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Fic: The Hot Seat (S/J, NC-17)

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  • loonylittlewitch
    Title: The Hot Seat Author: Lisea (loonylittlewitch@yahoo.com) Author s website: http://www.freewebs.com/draakkon Rating: NC-17 Pairing: S/J Summary: Jean.
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 6, 2003
      Title: The Hot Seat
      Author: Lisea (loonylittlewitch@...)
      Author's website: http://www.freewebs.com/draakkon
      Rating: NC-17
      Pairing: S/J
      Summary: Jean. Scott. The pilot seat on the Blackbird.
      Notes: Thanks to my beta, H. :)


      "Good evening, Mr. Summers."

      Scott didn't look behind to see her, kept his eyes on the Blackbird's
      dashboard instead, and smiled. "Good evening, Ms. Grey."

      Jean smiled, walked towards the pilot seat where Scott was sitting in
      his pajamas, and knelt beside the seat. "What on earth are you doing
      here at this time of the night?"

      "Couldn't sleep."

      "Well, I didn't see you next to me on the bed, so I kinda figured
      that for myself" she teased, and Scott reached for a strand of her
      hair to give it a little tug.

      "You're up, too."

      "True" she looked down and smiled, "It's too hot to sleep."

      "Yeah. But it has it's merits, though. It's not always I find you
      sleeping naked" Scott said, and smiled when a faint blush spread
      across her cheeks.

      "You'd notice."

      "I would notice" he said, slid his hand on the back of her neck,
      rubbing his thumb against the soft skin. She looked up at him, got up
      and sat on his lap.

      "It's cooler here" Jean said, stroking the arm that was fondling her
      neck. The other went around her waist to keep her from falling off.

      "Yeah. And it never hurts to check up on it" Scott said, but he
      wasn't interested in the Blackbird anymore. He was too busy looking
      at the button on the shirt Jean wore. She had taken one of his
      shirts, and the two top buttons were left open. He could see a hint
      of the curve of her breast beneath. His hand moved from her neck, and
      to the button, which he stroked for a moment before opening it. He
      slid his hand inside to cup the breast, and he leaned in to kiss her

      "It's getting hot in here, too" Jean chuckled, but her own hands were
      moving through Scott's hair, and her head was thrown back.

      "Like you mind."

      "Well, I... Ah!" she felt his teeth nipping the flesh on her neck,
      and then his tongue to soothe it. She reluctantly pulled away to look
      at him, her eyebrow rising up. "Getting a bit excited there, are we?"

      "You excite me. What is a man supposed to do?" he shrugged. She got
      up, and sat down on his lap again, this time straddling his legs.

      "I can think of a few things" she purred, and kissed him, hard and
      deep, grinding her crotch against his for emphasis. He grunted, took
      a hold of her hips to lift her up for a moment, enough to get his
      pajama pants down enough to free himself, and reached up along her
      inner thigh.

      She was wearing nothing but the shirt. He broke the kiss and pulled
      back to see her smiling knowingly at him. "Surprised?"

      "What if somebody would've seen you?" he asked, though he was no more
      worried than she was. He lowered her down, just enough to rub the tip
      of his cock against her wet sex.

      "Everyone's asleep. Scott..." she sighed, and lowered herself on him.
      His arms went around her, moved on her back, and she bent down to
      kiss him just as they began rocking up and down. She braced herself
      on the back of the seat with one hand, while the other gripped his
      hair firmly but gently.

      She didn't need to move anymore, since Scott was doing all the work.
      He kept thrusting himself into her with an increasing rhythm, with
      his hands firmly on her hips. She moved both her hands to his hair,
      and bent down to lick his lips, and moaned when he got a hold of her
      tongue with his own, then reached up to kiss her more fully.

      "God, Jean!" Scott yelled as he slammed into her, his seed shooting
      into her, just as she screamed and he felt her constrict around his
      cock, milking everything from him.

      They gasped for breath, holding each other tight. Nothing could be
      heard except their breaths and the occasional beep from the
      Blackbird's computer.

      "The heat doesn't bother me so much anymore" she whispered to him.
      She felt him smile against her neck.

      "Maybe it has some advantages."
    • pandora19000
      That was a nice, saucy little PWP, which I usually dislike and skip reading for various reasons. Good job with the fic :-) pandora
      Message 2 of 2 , Jun 6, 2003
        That was a nice, saucy little PWP, which I usually dislike and skip
        reading for various reasons. Good job with the fic :-)

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