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PAST LIVES (3/5) Logan/OC [R for language] Post X2

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    Please send all reviews to Vegeass@Hotmail.com Two guards carried a young girl down a long hall way of cells at Fort McMurry, her long blond hair hanging in
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      Please send all reviews to Vegeass@...

      Two guards carried a young girl down a long hall way of cells at Fort
      McMurry, her long blond hair hanging in knots over her face.
      Occupants of the other cells looked up from their sorrow as they drug
      this poor girl back to her cell. They opened the cage door and
      simply threw her to the ground like an old rag doll.

      "Lia!" Jason screamed to her from his cell, across from his
      sisters, "Lia!" No matter how many times he called to her she didn't
      wake, "Guard, I beg of you, please keep her and I together." The
      guard said nothing to Jason as he walked away. Jason walked back
      over to his iron cot and sat down and with his fathers eyes watched
      his sister's seemingly lifeless body. Hours passed before Lia
      started to move. She slowly pushed herself off the ground and rose
      to her feet. Jason got up and slowly walked to the front of his
      cell, "Lia, what did they do to you?"

      "I don't know." She mumbled as she sat on her cot, "I just wish it
      would stop." She started to remove the bandages from her legs. There
      were needle marks all over them along with a rather large circular
      scar on her calf, "Why hasn't mom come for us Jason?" She started to

      "She will, I'm telling you, she'll be here." Jason said, as he poked
      at the device on his head stunting his powers.

      "Before I die from this torture?" Lia wept.

      "I assure you, Lia," Came a voice from down the hall, "This will make
      you better."

      "You stay away from her!" Jason growled as he ran to his cage
      door, "You're going to regret this."

      "Please, leave me alone, Kirkwood." Lia weakly pleaded with him, "I'm
      nothing. My abilities are useless to no one but me."

      "I worked under William Stryker for several years, even up to his
      recent disappearance. I oversaw this exact same project done on
      another member of your family some 16 years ago." Kirkwood
      smirked, "While it wasn't quite as successful as we had hoped, we
      learned from our mistakes."

      "Mom?" Jason questioned, "What did you do to our mother?"

      "Not your mother," he said as he turned to Jason, "Your father."

      "It still means nothing to us," Lia said as she laid down on her cot,
      exhaustion settling in, "We never knew our father."

      "Well, let's just say, my pet, that you and your father are birds of
      a feather." Kirkwood smirked as he walked away, "Be up bright and
      early tomorrow we have a world of work." Out of no where Lia got up
      and ran to the front of her cell.

      "Don't you have someone else to torture for awhile." Lia growled as
      tears ran down her pale complexion, "Piss off you worthless excuse of

      "I do, as a matter of fact." Kirkwood smiled as he signaled to two
      guards who immediately came stomping in. Lia slowly rose up as she
      watched the guards barge into her brother's cell. Lia watched her
      brother struggle and put up a fight for a few moments before he was
      rendered unconscious.

      "JASON!" she screamed as she ran to her cage door, "Please, don't
      take him from me please!!!" Kirkwood said nothing to the girl as she
      cried for her brother. Then, just as quickly as they came in, they
      were gone and so was Jason, "JASON!!" Lia continued to
      scream, "JASON!"

      It was Felicia's turn to be startled awake by her
      disconcerting dreams. Now that she was awake she couldn't visualize
      what her dream what, but the voices were identified as her
      children's. She put her hand on her head trying to remember what she
      saw. She slowly sat up in her bed and swung her legs over the side
      of her bed. She got up and looked out the window, to see a murky
      looking sky. She took notice of some of the students playing flag
      foot ball on the field while a group of girls sat on the side
      cheering them on. She smiled at the thought of her children being
      among those below. She quickly got dressed and headed out to find
      the professor. She took notice of how many more students were
      scattered about the mansion as there were on the previous day.

      "Oh, sorry m'am." Said one small student who happened to run into her
      while she was walking down the hallway. Felicia smiled softly at the
      child as he ran away. As she made her way down the hall, Storm came
      walking by.

      "Felicia how are you?" Greeted the white haired beauty, "I'm Ororo,
      or as the students call me, Storm. I've been away on business for a
      few days, but Scott filled me in on your arrival."

      "Nice to meet you," Felicia greeted, "I'm trying to find the
      Professor, do you know where I might find him?"

      "Yea, I'm headed to see him myself." Storm told her, "I'll show you
      the way."

      "Thank you." Felicia smiled, "There are so many students about the
      house today. Yesterday I hardly saw a one."

      "It's their free day." Storm revealed to her, "So where are you from?"

      "Canada." Felicia said as they walked, "Windsor to be exact."

      "And you got here by foot?" Storm said in shock.

      "No, there were a few times I hopped a train." Felicia laughed.

      "It's still amazing that you made it here alive." Storm said as they
      reached the Professors office, "Why don't you go in first, my report
      may take some time and I have a few things to do in the mean time."

      "Thank you." Felicia smiled as she walked into the Professor's office.

      Meanwhile, Logan and Rogue were sitting outside the Manson
      watching the clouds roll on, while Logan smoked a cigar. Logan had
      been questioning Rogue about her relationship with Bobby when she got
      fed up and started asking questions about Felicia.

      "So, do you believe everything Felicia has told you?" Rogue asked.

      "I know she's not lying."

      "How do you know?" Rogue rolled her eyes, "Yea, she's nice, but how
      do ya' know she's not taking you for a ride?"

      "Most people who are lying have a fear I can smell. She doesn't
      smell like fear." Logan said.

      "Maybe she's just confident that she can get away with it."

      "She'd still stink."

      "I just don't want you to get hurt." Rogue said as she leaned her
      head on his shoulder.

      "I'm just amazed to find out that I have two children." Logan said.

      "You're a good father to me; you'll be a good father to them."

      "You think of me as a father?" Logan asked.

      "My father and my best friend," Rogue smiled at him. Logan just
      smiled at her remark. Once again, his conversation was cut short by
      the Professor.

      "Logan, you're needed in my office." He relayed to him.

      "Gotta go." Logan smiled at Rogue as he headed into the Manson.

      Logan arrived at the Professor's office a short while later,
      to find Felicia in a chair biting her nails. The two seemed to be
      staring each other down. Logan wasn't sure whether or not to
      interject his concerns or just see how the scene played out. It was
      Felicia who lost the staring contest.

      "You can't stop me." She simply stated.

      "I believe I can." Charles retorted with a devilish smirk.

      "from what?" Logan asked.

      "Felicia believes she can infiltrate Fort McMurry." The professor
      stated, "But I believe it's far too dangerous."

      "I agree." Logan said.

      "Then come with me." Felicia offered to Logan.

      "Did you find out anything new?" Logan asked.

      "We know that they're experimenting on them." Charles told him, "For
      what, I can't figure out. But, the sooner the team assembles and get
      to them, the better."

      "I can move past security, make a clean entrance, get in, get them
      and get out, in less that an hour." Felicia argued again.

      "Don't you think that security will be all over the place? With a
      project this big, the place has got to be crawling with them." Logan
      snapped back.

      "I've been through worse." Felicia said.

      "Oh really?" Logan huffed back, "Tell me then? What have you been

      "I was a trained special operative assassin for the Canadian
      government." Felicia said.

      "You think your training is still up to speed?" Logan replied.

      "Come with me to Windsor to get a few things and you'll see." Felicia

      "You sure you can remove guards and create a clear path for MY
      entry?" Logan firmly stated.

      "Give me 15 minutes, and I'll give you door." Felicia simply stated.
      Just then Scott and Storm walked through the door.

      "Scott and Storm are going with you." Charles told them.

      "We're leaving in one hour." Felicia said, "We're stopping at what's
      left of my home in Windsor to get a few things and then we're going
      to Fort McMurry." With that Felicia walked out of the office with
      power behind her walk.

      Even through his quartz glasses Logan could see Scott's
      discontentment about the whole situation. The two looked like
      animals debating dominance, staring each other down.

      "I don't like this plan." Scott admitted, "We're going in there blind
      with no knowledge of the facility, and quite honestly I'm sick of
      risking my life for your issues." He snapped at Wolverine.

      "Hey, I didn't ask you along for the ride, Bub." Logan said, "A woman
      shows up on our door half dead and then tells me my children are in
      danger. I don't know if it's true or not, but I'm going to find out,
      with or without your help."

      "This isn't a crusade of vengeance, Scott. You're going in there
      getting, freeing the prisoners, and getting out, plain and simple."
      Charles told them.

      "I still don't like it." Scott said as he walked out to prepare the

      Meanwhile, Lia sat by the door to her cell waiting for the guards to
      bring her brother back to his cell. She sat for a good while
      wondering what they could want with Jason. She sat patiently waiting
      for his return, when one of the prisoners in the cage next to her
      spoke. She was an elderly woman with a periwinkle complexion.

      "Don't expect help." She told her, "We're all his pets now."

      "I will not spend the rest of my life here." Lia spat at her, "You
      may have given up hope, but I haven't."

      "You didn't sound to hopeful last night." She spoke again, "I've been
      here for so long, I don't even remember my name."

      "Surely you remember you name." Lia spoke with disbelief as she
      itched the tops of her hands.

      "I'm Project Delta now. So, Kirkwood calls me Delta." Delta revealed.

      "I don't know what I'm part of, I don't think anything. My gifts are
      useless." Lia said as she moved closer to her new friend.

      "Who told you that?" She spoke.

      "No one had to tell me," Lia revealed, "I can heal myself without
      Neosporin. Yeah!" She sarcastically commented.

      "That's it?"

      "Well, I can hear really well, and I can smell everything." Lia
      said, "It's nothing special. My brother on the other hand, he become
      a computer and communicates with them."

      "We are all special, no matter how small or large our gifts are."
      Delta told her.

      "Right," Lia sighed. Just then the door at the end of the hallway
      burst open and Jason came walking in at gun point. He calmly walked
      into his cell and sat down on his cot. Lia watched with a suspicious
      eye as the guard closed the cell and walked away, "Jason?" Jason
      didn't respond to his sister as she called his name, "Jason?" She
      turned to her new friend, "What happened to him?"

      "It looks like if they're testing the extent of his abilities." Delta
      said, "Don't worry; I'm sure he's just worn out."

      "God, Mom, where are you?" Lia sighed as she leaned her head against
      the cage once more.
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