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"One In The Chamber", X2(Logan,Cyclops,Others), PG-13

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  • wildfire7_us
    One In The Chamber Author: Wildfire Rating: PG-13 Disclaimer: Marvel and Fox own all characters. No profit is made. Summary: Logan and Banshee(Sean Cassidy)
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 14, 2003
      One In The Chamber
      Author: Wildfire
      Rating: PG-13
      Disclaimer: Marvel and Fox own all characters. No profit is made.
      Summary: Logan and Banshee(Sean Cassidy) convince Cyclops to finally
      get out of the mansion and get a drink with them, but they meet a
      young mutant there...(Introduces Jonothon Starsmore/Chamber)
      Not part of a series but I will be including comic characters into my
      fics from now on.
      Archive this if you want it's ok with me
      - - means telepathic speech
      "C'mon Scooter a little drink never hurt anyone and you could use
      it," exclaimed Logan. "All right already! Jeez Logan between you and
      Sean bugging me I can't be alone that much!" replied Scott.

      "Well we just think that a evening at a bar could do ye some good
      lad", answered Sean Cassidy.

      "Yeah, I do kinda agree with both of you, it's just I miss Jean so
      much, but me hiding away and not attending to my duties here hasn't
      been fair either", said Cyclops, closing his eyes for second to
      exchange his visor for his red shades.

      All three of them climbed into Cyclops' car and drove towards a bar
      on the outskirts of Westchester. It was a rundown, old place but
      still had cold beer, which was all that mattered to the three men.

      They walked in and everyone in the bar noticed them immediately, why
      shouldn't they? three men, two of whom well dressed, all handsome,
      and all three looking like they could kick some major ass as well.

      All three men sat down at the bar. Logan ordered a Jack Daniels
      whiskey, Sean got a Guiness, and Cyclops ordered a shot of tequila;
      which made the other two look strangely at him. "What? After
      everything that's happened I need something strong", replied Scott.
      Sean and Logan shrugged, well as long as he didn't go too over the
      edge, although both of them wouldn't mind a good brawl.

      Unbeknowest to the three men, who sat at the bar drinking; there was
      someone in the back of the bar, in a dark corner watching them.
      Looking to be in his early 20's he had brown hair, brown eyes, wore a
      black leather jacket and had a black wrapping that covered the bottom
      half of his face to his waist. He was nursing a drink of his own,
      although never taking a drink from it.

      The mysterious young man felt a hand on his shoulder and was spun
      around in his chair; he heard slurred speech from one of three
      rednecks he was now facing,"Hey freak, yeah mutie I'm talking to you,
      how about you turn around and face me ya pathetic bastard." The youth
      ignored him which only made the redneck yell louder.

      Sean, Scott, and Logan heard the man yelling and walked over,"Hey
      bub, leave the kid alone." Logan said with authority. But the hick
      was too drunk to be intimidated,"No man, I'm doing this world a favor
      for taking care of garbage like him."Sean gritted his teeth and Scott
      was so tempted to take his shades off and look right at the racist

      The youth looked at Sean, Scott and Logan and they heard a voice in
      their head say, -Thanks mates-, they looked at the youth and Sean
      said,"Lad you might want to get out of here", The kid replied, -
      Thanks, but no thanks I can take care of myself-.

      The youth stood up and the redneck picked up a bottle, broke it on
      the table and tried to strike at him when his back was turned, Logan
      saw it coming and his claws extended, dicing up the bottle while it
      was still in the man's hand. "You're all mutants! Get them!" the hick
      yelled to his three friends.

      One of the men pulled out a gun, Sean let loose with a sonic blast
      completely shattering the gun. Another tried to charge Scott he fired
      a small optic blast at the man's chest, using just enough force to
      knock him unconscious. Logan held his claws at the leader's throat
      almost daring him to try and move. Everyone else cleared out of the
      bat seeing the three mutants take control.

      The final hick charged the youth and tore off a part of his shirt,
      They all heard a voice shout - No! - in there heads and the redneck
      was knocked back by a psionic blast of blue light coming from the
      kid's chest.

      All seven men looked at him in shock he was holding himself his arms
      wrapped around his body but everyone could see a blue light coming
      from his chest. The youth ran outside, and Sean, Logan, and Scott
      pinned the four hicks aganist the wall and yelled,"If you ever try
      and pick on mutants again we'll come for you!" The hicks starting
      sobbing uncontrollably, almost wetting themselves.

      The three mutants ran outside and yelled at the youth to stop. He
      finally did, Sean asked,"That was pretty impressive lad, what's your
      name?" The youth replied - Jonothon Starsmore -, "Glad to meet you
      Jon, I'm Sean Cassidy, the man with the claws is Logan and the man
      with the shades is Scott Summers. How long have you been like this?" -
      Long enough, I'm 21, been like this since I was 15 -. "There's a
      place for people like us, Jon. Where we can learn about our gifts,
      without having to worry about ignorant people like those rednecks
      bothering us. You interested?" Jonothon looked thoughtful, not many
      people had offered to help him since he discovered his "gift", not
      even his own family. But these three men, no three fellow mutants,
      seemed to want to help him.

      - I'll give it a shot, mate.- replied Jono. "Well then kid, come with
      us." replied Logan.

      The three men and Jonothon got into the car and headed back to the
      school. All three men heard what sounded like a whistle in their
      heads from Jon - This Xavier must have some serious cash to have a
      place like this. - "Believe me he does, Jon." answered Scott. Sean
      knocked on the door and Storm answered it," Hello boys, back from
      your drinking binge already?" asked Storm. Then she noticed
      Jon,"Who's this?" -Jonothon Starsmore, a pleasure meeting you Miss? -
      Jonothon replied telepathically. "Ororro Munroe, nice to meet you
      Jon." she replied.

      "We met Jono at the bar, bunch of drunken yokels decided to pick a
      fight with a mutant, they got a nice surprise, from us and him."
      Logan replied, a smile on his face.

      The three men and Jono went to Xavier's office. "Ah, Scott, I hope
      you having a few drinks did some good. Hello Jonothon, I'm Professor
      Charles Xavier." - How did you know my name, mate - Jono asked, - You
      aren't the only one with telepathy - replied Xavier. "I was able to
      pick up some of your ablities from Cerebro. - Cerebro? - asked Jon
      looking a bit confused. "Cerebro is a device that amplifies a
      telepath's power allowing them to track people from great distances,
      althoguh we mainly use it to find mutants like yourself", - So you
      knew about me then? -, "Yes I did Jon, but I do not know about your
      other gifts. Would you sit down?" Jon did as he was asked.

      Jon slowly removed the wrapping from his chest and concentrated
      making sure not to let it blast the Professor. "Amazing", said
      Xavier, "You seem to be almost completely formed from psionic energy.
      Do you eat or drink?" - No, I don't have to. - repiled Jon. "Jon I'd
      like you to stay here at the school, you can have your own room if
      you wish. Did you complete any schooling?" - Yeah, high school back
      in England - "Well then you can continue your education and take some
      college classes online if you wish." Xavier replied.

      Jon looked at Xavier, then at Logan and Sean and Scott, all four men
      had already offered him more than he could ask for, a place he could
      learn about his powers, and not have to worry about what the people
      outside these walls thought. He covered his chest back up.

      - I accept your offer Professor. And I also know that this place is
      connected with the group called the X-Men -, "That's right Jon",
      replied Scott, "we all have codenames that go with our powers. I'm
      called Cyclops, Logan is Wolverine, Sean is Banshee, Miss Munroe is
      called Storm, she can control the weather(Jon's eyes went wide
      hearing that), we also have three other members of the team.

      At that the other three members and Storm walked in Xavier having
      called them telepathically. A young girl with a white streak in her
      hair said,"Ah'm Rogue, Ah can absorb peoples memories, and if they're
      mutants Ah can take their powers." A young man with blonde hair
      holding her gloved hand said," I'm Bobby, they call me Iceman, I
      think the name speaks for itself." And Jono heard a sound, BAMF! he
      looked at a mutant with blue skin, yellow eyes, and three fingers on
      each of his hands. "I am Kurt Wagner, but in the Munich Circus I was
      known as The Incredible Nightcrawler. I can teleport myself as long
      as I can see or know where I'm going."

      - Nice to meet all you mates, I'm Jonothon Starsmore, and by the
      way.., - replied Jono; standing up from his chair, he removed his
      wrapping showing the four of them his chest, - Call me Chamber -.

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