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"Banshee's Wail",(Various),X2, PG-13(for language

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  • wildfire7_us
    Fic: Banshee s Wail Author: Wildfire Rating: PG-13(for language) Spoilers: X2 Series: None, but most of my stories from now on will feature Banshee and various
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      Fic: Banshee's Wail
      Author: Wildfire
      Rating: PG-13(for language)
      Spoilers: X2
      Series: None, but most of my stories from now on will feature Banshee
      and various other characters not yet with the X-Men.
      Summary: Introduces Banshee(Sean Cassidy, he is the main focus
      although Xavier and Siryn(Theresa Rouke), and Moira and Kevin
      MacTaggert(Proteus) are involved(Rogue makes a cameo as well).
      Archive this if you want, no permission is needed.
      A pair of blue green eyes looked into the mirror, a handsome face, a
      head covered by reddish-blonde hair.

      "Sean, why are you here again?" he asked himself. Ah yes, Moira was
      his reason, Moira MacTaggert, god he had fallen head over heels in
      love with the woman from the moment he saw her. She wasn't a mutant,
      like him, she was a researcher working at her home, Muir Island
      Mutant Reasearch Center in Scotland. She had started it when her son,
      Kevin developed a mutation of his own, reality manipulation, he could
      manipulate anything, only his imagination could limit his gift.
      Combined with his temper(which reminded Sean of himself at that age)
      he could be one of the most powerful mutants on the planet. He had
      done his best to help Kevin learn control, but it was difficult.
      especially when his father, Joe had wanted nothing to do with Kevin.

      Sean clenched his fists thinking about Joesph MacTaggert. That
      bastard, that bloody bastard, was too focused about his own political
      dreams that he abandoned his wife and son. No man who did that
      deserved to live as far as Sean was concerned. Sean needed to let out
      some aggression.

      HHHHHHEEEEEEEYYYYAAAAAAHHHH!!!! A sonic blast coming from Sean's
      throat completely demolished the mirror. That felt good he thought.
      Sean looked down at the picture on the counter. His daughter, his
      beautiful daughter, Theresa Rouke, stolen from him by his brother,
      Black Tom Cassidy, also a mutant who could fire energy bolts from his
      hands. Sean and Thomas were polar opposites, Sean became a police
      officer in their native Ireland, eventually working for Interpol;
      whereas Black Tom was a thief and a terrorist. Sean's first wife ahd
      died giving birth to Theresa, Black Tom had always loved Maeve as
      well so he stole Theresa. Sean didn't even know she existed until he
      tracked Tom down, and found her. He found out his daughter was a
      mutant as well, so he and Moira agreed to send her to Moira's old
      friend Charles Xavier.

      Sean got dressed, went outside and went to his car. Driving towards
      Westchester, he recognized the school immediately. Parking the car
      near the garage, he walked toward the mansion. He knocked on the
      door, and a pretty young girl white a streak in her hair opened the

      "Can Ah help ya?" The girl asked, "I should hope so lass," replied
      Sean," I'm looking for Theresa Rouke, and Professor Xavier."

      The girl called out Theresa's name, she came to the door and almost
      tackled her father hugging him. "Father! The professor said you were
      coming." said Theresa. Aye daughter, I'm here." He kissed the top of
      her head. The girl with the white in her hair held out a gloved hand
      to Sean, "I'm Rogue" she said. Sean took her hand and shook it," Sean
      Cassidy,"he replied.

      Just then the professor rolled up in his wheelchair. "Hello, Sean
      good to see you." Sean smiled and shook Charles' hand. "We need to
      talk Sean, please come to my office."

      Sean followed Charles through the mansion, the home never ceased to
      amaze Sean, much like his own home, Cassidy Keep. He heard a sound,
      BAMF! turned around and saw something that would've scared any normal
      person. A blue skinned, black haired, three total fingers on each
      hand, and a tail mutant.The mutant looked at Sean strangely, "Guten
      Tag, I am Kurt Wagner" he finally said. Sean took his hand and said,"
      Sean Cassidy, top o' the morning to yae." Charles turned around and
      looked at Kurt," was there something you needed Kurt? No Herr
      Professor, just curious who he was." Kurt replied. "Sean's an old
      friend of mine, Kurt, you can trust him." Kurt gave a bow and in a
      puff of black smoke he was gone.

      "We found Kurt in Boston, he was the mutant who attacked the
      President, although he was under mind control by Mr. Stryker",
      Charles explained. Sean grited his teeth. He had kept tabs on certain
      people in the U.S. government, he always knew Stryker was into some
      kind of mutant expirmentation, but could never prove it. Finally they
      reached the office.

      Sean sat down in a chair," Charles, I'm sorry about Jean." Charles
      replied,"It has been difficult but we are doing our best to keep our
      spirits up. How are Moira and Kevin?"

      Sean repiled,"You know Moira, always focusing on her work," Sean idly
      rubbed the golden band on his ring finger on his left hand."Kevin,
      althoughly slowly is learning some control. He's too much like I was
      at that age, Charles."

      They grow out of it Sean, you know that, although Theresa also has
      your wild streak." Charles replied smiling.

      Sean smiled at that, "Yes she does. Now to the reason I'm here. I've
      come to help you. To teach, to join the X-men, to spend time with my
      daughter, that's the main reason Moira wanted me to come." Sean
      offered his hand, Charles smiled at hearing that, things had been
      rough since Jean's passing, and they could always use a mutant with
      the experience of Sean's on the team.

      Charles took Sean's hand and shook it. "We'd be glad to have you here
      Sean, Theresa especially."

      "Well no point in wasting time," excalimed Sean,"Where do I begin?"

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