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Fic: The Core of The Sun (Pyro/oc, R)

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  • loonylittlewitch
    I posted a link to the first part a while back. This story isn t mine, but it is on my website and my H. deserves an audience. :) The first part can be read at
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 19, 2003
      I posted a link to the first part a while back. This story isn't
      mine, but it is on my website and my H. deserves an audience. :)

      The first part can be read at http://www.freewebs.com/draakkon at
      H.'s fanfic.



      The Core of the Sun pt.2

      Author: H.
      Pairing: J/T
      Summary: " I want to live in fire/ with all the taste I desire"
      Disclaimer: I don't own the X-men people. Marvel, Fox, who ever,
      The rest of the lot, however, is mine.
      Notes: All hail to Lissu! Thanks.
      Feedback/flaming: glacialmoon@...

      There were summer celebrations going on in the town and every place
      was packed with people, tourists and locals. I was doing my second
      double shift with the help of coffee and energydrinks. What I needed
      was to sleep for a week but I was so awake that I doubted if I could
      ever sleep again. Maya was working non-stop too but she had done this
      a lot more than me so she didn't seemed to get affected anymore.
      Lucky her.

      I was waiting on most of the tables inside and therefore tried to do
      ten things at the same time. So it took me awhile to notice the woman
      that kept waving at me from the very last table.

      - I'm sorry for keeping you waiting so long. What would you like to

      - No problem. It seems to be a very busy evening. Is it always as
      hectic as this?

      The woman didn't sound upset and I sighed in relief. Customers
      expected me to see everybody and were angry if I didn't. Woman was
      with a young girl who smiled at me too. Happy customers are the best.

      - No, only during this 24 hour party. What can I get you then?

      - Big lattes, please. And some help. Do you happen to know a girl
      called Titania? We were told she works in here.

      I looked at them more closely while I wrote the order down. The one
      talking had bright white hair and very soft voice. It was hard to
      hear her over the din of the crowd. The younger woman seemed a bit
      uncomfortable amongst the crowd and kept checking the people moving
      around her. I didn't know them and I couldn't imagine any reason they
      might have had to look for me. But there seemed to be no point to lie
      to them since anybody else working here would tell them who I was.

      - Yes, that's me. How can I help you?

      - Oh. Hello. We had hoped that we could talk to you for awhile.

      - About what?

      - About John Allerdyce.

      First I thought I must have heard wrong. It was four days ago that I
      had seen him for the last time. And I was feeling alright. I really
      was. No blushing, no crying, no nothing. And then something like this
      happens. I felt the sting in my chest. Damn.

      - I'm sorry, I don´t have anything to say. I'll get your coffee.

      And I just turned around and collected some dirty dishes on my way to
      the counter like a good efficient waiter that I was. Maya was on
      cappucino machine foaming milk when I got to the counter.

      - Two lattes, please.

      - Sure.

      I fished an ice cube from the bucket and pressed it against my neck.
      It was so hot in here.

      - Are you ok?

      - Yeah. Some wierd women were asking for John.

      - No kidding? What did you say?

      - Nothing. I took the order and left. What could I say?

      - Want me to take these? It's your turn to make coffee anyway. My
      legs are going numb from standing in one place.

      - Would you? Thanks.

      Maya loved working with the machine so the only reason she was
      willing to switch places was that she was worried about me. Marcus
      walked past carrying a tray filled with muffins.

      - Titania? Six lattes, four cappucinos and espressos to go. Hurry!

      - Ok.

      And then I didn't have a chance to think about anything else but
      coffee and foamed milk. So I forgot all about those two women. Until
      next morning.

      I came home around four o'clock in the morning and crashed to the bed
      with out bothering to take my clothes off. I was asleep before my
      face hit the pillow.

      And then I woke up suddenly like somebody had turned a switch in my
      head: first off, then on. I turned over and peered at the alarm clock
      next to my bed. It was only seven. And I didn't feel like sleeping
      anymore. I was so tired but my body decided to keep me awake. Great.

      I got up and peeled my sweaty clothes off. I could just as well take
      a shower. I turned the water to as hot as I could and scrubbed unti I
      felt that I had been born again. Then I just stood under the shower
      and let the water pour over me. It felt like heaven. But wide awake
      kind of heaven. Damn.

      Since I couldn't force myself to sleep, I decided to make some
      breakfast and just relax. That was almost as good as sleeping, right?
      I put some clothes on and went to examine the food situation. It
      wasn't good. The kitchen was clean and the fridge was empty. Well,
      almost. I did have an apple. Yay. This morning was way too hard for

      I took the apple and ate it while I looked for my keys. If I needed
      some breakfast, I must go where the breakfast lives. In to the
      bakery. I found some money and my keys too. Well. Miracles just kept
      on piling.

      The sun was shining and the birds chirped and everything was perfect
      for a Sunday morning. And quiet. There wasn't much people around
      because the city was curing it's hang over from last night. So I just
      walked and enjoyed the morning like I had all the time in the world.
      Which actually was the truth. No work, no nothing. Perfect.

      The bakery was half full of people in need of breakfast and I stood
      in line trying to decide what I could afford. I took some warm rolls
      and a sweet bun. That should do the trick. I still had some money for
      a can of orange juice which I got from the market on my way back
      home. No coffee for me. Ever. Or at least for next ten hours or so.

      When I got near home I noticed there was a very shiny black car
      parked next to the sidewalk. Right in front of my house. That was
      strange. Thought of the women who had asked for John crossed my mind
      and I felt a little flare of panic in my stomach. Was he in trouble?
      Was I ?

      There was no point to just stand in the street and stare at the car
      like it would explain it existence. So I crossed the street and
      continued walking towards home.

      - Good morning. Miss Titania Harris?

      They waited at my yard, the same women from last night and a man in a

      - Yes?

      I stopped a few feet from them. This was scary. How did they know
      where I lived? I tried to relax and not to get caught in panicky
      thoughts. I didn´t want to get upset right now. I was tired so I
      wasn't sure how well I could control my skin. I was just happy I was
      wearing a shirt with long sleeves, so there wasn't all that much skin
      visible in case I couldn't.

      - I hope we aren't intruding. I´m aware it is an early morning after
      all. Let me introduce myself, I'm Charles Xavier. I believe you have
      met Ororo and Marie last night.

      - Well, I took their order but I'm not sure if that qualify. What do
      you want from me?

      I knew I sounded defensive but I couldn't help it. I didn't know
      these people and I really wasn't in the mood for playing some wierd
      games. Especially when it was quite a high chance that they were
      interested in John. Damn. This morning really sucked.

      - I was hoping I could ask a few questions if that is alright with

      He was very polite and talked in a calm and assuring tone. He had
      that certain presence that made me want to trust him. Power.
      Leadership. The women didn't seem threatening either. Just interested
      about me.

      - About John?

      - Yes. We are just a bit worried about him and I was wondering if you
      could help us.

      I thought about the situation for a moment. It was quite clear by now
      that they really wanted to talk with me. How did they found about me
      at the first place, I couldn't imagine, but there they were. And I
      would probably get rid of them much faster by answering some
      questions than standing here arguing. After all there really wasn't
      all that much I could tell them.

      - Fine. We can go to the garden.

      I was very proud of my garden and considering the wheelchair it was
      the easiest place to go. It would be wierd just to stand in the front
      yard. And I didn't want them in my house since it was a mess. So the
      garden it was.

      The house where I lived was actually an old house that had been
      altered so that it formed two seperate apartments. Old backyard had
      remained. Since my upstair neighbour wasn't interested about taking
      care of it, I had claimed it as mine. I had spent the last summer re-
      building the fence around it and clearing weeds and trimming
      overgrown bushes and trees. This summer I had constructed the old
      pavement in the patio and planted flowers and herbs in circular
      motifs. I had high hopes for the old apple tree too.

      I lead the guests to the garden and placed my breakfast shoppings to
      the patio table. Woman with the white hair (Marie? Ororo? I couldn´t
      remember who was who) seemed quite interested about my garden. She
      walked around the small place to see everything there was.

      - You have a beautiful garden here. Must have taken a lot of work?

      She complimented me and walked back to the table and sat down next to
      the younger girl.

      - Thank you. It did. What did you wanted to ask?

      I wasn't in the mood for small talk. Something made me feel
      uncomfortable and I wanted to get this over with. What ever this was.

      Mr Xavier seemed to pick up my nervous mood and smiled as to reassure

      - When did you see John last time? How was he doing?

      - I saw him four days ago. He was fine then.

      - And is he still in town, do you know?

      - No. They left.

      I didn't want to think about that. The look in his face when he
      turned away. How I wished I could take that moment back and do it all
      over again. I was feeling warm even though I was sitting in the
      shadow. I took the can of orange juice from the table and pressed it
      against my neck. It felt cool.

      - They?

      - John and his… I don´t know what they are to him. Employers or
      something like that.

      All three got curious looks in their face. Maybe they were more
      interested the whereabouts of Magneto than the well being of John.
      But I couldn't take the words back.

      - Do you know where they went from here?

      - No.

      Mr Xavier looked a bit disappointed from my short answer.

      - Oh. Did you know John long?

      - We met… about a week ago.

      - Do you where he lived when he stayed here?

      - In a house in the Paradise Lakes. It's a wealthy neighbourhood near
      the center of the city. If you want to look it up, it's the house
      that has a burned second floor.

      - Burned? There was a fire?

      One of the women asked (maybe it was Marie). When I saw the surprised
      looks in their faces, I wished I could just take the words back. They
      didn't need to know that. I didn't want to remember that. Us. Doing…
      No. Not that memory. Damn. This just sucked. And it was so hot.

      - How did that happen? Did anybody get hurt?

      The question felt so hilarious to my tired mind that I just have to
      laugh out loud. Did anybody get hurt? No. Nobody. Just my heart. The
      three exchanged worried looks. Maybe I was sounding hysterical or
      just plain mad.

      I needed to get a grip of myself so wouldn´t start glowing or
      burning. I started my fastest mental exercise. I closed my eyes for a
      moment. One deep breath. I was centered. A calm surface of the lake.
      I became it. Smooth. Unmoving. Cold.

      And suddenly something touched me. Broke the calm surface of the lake
      that was me. Ripples. Like a pebble. With a name. I opened my eyes
      with a snap. It all started to make sudden sense. How they found me.
      How they knew who I was.

      - You are a fucking mindreader.

      Mr Xavier looked surprised. I felt angry and ashamed. Interrogating
      me like that, forcing me to remember, scaring me out of my mind? And
      for what? A piece of information he could have read from anybody's
      mind? He wanted to know what had happened?

      Fine. I'll give him information. He could have it all. I took the
      memories, every single feeling, move and word, everything I had and
      hurled them at him like a mental fist. His head snapped back like I
      had just stood up and slapped his face.

      - There, now you have it. I'm a cheap whore. Anything else you want?

      I stood up and I felt my face blazing from the inner fire. The women
      stood up as fast as I and took a defensive stance to protect him. Mr
      Xavier gave them one look and they relaxed. A bit. I didn't care
      about them.

      - We are done. Get the hell away from my yard.

      I snatched my breakfast from the table and walked inside through the
      backdoor. And didn't look back.


      I had slept for two days until I had forced myself up. All seemed
      normal but somewhere deep inside I felt the hollowness that hadn't
      been there before. It scared me. It was like sharp pieces protruding
      from my chest. Maybe that was my broken heart.

      I was no longer insisting that everything was alright. It wasn't.
      My "talk" with mr Xavier had forced me to look the truth in the eye.
      John had broken my heart and founded my pride with a few easy steps.
      And I didn't have a clue on how to heal myself.

      So Maya said we should do the basic things. We ate ice-cream with so
      much chocolate that we shook from the sugar rush. We danced through
      the long summer nights and then went to work after a few hours sleep.
      We sat in my garden sun bathing and drank way too much vodka and
      soda. Checked out new guys. Talked about new guys. And Maya even
      hooked up with a new guy.

      And after awhile it seemed that I had managed to do it. I was looking
      good. I even felt good. I was happy for Maya even though she didn't
      have time to hang out anymore since the new boyfriend took a lot of
      time. I didn't care. I had managed to convince even myself that I was
      back to normal.

      Except on some nights when my shields crumbled and the hollowness was
      revealed again. On those nights I sat in my bed in the soft glow of
      my fire orbs and looked at the shadows that danced on the walls. And
      thought about John. Sometimes I got dressed and went out in the grey
      light of a new day. I walked around in the sleeping neighborhood. And
      I set something on fire. Trashcan. Pile of leaves or twigs. Nothing
      big, nothing dangerous. Most of the fires never got noticed and some
      that did, were just blamed on kids fooling around. I didn't think
      what I was doing and why. I just felt the desire of the fire. I
      didn't want to be so cold anymore.

      It was a dry summer and there were fires around the town even with
      out me. I started to follow the sounds of firetruck sirens to the
      scenes where someone's house or shed or dry backyard was turning into
      a furnace. And the fire in me danced and laughed with it and for a
      moment all my hollowness was filled to the brim. But then the fire
      was killed and so was the joy that I had felt. Until the next fire
      came along.

      It was a hot and dry day. The gardens everywhere were filled with
      yellow grass and dying plants. My garden had hold it's own under the
      protective shadows of the trees but it was losing the fight and
      dying. It didn't matter to me. I hadn't had the energy to take care
      of it as much as I should have. I was enjoying my first day off in
      two weeks and I sat in the patio enjoying the last ray's of the
      setting sun. The television was on inside and I could hear the voice
      of the news reader through the open backdoor. Fire. The word carved
      itself in my head. There was a big fire somewhere. Where? I didn't
      move so I wouldn't miss anything what the news woman said. It was
      close. Maybe only a few miles away from here. I wanted to see it. I
      went to pull my sneakers on and listened the latest raport about the
      fire. It was big. Really big.

      I ran through the hot streets planning my route so that I would get
      to the fire from the side of the lake. The firemen would surely try
      to back the fire against the lake from the side of the town so it
      couldn't spread there. By following the shoreline I would meet the
      fire from the empty side. There would be no firemen there since there
      was nothing to protect. Only water and sand and rocks.

      I felt the heat long before I saw the fire. It was happening just as
      I had thought it would. It was getting close. The wind carried the
      smell of smoke and the roar of fire. There wasn't any people in
      sight. Maybe there haven't been any to begin with since this place
      was nothing more than a patch of sand and some hay growing from the
      rocks. Or maybe the people had cleared away when they had seen the
      fire coming. I didn't care. It was the place to be and I was happy to
      be alone.

      I took my shoes off and stepped into the water. It was warm and
      muddy. I walked slowly towards the fire that had stopped moving near
      the place where the rocks and the sand started. There was nothing to
      burn but the hay so the fire was low here and already going out on
      its own. The heat was amazing even though I wasn't even near the
      center of the fire. I just stood there for awhile, my feet in the
      water, watching the wall of fire that rose to the sky.

      - Do you like it?

      I was startled so bad that I fell down to the water.

      - John?

      He sat on a rock and smiled in that funny way that made my heart
      leap. He looked real. He looked good. Perfect.

      - I made it for you. I wondered if you would come.

      He turned his eyes to the fire, so I couldn't see the look on his
      face. But his voice was quiet and his hands played with the zippo.
      Nervous. Scared. Maybe his heart beated as hard as mine.

      I didn't say anything. I just stood up and walked to him. I looked in
      to his eyes and saw that same fear and same desire that I knew was in
      my eyes too. And I kissed him. Hard. Deep. Like I had imagined so
      many times and then scoulded myself from it. But this wasn't my
      imagination, this was real.

      - It's the best present I have ever had.

      I didn't think anything, I just felt. We had raw hasty sex right
      there on that rock. We didn't bother with foreplay or gentle things.
      We bruised and bit and clawed. It was a burning need inside and
      roaming fire outside. We bucked and howled and the fire rose higher
      on the dark sky.

      Afterwards we just panted on top of each other, gasping for breath or
      something to say. I rolled off of him and grimaced when my scratched
      skin touched the rock. It hurt. And felt incredibly good at the same
      time. I looked up to the sky where the fire glowed.

      - All for me?

      - I missed you.

      John turned his head to look into my eyes. I looked back. He wasn't
      lying this time. He really meant it.

      - Why?

      - I couldn´t stop thinking about you. You were always there.

      - I missed you too.

      Then we kissed again, taking our time now. We moved much more slowly,
      examining the wounds we had caused to each other. Sweat dripped in
      our skin and stinged on the scratches and bruises. Our skin got sore
      from the rough surface of the rock and the slow burn of the fire but
      we didn't care. We were lost inside the heat that we had missed. I
      didn't feel the hollowness anymore. It was filled. It had vanished to
      the fire. This time the fire didn't roar, it throbbed like the waves.

      When we caught our breath again, we heard the wailing of the sirens
      very close to the place where we laid.

      - I think we should go.

      The fire was beaten. The firetrucks were on their way to put down
      it's final refugee. We got up and pulled our ruined clothes back on.
      I snatched my shoes and we stepped to the water to escape the same
      way I had walked here.

      We walked through the suburbs back to my appartment. People looked a
      bit funny at our soiled clothes and dirty faces but we didn't give a
      damn. We were walking together. We didn't even speak much. We just
      held each other in that universal way every teenage couple does when
      they think they have just discovered this new thing called love.

      When we got to my flat it was the time of the evening when night
      insects started their lazy dance around the porch lights and people
      were sitting outside enjoying the delusion of a cool evening breeze.
      I let us inside and lit some lights. The air was heavy and hot
      because I had closed all the windows when I had left. I opened some
      and made sure that all the nets in the windows were tight. I hated
      the insects fluttering around the house. John looked around my
      appartment and it made me feel shy. Like I was exposed on some sort
      of mysterious way. Everything was a bit messy. There were dirty
      dishes and dirty clothes, forgotten magazines and books in places
      where they had happened to fall.

      - I'm sorry, it's messy around here. I haven't had much time or
      energy to clean up…

      - Don't worry about it. It lookes nice. I like the paintings. Are
      they yours?

      - Yes… I used to paint but I haven't done it in long time. Couldn't
      afford the materials and didn't have the time either.

      I had five paintings that I had kept on the walls. John peered at
      them in dim light and that made me wonder if this all was just a some
      wierd dream and would I wake from it soon? I didn't want to wake up.
      John was there. In my home. With me.

      - Do you wanna clean up? I think we really need a shower. I'm all
      sticky and there is sand everywhere.

      - But you still look beautiful. How do you do that?

      John walked back to where I stood and kissed me.

      - Flattering. I like that.

      He kissed me again. Longer.

      - I think you mentioned the word shower… In here?

      And he just let go. And grinned to my sigh of disappointment.

      - Bastard.

      - Yeah. I remember that…

      He walked to the bedroom and pulled his shirt over his head. I
      followed to the bathroom. I had a huge bathtub. It was old and it had
      little brass legs shaped as paws of a lion. I had found it from a
      fleemarket and had it brought in here. It took a lot of space but I
      loved it still.

      - Jeez. It's huge!

      - I know. There's the towels.

      I pointed at the top shelf and turned around to leave.

      - What? Are you going to leave me alone in here? No no no… Come on in

      - I don't know if that is such a good idea… We can't burn this house
      down, you know?

      - Don't be a silly… There will be water everywhere. Actually, I think
      that we should stay in here and fill that tub. Just a safe measure,
      you see?

      The thought had some potential. We took a shower to get rid of the
      sand and filth. That left us quite worked up and we just had to do
      something about that. Soon the bathroom was filled with clouds of
      steam when running water evaporated. But we were getting better in
      the control part since nothing combusted. While the water ran for the
      bath, I went to get my last bottle of wine that had been left from my
      party week with Maya.

      So there we sat, in a huge bathtub, among foam and bubbles, sipping
      wine and just looking at each other. I rested my head against the
      edge of the tub and enjoyed the feeling of water and John. And
      thought about that fire he had made. For me. It made me feel…
      Strange. Thrilled. Powerful. I had never felt anything like that.

      - There were people looking for you after you had left.

      The feeling of power had reminded me of my visitors. I had thought
      about that day a lot but I still couldn't feel sorry for what I had
      done. It had been too creepy. And too painful.

      - Really? What people?

      - Mr Xavier and some women. Can't remember their names.

      John pounced up from the tub so that water splashed everywhere.

      - What? Are you sure?

      - Of course I'm sure. I think I can remember people that I have
      thrown from my yard, thank you very much. Sit down and close your
      mouth. You look like an idiot.

      John sat down and just stared at me like I had just pulled a stunning
      miracle right in front of him.

      - Were they your friends?

      - Hell no! Not anymore. I'm just… You threw them from your yard?

      John repeated his voice filled with surprise.

      - Well, not throw as such. I kind of told them to go to hell.

      Then he laughed outloud. I was surprised. What had I done now? It
      wasn't all that funny.

      - What? Tell me! What is so funny? John!

      - Charles Xavier came here to ask for me and you told him to go to
      hell. That's what happened?

      - More or less.

      - So you have both burned Magneto's house and told Xavier to go to
      hell. You're priceless!

      John moved to my end of the tub and kissed me still laughing. There
      were bubbles flying everywhere when we splashed around the tub.

      - Thank you. I suppose. So what's so special about him then? That
      he's a mind reader?

      - He told you?

      John moved a bit so we were tangled together more comfortably.

      - No. I just knew it. I don't know. I think it might have been an
      accident. He sort of grazed my mind. I didn't like it, so I told them
      to get lost. So what's your excuse?

      - He was my teacher. I got bored with the rules so I left. I don´t
      know. It just wasn't my place. But what about the others? What did
      they looked like?

      - Hm. The other was older, taller, had white hair? And the younger
      looked kinda shy and she had this funny stripe in her hair. Like the
      stripe of a skunk.

      - Marie? He had Marie with him… That's strange.

      There was a funny tone in his voice when he said her name. I reached
      for my glass and took a sip. I didn't like that tone. I had heard it
      before when Maya talked about "the one that got away".

      - Old girlfriend?

      - What? Marie? No. She was dating this one guy that used to be my

      - Used to be?

      - Yeah. I sort of burned all the bridges when I left. Figuratively
      speaking. And besides she has this skin thing… If she touches you,
      she'll steal your mutant gift and if she keeps holding on, it'll kill
      you. It feels horrible. Trust me on this one.

      - I have a skin thing.

      - Yours is way better.

      John said and nibbled my neck. My skin was happy from the attention
      and flashed a swirl of red in the spot he had touched. But some
      questions rose to my mind with his comment. I was a fool! Just
      jumping this boy´s bones with out finding out why he had come back in
      the first place. So, he said he missed me. Was that all or was there
      something else behind this? Did I really want to know the answer? He
      was here. Wasn't that enough?

      - Why did you came back? Really?

      - I told you. I missed you.

      - Is that all?

      - What else could there be?

      He didn't just say "yes". He answered my question with an another. He
      was a crappy liar if there ever was a one. I stood up in the tub and
      stepped to the cold tile floor. My skin flashed and more steam filled
      the air. I wanted to thrown something or rather, burn something.
      Instead I screamed.

      - Fuck you John! I can't believe I just fall for this crap! What is
      it? Your "daddy" ordered something and you don't wanna do it alone,
      is that it? Or did you just want to fuck and thought I was so easy
      last time that this time I would be on my back even faster?

      I spat the words to him and when I felt the tears welling in my eyes,
      I just stormed to my bedroom slamming the door behind me. I pulled
      some clothes from my closet and got dressed. I walked back to the
      kitchen and took some ice from the fridge and walked outside to the
      garden. My mind was a blank. I didn't think anything. I didn't cry or
      yell. I just sat down and pressed the lump of ice against my forehead.

      - Titania?

      Was it too much to ask that he would just leave? Obviously. John
      walked through the door and came standing next to me.

      - May I sit down?

      I nodded but refused to look into his eyes. I kept my head down and
      fixated my eyes to the cracks of the stones on patio floor. He sat
      down on one of the chairs. Silence fell between us.

      - Would you look at me?

      I didn't respond. I didn't want to see his eyes because I couldn't be
      sure of what I would do.

      - Fine then. I will tell you this anyway. Yes. You are right. There
      is something I have to do in here because Magneto told me to. But the
      biggest reason for sending me here was that I could find you. No,

      I had stood up when I had heard Magneto's name but the plead in his
      voice made me stop.

      - So we could settle this thing, one way or another. All I said in
      that rock was true. I missed you so bad Titania. I couldn't do
      anything. I just messed around. So they send me to you… Look at me,
      please? Titania?

      Maybe it was a mistake but I did. I looked at his eyes.

      - I want you Titania. Gifts or no gifts, I want you. But I will leave
      right now if you want me to. And you will never see me again. So
      decide. Do you want me?

      - Do you expect me to work for him if I say you can stay?

      - No. But you have to accept that I will work for him. That won't
      change. And in the end, it can put you in danger. This is the truth.

      I thought about it. In the silence I could hear the sounds of cars
      passing by and the laughing and the buzz of the insects. The ice
      melted away. And still I thought about it. John didn't say anything
      else. I thought about those nights when I couldn't sleep and those
      times when I stood next to a fire. About John. About me. Maya. My
      work. This life I had been living.

      Decision wasn't so hard to make after all.

      - What do we have to burn?

      End of pt. 2
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