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FIC: "Phases of Affection" (Logan/?)

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  • Zed
    Title: Phases of affection Author: zed_gambit (zed_gambit@yahoo.com) Fandom: X1 and X2. Rating: PG-13 Pairing: Read to see who I have in mind :) Disclaimer:
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      Title: "Phases of affection"

      Author: zed_gambit (zed_gambit@...)

      Fandom: X1 and X2.

      Rating: PG-13

      Pairing: Read to see who I have in mind :)

      Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story but I
      enjoyed X2. That's enough for me. Try to sue my ass off.

      Summary: Logan's affections. (X1 and X2 minor spoilers)

      Feedback: Always appreciated … no matter if it's good or bad. My
      mother-tongue is not English, so I'd understand if you can't
      understand what I mean – so please – correct me :)

      Notes: This is what my mind creates the next day after I
      wrote "Sometimes/Choices" – my first X-men fic. Hope this isn't bad
      as the first one but I just had to put my ideas into paper. Blame it
      on me trying to be good in writing in English. This one was made for
      much more than two hours … I'd say half a day :)

      Phase One

      "Does it hurt?" asked Jean, smiling in an odd mix of kindness and
      patterns of flirtation.

      "No," Logan answered, still looking into her eyes. His cocky grin
      never fading off his face.

      "And now?" she moved her fingers over his neck.

      "A little," he smiled.

      "Logan, I'd appreciate it if you answer my question," although she
      sounded a little annoyed there weren't any signs of annoyance on her

      "What do you really want to know, Jean?" there's that smile on his
      face again.

      "The condition of your neck. The Liberty Island accident may have
      had some permanent effects on you. We still don't know if Marie's
      powers left any damages to your body. So now if you'd …"

      "No, it doesn't hurt," he cut her off kindly.


      "Don't mention it," he looked around the room without moving his
      head much and then asked," What happens now?"

      "What do you mean, Logan?"


      "I don't think we should have this conversation again. Not if you
      intend to interrupt me again by asking whether Charles is doing well
      or not."

      His smile faded. He wasn't in control at this moment. Maybe he
      didn't want to be this time. Maybe that's part of what drew him to
      her – her independence. Her … well, words never helped him in that

      "Just tell me what you think of me," he said with a serious look.

      Jean looked at his face for a little longer then answered him:

      "You have heightened senses, Logan. I know you can sense it. You
      know what I'm going to say so why do you want me to say it? You know
      it will never be … the way you wanted."

      "What way do you want it to be?"

      She didn't like where this was going. It seemed like there was no
      way beating up Logan even in a conversation.

      "Threesome is not my style," she tried to avoid the issue by
      slipping some of her *dry* humor and smiling kindly again.

      "Wanna bet?" There was this smile on his face again. There *really*
      was no pushing back. Logan was really determined to get what he
      wanted … at all costs.

      And then she heard her *salvation* - Ororo calling her on the line.
      And that was the last time they had a conversation like this. Then
      he went to search for his *roots*.

      Phase Two

      "What are you doing here?" Logan asked the young man sitting on a
      rock, surrounded by trees and moonlight.

      "Isn't it obvious?" John said a little irritated.

      Logan had to give one point to the kid for his way of dealing with
      people. It was like looking at the young and inexperienced version
      of him. And in the moonlight this version seemed so … well, Logan
      wasn't a man of words when it came to what he felt … but it felt
      good … overwhelming … and fulfilling. And that's all he needed to

      "Why were you sneaking up on Magneto?" Logan asked again.

      "Why is this any of your business? I thought you were sleeping,"
      came the reply from John.

      "Don't tell me you were sneaking up on me too," Logan smiled. He
      thought he would be damned if he didn't see where things would be
      going with this conversation.

      John didn't turn his head back, didn't move much except for his
      hand, knocking on the stone with his fingers. Where was his lighter,

      The silence started to annoy Logan. Why wasn't that kid answering
      him? Just staying there, looking at the moon, being so … errr, here
      we go again – out of words.

      "You gonna tell me what's on your mind?"

      "Like you would care," was John's bitter reply.

      "Try me," Logan challenged, while smiling amusingly.

      John took a deep breath and thought for a moment.

      "I wonder how this all is going to end. And what my part is in all
      of this … I don't think I understand what is going on around here
      anymore. I thought I knew but now I don't know who fights for what,"
      then John turned to face Logan, his eyes giving away the fragile
      state of his mind at that moment, "What are you fighting for?"

      And that was the question Logan never expected to hear in this
      conversation. This kid knew how to surprise him. And surprised was
      he, indeed … in a very satisfying way. He stepped forward to meet
      the kid's gaze on a shorter distance and thought whether he should
      tell John the truth or just a little part of it.

      "For me and the people I care about. Sooner or later you'll have to
      face the responsibility. It all makes sense when you have somebody
      on your side. To fight alongside or … to do other things with," he
      wondered how he could go into that direction so suddenly. This was
      so not his way of giving his piece of mind. But then again, John
      wasn't his usual conversation buddy.

      "Is that why you're always running away? Always living alone?"

      John was really a younger version of him. Logan looked at the kid at
      a new light … while wondering what else John *knew* about him. So he
      decided that he should go along the river, named Pyro and see where
      it would take him.

      "Yeah," he replied after a long pause.

      "You know, sometimes I want to be like you, sometimes I want to be
      like Magneto … I guess we all hate happy people running around us
      and singing the latest sugar-pop hit. But then again, the world
      needs the happy little people – how could we know what being annoyed
      as hell would feel like?"

      Logan could only laugh at that. Damn this kid and his smell … a
      smell full of longing and … craving … and … desire? The kid was
      craving for somebody?

      "I guess it's time for me to go to my tent."

      And with that he went back to the camping place, leaving Logan by
      himself. And Logan was watching that slim body walking away from
      him. Maybe after all of this ends he may have time to think what to
      do with this boy. For now there are other things to take care of …
      but, he'd be damned if he didn't feel the kid belonged along his
      side, just like he wished somebody *else* did. Well, for one blown
      chance there is always another … right?

      Phase Three

      "What are you looking at?" she asked calmly. For a weather-godness
      with a bitter personality she sure knew how to control herself in
      moments of anger or in moments of mourning.

      "Isn't it obvious?" he said, not making any movements. Just
      perfectly sitting on a rock, with his legs crossed.

      Storm moved ahead so that she was standing one step away from him.
      Then she continued speaking:

      "We all grieve for her. Seeing you out here, looking at the stars
      and thinking about her … she really left a mark on you. One you
      cannot heal so easily …"

      "Will you please shut up, Storm. I didn't come here to listen to
      your speech."

      "I'm sorry, Logan. I thought it was the right thing to say," she
      apologized and began to turn and walk towards the Mansion.

      "No," Logan raised his voice a little, "don't go … Stay."

      She couldn't see his face but is voice sounded a little tired.

      "Today you asked me where I will go now," he began speaking, then
      stopped and decided to take a different direction to what he wanted
      to say, "When I look at you … keeping all the emotions in yourself,
      all the anger. Releasing it only when you think it is right … I
      admire that. But then again, you are a woman … a really special one."

      Ororo really wondered how this *man* could go from the one extreme
      to the other, from being the silent and mysterious stranger to

      "You know I'll always be a stranger to *home*. This word doesn't do
      much for me … until now. But now I've lost what I cared the most.
      Only my *usual routine* will heal these wounds … not completely …
      but, as you said, *they* marked me good enough."

      Ororo was listening carefully and raised her eyebrows in question
      after the last statement:


      "Jean's not the only person we *lost*," he answered, still looking
      at the sky.

      Ororo looked at Logan with curiosity. This man had the gift of
      always surprising her … and this time she wasn't disappointed in
      that manner.

      "For every chance of happiness blown there is always another waiting
      to be discovered," he continued talking,"I discovered it but I lost
      it … again."

      Storm felt really bad at that moment. She didn't know what to say.
      Seemed like Logan was mourning more than she really expected:

      "Logan … I'm sorry. I didn't know."

      Logan turned to her, his face showing hints of his pain.

      "I'll head to my room. Have to prepare for my trip tomorrow."

      He stood up from the rock and headed to the Mansion when he felt a
      warm and slick hand catching his own one. He turned to see Storm
      looking at him straight in the eyes. He felt her searching for
      something in his face, trying to read him … then she spoke with a
      slight smile:

      "When will you be back?"

      "I guess I can't hide what is going on in my mind anymore," he
      smiled at her. A big, warm and honest smile.

      "You are all but a man, my dear," she answered, "and I'm all but a
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