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fic: Rings that tie; Jean/Scott NC-17 (SM)

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  • stormxpadme@t-online.de
    ok, this is my first real SM fic, please be nice... I m into SM myself (got my ring on the right hand, by the way ;) ), and I have to say, I m getting
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 7, 2003
      ok, this is my first real SM fic, please be nice... I'm into SM myself (got my ring on the right hand, by the way ;) ), and I have to say, I'm getting interested with writing. If this is readable (my english as usual *sigh*) and you enjoy it, just tell me, then I'll do some more short flicks like that. I begin to enjoy it, as I said :). Well now, have fun :).

      Series: Love and Devotion

      Title: Rings that tie

      author: StormXPadme; myself ;)

      language: English, but that's not my native language, so please forgive me my mistakes.

      Disclaimer: All X-Men and other Marvel characters and the story of O belong to Marvel, 20 Century Fox and else. Not mine ;).

      Universe: Only based on the storyline of the movies 'X-Men' and 'X-Men 2'.

      Timeline: About two years after the second movie

      Romance: Jean/Scott

      Summary: Love ties. And rings bind.

      Feedback: Will not only be appreciated but also hugged, loved, kissed, petted and called George ;)

      Rating: Strictly NC-17

      After that night, she'd know better.

      Jean shifted in her cuffs, tried to take a more comfortable position, but Scott had chained her up tightly. He knew how much she hated the diagonal cross. That was why he always chose that if she had been. well, misbehaving. Like today. You didn't speak when you were playing and your master asked you to shut up. That was a rule, she'd still have to learn. Ever since he had given her this ring, that had been the hardest thing. To shut up. She loved talking, after all. Sighing, she lifted her head, as much as possible, looked at the ring on her right ring finger. Kitty once had asked her if this was a wedding ring. Scott and her had both choked with laughter. But was it that wrong? How much difference was between a ring of O and a wedding ring? Both spoke of love, trust and obedience.

      Above all obedience.

      "No tricks, honey", Scott strictly shouted from the other side of the room, where he was correcting some pupils' housework. He had seen her sight on the cuffs. Another rule. No gifts while playing. She could easily have opened them with her powers, but that wasn't the idea behind it. No use to explain that she hadn't even THOUGHT of opening them with her telekinetic ability. She had talked too much already. So much that Scott had just gagged her after a while and bound her to the diagonal cross that was cloaked as a coat rack during the day.

      Sighing, she lowered her head. She didn't need to see the ring, anyway, to know how it looked. Made of stainless steel, with a second ring - a piercing ring - attached to it on the upper side by a little steel ball. He wore the same, but on the left hand. All doms wore it on the left hand, cause most people were right-handed. The right hand was the beating hand, so it was the left, where it didn't disturb. Not that he'd beat her much. There were so many other games that they enjoyed. He only beat her when she had been very much misbehaving. Like today. The memory reminded her of the light pain on her ass. Damn, he was a strict master. And he was strong, no matter how slim he looked. Always been. But she had never really realized until they had begun their games. Until she had become his slave and felt the leather crop for the first time. A crop she usually used for riding.

      When they had begun their games. That had not been too long ago. In fact, shortly after she had. come back. Come back from the Phoenix, so to speak. Logan had told Scott about the kiss by then, and she knew that Scott had been afraid to lose her. Probably he thought that she had become bored with him. That wasn't true, not at all, but when he had given her this ring, she had taken it, nevertheless. She had always had this thing for extravagance. And the adrenaline was freshing up their relationship indeed.

      "Dreaming, slave?" Suddenly he stood right before her. He still was wearing playing clothes, black leather trousers, black fishnet shirt. "If you're getting bored, that can be changed." He looked at her grinning from head to toe, enjoying her nervousness. "Now, where did we stop?" Softly he ran his hands over her breasts, feeling her nipples getting hard at once. Since she had those piercings, every touch was like a little electricity shock. "Weren't we talking about you getting more of these?" Ever so softly he touched the shaven skin between her legs, lightly pulling on a third ring, pierced through her right labium. "Since you're not that eager with that idea yet, I'll just have to convince you."

      She saw the short flash behind his glasses and knew, he was just as aroused as she herself. The game wouldn't go on for too long tonight. Storm and her had been gone for nearly a week and had come back only today. She needed Scott, and he needed her. They were both longing for each other. But first the game. She sighed, relieved, when he opened the cuffs on her wrist, setting her free for now.

      He frowned when he felt her cold hands. "Jean, remember to tell me when your arms feel numb. That's dangerous." The game was over for a minute, he hugged her softly. "You know that I hate to hurt you."

      'It wasn't bad.' She sent him a mental smile. The gag still prevented her from talking.

      "That's not it." He took the lead he had brought and attached it to the collar around her neck. "I have to rely on you if it's for that. Promise me to tell me if next time they're too tight." He grinned. "I'd hate to punish you for such a thing."

      'I promise.' That was why she trusted him so much. It was a game of love, devotion and pain, alright. But he never would hurt her more than she wanted it. He was extremely worried for her. She lowered her head, folding her arms behind her back. The telepathic contact was broken, now she was his slave again. His toy. Living to serve.

      "Good girl." He lead her to the bed. "Kneel. And close your eyes."

      Shortly before she did it she saw him taking his ring off. That he only did if he would be very busy with his hands. She was getting curious, softly sucking on the gag in her mouth. Moments later she felt the soft touch of the black scarf that he used to blindfold her. Now she was blind AND unable to talk. Nevertheless, there was no single moment of worrying. As much as the ring of O meant obedience and being connected, chained, it also meant taking and giving. Responsibility. Being tied to each other. Her master would never forget of her as a human. As his love. Again a soft pull on her genital piercing. This time not fading, though, but getting stronger. For a moment she was puzzled. Then she felt the same pull on her nipple piercings. A chain. No, not a chain but a cord between the three rings. Tight enough to make her sigh with every movement she made, not tight enough to really hurt. The piercings were still fresh, there shouldn't be too much draft on it.

      "Too tight?" Scott's soft voice in her ear, just a whisper that made her shiver.

      'Not a bit.' She spread her legs, offering herself to him even more, sighing again. The feeling was great. She wanted him to touch her.

      "Not yet, slave." He laughed quietly. "But if you're that impatient." She felt the bed moving. He stood up.

      Completely relying on her hearing now, she heard at once that he was opening the wardrobe. On the upper shelf they were keeping their toys. When he returned, she was trembling with lust, knowing what was to come. A load moan escaped her lips when his skilled hand touched her wet cunt, sending bolts of ecstasy through her body. She was dripping.

      "Actually this was meant as a punishment", Scott remarked, amused, softly penetrating her with two fingers, enjoying her tightness, the way she pushed down on him, her soft moans. "Seems I have to give you something to play with."

      Something hard was rubbed against her clit, soft enough to leave her moaning even louder. Slowly Scott pushed the dildo inside her, closing its straps around her hip to keep it in place. Jean sighed softly, frustrated. Instead of giving any satisfaction, this thing would just arouse her even more, making her wait till she'd scream for him to fuck her. The hardest - and sweetest - game of all. Only a few days ago she would have mentally asked him to stop now, asked him to stop teasing and take her. But she was adaptive, after all. Two hours diagonal cross were enough for a month.

      "That's my baby." Scott kissed her cheek softly and continued his work then. A cotton rope was placed softly around her neck, right below the collar. She knew this cotton. He often used it to tie her up. To the bed, the desk, to a chair. To tie her hands. But today there would be more, she felt it. The two endings of the rope were pulled down her body, between her legs back up to her shoulders. The rope rubbed against the dildo, moving it. Jean whined.

      Scott softly bit her shoulder from behind. "Soon, love." He softly reached under the rope on her body, making sure, it didn't take her breathe away, before he started to tie it around her body, crossing the two endings with the main strand between her breasts and on her belly before he finally tied her hands on her back with the rope. "You look sweet", he remarked, taking off the scarf she wore, softly lifting her head so she could see herself in the mirror in the ceiling.

      Jean took a deep breath. She had heard and read enough of bondage, but never experienced any. She had never thought that she'd enjoy just seeing herself like that. She had thought, seeing was for the master. Now she knew better. When Scott randomly pulled on a few of the strings on her body, she moaned, watching herself shift in the mirror.

      "See how your body reacts to my touches?" Cyclops softly leaned to her, removing her gag, kissing her deeply. "Glad you like this as much as I do." The dominance was gone, now the tenderness was back. The tenderness that he had loved and fucked her with for years. A tenderness that always was the perfect ending for a game like this. Softly, he helped her lay down, smiling at her moans. He knew that every single little movement was arousing her now. Suddenly he wanted nothing but fucking her. Fast he freed her from the dildo, opening his pants with trembling hands. No time to remove his clothes. He needed her, now. And she needed him, arched for him, reached for him with all her body, pulling on her wrist chains, which made her moan even louder when the rope around her body was pulled tighter.

      "Sh. I'm here, love." With one strong, fast push he was inside her, shocked by her wetness. She WAS enjoying this just like him. No doubt about that. That night he heard her scream with lust in a way, she had never screamed before.

      She was surprised herself. She had never thought that sex could make her scream so much. Partly it was because every time he pushed her, everytime she moved her hip down, meeting his thrusts, the bondage left her body trembling. But partly it just was because she knew how much he loved her. And how much she loved him. And these games. She loved to serve him. She stopped counting her orgasms after the third one.

      Afterwards, when he had freed her from all the ropes and strings, when they were laying in each other's arms, drifting to sleep, she thought of the ring again. And suddenly she just knew that tomorrow she'd ask him to get married. Why not? They already WERE married after all. It was just a matter of formality now. The ties that bound them, those ties they already were wearing. They were made of stainless steel and called ring of O.

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