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FIC: Enroll (1/1)

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  • Lshallot@juno.com
    Title: Enroll (1/1) Author: Morgan R. Email: Lshallot@juno.com Website: http://www.geocities.com/crimsonclad/fanfic.htm Rating: PG Summary: How did Bobby
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      Title: Enroll (1/1)
      Author: Morgan R.
      Email: Lshallot@...
      Website: http://www.geocities.com/crimsonclad/fanfic.htm
      Rating: PG
      Summary: How did Bobby end up at Xavier's?
      Feedback: I need it like Bobby needs a big hug.
      Author's Note: What a coil! He's only there for a moment, but Colossus
      has given me such trouble. Peter? Piotr? Dave?! Seriously, Dave is the
      name they have on IMDB, and I hope that's a fluke, because it couldn't be
      further from the original. I picked Piotr. Feh. Oh, and I tried to
      find a happy medium between comics Bobby (funny/clueless) and movie Bobby
      of the angst. Just read...


      He kept staring at the phone, wanting to pick it up, wanting it to ring.
      He'd answer, and hear, "Bobby? We're so sorry, honey. We still love
      you. Don't worry. You're still our boy."

      Or he'd dial the familiar numbers and say, "Hey, Mom? Guess what? I met
      the president! Yeah, I was in the Oval Office and everything! He was
      shorter than I thought, but pretty nice and everything. No, I didn't get
      his autograph, Mom..."

      But the phone was silent, and he couldn't manage the weight of the

      Prep school.



      Bobby was flipping through comic books when his mom knocked on his door.
      "Bobby? There's someone here to talk to you." He couldn't read her
      expression, but she didn't seem upset, exactly. Just confused, and maybe

      He followed her down the stairs, slowing as he saw the man in the
      wheelchair talking to his father in their living room.

      "Professor Xavier? Here he is. Bobby, this is Charles Xavier- he's
      heard a lot about you."

      Walking over to shake hands, Bobby was startled by the expression in the
      man's oddly compelling gaze. He felt himself going cold, but caught
      himself before it went too far. Probably not a good idea to disgrace
      himself in front of this complete stranger. As he thought of the
      potential consequences of such a mess, he could have sworn that their
      visitor smiled a little wider. "Hello, Robert. I'm delighted to meet
      you at last."

      "Hi. Nice to meet you too, I guess. You are?"

      "Bobby!" his mother exclaimed, smacking his shoulder, but Professor
      Xavier only laughed.

      "Mrs. Drake, I appreciate his candor. I would be suspicious in his place
      as well. And I hope you can extend me the same courtesy when I ask you
      and Mr. Drake if I might have a moment of conversation alone with

      She smiled, and Bobby could have sworn she was actually trembling with
      excitement. "Of course! We'll just be out on the front porch. Bobby,"
      she warned, "Be nice."

      Sitting down in an armchair opposite the visitor, Bobby tried to summon
      some kind of polite conversation. "So, what is this about?"

      "Well, Robert, I am here because I run a school. A school for the
      gifted, in fact, and I think you would be an ideal candidate."

      Bobby snorted in disbelief. "A school for the gifted? Me? I think you
      must have been looking at the wrong transcripts, sir."

      Xavier smiled. "Well, in fact, I have been looking at your school
      records, and whatever your grades might indicate, I believe you do have
      academic potential. But the gifts my students possess are not
      necessarily...of that variety."


      So Bobby started planning his escape, because there was no way he was
      going to be dragged away by this creepy looking guy and his van of secret
      government goons to some testing facility where they'd lock him up and
      cut him open and see just how much the boy of ice liked fire-

      "No, Robert, just the opposite."

      The opposite? Seeing just how much the boy of ice liked ice? Well, that
      would hardly help them figure anything out, apart from being silly and
      redundant, since- hey, wait a minute! "You read my mind!" Bobby hissed.

      "No, just your expression," Xavier laughed. "I consider it a violation
      of my powers to use them outside of certain circumstances."

      "Powers?" Bobby felt dizzy. They were sitting in his living room, and
      discussing the one thing he was never, ever allowed to talk about.

      "My school is for young people just like yourself, Robert. It's
      difficult for most young mutants to handle the regular stress of school
      and adolescence without the added burden of powers they are still
      learning to control."

      Bobby slumped in his chair. He had said it! The M-word. In his living
      room! With his parents out on the porch!

      "This world is not a friendly place for those who are different, Robert.
      You know that all too well, I imagine. I want to help those like you-
      help prepare you for life alongside people who fear you. You'll be
      surrounded by others who struggle with the same problems as you, others
      who can understand you for who you really are. Does that sound
      interesting to you?"

      Bobby sat still for a moment, his face creased in thought. Finally, he
      looked up, his expression a study in indecision. "Do we actually have to
      take classes?"

      The Professor chuckled warmly. "Alas, yes- think of all the parents who
      might suspect our real curriculum otherwise."

      Bobby drew a shallow breath. "You mean- we don't have to tell them?
      They don't have to know?"

      "Not until you're ready to tell them, Robert. And someday, whether out
      of desire or necessity, you will be."

      Bobby winced. "And until then?"

      "Until then you will be attending a boarding school for the gifted of all
      ages, and your parents will be terrifically proud. We're very cautious
      on move-in day- no powers are to be exhibited at any cost. The parents
      who are aware of their children's abilities are apprised of the
      situation, and understand that other parents are not to be told of the
      school's deeper purpose. Your secret is yours to tell or keep, as per
      your wishes."

      "Wow. I mean, just, wow. Wait- how did you know I was a mutant? How
      did you know to come here?" The uneasiness returned, and he sat up a
      little straighter.

      "I have ways of discovering mutants, and determining those who are young
      enough to attend my school is not too difficult. You seemed like an
      ideal candidate, and so I thought I'd come by. What do you say? Would
      you like to give my school a try?"

      Bobby jumped up from his seat, bouncing over to shake the Professor's
      hand enthusiastically. "Would I ever!"


      After dealing with the ecstasy of his parents and leaving them with the
      stack of paperwork which had been produced from Professor Xavier's
      briefcase, Bobby pushed his future headmaster's wheelchair down the
      driveway, admiring the car which was parked near the road. "Is that a
      school car? Because it's really nice- not like the big yellow bus at

      The Professor laughed in response. "Robert, I sincerely look forward to
      having you among us in Westchester. Ah, here's someone you should meet."
      The driver of the car stepped out to help Xavier in, but first walked
      over to shake Bobby's hand. "Scott, allow me to introduce Robert Drake,
      our newest pupil."

      The young man in the visor shook his hand in a firm grip and a faint
      smile. "Nice to meet you."

      Bobby grinned. "Likewise. And it's Bobby. Just so you know. To call
      me that."

      A wider smile for that. "Scott Summers. We look forward to having you
      on campus, Bobby. Especially when the air conditioning breaks."

      The Professor rolled his eyes. "Scott, that happened once, and it was
      four years ago. I think it's time to move on."

      Bobby, meanwhile was still reeling from the fact that his powers could
      not only be mentioned in casual conversation, but actually joked about!
      This opened up a whole new realm of possibilities, especially as far as
      pranks went...

      "Robert, we don't have too long before the new semester begins.
      Shouldn't you start packing?"

      Bobby met the Professor's gaze with his best smile, the real one. "I'm
      on it! Bye, Professor X! Bye, Scott! I'll see you soon!" He watched
      them wave as the car pulled out of the driveway, and did his best not to
      explode with excitement, with partial success.

      "MOM! Have you seen my blue duffel bag? You know, the one with wheels?"
      He ran back to the house, wondering how he'd fit all his stuff into the
      car when they drove to New York.


      The phone rang, and he wondered what he might say if they ever did call.


      "Bobby! Babe! It's Jubilee, and we're on our way back from the mall,
      and we thought we'd call you because we picked up some DVDs and wondered
      what you'd like to watch when we get home so that you can stop moping in
      your room and instead get caught up in the fantasy world that Hollywood
      has so thoughtfully provided for you."


      "Hush, my child. You must bow before my superior wisdom, it is
      inevitable. I say we should watch "The Fast and the Furious" before we
      go see the sequel, but Piotr wants to watch some weird arty movie
      instead. What do you say?"

      Bobby heard Piotr howl "'Zoolander' is not an arty movie, you freak!" in
      the background. Bobby sighed. "Jubilee-"

      "Oh, come on, Icebaby, melt a little!"


      "You suck! You will die, and you suck! Home in five, okay?"

      He hung up the phone and ran his hand through his hair. Mom, I saved the
      world. Mom, I'm-

      I'm just me.

      He stood up, stretched, and walked downstairs to make popcorn.


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