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PAST LIVES (1/5) Logan/OC [R for language] Post X2

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  • PrincessChan
    Title: Past Lives Author: Vegea Kalorale- Aka. PrincessChan Author s Email: Vegeass@hotmail.com Archive Rights: Sure, just give me the URL Category: Drama
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 9, 2003
      Title: Past Lives
      Author: Vegea Kalorale- Aka. PrincessChan
      Author's Email: Vegeass@...
      Archive Rights: Sure, just give me the URL
      Category: Drama
      Rating/Warnings: a little bit of swearing, minimal. No sex
      Characters: Wolverine/ OC
      Setting: Post X2
      Summary: Logan's world is drasticallly changed by the arrival of a
      woman from his past.
      Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, Marvel does.
      Notes: Send me your comments and reviews to my e-mail. There are
      minimal X2 spoilers. This is the first story I've posted on this
      site, let me know how I'm doing.

      The colored leaves of autumn briskly rolled about the grounds
      of the Westchester estate of the Mutant Academy. Rain had been
      threatening to pour down all day and now that the evening was rolling
      in, the chances were more against them. Logan sat in his room
      staring blankly out the window as though he were searching the sky
      for answers. A soft knock on his door interrupted his thoughts.

      "Come in." He called out. The door opened slowly and a worried Rogue
      walked in.

      "Hey Logan." She greeted him as she brushed the white streak of hair
      out of her face, "You feeling alright."

      "Yea, I'm fine." He lied to her.

      "You haven't seemed fine in a couple of weeks." Rogue replied as she
      leaned against the window frame, "We're all still dealing with the
      loss of Jean, but you seemed a bit better after you came back."

      "I was, but lately I've been having these dreams about this woman."


      "I don't know, but I do know." Logan tried explaining, "She's crying
      for me to help her."

      "Have you talked to the professor?" Rogue asked him.

      "I keep thinking I'll be able to figure it out over time," Logan
      said, "but I keep getting more and more confused by these dreams."

      "Are they all the same?"

      "No," Logan said, "sometimes she's crying and says nothing. The look
      on her face alone is enough to break your heart."

      "Maybe she's someone from your past." Rogue suggested, "Before the

      "I wish I knew." Logan said, "Shouldn't you be studying. This is a
      real school you know."

      "I was just taking a break." She smiled at him.

      "Well don't worry about me, I'll figure it out." Logan said to her.
      Rogue gave her friend a hug then headed out the door.

      "The professor can help you know." Rogue said on her way out. Logan
      watched her walk away, still left in his thoughts of his dreams.

      The rain that would be pouring down in Westchester,
      currently, was pouring down in the Canadian town of Drummondville. A
      woman ran for her life through the muck and mud created by the rain.
      She ran toward a tree and swiftly rose to its branches as a pack of
      dogs made their way closer to her. She caught her breath for a
      moment as she focused her thoughts on something.

      "Damn it." She cursed as she looked behind her to see how far ahead
      she was. Seeing that it wasn't much, she felt her options growing
      smaller. Off in the distance she heard a train horn blowing. She
      quickly ran and leapt off the branch catching her foot in the mud on
      the fall. She struggled for a few moments desperately trying to pull
      herself from the trap. She saw the dogs approaching her as she
      pulled her leg out; she threw herself forward to give herself some
      sort of head way. She ran as fast as her legs could move heading
      towards the train. She made it out of the forest, but unknowingly
      took a spill down a steep hill at the edge of the forest. The spill
      helped her gain some head on her pursuers, but her tumble came to an
      end against a fence. Once she hit the fence she jumped up and
      grabbed onto the top and pulled herself over it, and again falling
      into the mud. She quickly got up and ran towards the train tracks.
      She focused her thoughts again as she raced towards the tracks.

      "Got one." She smiled as she ran. Her would be captors took their go
      at the fence as they watched their target take to the sky. Fearing
      that she would escape one tracker fired 4 shots into the sky. The
      first three missed but the last one caught her side. She lost her
      standing in the sky as she felt the bullet hit her side. She closed
      her eyes as she fell towards the earth. A few seconds later, she
      fell through the top of a train car and landed on its floor.

      Logan shot up in his bed, covered in sweat and shaking quite
      a bit. He looked out the window to see the lightening flash
      outside. Realizing that it had only been a dream he slowly got up
      out of his bed and walked out of his room. He slowly walked down the
      hallway taking in the peacefulness of the school at this hour.
      Knowing that there were only a few souls awake, he made his way
      towards the kitchen hoping to find something that might clear his
      mind. He walked into the kitchen to find Scott sitting at a table
      looking out the nook window. He appeared to be searching for
      something in the night sky. Logan said nothing to him as he walked
      in; it was Scott who spoke first.

      "I keep thinking that if I wait here long enough, she'll come back."
      Scott started, "What your excuse?"

      "I don't need an excuse to be up." Logan retorted as he sat down at
      the table with Scott.

      "Somehow I think your inability to sleep has to do with Jean as
      well." Scott replied as the Logan watched the lightening reflect in
      Scott's Ruby Quartz glasses.

      "Well, if it is or isn't, it's not your concern." Logan said, "And
      would it kill someone to keep some beer here."

      "This is a school, Logan." Scott huffed, "Did you come here to act
      like a prick, or is there some higher purpose?"

      "Maybe both." Logan said, "Or maybe I just couldn't sleep."

      "Or maybe¬Ö" Scott started but was interrupted by one of the students
      walking into the room, "What is it Caleb?"

      "There's someone at the door." The child said.

      "Ok," Scott told him, "You can go back to the living room." Both
      Scott and Logan got up from the table and made their way to the front
      hall. As they made their way there they faintly heard a soft
      knocking. Logan put his ability to use taking in the scent of the

      "I smell blood." Logan said as he ran past Scott towards the front
      door. The smell had gotten stronger as he reached the door, and so
      had the storm. Logan opened the door and immediately caught the
      knocker in his arms. Logan brushed the mess of mud and hair away
      from the face to reveal the woman from Logan's dreams, "She's covered
      in her own blood!" He panicked.

      "Get her to the med lab." Scott said, "I'm going for the professor."
      The two went their separate ways. Logan picked up the fallen
      traveler and ran towards the elevators that would take him to the med
      lab. Once there he laid her on a table, he lifted up her shirt to
      find a large gun shot wound to her side. Looking at it, he was
      immediately hit with the vision of what had happened in his dream.

      "Who are you?" he whispered to the woman who was fighting to stay
      conscious. Her eyes began to roll as she tried to speak.

      "Alexis." She barely whispered, "Jason. Help them." She weakly
      reached up and placed her hand on his cheek and tried desperately to
      focus on something, but her efforts were in vein of the
      unconsciousness over taking her. Just then, Scott and Charles rushed

      "Logan this is Dr. Henry McCoy, he's going to take care of our guest
      for the time being." Charles informed him as Hank began to check the
      woman's vital stats.

      "She," Logan hesitated for a moment trying to collect himself, "She
      has a gun shot wound on her right side." Logan moved back to let the
      doctor work, but he never let his eyes stray from her.

      "Logan," The professor said as he moved towards him, "Do you know
      this woman?"

      "I've been having dreams about her on and off since I got back."
      Logan replied as he watched Hank remove her shirt so he could wash
      the wound on her side. As he pulled off her shirt a chain came off
      around her neck and both were discarded to the ground. Logan walked
      forward and picked up the chain. Logan swallowed hard when he
      realized the tags on them were identical to the one's he had
      discarded months earlier in Alkali Lake. The only differences were
      the names and numbers on them.

      "What's her name?" Scott asked. Logan was silent as he looked at
      tags then at the woman.

      "Her name is Felicia." Logan said.

      Minutes turned into hours that Logan kept watch over this
      woman. He tried so hard to figure out where this woman fit into his
      past, or if she even did. Those hours turned into days that
      Felicia's condition stayed critical and almost a week had passed
      before Felicia had started to show any sign of recovery. Her eyes
      fluttered open as bright lights came into her view. She tensed as
      she tried to figure out where she had ended up.

      "Felicia." A voice came from the other side of her.

      "What happened?" She weakly asked as she slowly pushed her black hair
      out of her face.

      "That's what I was hoping you could tell me." The professor said to
      her. She looked at him for a moment, and he gave her a baffled look.

      "You're a telepath, why didn't you just read my mind?"

      "Because I didn't have your permission," He replied. Felicia pushed
      herself up and clutched her side, "You have a gun shot wound on your

      "Lia! Jason!" She said as she panicked, "I have to get to them." She
      swung her legs over the side and attempted to stand up. The
      professor took her hand and helped her stand, "Oh GOD, they could be
      dead already." Felicia started to panic more.

      "Calm down." Charles assured her, "We'll find them." Felicia found
      her clothing that had once been muddy were clean and folded on a
      chair next to the back pack which she had carried. She looked at
      them for a moment as she again focused her attention on something.

      "There are so many here, finding the right one." Felicia said as she
      searched the mansion for a mutant ability that would be right for
      her. As she found the one that she needed, her eyes and face were
      washed over with a look of disbelief, "It can't be."

      "Is there something wrong?" Charles asked her. Felicia turned to him
      and her wounds healed within seconds.

      "He's... He's alive." Felicia whispered, "I thought it was a

      "Logan is very much alive." Charles confirmed. Felicia limped over
      to the chair where her clothes laid, then moved behind a curtain to

      "Please take me to him." Felicia asked of the professor. The
      professor nodded then lead the injured traveler out of the med lab.

      A few minutes later Felicia and the Professor were on the
      main levels. They walked off the elevator to and made their way down
      a long hall way. Off in the distance a figure stalked towards
      them. Felicia stopped in her tracks as she watched Logan come
      closer. Tears of an unknown emotion began to stream down her face.
      Once Logan came face to face with her, he took notice how much
      shorter she was from his already short stature.

      "How do you feel?" Logan asked. Felicia focused on him again; Logan
      gave her a confused look, "Did you just tap into my power?"

      "I did. I'll be just fine in time." Felicia half smiled.

      "We have a lot to talk about."

      "We do?" Felicia asked, "Because I've been under the impression you
      were dead."

      "What made you think that?"

      "Stryker." Felicia replied

      "Felicia, I'm going to see if I can locate your children. I'll call
      for you when I've found them." The professor told them before he left

      "Let's go outside." Logan replied half confused

      "I don't have a lot of time; I have to get back to Canada." Felicia
      revealed as they walked out the front door.


      "My children; our children have been taken by the remainder of
      Stryker's people."

      Please send comments. I'll post more in a few days.
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