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PAST LIVES (2/5) Logan/OC [R for language] Post X2

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  • PrincessChan
    Logan looked at Felicia for a moment not knowing what to say. The woman obviously knew a great deal about his past, but was it genuine; that was the question.
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      Logan looked at Felicia for a moment not knowing what to say.
      The woman obviously knew a great deal about his past, but was it
      genuine; that was the question. He figured he would have to listen
      to what she had to say before he made up his mind. She obviously
      went through a great deal to get there.

      "OUR?" Logan exasperated.

      "Don't you remember?"

      "I have no memory of my life before the experiment." Logan revealed
      to her. Felicia looked as though she stopped breathing as those
      words sunk into her. She looked down and away from Logan so that he
      could not see more tears fall from her eyes.

      "I was 8 weeks pregnant the day you left for Alkali Lake." Felicia

      "I can't believe I would do something like that with so much riding
      in my home life." Logan said with disbelief.

      "We didn't have much money. We weren't even married, but they were
      supposed to give you a good sum of money for this experiment, which
      is a main reason you wanted to go through with it." Felicia revealed
      as she wiped some tears from her eyes, "I didn't want you to go; I
      just had a bad feeling about the whole thing."

      "The Alkali Lake facility is now covered in water. Where could they
      have taken them?" Logan asked.

      "There is a secondary base in Fort McMurry in northern Alberta."
      Felicia said, "I was told to contact people there if I had any
      questions about you."

      "OK, I want you to start from the beginning," Logan insisted, "Who
      you are, what we were; everything." Felicia swallowed hard before
      taking a deep breath.

      "We both worked for the Canadian government for some time. We
      actually met each other while we were out on a mission." She smiled
      at the memory, "You kicked my ass that night. We didn't believe each
      other's alibi, but we saw each other in the main offices a few days

      "Sorry about that."

      "Believe me, you apologized enough for that." She pushed her black
      hair out of her face, "We dated on and off for a few years. But, one
      night we were out, and our conversation lead to us as a permanent
      thing. I had no objections, and neither did you." Her face grew
      somber for a moment, before she spoke again, "I loved you, and I
      couldn't think of my life with out you. You had me move in with you
      into this little country house next to a lake."

      "I had a house?"

      "Had being the key word." She choked on those words, "A short while
      after I moved in, the Weapon X project came up. We spent a great
      deal of time fighting about whether or not you should do it. I left
      on a few jobs; you left on a few jobs, but when you came back, you
      told me you wanted to marry me, but couldn't do it without something
      sturdy to support us on. The project was going to give you something
      like $1.4 million if you were successful. That was the night I told
      you I was 4 weeks pregnant." Just then Felicia and Logan's time was
      interrupted by the professor in their heads.

      "Sorry for the interruption, but I need to see you both." The
      professor told them.

      "Come on, I'll show you were to go." Logan said as he helped Felicia
      to her feet.

      Logan lead her to the professor's office. When Felicia
      walked into the office she was unable to read the professor's face.
      She didn't know what to worry about more, the look on his face or the
      news he was going to give her.

      "Did you find them?" Felicia asked with a heavy heart.

      "I did." He smiled, "They are safe for the moment, although, the girl
      seems a bit weak."

      "What are their abilities?" Logan asked.

      "Jason, is gifted with the ability to connect himself with any
      electronic device, like computers and such, and retrieve the
      information on them. He can also control them; bring them to life.
      He is able transfer himself from computer to computer, things like
      that, through the wiring."

      "Interesting." Charles commented, "I'm anxious to meet him."

      "What about the girl?"

      "Lia," She half smiled at Logan, "is just like you."

      "No," He whispered in disbelief.

      "Yea, she's got the ability to heal, the senses, and the bone claws."

      "I was afraid you were going to say that." Logan admitted. All three
      were silent for a few moments before the professor spoke.

      "Felicia, what is the full extent of your abilities?"

      "I can synch onto any mutant ability I want, but the mutant has to be
      with in a mile of me." Felicia admitted.

      "What wrong with Lia?" Logan asked.

      "She's weak, from what I don't know. But, at current they are in no
      immediate danger. They are being held as captives in…"

      "Fort McMurry?" Felicia said.


      "You don't think that they would be trying the Weapon X project on
      her do you?" Logan asked Charles.

      "That I don't know."

      "I didn't even think about that." Felicia said as panic washed over
      her as she quickly rose to her feet, "I have to go, I have to get

      "Try and remain calm, we will help you, but you have to let me find
      more information." Charles assured her, "Perhaps you should rest for
      a while."

      "I can't rest now. My children are in danger." Felicia cried out.

      "Please, shower, rest, something, but remain calm." The professor
      told her, "Now if you'll excuse me, I have much to do." Felicia got
      up and walked out of the office, half tempted to just leave and get
      her children on her own.

      "Don't even think about it." Logan said as he walked up behind her.

      "What?" she replied.

      "I've got this funny feeling that you're going to take off and go
      after them yourself." Logan smirked at her.

      "Appealing offer, but even I know what I am and am not capable of.
      As much as I hate it, I'll just have to wait."

      "Good." Logan smiled at her, "Let's find you an empty room."

      Logan had found Felicia a room a few doors down from his
      own. After the hell she had been through in the past two weeks, she
      wanted to do nothing more than sleep. But every time she tried all
      she could think about was her children and the danger they could be
      in. So instead she sat in a chair and watched as the sun set over
      the horizon and night cover the sky. It was nearing midnight now,
      and the waiting was killing her. She got up and finally left her
      room. She quietly walked around the mansion trying to clear her
      head. She walked into the kitchen to find a young girl sitting at
      the table eating an apple.

      "Hello." Felicia greeted.

      "You must Felicia." Rogue greeted back.

      "I am." Felicia replied, "How did you know?"

      "Logan told me." She admitted, "You went through a lot to get here."

      "More than he knows." She sighed, "What's your name?" Felicia asked
      as she sat down.

      "I'm Rogue."

      "Interesting name," Felicia replied, "But, it fits."

      "Are you really the mother of Logan's children and all that stuff?"
      Rogue asked without haste.

      "Now what business is it of yours, young lady?" Came a voice from
      behind them. The two ladies turned around to see Logan standing in
      the door way.

      "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to pry." Rogue said as she stood up.

      "It's alright, we'll talk again soon." Felicia said as she watched
      Rogue exit the kitchen.

      "How are you feeling?" Logan asked her.

      "Wishing I could sleep," Felicia replied.

      "You didn't get any rest."

      "Logan, how can I sleep when my children are where they are?"
      Felicia snapped at him.

      "You hungry?"

      "Yes." Felicia replied.

      "Come on then, I know a diner with killer Fish n' Chips." Logan
      smirked at her.

      "How did you…." Felicia started, but stopped herself with a smile.


      "Nothing." She laughed as she stood up and followed Logan out of the
      kitchen, "Do they have malt vinegar?"

      A few hours later Felicia and Logan found themselves at an
      all night diner in town. Logan spent a good part of the time asking
      Felicia about their children, and what they were like. Felicia's
      laughter at some of the stories she relayed was contagious, because
      Logan too had found himself laughing.

      "Logan, when I met you, you didn't trust anyone, not even me. Why is
      that you're trusting me now?" Felicia asked, "I could be full of

      "Generally, when someone is lying, they're a bit tense, and I can
      smell it." Logan relayed, "You're not tense from lying, you're tense
      with worry. I don't know if what you've told me is true or not, but
      I'd like to find out."

      "That's right." Felicia nodded as she remembered his abilities, "You
      can sense it."

      "Are you up to finishing where we left our conversation earlier?"
      Logan asked, "If you're not ready to, I understand."

      "I suppose I can." Felicia sighed, "Where did we leave off?"

      "You had just told me you were 4 weeks pregnant."

      "Right." Felicia's face grew somber again as she took a long drag
      from her cigarette, "Well, when I told you I was 4 weeks pregnant,
      you decided then and there that you were going through with the
      project whether I liked it or not, because now there was more at
      stake then just our marriage."

      "This project could have been fatal, why did I take such a risk?"

      "In all honesty, Logan, the project was fatal, because I never saw
      you again until this afternoon. We never saw even a percentage of
      the money you were promised and to cover up any knowledge of your
      existence, they tried to kill me by decimating our home." Logan's
      eyes grew wide with fury.

      "What!" Logan growled.

      "I saw the army coming across the yard from our room. That's when I
      knew something had happened to you." Felicia choked on her words, "I
      grabbed what I could, latched onto a power enabling me to fly and
      took off out of our window. I watched from a distance as they burned
      the house to the ground."

      "Where did you go from there?"

      "I left Alberta after that, and moved to Windsor." Felicia smiled, "I
      figured the best way to hide was in an open crowd. My children were
      born there. I got a job as a waitress and raised them as best I

      "They never tried to look for you?"

      "I wasn't really a treat. Stryker showed me that night what he was
      capable of. I wouldn't have risked anything to danger my children."

      "So what prompted their kidnapping?" Logan asked.

      "I don't know. Maybe they knew where I had been all along, maybe it
      was always in the plan, I don't know." Felicia sighed, "But they came
      in the middle of the night two weeks ago. Jason tried to escape by
      fusing with the computer, but they destroyed it before he got a
      chance. Lia is so hesitant on using her claws for anything, they
      took her quickly." Felicia began to choke on her words, "I tried so
      hard to get as many of them as I could. But they tranquillized and
      took them. I knew the only chance for them was to get myself out

      "Lia is hesitant?" Logan questioned.

      "You know more than one that it hurts." Felicia said as she wiped the
      tears that were threatening to fall, "When her abilities first
      surfaced, she was in school. They thought she had broke her hand and
      the bone had come through. When I picked her up she was crying
      uncontrollably. Explaining to her what we were was difficult,
      because she didn't want it. She wanted to be a normal kid."

      "When did Jason's show up?"

      "A about a month and a half later," Felicia said, "At least he was at

      "Why didn't you escape into the states?" Logan asked.

      "A Canadian mutant washes up on the shores of Michigan, yea, I would
      have been detained and sent back with government officials." Felicia
      said, "I headed north. My goal was to make it to New York. I cut
      across Quebec in an attempt to make it here."

      "People with dogs were chasing you, weren't they?"

      "How did you know?"

      "And you tried to fly off to make it on to a train, but you were

      "How?" Felicia asked in confusion.

      "I dreamt it, the night you arrived at the mansion."

      "You dreamt it?"

      "I've been having dreams about you for weeks before you showed up.
      You were calling me to help you, crying for help." Logan said, "It
      was disturbing, because I had no idea who you were or why you would
      want me to help you."

      "I've cried for you for every night for 16 years, Logan." Felicia
      admitted, "I wanted so hard to believe that you were alive but, if
      you were, I was sure that you would have found me." A few stray tears
      found their way to her cheeks as she bared her soul to her former
      lover. But, a warm hand found it's way to her cheek to wipe them

      "Well, I'm here now, and I promise you, we're going to get back our
      children." Logan said as he took hold of her hand and held it tightly
      in his own. Felicia didn't tell him, but her heart melted as she
      heard him refer to Jason and Lia as their children.

      I'll post more in a few days.
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