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FIC: "Just a Mutant" (1/1) Stryker/Yuriko X2 [PG-13]

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  • Melancthe
    Title: Just a Mutant (1/1) Author: Melancthe (melancthe@claymel.co.za) Characters: Stryker, Yuriko Summary: Stryker contemplates his relationship with Yuriko
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 19, 2003
      Title: "Just a Mutant" (1/1)
      Author: Melancthe (melancthe@...)
      Characters: Stryker, Yuriko
      Summary: Stryker contemplates his relationship with Yuriko
      Rating: PG-13 (mature themes)

      Mutant bitch. That's all she is. I have her around because I can use
      her. She's my work of art. Everything she is, she owes to me. And
      that's all she is to me. My creation.

      I keep telling myself that.

      She makes a good bodyguard. So efficient and so sleek in her business

      suit. The perfect personal assistant. "That's quite a grip", Kelly
      had said earlier. If only you knew, Kelly. If only you knew.

      At first, I looked at her perfection, and I was proud of what I'd
      made of her. Like a father with his child. Like an artist with a new
      sculpture. I don't think I'd ever known that sort of pride until
      then. In the days when I had a son, I'd wanted that feeling. I'd
      hoped Jason could be cured of the disease, but it got worse and
      worse, until the day I no longer had a son. The pride had left long
      before then, though, and all that was left was contempt and loathing.

      Yuriko is different. I control her and everything about her.

      I think it all started when I looked at her one day. Not just glanced

      - I mean, really looked. She was sitting next to me on a very long
      plane trip, and she was staring out the window as impassively as
      ever. As I looked at her, the fading sunlight lit up her face. It was

      one of those nauseating moments that have become such a cliché. No,
      it didn't make me a nicer person. It didn't change my outlook on
      life. I didn't become a mutant-hugger. It just made me want her.

      The first time I touched her, she pulled away slightly, as if the
      effects of the drug were wearing off, then forced herself to comply.
      Reluctantly. Now I think she knows it's one of the job requirements,
      just like killing whoever I ask her to.

      Sometimes I feel old. And tired. And too damned cynical to call what
      I feel for Yuriko "love". She's my lover and my own personal killer.
      No, I can't call her my "lover". That implies something more than
      passive participation. She lets me use her - not that she has any
      choice, of course, because the drug makes her do everything I want.
      The only reason she lets me touch her is because her body won't let
      her resist me. I've thought about using her compliance even more than

      I already have, but I can't. I despise that weakness in myself.

      Lately, I've even had moments of weakness where I've wanted her to
      respond when I touch her, not just passively accept it. I've wanted
      her to turn around during our sessions and put her arms around me.
      I've wanted her to say my name with more than just clinical

      That's the part where I remember what I'm fighting for. I remember
      what this disease did to my son. I remember my wife. I look at the
      creatures out there and I know that I will never be able to stop the
      war. Until they're all gone, none of us will be safe.

      She's just a mutant.

      One day I'll really believe that.
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