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FF:family (xavier) ~x2~

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  • charlie_girl_luna
    Title: Family author: charlie-luna-girl disclaimer: I don t own em, I m making no money off of this archive: you want it take it, just keep my name on it and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 6, 2003
      Title: Family
      author: charlie-luna-girl
      disclaimer: I don't own 'em, I'm making no money off of this
      archive: you want it take it, just keep my name on it and tell me
      where its going.
      rating: G
      spoilers: X2: x-men united
      summary: xavier thinks about his so called family
      A/N: this is my first x men fanfic.

      Family, such a simple word and yet it evokes strong feelings inside
      of one's self. Feelings of love, friendship and even sorrow and

      What exactly is a family? It is not only your blood relatives, but
      any person or friend who loves you. Someone who would do anything for
      you simply because they love you and hold you in their hearts.
      My family and I live in my mansion in Westchester, New York. Here in
      my school for the 'gifted.'

      In what way are they gifted you ask? I and all of us who live here
      are mutants, endowed with special powers. We are loved by some and
      hated by others.

      The children and teachers in my school are not my biological
      children. We are in no way linked by blood, but I consider every one
      of them my family; my children.

      Some fear us, as I have already stated and I have asked myself many a
      time why? It could be that they fear what they do not understand. Or
      is it what sometimes happens with minority groups? That we are
      different from everyone else?

      We are at war, but not a very public one. In this war there have been
      casualties on both sides. In fact, I have recently lost one of my
      children, a daughter; Jean Grey.

      Dear Jean, always caring, always wanting to help others.
      Her loss has hit all of us very hard, but none more so then Scott,
      her betrothed and my son.

      I have not just lost one of my daughters but a brother as well.
      Eric.... not to death but to himself. Our views on mutant/human
      relations differ greatly, while I see a chance at peace, he sees only
      hatred and thinks humanity will never except us.

      The children are streaming out of the mansion. Their classes have
      just ended for the day and they will make use of the fresh snowfall
      until dusk falls.

      As I gaze out at the grounds below my office window I look upon the
      gang of happy children. From the youngest youngster to the older more
      mature, and I use that term loosely, students making snowmen and snow
      angels and having snowball fights.

      A smile comes to my lips. These children are my children and are our
      I, Charles Francis Xavier, may not live to see my dreams of
      mutant/human prosperity come to be, but they will.

      We must protect them and by doing so we will protect our future. I
      may not have been able to protect all of my children, such, as Jean,
      but I know deep down in my soul she is not dead but alive somewhere.
      That sweet redhead was one of my star pupils and one of the first
      students at this school. I watched her grow from a frightened little
      girl into a strong and independent young woman. I felt a father's
      pride for her, just as I do every child here. Past, present and

      She will come back to us someday. When that is I do not know. It
      could be tomorrow or in weeks, months or years; but she will come
      back to her family.
      When she does return we will welcome her back with open arms and our
      family will be whole again.
      The End
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