee chirped in a much too perky tone for Logan to
      appreciate. "Welcome back."
      With the lit cigar still in his mouth, Logan walked inside and turned
      to look at yet another teenager in love.
      `Hey;' was the best greeting Jubilee was to going to get from him
      this early in the morning.
      "Is the professor up? I've got to tell him something."
      "I don't know exactly;" Lee gave her best most honest reply. "I
      haven't seen anyone yet. We had a party last night and no one has
      come down the st…"
      Jubilee stopped in the middle of her story as soon as she realized
      Logan's attention was somewhere else. He had recognized a familiar
      odor and started sniffing the air to find out which direction it was
      coming from. Carefully he began walking up the stairs as Jubilee
      followed behind, no longer telling him about the events of the
      evening before. Just as they made it up the stairs, Logan was now
      certain beyond any doubt that it was Sabretooth's scent.
      "He's HERE! Isn't he!?!" Logan growled, storming his way toward
      Sabre's bedroom and then *KABAM* went the unlocked door as Logan
      burst it wide open with hid boot.
      Sabretooth meanwhile, wasted no time or sympathy on Mercy as he shot
      straight out of his bed causing her to fall on her butt with a thud.
      "Grrrr…Come back to play some more runt? And just when we finally got
      that stink of your's outta here too!" Sabretooth bared his teeth and
      claws not caring one bit that he was standing in front of Logan au'
      "Hey! Don't make fun of my size and I won't make fun of yours. I told
      you," Logan warned then quickly reminded his foe. "I wasn't finished
      with you bub!"
      "Glad to hear it shorty; I was getting tired of playing patty cake
      with these panty waists!" Sabretooth's eyes had a wild gleam as he
      continued to taunt Logan. "Gee, I guess it's just my lucky day. This
      morning, I got a little pussy and now I'm get to fight one!"
      But Logan was not to be out done. "Wow, that's the most I've ever
      heard you say. And here I thought the air up there made you some kind
      of brain dead idiot!" Then slowly he spoke through his teeth with the
      cigar still in his mouth. "Now…let's dance."
      But before either feral could swing a claw, Scott came from no where.
      "If either of you make a move towards the other, you'll get blasted
      right through the back wall!"
      Logan didn't bother to turn around to see Scott was now standing
      behind him; most likely holding onto his visor's control knobs ready
      to fire. Logan could also sense there was now a small crowd of kids
      gathering behind him as well, to get a look for their selves. He then
      understood Scott's reasoning for preventing this showdown, but much
      to his amazement, Sabretooth seemed willing to comply. `Hmph, Guess
      the bastard's had enough of being blasted through walls.' Logan
      Mercy in the mean time had managed to get back on her feet and wrap
      the sheet that she wore around herself the night before when
      Sabretooth had carried her from the art room. She stood silently,
      watching everything with her back against the wall.
      "Since when did Charles start running an animal shelter?" Logan asked
      "About the time he let you stay here." Scott happily reminded him.
      "Sabretooth…" He then quickly added. "…is staying here indefinitely;
      so…" He was very careful not to sound overly pleased when he gave
      Logan the ultimatum. "…either deal with it, or move on."
      As much as both men hated the idea of backing down from this fight,
      slowly they began to lower their defenses all the while keeping a
      very leery eye on each other.
      Just then, Rogue squeezed her way through the crowd that was blocking
      the doorway and made it to Logan's side.
      "Your back!" She exclaimed as she hugged him around his arms. She was
      genuinely glad to see him.
      Quickly, Logan reached over and yanked the bed's cover that was just
      barely hanging on the very edge of the mattress and threw it at
      "Here, bub! Cover yourself up."
      Sabretooth didn't flinch as he let the cover hit the floor.
      "How about instead, all of you get the hell out of MY room!" He
      angrily growled.
      By now Storm was also in the vicinity and started herding the
      children away from the area, and as they were walking away, the
      children began to whisper questions as they pondered everything they
      just witnessed.
      "What were Logan and Sabretooth fighting over?"
      "When did Logan get back?" And "Why was Ms. Jones wearing only a bed
      "This ain't over!" Logan warned as he began to slowly head out the
      door with Rogue.
      "Well that's ONE thing you and me agree on." Sabretooth growled.
      Scott looked over to see Mercy trembling like a leaf as she stood in
      the back ground with her eyes as big a saucers and her face nearly as
      white as a ghost.
      "Mercy," Scott asked her calmly, "Are you going to be alright?"
      At first Mercy just nodded her head slightly as Storm returned to
      room with some of Mercy's clothes.
      "Here, you might need these." The weather witch kindly offered to
      Mercy with an awkward smile on her face, as Sabretooth reached over
      into his dresser and pulled out a pair of clean boxers to wear.
      "Th…thanks." Mercy whispered in a trembling voice. "Who, who was that
      anyway?" She nervously spoke up.
      But before either of the x-men could tell her, Sabretooth interrupted.
      "That's the son of a bitch…" His answer was clear, cold and
      precise. "…I swear I'm going to kill some day."

      There are some neighborhoods in Philadelphia that a stranger does not
      venture into; especially if you are stranger with a different color
      of skin, and especially if that color happened to be green! Yet none
      of that seemed to matter to Toad. He was free once again and he
      planned to stay that way.
      Even though he was an extremely confident man, even he could hardly
      believe how easy it was for him to knock the one guard sitting in the
      back of the paddy wagon with him out cold with one powerful kick to
      the head, and find the keys to the hand cuffs he wore; then tear a
      hole through the grate between him and the driver and choke the poor
      bastard until he veered the van into a ditch just outside of the
      city's limits.
      `Bloody Americans.' He mocked to himself as he combined walking with
      hoping down a narrow alleyway. `How the fuck did they EVER defeat us
      in the revolution? Oh that's right…' Toad suddenly recalled with a
      smirk. `They weren't messing with mutants back then.'
      Then he came across a car with its keys still in the ignition. He got
      inside and drove away. As badly as he hated the idea of having to
      settle for this dinky white dodge neon that smelled like a hamper
      full of sweat socks, he knew it beat walking. He drove around until
      he finally found a convenience store on the other side of town with a
      pay phone close by and no police in sight.
      With the loose change he had found in the caddy's cup holder, Toad
      walked to the pay phone and with one shot from his tongue the street
      light hanging over it burst into a hundred pieces, making the
      immediate area around him dark.
      He made the call to Mystique's private voice mail and left the
      following message for her.
      "Yeah, it's me. You know the green `andsome devil that's been in love
      with you since the day we met? Um…I'm in Philadelphia…*god I `ate
      these bloody answering machines*…got lots to tell you sis, So…um
      would it be too much trouble for you to swing by and give me a lift?
      I'll meet you tomorrow at the Historical Society of Penn Library on
      1800 Locust Street. If you can't make it, I'll understand, but that
      would mean I would `ave to ask the "Sasquatch" and last time I saw
      him, he was too busy being the x-men's favorite pet. Well I'd love to
      chat longer, but I hate these damn things, so I'll just fill you in
      when I see you tomorrow. Love ya, babe." *click*

      Toad finally ditched the car and found an underpass to catch a few
      winks. Luckily, the streets of Philadelphia were teaming with
      mutants, so Toad blended in. Well, as best as any green hoping
      amphibinoid could. When day break arrived he found a fellow transit
      sleeping alone just a few feet away from him. Toad tried to cough up
      one of his lethal loogies but alas it was no use. Dr. McCoy's serum
      was still effecting Toad's ability to produce his toxic flem.
      The sleeping man Toad had found, reeked of cheap wine, vomit and
      piss. The green mutant took a metal pipe he found and split the man's
      head open with one hard whack. His stomach churned as he went through
      the old man's pockets looking for money. Not from the sight of blood
      and oozing brains but from the man's fowl stench. In the end,
      Mortimer found only a dollar and fifteen cents. Not even enough for
      coffee and a roll.
      He left the scene and headed for the library hoping that Mystique
      would soon come to his rescue.

      Needless to say, by the time everyone had come down stairs to eat
      breakfast and begin classes; Mutant high's rumor mill was churning
      stories faster than anybody could keep up with.
      Everything from Logan had come back just in time to save Mercy from
      being raped, to Logan and Sabretooth were actually fighting OVER her.
      But even through the morning's unexpected drama and its consequences,
      Charles Xavier kept a cool and calm head on his shoulders. Obviously
      he felt there was a much more important matter that deserved his
      Everyone tried to keep things running as normally as possible during
      breakfast, even though the tension between the feral men was felt by
      everyone in the dining room as they sat across the table glaring
      hatefully at each other.
      "I'm afraid Logan has come back with some very disturbing news."
      Charles began the conversation at breakfast.
      "He temporally set aside his own plans in order to track down some
      members of a radical separatist party called the Friends of Humanity.
      He was able to thwart their attempt to kill me when I was returning
      from New York City a couple of weeks ago and now he has learned that
      they are organizing a protest to coincide with our variety show this
      weekend. Now we have a very tough decision to make. This particular
      faction has already taken violent measures against us already, so
      it's quite possible they will again. However, if we were to cancel
      the show now, we would be sending the wrong message to everyone
      involved. The students, the FoH and even those humans, and yes there
      are many normal people who are looking forward to seeing our show,
      would take the cancellation as a sign of weakness and fear. So, we
      will continue on with our plans, but I want us to be prepared to
      protect ourselves and the children, but to do so with as little use
      of force as possible."
      Sabretooth interrupted. "*Hmph*, How do we know wolf man here, ain't
      piling it on heavy and thick just to make himself look important?"
      Then Logan interrupted Sabretooth. "Just tell me something bub! You
      got an explanation for your stench being in that van or was I just
      smelling some cat shit somebody scrapped off his shoe?"
      Sabretooth growled, "How about I scrape these claws of mine across
      your face!"
      Wolverine: "Go ahead. Then I can shove mine up your…"
      "Enough!" Charles' voice came dangerously close to being
      strained. "Either the two of you call a truce at once, or head for
      the danger room and settle it there."
      "Danger room?" Logan curiously asked.
      "Yeah, it's like a play ground for us big kids. But in your case,
      we'll make the exception." Sabretooth snidely informed him.
      "OK. Then danger room it is." Logan announced with a board and cheery
      smile on his face.
      Forge and Cyclops were given the dubious honors of escorting the two
      ferals to the danger room and setting the controls so that no one
      else would accidentally walk in on them. The two animalistic mutants
      would hold their grudge match in a large, empty and lonely arena. No
      weapons to rely on except their own bodies, no places to run to and
      hide, just a bare floor, some over head lighting and an observation
      window far above their heads.
      They walked in together side by side, determined that the other would
      not be getting out alive.

      In spite of a restless night's sleep, Sherry arrived to the office on
      time only to find a message from *Sen. Kelly* office's answering
      "Sherry, you'll have to run the office without me today, something
      important has come up and I won't be coming in. Bye now." *click*
      Sherry sighed and bit her lip. `Who ever said terrorist spies were
      vague and secretive?'
      Sherry went about her business as usual, up until it was time to go
      home. She drove home that evening wondering where the shape-shifter
      had gone and when would she be returning. Or for that matter was she
      ever returning at all.
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