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Fic: When The Cats Are Away... (PG-13, Students, S/J)

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  • loonylittlewitch
    Title: When The Cats Are Away... Author:Lisea (loonylittlewitch@yahoo.com) Author s webpage: http://www.freewebs.com/draakkon Rating: PG-13 Pairing: A little
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      Title: When The Cats Are Away...
      Author:Lisea (loonylittlewitch@...)
      Author's webpage: http://www.freewebs.com/draakkon
      Rating: PG-13
      Pairing: A little S/J, but the main focus is on the students. :)
      Summary: Kitty and Jubilee sneak back in after a night of partying.
      Wackyness ensues.
      Dedicated to my wacky friends over at the SHH! board. :)
      Thanks to the evil plot bunny that is my beta, Henrietta! ;)


      "Come on, Kitty, give me your hand!" Jubes called out from the top of
      the wall around the mansion grounds, "just put your foot on the vine
      on your right, then hoist yourself up. It's easy!"

      "Easy for you to say. You've done this how many times?" Kitty sighed,
      and put her foot on the thick vine Jubilee had pointed out, reached
      her hand up and felt Jubes grab it, pushed herself off the ground...
      Only to loose her balance and land on her ass on the side of the
      road. Up on top of the wall, Jubilee burst out laughing, and seconds
      later, after a few murderous glares, Kitty joined in.

      Kitty pushed herself up, grabbed Jubilee's hand and tried to get on
      top of the wall again. "If I make it back to the mansion tonight, I'm
      not going anywhere with you for a long time. Except of course, you
      know, for class."

      Jubes snickered. "Oh, that's the alcohol talking. You'll feel so much
      better in the morning."

      "Or more likely much worse" Kitty said, then pushed herself on top of
      the wall.

      "There. Feel happy, now? Jubes asked while Kitty sat next to her.

      "I think I feel sick."

      "Aim for the ground, chica, not me!" Jubes backed off, and almost
      fell off the wall. Kitty grabbed her hand, stopping her from falling.

      "Oh, no. You don't get to fall of and break your neck, and leave me
      to deal with my hangover all by myself" she said, and pulled Jubilee
      sitting up again. Only to find...

      "...All by myseeeelf / don't wanna beeee / all by myseeeeelf..."

      "Stop singing! Someone will hear us!"

      "No one's gonna hear us, Kitty-Kat. It's 2 in the morning, nobody's
      around. All tugged away in their beds" Jubilee said, and dramatically
      swung her arm around for emphasis.

      "Yeah, right. Let's get down from here, okay?"

      "Whatever" Jubes rolled her eyes, then climbed down to the other side
      of the wall along the trunk of an old oak tree. Having drunk a bit
      too much than she should have, her foot slipped and she fell to the
      ground, giggling hysterically on the grass.

      Kitty followed her moves, but managed to get her both feet on the
      ground at the same time. She lifted up the giggling Jubilee, who had
      grass stuck to her face.

      "Good evening, ladies."

      Both girls turned around to look at the pair of red lenses glaring at
      them. They, of course, belonged to Scott Summers, who the kids had
      (unofficially, and never to his face) named Stick-Up-The-Ass Summers.
      He was standing with his hands on his hips, and gritting his teeth.
      He was not happy.

      "Oh, shit."


      "So what happened?" Jean said, sitting on the bed in a tank top and
      flannel shorts, reminding Scott of a teenager waiting for the latest
      gossip. Maybe that was the image she was trying to present.

      "I sent them to bed" Scott said, unbuttoning his shirt and tossing in
      it the back of a chair.

      "That's it?" Jean asked and pouted in mock disappointment. Scott came
      over to her and kissed her forehead, while taking his belt off.

      "That's it. Sorry" he said, amused, and after sliding his pants down
      he climbed on the bed, laid down and pulled Jean in his arms, her
      back against his chest. His arms slid around her waist, his mouth
      kissed her shoulder, and he sighed against the back of her neck. "It
      is 2 in the morning, you know."

      "Mmm" Jean said, distracted.

      "Something wrong, hon?" Scott asked, and lifted his head to get a
      better look at her face.

      "I still feel them. They make me... dizzy. God, Scott, how much do
      you think they had?" she answered, pinched the bridge of her nose and

      "More than they should have" Scott said, pressed his head in her hair
      and grinned, "I can keep you distracted. You won't spare them a
      thought, I promise" he said, and pressed his groin against her ass
      for emphasis. She turned around, kissed him and swung a leg over his
      waist, bending her knee to pull him against her.

      "I believe you."


      "I'm not the least bit sleepy" Jubilee said a floor and three walls
      away. She kept pacing from wall to wall, while Kitty laid on her back
      on her bed, staring at the ceiling.

      "The world isn't supposed to spin" she said, absently, "but it does,
      you know? Goes 'round and 'round, and we never see it, you know,
      unless we're drunk. So people should stay drunk, because that's what
      natural. Wolvie knows that, that's why he drinks so much. I bet he's
      spinny, too. Maybe that's what he does in that room of his, spins and
      spins and spins..."

      "*What* are you babbling about?" Jubes kicked her shin, which was
      hanging over the edge of the bed, then sat down next to
      Kitty, "there's more pressing issues right now, even more pressing
      than the Sex God Known As Wolverine."

      "Wolve-riney is not a sex god" Kitty said, whacking Jubilee on the
      head with a pillow, "Mr. Summers is."

      "Whatever. But Mr. Summers is still gonna kill us in the morning, you
      know what I'm saying?"

      "He's not gonna kill us, Jubes. He'll maim us, then he'll spank us,
      then he'll make some sweet love---"

      "Enough!! Too much information!! Ew!!"

      "Fine" Kitty said, and rolled over. Jubes slapped her ass. "Ow! What
      was that for?"

      "I said I had a plan."

      "No you didn't."

      "Yes, I did. I said Mr. Summers is gonna kill us, so you know, I have
      a plan" Jubes said, staring dreamily to the wall.

      "You never said anything about a 'plan'."

      "Alright! But I was *saying* I had a plan!"

      "So the plan is that Mr. Summers is gonna kill us?" Kitty asked,

      "No, my alcohol-loving friend" Jubes rolled her eyes, "I'm saying
      that Mr. Summers is gonna kill us anyway, so let's make the most of
      it. Let's go see the guys!" Jubes exclaimed, got up to go through her
      desk, searching for something.

      "The guys are asleep, my mush-for-brains friend" Kitty shot back and
      rolled her eyes. Jubes turned around, with a small plastic bag filled
      with balloons.

      "So let's wake them up. Now, help me to fill these with water" Jubes
      said with a maniacal grin.


      "This is stupid. Even if Mr. Summers doesn't know about us, Dr. Grey
      will. She's a telepath, remember?" Kitty whispered as they were
      sneaking along the hallway, water-filled balloon in each hand.

      "Mr. Summers is working for our benefit, on that one" Jubes said, and
      of her confused look she added, "Listen."

      Kitty stopped and stood still, consentrated on the sounds of the dark
      mansion. "I don't..." she begun, but then abruptly stopped. A woman's
      voice. Barely audible.

      "...Ah! ...Ah! ...Oh, Scott! ...Oh, God!"

      "Oh. My. God."

      Jubilee turned her course back towards the boys' wing, and resumed
      walking. "Trust me, sweetie, they'll never know we're here. He'll
      keep her busy."

      They arrived at the door to the room that belonged to Bobby and John.
      The girls took up positions on either side of the door. Jubilee
      slowly reached for the doorknob, turned it, and pushed the door open.
      The two boys were sound asleep in their beds.


      The first balloon, thrown by Jubes, hit Bobby on the face. The
      second, a mere fraction of a second later, hit his chest as he sat
      up. Kitty aimed at John, hit his side with one balloon and his face
      with the other. After disposing of all four water balloons, they took
      off towards their room. They could hear the shouting and cursing that
      came from the boys' room.


      "Girls, open up" Bobby said, knocking on the door. John was standing
      next to him, both in wet t-shirts.

      "What if we won't?" came Jubilee's giggling voice through the door.
      Bobby sighed.

      "Have it your way" he said, put his hand on the door between the
      doorknob and the wall, near the lock. He consentrated, and started to
      form ice on the incide of the mechanism, pushing the little metal
      pieces aside to unlock the door. The girls inside were giggling, and
      were too drunk to notice until it was too late.

      Bobby swung the door open, ran inside to pin Jubilee on the floor,
      while John took a hold of Kitty. Bobby started tickling Jubilee, and
      John started dragging Kitty towards the bathroom, and the shower

      "No, John, don't you dare!" Kitty shrieked. It was only when John had
      managed to get her under the showerhead and was reaching for the tap,
      did she remember that she was a mutant. She phased through him, and
      ran back into the bedroom.

      Jubilee was squealing on the floor as Bobby was tickling her, and
      Kitty smacked him with a pillow. Bobby got up and watched the two
      girls laughing their heads off on the floor.

      "They're drunk" John said.

      "Where have you been?" Bobby asked the girls.

      "Um, nowhere" Kitty informed them, before dissolving into giggles

      "Yeah, right" John said rolling his eyes. "We're gonna tell Mr.

      The girls looked up. "You wouldn't."

      "Oh, yes, we would" Bobby reassured them. "Unless..."

      "Unless what?"


      Five minutes later, Kitty was at the door to the teachers' lounge on
      the second floor.

      "I cannot believe you're making me do this" she looked at the three
      other mutants staring at her expectingly.

      "Don't worry, girlfriend. Mr. Summers is sleeping like a baby at this
      time of the night" Jubilee assured her.

      "Except that he's not. I swear, he's gonna come here any second."

      "Except that he won't. We could hear him snoring through the
      ventilation shafts" John told her.

      "Go on!" Jubilee pushed her towards the door, and Kitty, unprepared,
      lost her balance and bumped her forehead on the door.

      "Ow! I wasn't ready yet!"

      "So get ready and go! Come on, shake that little ass of yours!"
      Jubilee said.

      Kitty started giggling. "You said ass."

      The boys rolled their eyes.

      Kitty sighed, turned towards the door and concentrated. She slid
      through the door and entered the dark lounge, lit by only the lights
      outside. She went on, past the sofa, past the table by which Scott
      usually has his afternoon coffee, pass the chess table, to the
      mahogany liquor cabinet.

      She phased her hand in, carefully felt around for a bottle, found the
      neck of one and carefully pulled it out.

      Tequila. Oh yeah.

      She phased her hand in again.

      Cherry liquor. Even better.

      One more time.

      Vodka. Solid call.


      The three students outside were nervously glancing at the end of the
      hall, from where Mr. Summers were to come if he'd be on to them.
      Nothing happened as they stood still, with their backs to the door.
      Kitty phased through with the three bottles.

      "Whatcha lookin' at?" she asked, a bit too loud, with the sole
      purpose of scaring the hell out of them. If she was willing to go
      through a plan that would warrant her the death sentence in this
      house, she would make sure there was a bit of suffering going their
      way, as well.

      "Geez, Kitty-Kat. Don't scare people like that!" Jubilee said,
      dramatically clutching her chest. She took the vodka from her hands,
      opened the cap and took a sip right out of the bottle. "God, I needed
      that. I think I'm sobering up."

      "Let's get to the fun, then" John took the bottle and took a sip
      himself. "Doesn't taste like anything."

      "Well, duh! It's vodka. It's not supposed to have a taste" Kitty said
      as she took the bottle and started walking towards the
      kitchen. "That's why you need to put something in it."


      Fruit punch.

      Spiked fruit punch.

      Well, alright, a lot of the spike and little less fruit. But punch
      none the less.

      They had found a large salad bowl and poured everything in it, the
      tequila, the vodka, the cherry liquor and a few bottles of Dr.
      Pepper. Bobby had politely made some ice cubes into the punch, but
      Kitty and Jubilee weren't impressed by the female-anatomy-inspired
      cubes. They had argued over having some cubes in the form of selected
      parts of male anatomy, but strangely, Bobby didn't like the idea.

      "Fruit punch. Cool."

      "Jubes, fruit punch is supposed to have fruit in it."

      "I'll fix that" Kitty said, grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl on
      the table, and dropped it in the punch. "There. Better."

      "It's a whole apple, Kitty" Bobby stared at it.

      "I know it is. But it's a fruit, so now it's fruit punch."

      "You missed the point."

      "Kids" John interrupted. "It's not the apple, it's the alcohol. Now
      grab a cup and let's get on with it."

      They took a coffee cup each, sunk them in the bowl, and then lifted
      the filled cups up and toasted. Each drank their cups full with one




      "Oh, God!"


      "Yes, please."

      They all sunk in their cups again, raised them and drank. Kitty took
      the bowl, and got up to head for the door.

      "Where are you going?" Jubes asked. "Bring the drinks back!"

      "It's a pretty night. Let's go by the lake" Kitty said.

      All looked at each other, then shrugged and followed Kitty out of the


      Scott had constructed a little recreation area by the lake the
      previous spring. He had built a small place for a fire by the lake
      with bricks, and four long benches on each side of the hearth. He and
      Jean had spent countless nights there, sitting side by side by a
      fire, watching the moonlit lake ripple in the wind. He had roasted
      marshmellows for her there, while she took a swim and "forgot" to
      wear a swimsuit.

      And now the four culprits were staggering towards the lake, the
      alcohol taking effect on them from the moment they had left the

      The sat on the benches and Kitty laid the bowl carefully next to her.
      She dipped her hand in to fish out the coffee cup she had dropped in
      it, and then toasted.

      "To Professor Xavier. We're very happy to not have you with us" Kitty
      slurred, and drank. The others followed suit.

      "Boy, we'd be in trouble" Jubilee sighed, "the only way to have fun
      around here is when Xavier's away."

      "What about Ms. Grey?" Bobby chimed in. The boys weren't as drunk as
      the girls, but they came in close.

      "Ooh, Little-Miss-Perfect-Tits-Grey!" Kitty said, mimicking the voice
      of a five-year-old. "Can you tell how much I don't care?"

      "Kitty's got some issues" Jubilee whispered conspiritually to John,
      who nodded in agreement.

      "I can see that."

      "Anyway, Ms. Grey isn't really all that good a telepath. If she was,
      we'd be busted by now" Kitty continued, laying on her back on the
      bench and staring up at the night sky.

      Surprisingly, none of them saw the punch bowl discreetly tilting on
      the end of the bench, pouring all the contents on the ground.

      "You really have a problem with Ms. Grey!" Jubilee started laughing
      and almost fell of the bench, "You have a crush on Ms. Grey!"

      "Up yours! I do not have a crush on Ms. Grey!" Kitty got up and
      jumped over to Jubilee and started to hit her. The boys rushed to
      Jubilee's rescue and held Kitty away from her.

      Jubilee's lip was bleeding, and she wiped away the little drop of
      blood. "Why, of course not. Shall I ask Mr. Summers if he and Jean
      would like a threesome?

      "I am so gonna kick your ass!"

      "You're not gonna kick anyone's ass" Bobby said.

      John pulled his pants down and mooned at her. "But you can kiss mine."

      Kitty slumped down on the ground and started crying. "You don't like
      me! You've never liked me!"

      "Come on, Kitty-Kat, we love you. I was just teasing! We're friends,
      right?" Jubilee knelt down and hugged her. Kitty was wailing. "Oh,
      come on, Kitty! What do you want me do to?"

      "Go throw yourself in the lake!"

      "Maybe I will! Get a drink, you'll feel better. Hey, where's the...?"

      "Great. Now you knocked over the punch!" Kitty said, then slapped her
      over the head.

      "It wasn't me! It was one of them!" Jubilee said, and slapped the
      boys over the heads.

      "It wasn't us, Jubes. And I swear, you hit me one more time and I'll
      throw you in the lake" John said, rubbing his head. Jubilee smacked
      him on the head just to spite him.

      "That's it" John said, nodded to Bobby, and they grabbed her arms and
      lifted her up.

      "Don't you dare!" Jubilee screamed. "This shirt was expensive, you'll
      ruin it!"

      The boys put her down. "Take it off, then."



      "Oh, God, my head hurts" Jubilee said the next morning as they woke
      up by the lake.

      "Really? Are you sure that isn't my head?" Kitty groaned and sat up
      on the bench. Her hair was messed up.

      "Let's not do that again, ok guys?" John sighed and held his head.

      "I agree" Bobby said.

      Jubilee glanced at her chest. "Where the hell is my shirt?!"

      "Here it is" John said. He had been using it as a pillow, as he had
      slept on the ground


      "There you are" Scott said as the four students came in from the main
      door. "How are you feeling this morning?"

      The students decided to play ignorant.

      "We're fine, Sir, how are you?" Kitty smiled, despite her hangover.

      "Oh, I'm fine, Kitty, thank you for asking" Scott grinned, knowing
      too well what the kids where up to the previous evening. "In fact..."
      Scott opened the briefcase he was carrying and held up a stack of
      papers. "Unless you want Professor Xavier to see these surveillance
      photos, which clearly show Jubilee skinny-dipping" he made a point to
      glance at Jubilee, "I suggest you go wash up and then report to my

      Jubilee's face went white.

      The students headed for their rooms to get changed.

      "That was a harsh ultimatum" Jean said as she walked up to him. She
      had been listening and leaning against the wall a little further back
      where she could see everything.

      "That was the idea" he answered.

      "Hm. And what are they? Just blank papers?" she glanced to the stack
      of papers he was holding, that the kids had assumed were surveillance

      "From the copy machine, yeah."


      "Mr. Summers has seen me naked."

      "We all saw you naked, Jubes" John said, as they were walking towards
      their rooms.

      "I think I need an aspirin" Kitty said, holding her head. "Make that
      two. Or no, wait, make that the whole bottle."

      "That would kill you, Kitty" Bobby told her, but he was having a
      headache, himself.

      "That was the idea" Kitty groaned.

      "Maybe Ms. Grey can give something for it."

      "Mr. Summers has seen me naked."

      "God, what do you think Mr. Summers is going to do to us?" Kitty
      asked them.

      "Oh, he'll probably kill us. Then hide our bodies in the boathouse"
      John answered her.

      "With Xavier away, he can do just about anything" Bobby said.

      "Xavier wouldn't be so easy on us, either" John reminded him.

      "Nah, he'd just stare at us for a moment and say 'don't do it again'.
      Like that time when you set fire to the den" Kitty said, cheerful of
      the fact that she got to remind him of "the incident".

      "Mr. Summers has seen me naked."

      "Oh, shut up, Jubes."


      "I'm not going to tell you how disappointed I am. You know that
      already. And part of your punishment was to sleep outside for the
      night" Scott scowlded the four students sitting in front of his
      desk. "I should have asked Storm to make it rain."

      "Mr. Summers--"

      "Quiet. You'll reimburse the liquor you stole. And you're not leaving
      the mansion grounds, except on school business, for the next six
      months. No TV after 8 o'clock. And come to think of it, the floors on
      the lower levels need to be scrubbed. That goes for every room and
      hallway down there, except if they have restricted access. If you
      want to finish the task sometime this year, I suggest you start

      The kids quietly sat and listened to their sentence. After Scott was
      finished, they got up to start their work on the lower levels.

      "One more thing" Scott said, and opened a drawer on his desk. He took
      out four small packages, and threw one to each student. Toothbrushes.

      Scott leaned back in his chair, not even bothering to hide his
      grin. "You might need those. There's soap in the janitor's closet."
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