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Campout (1/1, Mystique, PG)

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  • Sharon
    Title: Campout Author: Bailey Summary: X2 Movieverse. Mystique s thoughts while camping by the downed plane. Rating: PG Pairing: N/A Disclaimer: I don t
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 12, 2003
      Title: Campout
      Author: Bailey
      Summary: X2 Movieverse. Mystique's thoughts while camping by the
      downed plane.
      Rating: PG
      Pairing: N/A
      Disclaimer: I don't own these characters, duh.

      How long will I have to put up with these insufferable fools? It's
      like some awful do-gooder summer camp. Hell, there's even teenagers
      here. I don't know why we're wasting our time with the X-Pansies,
      but Magneto says I don't have to know. It's just part of his plan.


      That stupid tailed preist, he's the worst of the bunch. Just `cause
      we're both blue, he thinks we're friends or something. "Why don't
      you just look like someone else all of the time?" he asked me in his
      simpering voice. Shit. Do us all a favor and go back to hide in
      your church, Circus Boy. You're so pathetically proud that they let
      you be their circus freak. You envy my power to change, but if you
      had it you'd throw it all away -- you'd just make yourself another
      nameless face in the crowd… "Oh, please don't notice me, nice
      people, I'm just like you, good people, look at me I'm so proper and
      well-mannered and unoffending…" Puke.

      You're so full of it. You're even hiding from yourself, you little
      hypocritical perv. With your hail mary's and your talk of sin. I
      know why you're here, and it ain't to help save the world. You're
      here because that doctor and that weather witch are hot. Hell, you
      were checking out my ass, too, don't deny it. Got a little lonely in
      that church of yours, didn't it? Not that I blame you, and you do
      have good taste – hmm, maybe later tonight I'll become that laser-
      eyed wuss for a while and have some fun with the good doctor,
      myself. While you sit around and count your tattoos and swish your
      tail and mumble about sin.


      Now that Wolverine, he's a little more to my liking. Oh, in a
      different situation we could have had so much fun together, my feral
      friend. Fighting. Killing. You like the feel of blood, don't you?
      I bet you love the sound of a good dying gasp. I had so much fun
      playing with you at the Statue of Liberty that night. It's not often
      I get such a good workout. And such a pleasant view, too.

      You could have been on our side if we had found you first, you know.
      Sometimes I think maybe it's not too late. You don't completely buy
      that save-the-world bullshit. I see the sneer you get when you're
      forced to listen to their idealistic crap. You're not part of their
      team yet. Just an outsider along for the ride.

      Hmm, yeah… along for the ride… wouldn't mind another kind of ride
      while you're at it, I'd guess. You're a bit more obvious than blue-
      boy on that matter. Maybe there's a way I can get you to forgive me
      for our little tiff at Liberty Island after all…
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