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Truth (First X2 vignette, feedback welcome)

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  • zackmendorra
    Truth by D-Prime Pairing: John/Mystique (sort of), slash The first time she comes to him, he raises a wall of flames between them and threatens to roast her
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 22, 2003

      by D-Prime

      Pairing: John/Mystique (sort of), slash

      The first time she comes to him, he raises a wall of flames between
      them and threatens to roast her shapeshifting ass if she ever comes
      near him again.

      The next night she turns into Rogue, and John laughs so hard he
      can't concentrate enough to make good on his threat.

      But she gets it right the third time. He comes out of the shower,
      dripping wet, to find her on his bed with a confident smirk and a
      certainty in those gleaming eyes that hadn't been there before. Then
      she changes: yellow eyes to blue, red hair to blond, blue skin to
      fair white as her breasts shrink into a flat chest. And suddenly
      Bobby Drake is there, with Mystique's smug grin on his lips.

      It's probably a test. Magneto is, in that way, even more demanding
      than Professor Xavier. He wants total loyalty, which is funny
      considering how many times the old man has betrayed Xavier in the
      past. But how could Mystique know about Bobby? Lucky guess? Did she
      tell Magneto?

      All these thoughts run through John's mind, but his body is on
      autopilot as he drops the towel, crawls into bed and surrenders to
      Bobby's embrace.

      It's not perfect, of course. She tastes different, and she says
      things Bobby would never say, does things he probably <i>can't</i>
      do. She can't change her body temperature either; it stays at 98.6,
      too warm, and the illusion thins just a bit. But the lie is so much
      better, so much easier than the truth, because at least when
      Mystique fucks him he <i>knows</i> she's thinking about Wolverine.
      At least he <i>knows</i> he's being used this time, and he doesn't
      have to hear Bobby scream Rogue's name when he comes. It's almost
      better than the real thing because she uses Bobby's mouth and hands
      and cock in ways John couldn't have imagined. She takes him to
      places he's never been before, touches him in all the right places
      and thank God she makes him leave his lighter under the bed, because
      he'd probably burn the whole compound down.

      Of course, some things she does <i>exactly</i> like Bobby; she never
      says "I love you" either, and John still wakes up alone every
      morning. But he's as good at self-deception as he is at pyrokinesis;
      back at the mansion, he'd convinced himself he was Bobby's
      boyfriend, that they were making love when as far as Frosty was
      concerned all they did was get off together. Maybe it hurts because
      Bobby didn't choose Rogue over him; she was <i>always</i> his
      choice, and John was just… convenient.

      Maybe he's using Mystique as much as she's using him. Because as
      long as they keep this up, as long as she spreads his legs and pins
      him down against the mattress, he won't have to admit to himself
      that he's really alone. If she bruises him and bites him hard
      enough, he won't remember that Bobby is really in Westchester and
      probably doesn't miss him at all, especially if they've found a way
      around Rogue's little problem. And he's okay as long as she leaves
      him sweaty and naked and trembling; as long as he tells himself that
      he's a god among insects, and Xavier's way is wrong, and he wants to
      be give a little back to those bastard humans.

      Because if he admits the truth to anyone, to himself most of all –
      that Pyro ran away because Iceman didn't want him anymore – he might
      just set himself on fire and let it all burn away.

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