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Fan Fic: They're My Reason rated PG-13/R language/violence

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  • Linda J
    OK I ll let you know when I came up with this, I didn t even know Sabretooth s name was Victor Creed. I didn t even know he was THAT important a character in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2003
      OK I'll let you know when I came up with this, I didn't even know
      Sabretooth's name was Victor Creed. I didn't even know he was THAT
      important a character in the MU, so you can only imagine how off
      base I am from the actual story of Sabretooth's background.
      In my first draft, I had Sabretooth telling Toad about his past.
      Then I learned that marvel had at one time paired up Sabre with
      Mystique, and that worked out so much better. That's about the only
      thing you're going to recognize.

      DISCLAIMER: This fan-fic is for amusement only. No money will be
      made from it. The characters Sabretooth and Mystique do not belong
      me, they belong to marvel comics and fox entertainment.
      RATING: PG-13 (adult language, mature subjects)

      title: THEY'RE MY REASON
      author: Linda J.

      Mystique rarely had any thing to do with Sabretooth now that she was
      no longer under orders to keep the big jerk happy. Especially once
      she found out about Toad's uniquely talented tongue. Every now and
      then however, she plainly wanted to be fucked like an animal by an
      She found him in the gym, bench-pressing 500lbs as easily as if he
      were picking dandelions and tossing them into the air. He wasn't
      wearing his usual hand-made leather attire. Rather he wore nothing
      but a pair
      of red boxer shorts that hung loosely around his narrow hips and oh-
      long thighs.
      He had just begun to sweat and his breathing gradually increased as
      his repetitions continued. `Looks like I came at a good time.' she
      thought. `Too bad he's nothing more than a follower.' Mystique was
      an ambitious woman who craved the company of other ambitious people
      and Sabretooth was not an ambitious man.
      `Oh well.' Mystique thought as she watched the felinoid's muscles
      contract with every lift of the bar. `Body by Nautilus; Brains by
      Sabretooth finally broke the silence. She sometimes forgot that his
      sense of smell was better then hers. "If ya wanna know who's been
      leavin' the seat down again, it ain't me."
      "That's not why I'm here, darling." she spoke in a sultry voice. She
      was in her true form. She slowly walked towards him and began
      stroking his thigh, moving inward to his crotch, and reached inside
      the opening of
      his boxers to find that large and thick penis of his. "I've got
      better things on my mind."
      Sabretooth's eye's popped out of his head as an angry, hateful look
      came over his face. Without hesitation, he kicked her in the chest
      hard enough to send her flying across the room.
      "Get away from me, you blue assed bitch! You had yer chance." Then,
      however he quickly recalled. `Ah shit! I forgot this turns her on!'
      He was right, Mystique's eyes glowed with a fiery lust, as she
      licked her lips and looked hungrily at his incredibly bulky frame.
      Sabretooth made no moves towards her however; he merely sat up and
      took a deep breath. Normally by now he would have already been on
      top of her and fighting his way inside, but not today. Not today.
      With his elbows resting on his knees, he put his head in his hands
      and just quietly sat there lost in his thoughts. He wasn't even
      going to look at her. Mystique then quickly realized that Sabretooth
      was indeed not interested in her at all and reacted pretty much like
      any other self absorbed egocentric would.
      "How dare you!! You sorry, stupid, brain dead piece of shit!!"
      Mystique didn't handle rejection very well. "You'd still be nothing
      more than a low-life, two-bit, small-time thug if I hadn't
      introduced you to Eric." She hurled herself as hard as she could
      toward him. She was ready to skin this kitty alive.
      Just as she was about to round-house him off the bench however, he
      grabbed her leg in mid-air. He thought about twisting it until it
      broke, but knew she would only come back for more. It wasn't like
      him to turn down a
      good fight, just as it wasn't him to turn down a fine piece of ass.
      But sometimes people just weren't themselves.
      With sadness in his eyes,(as hard as they were to read), and in his
      voice, he spoke softly, even tenderly to her.
      "Nothin' personal, Blue. Just not in the mood, OK" With that, he
      calmly put her leg down and stood up to
      leave the room.
      "Well…" She whispered in shock. "I guess if you're not in the mood,
      then you're not in the mood."
      Sabretooth grabbed his towel and without saying a word and left
      Mystique with her mouth hanging open alone in the gym.

      Except for watching an occasional sports event, Sabretooth spent
      very little time in the brotherhood's rec-room. But there she found
      him, sitting alone on the couch. He was sipping a cold beer and
      blankly staring at the tube.
      He was wearing a pair of torn and desert fatigues, and a black t-
      shirt that had its sleeves ripped off. His hair a shaggy mess like
      She was still in her true form when she approached Sabretooth for
      second time in one day though even now he still completely ignored
      her. Perhaps because she could so easily change her physical form
      that making the change from seductress to mother-figure was so easy
      for Mystique.
      She casually sat down next to him on the leather couch and looked to
      see what he was watching on the TV. Ironically, it was 'Leave It To
      Beaver' and it just so happened that June was having a heart to
      with the Beave.
      Mystique picked up a lock of his long soft blonde hair and began
      twirling it around her finger.
      "So," she interrupted June. "Who the hell are you and where's the
      real Sabretooth?" she kindly joked with
      her ex-lover; hoping to break through this shell he had retreated
      He gave her a quick half-second grin, and gently patted her on the
      lap. Their love-affair had long sense died and he had accepted the
      fact that she never loved him as she had originally led him to
      believe. He still loved her however, and probably always would. But
      even so, perhaps this was the best day to get something off his
      chest and straighten Blue out on a few facts.
      "Just for the record babe," Sabretooth spoke in a matter of fact
      tone of voice. "You didn't have a damn thing ta do with me joinin'
      this lil club Mags is running here."
      For a moment Mystique wondered if he was only trying to pull her
      into an argument.
      "No?" She mockingly asked.
      "That's right Blue…" He smiled to himself a bit knowing how she must
      feel now that he finally told her she wasn't the center of his
      universe. "You're not the reason why I'm here at all."
      Her body tensed, her face grew dark, but her voice remained
      calm. "Oh." She spoke very coolly. "Then please tell me what your
      reason is."
      For a moment Sabretooth sat back and looked at the TV as he thought
      of what to do next. Gradually he reached for his wallet, another
      hand-made leather creation of his, and solemnly handed her an old
      pocket size
      Mystique looked curiously at the picture. By the worn edges, and
      crease through the middle, it looked to be a quite a few years old.
      It was easy enough to recognize Vic, even if he had on a baseball
      cap pulled down around his eyes.
      His elbow length blonde hair hung wildly around his face and he had
      his arm a petite-mousy looking blonde-haired woman who was holding a
      small baby in her arms. There was a girl who looked just like him,
      sitting on a chair in front of him and there was also another child,
      odiously a mutant also sitting next to her. .
      The mutant in the photo was, frankly, quite ugly. The face was
      nothing but black fur, with cat like ears and eyes. The whole face
      was remarkably cat-like. It was impossible to tell the sex by the t-
      shirt and jeans that it wore. However, the one thing that stood out
      about the picture was they all, including Vic, looked so happy.
      "These people aren't who I think they are…are they?" She asked as
      she continued to examine the photo. Sabretooth then started to point
      out each one in the picture with his black-clawed index finger. He
      started with the woman he had his arm around.
      "That's Lou-Lou, my first wife. She's holdin' Amber who was about
      five weeks old when this picture was taken." He then pointed to the
      girl who resembled him. "This is Roxanne our oldest. And that's
      Maxine." He pointed out the furry mutant.
      "This picture was taken…um about fourteen years ago. I think. So,
      the older girls are nearly grown and...hell, now wait a minute..."
      Suddenly he realized how long it had been since he'd actually seen
      them. "...Roxanne is already grown and goin' ta college, and Maxine
      is a senior this year."
      Mystique then interrupted. "She's allowed in school?"
      "Not exactly." Sabretooth calmly shook his head. He understood
      Mystique's remark wasn't meant as an insult. He was sure she was
      only referring to her own hellish experiences she had while in the
      public school system.
      "My mom is a retired high-school teacher." Sabretooth informed
      her. "She teaches Max at home. It's just better that way."
      She could tell Sabretooth was quite proud of his children just by
      the way his whole face light up just by talking about them and it
      took her by surprise. Up until now, she only saw him as a kind of
      feral fucking or fighting machine, uncaring and unattached to anyone
      or anything. And it's not like he had ever given her reason to
      believe otherwise, until now. "Sorry to say this Vic, but I never
      took you for a family guy."
      "That's because ya never took the time ta get ta know me, Blue." He
      scolded. "My girls mean everything ta me, Blue, everything." He
      sighed and then began to reflect on his past.
      "You know something Blue? Lookin' back, things weren't so bad for me
      growin up in my home town." His voice was oddly nostalgic.
      "Even when I started changin', most of ma friends stuck by me."
      '*Humph* THAT must have been nice.' Mystique, sarcastically quipped
      under her breath.
      "You know even ma folks handled it all pretty well especially when
      you consider how much changin' I went through. Well," He lifted his
      hand shaking it, to emphasize his claws. "…except for these. My dad
      never could get used to them. I think it was because once they come
      in, I wasn't allowed to play football any more and there went the
      college scholarship, right out the fuckin' window." He shook his
      head and smiled a little.
      "Once the school told me I couldn't participate in any more sports,
      I just quit all together and went to work on ma dad's ranch." It
      seemed as though he had drifted into a trance as he continued his
      journey down memory lane.
      "Lou-Lou 'n me was always together, even as kids. We got married
      right after she graduated, and we had Roxanne a year later. An'
      Blue…" He turned his body towards her beaming with fatherly pride as
      he imagined he was holding his baby girl once more in his hands.
      "…I ain't shittin' ya..." Sabretooth's chest was swollen with pride
      and he nearly became teary eyed. "She was the prettiest thing I ever
      saw. I mean that. She wasn't like the other babies that come out of
      their mothers lookin' like they need ta go back in and bake sum
      more." His face glowed while Mystique smiled certain that this was
      only fatherly pride talking. "She was perfect."
      "We had all our babies delivered at home by the mid-wife 'cause the
      hospital was too far." He suddenly thought to add that bit of
      information into his story. "Maxine came, and well, we knew right
      away she was a mutant. We thought about takin' her to the hospital
      to make sure she was alright, but the mid-wife told us about how
      some mutants were treated in hospitals, so we kept her home an' just
      took real good care of her ourselves. Well Max did j-u-s-t fine."
      Sabretooth nodded his head and smiled broadly apparently very
      pleased with him self for being such a good and caring parent.
      "Then Amber came along a couple of years after that." He stopped
      there for a moment and just looked off into space for a minute or so
      and sighed. "Ya know Blue, I was really blessed. I had a good job.
      Me and ma wife loved really each other, and I had three of the
      prettiest, sweetest, and smartest girls a man could ever get.
      But..." His voice suddenly cracked. "...I wanted a son."
      He took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. "I asked Lou-Lou if she
      wanted another baby and she said if I was the daddy she would a
      Mystique thought it was so strange to hear Sabretooth say he *asked*
      for anything. `He must have been a different man back then.' She
      remarked to herself.
      Sabretooth was continuing his story. "Well about a year later, she
      was pregnant. But almost right away, she felt there was sumthin'
      wrong. She went to the doctor, but he told her there was nothin' ta
      worry about. She had a sonogram done at the hospital, and we learned
      we was havin' a boy after all."
      Sabretooth paused for a moment and solemnly shook his head.
      "But Lou-Lou was sick most of the time; she couldn't keep no food
      down. She was losin' weight instead of gaining, an' she didn't have
      that much ta lose in the first place." He looked into Mystique's
      eyes with a kind of helplessness she never thought she would see in
      those eyes.
      " I let her rest as much as she thought she needed. I helped 'round
      the house. I took care of the girls when I got home from work and
      even tried to cook some. We…um ate a lot of frozen pizzas then." He
      sheepishly grinned as he confessed.
      "Lou-Lou made it through the whole nine months, an' we thought
      ev'rything was goin' be OK. She went clear up to the day b'fore her
      due date in fact. But then suddenly she just started bleedin' from
      down there. No pains, her water didn't break, an' Jesus, we knew we
      were in big trouble!"
      Mystique figured this was where the story was going to start getting
      ugly by the slight shakiness in Sabretooth's voice. A part of her
      wanted to cut him off, slap him in the face if that's what it took
      to make him shut up! To tell him that he isn't supposed to have
      feelings or be so caring. He's a brutal, cold hearted, killer; a
      fucking terrorist for crying out loud! Not some gentle giant with a
      painful past. But she knew it was too late to stop him and so she
      listened on.
      "I called the mid-wife, and she told me to get Lou-Lou to the
      hospital right away; that only a doctor could help her now. The mid-
      wife said she would call the doctor an' tell him to meet us there.
      My mom came over to watch the girls and I got Lou-Lou to the
      hospital in record time."
      Then, Sabretooth started to uncontrollably growl as he continued his
      story. *grrrrrrrrr* "The doctor had never seen me before.
      *grrrrrrrrrrr* He didn't know his patient was married to a mutant.
      *grrrrrrrr* He took one look at me,*grrrrr* and that son-of-a-bitch
      refused to care for Lou-Lou; *grrrrrrrrrr* The fucker said he was a
      doctor, not a vet." For a second or two, he just sat there growling,
      eyes narrowed, teeth bared. Then suddenly his growling stopped and
      he sighed and returned to his story speaking in a normal voice.
      "The only choice I had was to rush my wife to the only other
      hospital in the area, and pray that somebody would help us there.
      *sigh* Well, you know me, Blue when I get emotional, I do stupid
      things and I drove like a crazy man and blew out one of my back
      tires. I managed to but get to the side of the road safely. Then by
      chance, a friend of mine was right behind me." Mystique noticed
      Sabre was speaking faster she had ever heard him speak before as she
      now eagerly listened to his tale.
      "God, I was never so scared in ma whole life. I flagged him down, we
      got no his truck and I yelled at him ta get us to the other hospital
      which was still 'bout thirty miles away."
      Then suddenly, Sabretooth stopped his story and slumped over- bowing
      his head low and said nothing for a moment or two. Finally in a cold
      but sorrowful voice he explained.
      "My friend drove as fast as he could, while I had ma arm 'round Lou-
      Lou." He paused for a moment as if he was unable to finish the
      story. He finally took a long slow breath and explained.
      "I felt her go limp, Blue. I felt her slip away from me. She died in
      my arms." He said nothing for several moments before he could manage
      to say anything else.
      "When we arrived at the hospital, at least they tried to save the
      baby…but it was too late for him too." He straightened himself up
      and looked at Mystique who by now was on the edge of her seat.
      "I lost both of 'em that night."
      He looked away from her and just sat there staring at the TV for a
      moment reliving the events of that horrible night in his head.
      Mystique wanted to say something, but even a polite "I'm sorry"
      would be too meaningless for this occasion. She sat there for a
      moment thinking about everything he had just told her and she felt
      angry with herself for not learning more about him sooner. She hated
      being surprised and all of this had come as a sudden and very big
      surprise. Never before had she imagined Sabretooth as anything more
      than a mindless foot soldier, or thug or someone's lacky, but
      apparently at least once in his life he must have been one hell of a
      cuddly and gentle giant. Not that she found this image a turn on,
      but it did make her appreciate him a bit more.
      And oddly she wasn't sure why; maybe it was because Sabretooth HAD
      been able to keep this a secret from her for so long.
      When he turned his head back to talk to her face to face, Mystique
      recognized him as the cold ruthless Sabretooth she knew so well. His
      black demonic eyes were hard and void of any signs of a soul. His
      scowling face could send paralyzing chills down anyone's back. His
      voice had that sadistic tone as it normally did. He was back to
      being himself again.
      "I didn't stay ta make funeral arrangements; I didn't even call my
      mom and tell her what happened. I went back to the hospital that
      turned Lou-Lou away." There was so much hatred in his voice. "I went
      inside and started rippin' ev'rybody I found in the building; all
      the doctors, nurses, the technicians. I even killed the lady who ran
      the concession stand. But…" He was nodding his head. "…the bastard
      that I really wanted had already gone home. So, I had to track him
      down on foot. Found him the next morning on a golf-coarse. Guess he
      hadn't heard about his colleagues. Anyhow, I ripped him up like a
      rag-doll and left his body parts all over that nice green grass."
      Oh yeah, Vic was back to his good ol' self alright. "But I couldn't
      go back home after that. I couldn't even go to her funeral or our
      boy's. I never even gave him a name."
      He took his picture back and returned it to its place in his wallet.
      "Hell yeah, I kill for a livin' now. It's not like I can do sumthin'
      else that pays this kinda money. Then I started hearin' 'bout the
      *master of magnetism* telling us mutants we were in for the fight of
      our lives and I knew just what the fucker was sayin' too. I wanted
      to be a part of the mutant resistance, to put those normals who
      think like that doctor in their graves and make the rest of them
      fear us like they damn well should. So you see Blue, I had every
      intention of joining Mags' lil party long before you n' me ever met
      sweet cheeks." Sabretooth felt almost cleansed now that he knew she
      heard the truth from him. "I figure that this is the best way, the
      only way, I can protect my girls' future. And who knows, maybe some
      day my girls will start havin' their own kids an I gotta look out
      for them too." He made sure he was looking dead into Mystique's
      eyes. "So, ya see Blue," He paused for a moment, making certain she
      was listening very carefully to him. "…they're my reason. Not you."
      The room filled with an eerie silence. Sabretooth went back to
      watching TV and sipped his beer. The sound of the laugh track coming
      from the set, only worsened the awkwardness between them.
      Mystique knew she could have walked away; there was nothing wrong
      with that. But even Mystique had more compassion than that. After
      all she knew only too well what it felt like to walk away from your
      own child knowing it was for their own good.
      Tenderly, she touched him on the shoulder, hoping that he would open
      up just a little
      bit further. "Vic," She softly spoke. "Why are you bringing this
      He looked hard into her eyes. " 'Cause t'day's May 12. The day Lou-
      Lou died."
      With all the sisterly love that she could find within herself, she
      reached over and put her arms around her wounded brother. At first,
      Sabretooth stiffened even more and became as hard as a marble
      statue. Then
      gradually, slowly his posture relaxed, as he returned to being a
      creature made of flesh and blood.
      Finally, he put his arms around her and for the next few minutes
      they just sat there and held on to each other; not caring if anyone
      else would walk in and see them this way.
      Finally, Mystique raised her head to look at him. "You know, Vic, if
      you'd like, I can be her for you."
      He looked back at her and smiled. "That's OK, Blue. Ya' don't hafta
      do that. I love you enough, already."
      With that the two ex-lovers kissed. -THE END
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