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FIC: "Ritual" (1/1) Yuriko/Stryker X2 [R]

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  • Melancthe
    Title: Ritual (1/1) Author: Melancthe (melancthe@claymel.co.za) Characters: Yuriko, Stryker Summary: Yuriko has a familiar encounter ... or is it as familiar
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 19, 2003
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      Title: "Ritual" (1/1)
      Author: Melancthe (melancthe@...)
      Characters: Yuriko, Stryker
      Summary: Yuriko has a familiar encounter ... or is it as familiar as
      she thinks?
      Rating: R

      Annoying. That's what it was. Taking out the garbage, poking through
      her things. She wondered if it was being startled that had made her
      so upset. Yuriko hated being startled.

      Suddenly she paused, and a slight frown crossed her face. The back of
      her neck tingled and itched, as if flesh was healing. She'd felt this
      before, these moments that were an odd combination of self-awareness
      and confusion. They usually faded, but she always found herself
      fighting the return to the state that she had dubbed "normality". She
      heard the familiar sound of her office door opening, but her
      consciousness seemed oddly distanced from the noise. Her body felt
      different, as if she was super-aware of every nerve in it.

      Suddenly she sensed someone behind her.

      "Yuriko", a familiar voice said. "It's time."

      "William." She closed her eyes and stood up, knowing what would come
      next. It was a familiar ritual. Sometimes she wanted to scream and
      fight him. She'd thought about it but, no matter how much she wanted
      it, she couldn't stop herself giving in to him. It was as if she'd
      become an observer in her own body, unable to do anything but
      acquiesce to his desires. At other times, she found herself craving
      his touch, the joy of contact with someone, even if he was only using

      her for his own pleasure. Those were the times that scared her the

      An arm went around her throat, and warm breath caressed the sensitive

      skin of her neck. The tingling turned into a sharp pain as a rough
      beard scraped over what felt like a raw wound., and she gasped out
      loud. He skin was extra-sensitive, like she'd rarely felt it before.
      She felt Stryker tense and pull away slightly as he heard her cry.
      His fingers ran over the sore spot, soothing and comforting. They
      followed the contours of her neck, all the way up into her hairline,
      then pulled out the elastic band that held her hair in a severe
      ponytail. Her hair fell over her shoulders in a thick mass of
      darkness. Yuriko opened her eyes, confusion building. Why was he
      being so gentle? This was not part of the ritual.

      She felt his hands slide forward to her front, seeking out the
      buttons on her jacket. With surprising ease, the buttons were undone,

      and his hands slid up to caress her throat. She swallowed nervously,
      her confusion vying with the growing arousal stimulated, in part, by
      the unexpected awareness of her body that she had been experiencing
      earlier. His hands pulled the jacket from her shoulders and it fell
      to the floor in a soft heap. With expert fingers, he undid the clasp
      on her bra and slid the straps off her shoulders. She leaned back
      into his embrace, feeling his obvious desire pressing against her as
      he buried his face in the softness of her hair. This was all so
      different. There was something that felt wrong about it all, the
      kindness alien to his nature, but she could not stop her body
      responding to his touch.

      She reached down and undid the top button on her grey pants, then
      pulled the zip down. Sliding her hands over her hips, she pushed the
      fabric down and it joined the jacket in a heap on the ground. His
      breathing was ragged as he pushed her forward onto the desk. The
      metal was cold against her skin, but she closed her eyes
      submissively. She felt her legs being parted and the warmth of his
      arousal penetrating her. His movements were smooth, aided by the
      sudden flood of moisture from her. The back of her mind continued to
      wonder about this unexpected change, but the rest of her was focusing

      on her desire. The heat inside her was close to exploding. As the
      force of her orgasm overwhelmed her, the strangeness of the situation

      bothered her no longer. As if at a distance, she heard him gasp aloud

      and the flood of his climax burst from him. He collapsed forward on
      her, his weight comforting.

      Then the weight was removed. Yuriko continued to lie prone on the
      desk, enjoying the unexpected afterglow. She heard the sounds of
      fabric rustling as clothes were straightened, then footsteps headed
      off into the distance.

      Stryker shut the heavy door behind him. The heat of his exertions had

      made him flushed, but he smiled to himself as he walked down the
      corridor. For a brief moment, his eyes turned an unnatural yellow,
      and then reverted to their normal colour as he opened the glass door
      and headed up the stairs. The night was always an adventure for a
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