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FIC: The Mourning Of Wolverine

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  • Uni
    Hi I m new to this site and I just wrote my own little X Men fic. I love to read it but this is my first time in writing it so hope it s okay. It s short I
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2003
      Hi I'm new to this site and I just wrote my own little X Men fic. I
      love to read it but this is my first time in writing it so hope it's
      okay. It's short I know but I got the idea for it and it just
      wouldn't leave me alone till I put it down. - Uni

      The Mourning Of Wolverine

      Logan sat on the bench outside near the front of the mansion,
      looking up at the stars, letting his mind drift over the events of
      the past three days. It had all happened so fast, it had all come as
      such a shock, and he'd been in something of a shock since it
      happened, but now he was starting to really feel again, and he wished
      that he were still numb.
      He had caught Scott about to try to gulp down an entire bottle of
      sleeping pills earlier. He'd snatched the bottle from him and dumped
      them all down the sink.
      "What do you think you're doin'?"
      "I just… I have to be with her Logan…"
      "She DIED so you could live! So all of us could live! Killin'
      yourself now would be like spittin' in her face! Is that what you
      want to do?!?"
      "No… no…" Scott had broken down sobbing and Logan had helped him to
      his room, staying with him till he fell asleep. He knew Scott was
      hurting, and now he was finally starting to feel his own pain.
      He looked up at the stars in the clear sky. Was Jean up there
      somewhere, looking down at them?
      As Wolverine, he was tough. He was the fighter, the survivor, and
      the one who could take it and give it back twice as hard. He didn't
      feel at all like Wolverine right now though, he just felt like Logan,
      the man. Just a man, who had suffered a big loss.
      When he'd first realized that Jean really was gone, when Scott had
      broken down in his arms, he'd felt icy cold inside. Now that was
      melting and the sudden suffering he felt was terrible. He had helped
      Scott through some of his grief, and now he sat in the night going
      through his own.
      His keen hearing picked up light footsteps and someone sat next to
      him. Without looking at her he said, "Hey darlin."
      "Hey." Rogue looked at him a little sadly. His face was
      expressionless but his eyes showed his pain. She knew he was in
      mourning. She put a gloved hand on his arm. "We all miss her."
      "I think Scott misses her the most."
      "And you miss her a lot too." She looks at him seriously. "You
      don't have to be the strong one all the time."
      "I'm fine Marie."
      "Can you look at me and say that?" He didn't answer. "I didn't
      think so. Logan… I'm here for you right now. Just you, not anyone
      "Nothin' will bring her back."
      "I know. But keeping everything inside will just hurt you more."
      Logan stopped looking at the stars. He glanced at Marie then looked
      out across the grounds. "She sacrificed herself for us."
      "I know."
      "She's really… gone." His eyes welled up as his throat constricted.
      "Yes she is." Her heart wanted to break to see him hurting like
      this. "It's okay to be sad Logan. It's okay to cry."
      Pride made him struggle to hold the tears back, but then he felt
      Rogue gently stroke his cheek and for some reason that made him lose
      his grip on his emotions. He closed his eyes feeling them spill over
      and tried to hold his breath but the sobs burst out anyway. He felt
      her put her arms around him, heard her start crying with him, and
      they just wept together in shared grief.
      He didn't know how long they stayed there like that, before they
      finally stopped and got up, going inside in silence but with mutual
      understanding of each other. Then they separated and went to their
      own rooms for the night.
      When Logan looked outside his window he saw the pale moon, and for
      a moment all he could see was her pale but beautiful face. "Good
      night Jean." He knew he would miss her forever.
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