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Sometimes/Choices (X2, PG-13, Pyro/?)

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  • Zed
    Title: Sometimes/Choices Rating: PG-13 Disclaimer: I don t own any of the characters in this story but I enjoyed X2. That s enough for me Summarry: Don t
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 7, 2003
      Title: "Sometimes/Choices"
      Rating: PG-13
      Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story but I
      enjoyed X2. That's enough for me
      Summarry: Don't know what to write here. All I have to say is that
      you'll have to read it to understand what's on Pyro's mind. A little
      of spoilers and a little bit of slash involved :)

      Notes: This is the product of:
      - the advice of my English teacher that I should practice more in
      writing stories in English;
      - Having something interesting in mind;
      - Not in the mood for studying.
      Just be gentle with this piece of crap. It's made for a little more
      than two hours by a person whose mother tongue is not English.

      Sometimes you wish there was somebody else on your side, not just
      you, but that's just your opinion. Sometimes you wish you weren't so
      uptight and alienated, but that's how life made you. Sometimes you
      wish there wasn't so much time for you to think about all those
      questions … but just sometimes you just wish … and that's what
      reminds you that you're still a 17 year old boy who got a lot to

      So sometimes …

      "And that's how it should be done," you reply with a cocky grin and I
      just play along.
      "Just don't freeze the cat again," I smile back.

      Sometimes life is so complicated that you can't see any given options
      to chose from, let alone make a choice. But you still have to make a
      choice … that's what reminds you that you're still a 17 year old boy
      who learns to act like an adult – by making a choice by himself.

      "Just don't fuck this up this time OK? Everybody should be sleeping
      by now," comes from the person next to me. I follow him out of the
      tent and look around for any moving activities. Nope, just
      the "creatures" making their usual "voices". I wonder if *he* is
      still sleeping?
      "Are you coming or not?"
      This voice begins to annoy me. I begin to wonder why I'm thinking
      this should work.

      Sometimes so much happens in your life at the age of 17 that you
      begin to wonder how this all is going to end. Sometimes you think you
      know how, sometimes you don't. Sometimes you're just tired of all
      this and crave for something bad to happen so that it can end all the
      good things that are surrounding you … to just stop them.

      "Was this part of your plan, Captain America?" I ask him, holding my
      zippo in my left hand. Just one click and I could end his annoying
      *perfect* existence. But then again, it will be such a waste to
      destroy something so *cute*.

      Sometimes when everything is over you think if you made the right
      decision. Sometimes you think about thousand of different scenarios,
      all beginning with "what if".

      "Are you sure you made the *right* choice?" I hear his slow mature
      voice asking me so gently and in the same time so demanding an honest
      "I guess time will tell. I don't know why I did it in the first
      place. I thought the reason was so obvious at the beginning but now …
      I don't know," I answer hesitantly, afraid to look at him in the
      eyes, to let him see me doubting my motives, doubting him.
      "My boy, you are all but a 17 years old boy," he replies, smiling
      kindly at me. I can't see his smile but I can sense it. His words are
      so warm and supportive. It's like he knows how I feel. Maybe he's
      been through it. Just like me. Made the choice. Doubted it. And then
      … what did he do then?

      Sometimes when you look back at the events that are so fresh in your
      mind you begin to analyze them, you begin to see some things you
      didn't *see* back then … some things that … why is this so confusing
      all of a sudden?

      "Who is this?" the voice on the other end of the phone is suddenly
      shaking. Not because he doesn't know but rather because he thinks he
      "It's been a long time. But not long enough for you not to recognize
      me," I say smartly. Yeah, that's me – the smartass. I just love it
      when I'm making this … and when people are responding to it the way I
      A long pause
      "That's me."
      "I … You … how are you doing?"
      "Good, actually. Can't talk much about it but I'm doing good now.
      Many changes, you know."
      "You always had a panache for changes"

      Sometimes I can't believe that a person who seems so two-dimensional
      most of the time can know so much of you. Maybe he really meant it
      when he said he considered me his best friend. *Best*. So cliché, but
      so warm coming out of his mouth. Just the right degree of warmth that
      I need to set up a fire.

      "Don't leave," she says, "you don't have to."
      I look at her. I can't believe she decided to come here, wait until I
      spoke with Bobby and then sneak up on me. Not that I'm complaining,
      but … I never considered her *interested* in me – in any way.
      "Give me one good reason," I ask, knowing that she wouldn't come up
      with anything good enough.
      There is the silence again. She looks at me and then at the ground …
      and then at something, which I can't quite determine what it is, but
      she's looking somewhere. I can see her eyes, so beautiful and at the
      same time so hurt. It's like she knows how I feel. Maybe she's been
      through it. Just like me.
      "When you were sneaking up on Magneto that night with Bobby, the
      night before the attack on Striker. When Bobby decided that you both
      could gather something that Magneto was hiding. That night that
      Magneto caught you."
      I was about to ask her how she knew it but the answer was so obvious –
      "Is that the time you started to think which side to follow?"
      "What did he tell you exactly"
      "Didn't Bobby tell you?" I ask bitterly.
      "I want to know your version of the story."
      "He asked me what I was looking for"
      A short pause.
      She nodded. It's like she understood me. Like she felt what I felt
      that moment. But then again, she had a part of Magneto in her … she
      also had a part of *him*.
      "I can't give you the reason you want. You can't determine the reason
      why you left yourself. But I can give you another reason."
      She walked towards me, slowly. Raised her hand. Touched me slightly
      on my cheek. Her touch was kind of cold. Should blame it on the
      gloves. But they make her look so … good.
      "Before the attack on the Mansion I loved him too. I didn't grow out
      of it. I just moved on. You shouldn't."
      I felt so naked at that moment.
      "I know that's one of the reasons you left."
      I closed my eyes and thought about it. Yeah, that was definitely one
      of the reasons. One of the reasons I realized after all of the things
      that happened. After I felt like an outcast among the outcasts. After
      I made my choice.
      "Why shouldn't I?" I ask her with a little anger in my voice.
      "I felt it. I felt hope. For you."
      It took me what felt like eternity to realize what she was saying.
      What Rogue was saying. What she felt. What part of her felt. What
      part of him in her felt. I don't know how she decided that there was
      *hope* for me, but I guess she found out something *in* him that gave
      her hope.
      "I should go now," I said quietly.
      "Just promise me that you'll," she made a pause," That you'll keep in
      touch. This you can promise."
      "I will."
      "You know, sometimes I feel like we have a lot in common, more that
      most of the people I knew and felt close to. Sometimes I wonder why I
      chose Bobby and not you. I guess I always have a thing for that which
      is unreachable. Just like me."

      Sometimes I think of all the possibilities. Of all the "what ifs".
      Maybe I made the right choice. But that is far from the last choice I
      will make. It's just a choice that will affect in one way or another
      the choices that will follow. So what choice will I make now?
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